Kenya Malindi Nights

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Taking off from Cape Town International Airport was always a slightly liberating feeling. Whatever the destination, a day or two, perhaps a week away from the family lay ahead. But this time it was different.

You were flying off to investigate a story in Northern Kenya, and had booked a secluded beach cottage, an old colonial retreat complete with huge fire place and leather couches in Watamu. By sheer coincidence, she had been booked to deliver a paper at a conference being held in Malindi, just a handful of kilometres north of Watamu, and was flying in from London, where she had been living for the past ten years.

The two of you joked about it, saying it was Kismet, fate, and agreed to get together. she had a hire car. You had been best friends for ever, but underneath it was always a frisson of risk, a frisson of lust, a frisson of “what if”? This week there was a chance the “what if” could be answered.

You had arranged to meet at your cottage on the first night you were both there together. You knew deep down that something would happen, even if it was just a touch, a glance, a slight caress, a brush of the lips. Because this was a love affair that had been building for many years, and somewhere, something had to happen.

She arrived, her eyes sparkling with mischief and love and you embraced, kissed briefly and hugged again, and then again, and in the confusion and the warmth she said “hey man, you look absolutely beautiful” and you said “and look at you, girl, you look gorgeous.” And she did, gloriously feminine and womanly in a soft flowing, almost Mexican floral top and even softer jade green skirt, her wonderfully pert breasts unfettered and shifting beautifully beneath the soft fabric.

Both of you began talking together, then stopped, then you moved slowly together and hugged and held each other and gently kissed. A small kiss, a “hello I love you and miss you ” kiss. A warm fuzzy hullo kiss.

“Let’s sit on the stoep and drink our wine,” you said, and you wandered out, hand in hand, settling on the plump cushions on the cane couch, the boom of the surf on the outer reefs singing to you, the sweet scent of the night jasmine a heady perfume.

The night was gorgeous, one of those hot, windless, breathless Kenyan nights, 25 degrees hot late at night. You sat together, touching in little gestures, brushing against each other in deliberately accidental moments. she took your hands in hers, stroking them, and then, in an erotically charged moment, lifted one hand to her mouth and sucked a finger. It felt as though an electric charge had run down your body. You were both content to sit there in the warm, sensual breeze, snuggling and muzzling each other, exchanging little kisses, whispering small nonsenses to each other.

Then you headed into the night, looking for a friendly pub where you wouldn’t be hassled. You drove to Malindi, where you found a club with deep leather couches in dark corners where couples, many of them women, were cuddling in the deep shadows.

Like two giggly school girls, you settled into the couch, and called the waitress across. “A bottle of sauvignon blanc” you ordered, then cuddled up together, whispering, even though the music was blasting out.

“Hmmm, this is so nice,” you whispered as your lips grazed her neck and her ear, and she took both your hands in hers, stroking, softly stroking. “Hmm,” she said, “yes.” Both of you were content to say nothing more, and just to sit like that, apart, but together, just the odd vagrant stroke, a breath against a cheek, a little nibble on the neck, just feeling the tension build.

Then the DJ cranked up the music into a sensual Latino salsa and turned down the lights, making your little corner virtually invisible.

“Shall we dance?” you asked, trying to find her in the semi-dark. Instead you found her lips, and she slowly kissed you, leaning over you, her soft silkiness opening like a flower, her tongue darting in little small strokes across your lips, her breath coming in small gasps.

Slowly you stroked her, across her hard stomach, across her hips, ruffling through her hair, stroking an ear lobe, her neck, caressing her face, then slowly cupping her breast, loose and unfettered under her soft silky shirt, her nipple hard and hot. Her hands were roving over your hips, your thighs, and then up to your breasts and “shit”, she said, “you’re wearing a bra. Go take it off.” And she giggled, saying “I can’t believe I said that.”

And you said “YOU take it off. Shit, I can’t believe I said that,” and you both collapsed giggling again. she turned to you and hooked her hands up behind your back and unhooked your bra, her breath hot and sweet on your face, then gently kissed you as her hands came around and cupped your freed breasts, one after the other, rolling first one then the other nipple between her thumb and forefinger. “Go take it off,” she said.

You got unsteadily to your feet, and said “don’t go away.” In a hazy Avcılar Escort blur you walked down to the Ladies, your thighs burning, your cunt beginning to get very wet. You sat down on the toilet seat in the cubicle, trying to get your thoughts together: your silky boy pants were wet, your nipples were exquisitely sensitive to every motion as you took your bra off and stuffed it into your handbag. Your mind was swirling, whirling, wondering where the night was going.

You wandered back, taking in the sights, the couples snogging in the corners, some of them into heavy petting, and realised that anything went in this club. Sliding into your seat, your breast shifted against the silky top and your nipples hardened, sending even more heat down to your cunt.

As you snuggled up together, she whispered in your ear “I soooo want to kiss you slowly, and to rub my hands all over you, but I’m afraid of being too public.” You responded by pulling her head down and pulling her lips on to yours, and slowly, slowly kissing her, your tongue slipping between her lips, playing with her tongue, and you pulled back and whispered “nobody can see us here.”

“Hmmm I want to make love with you, long and slow,” she said, “but let’s start here” as she slid her hand up your thigh, and began to caress your hip. You kissed her, tongues shyly darting together, savouring her lips, nipping little small kisses on her mouth, her cheeks, her ears, her neck. You lifted your hips, trying to free your thighs so she could get her hands down on to you, and she slipped her hand down between your legs, stroking you through the stretchy silky fabric of your boy pants.

“Not so fast, let’s enjoy the night, and take it real slow,” you said, turning her, so that her back was against you, and you had free access to her front. “I want to stroke you slowly.”

She shifted in the seat so that you could move back and open your legs, then she lay back between your open thighs, arching her neck back so that you could nibble her and kiss her, your hands sliding up to cup her gorgeous breasts, stroking the firm undersides then slipping up to gently encircle her firm nipples, as her hand slid down and she lifted her hips so that you could stroke your thigh.

The lights were low and the table hid you from view as you slipped both your hands into the waist band of her skirt and slipped them down over her panties. she was wearing a thong, and you immediately encountered her slippery wetness, and she moaned, and whispered “fuck, I am so turned on, I want to come with you.” You slipped the index finger of your right hand down even lower, and lifted the wet, silky fabric of her panties, and slid your finger over her wet wet dripping wet clit and over the sopping wetness of her cunt.

It was like stroking silk, soft, wet silk, and you could feel yourself getting just as wet as she pushed back hard against your open legs, trying to make the angle better so you could slip your fingers inside her. she shifted, and you slipped first one, then two fingers just inside her cunt, and you brought your other hand down and began to slowly rub her clitoris in small, gentle circular movements. Her back was arched against you and she sought your mouth out, kissing you in huge hungry kisses, her tongue probing deep, her generous arse pressing into your equally wet cunt.

You slipped your fingers even deeper inside her, but just then the lights went up and the music got louder and the two of you looked at each other and said “shit let’s get out of here!” she gently took your hand and brought it up to both of your lips and you both breathed in deeply, smelling the rich, warm saltiness of her cunt juices, and you began giggling again, it was a giggly kind of night.

You stood up, a little bit shakily, and as you were walking out, one of the guests you had been checking out and discussing earlier, a drop dead gorgeous elphin dark haired Italian beauty with the most beautifully perky breasts came across and said “I can see the two of you are new to this, but if you want to join us, in half an hour, come to number 22 Biashara Road, I’ll be there with some friends.”

She skipped away. “What was that,” she said, “I don’t know,” you replied, “but there’s no harm in checking it out.” You went for coffee for the next half an hour, then hesitantly knocked on the door of 22 Biashara Road.

The elphin beauty answered the door. “Come,” she said, “be at home.” As you walked in, the haunting sound of a slow Salsa song rang out, and you turned to each other and began to dance. There were other women in the space, dancing, and seducing, and loving as they moved to the music. There were no men, this was a men free space.

You took her hands, and began to dance. Slowly, seductively, you were now both wearing silky soft shirts with no bras, your nipples brushed together, and your dance became more urgent as you consciously sought out ways to make your nipples meet, and then linger, Beylikdüzü Escort and linger, slowly caress, slowly rub together, slowly slowly slowly. You pulled her head down and began to kiss, a slow dance of the tongues as you brought your hips together in a warm embrace.

You worked your hands around so they were one on either side of her arse and pulled her towards you, grinding your pelvises together, feeling her heat.

“What is this place?” you asked, in a moment of separation. “I don’t know, but I like it,” she said, “we’ll have to come back tomorrow night, after we’ve made love tonight”. All around you were women, in couples, dancing slowly together, kissing, fondling, making slow love. The elphin woman came up to you and said “this is Sapphos, the Malindi house of Sapphic Erotica, no men allowed, only women, enjoy, and the rules are that there are no rules.”

“No rules?” you asked. “Surely there must be some boundaries?” she replied “The only boundary is the word No. If you say no, then it means no. There are no men here, and we enforce the No word very firmly.”

You pulled your girl into the corner onto the deep couch and said “I’m not sure this place is for me, what do you think?” “Hey, let’s spend 20 minutes here, check it out, see if it gets more interesting,” she said.

The elphin girl came up to you and sat down on the couch. “I’d like to fuck you both, but I can see that you’re an exclusive couple, so I’m offering myself as the ultimate lesbian slut, I’ll lick your cunts and teach you a few things while you kiss each other.” This stunned you both into silence, you had never heard something quite as outrageous as this before. Then you both burst out in a fit of giggles.

“Come and sit with us and tell us what you’d do.”

She slid into the seat, and took your hand and slid it under her shirt and onto her breast and slid her hand down into your pants and said “whoa, I detect wetness, I detect a turned on woman! Ladies, you can fuck here, or you can go home and fuck, but my advice is to go home and fuck, this place is for old married couples who are looking for new cunts to lick. Off you go!” And she scampered off like the elf she was.

You turned and kissed for a while, slow, soft kisses, whispering into each other’s ears what you’d like to do, getting more and more daring as you got more and more turned on:

“I want to slowly suck your nipple.”

“I want to lick my finger and slide it across your wet panties, then slowly dip it through your cunt lips, and slide it deep inside you.”

“I want to hold your breast, and lift your nipple into my mouth, and slowly, slowly, suck you harder and harder.”

“I want to lift your wet panties and slip my finger inside your cunt lips, I want to stroke them slowly, slowly, up to your clit, and then slip my finger inside you.”

“Oh fuck, I want to slip my fingers inside you and then lick your cunt and suck your clit and fuck you with my mouth.”

“I want to light a fire and then lay you back on the leather couch in your lounge and open your legs wide and kneel before you, and lick your thighs, and then slowly move upwards and part your cunt lips and begin to lick you while I feel the fire on my arse and my cunt, and I want to slip my tongue into your wetness and lick your clit and smell you and drink you and suck you.”

“And I just want to tell you I love you and love you and love you.”

“And I just want to get naked and fuck you.”

“I love you too, my sweet girl darling.”

You hadn’t even realised it, but while you had been talking, you had slipped your hand down and between her legs and her panties were soaking wet and you slipped them aside and began to gently gently gently softly stroke her cunt lips. she moaned and slid her hand up your thigh and whispered let’s get out of here or get naked or make me come right here because I can’t make you come. And you slipped two fingers just inside her cunt and she moaned and said please, please, please, let’s go to your cottage, let’s go fuck on the bed, and she brought her lips up to you and you kissed her and she drew your hand out of her cunt and smelt your fingers and came very close to coming. “Oh my god I want to fuck you so badly let’s go home and do this” she moaned and then pulled your head down and kissed you deeply, her tongue slipping and sliding with yours and she pulled your wet fingers into her mouth and added hers and then slipped her fingers down into your pants and tantalisingly caressed just the tip of your clit and your cunt and tried to get deeper and her other hand slid up and cupped your nipple and pinched and caressed and then she was back down, trying to get to your cunt, and not succeeding and you said let’s go home and she said yes.

You wandered back to the hired car in an erotic daze, stopping often to kiss and caress each other, not caring who saw you. It was a hot Malindi night, sultry and still, and every time you turned Bahçeşehir Escort toward each other and brushed your nipples together it was like an electric current.

You got into her car and as she drove off, you settled your hand between her thighs. You crept your fingers up towards her cunt and slid one, then two fingers inside her wet lips.

“Hey girl! Don’t do that, you’ll make me come before we get to your cottage. Rather tell me what you want to do to me at the other side, please, please,” she begged, a bit frazzled.

“OK, this is my fantasy.,” you said in the darkness of the road, as you kept your hand just above her cunt. “I want to light the fire, and by the firelight, and with the surf booming on the outer reefs, I want to spend forever kissing you slowly, slowly, exploring every curve of your body, talking to you, telling you how much I love you, because you are the most sexy woman in the world, and I want to slowly take off your clothes, very slowly, bit by bit, and I want to nibble and lick every part of you as I take your clothes off, and …”

“Hey, we’re home, you shameless woman,” she said, as she parked, and as she switched off the engine she pulled you towards her and began to kiss you deeply, and said “I am so turned on, let’s go inside.”

The two of you stumbled out of the car giggling, negotiated the front gate and the front door and after grabbing a bottle of white wine, lit the fire and collapsed on the leather couch in the lounge. You stood up shakily, and ventured through and put on some Buddha Bar music, turned down the lights and sank down onto the couch.

“I …” you started to say and she said “shhhh” and pulled you down and she stroked your face and said my god I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, and she slowly turned your face to her and kissed you in small kisses at first, little butterfly kisses, then deeper kisses, full lip kisses, then tongue kisses, little slidey tongue kisses then you couldn’t wait any longer and you pulled her down on you and kissed her deeply, deep tongue kisses, full lip kisses, full wet kisses, moaning, grunting, uuh, uuh kisses, and as you kissed, your breasts were rubbing together through the silkiness of your braless tops and you could feel your nipples hardening and getting ever more sensitive and your wetness growing.

You slid your hand down across her stomach, her magnificently tight stomach, down and across her arse, and then she lifted her leg and rolled her weight on to you thrusting her wet core her hot wet cunt against your thigh and you ground your wet your hot wet cunt against her and the material between you became a barrier and you stripped it off and were naked together and then lifted off your shirts and were completely naked and for a while there, just rocked back and forth, rocked back and forth, breast against breast, wet cunt against wet cunt, enjoying the wetness, enjoying the warmth, enjoying the flesh, enjoying the love, loving the love, being in love, loving loving loving each other, and then feeling it become more urgent, it seemed like hours later, slipping and sliding more urgently against each other, kissing kissing kissing and whispering talking murmuring I want you to slip your fingers inside me and feel me deep inside I want you to slide your mouth down my body and slowly lick my clit and lick my cunt while you slip your fingers inside me and finger fuck me while you lick my cunt and I want to lick your cunt at the same time and I want to love you forever and your fingers were wet with each other’s juices and you were both hovering on the edge of an orgasm and you turned together and slid your tongues down each other’s sides down until you reached her cunt and you breathed in deeply, breathed in the salty sexy cum smell of her wet cunt the smell of sex and raunch and woman and woman and woman and love.

You buried your face in it and began to lick and to suck her wonderful wetness her saltiness and then you slowed down and began a rhythm a slow lick on her clit then a slide down to her cunt lips a bit faster on her clit then open her cunt lips and slip a finger inside and … fuck she is doing exactly the same to you and you get into synch with her harden your tongue and tongue fuck her clit and she does the same to you and you slip a finger then two into her cunt and she finger fucks you.

The fire was burning strongly now and the scent of the night jasmine was strong, and you emerged dazed, and sat up, and you sat and drank in her wonderful, beautiful nakedness, and for the first time you were able to admire her and she drank you in. You looked at the fullness of her small but perfect breasts, with her nipples standing up like bullet points, the generous spread of her hips and her arse, the wetness of her cunt and her swollen lips. It was the most erotic sight you had ever seen as she sprawled back on the couch, naked, wet, wanting you, sweating, her nipples hard and erect, her cunt lips swollen and open, wet, and she leaned forward and said “fuck me”.

You slid your fingertips over the exposed flesh of her cunt, feeling the slippery wetness. Her clit was hard and swollen, wet, her lips moved to your breast. Your finger slipped between her lips and entered the hot thick wetness of her cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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