Keri at the Edgewater

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We were outside on the rear deck of Edgewater, the bar where my work had planned their monthly drinking binge. It was night and Keri was drunk. The rest of the staff were pretty lit too, but she was close to that point where you would feel that you were taking advantage of her if she came on to you. She was petite; small hands and feet on a five foot three frame. She had recently lost a tremendous amount of weight thanks to an elliptical she had saved up for. Her auburn hair was straight and thin, shiny no matter where you were. Her face was cute; a button nose and thin lips that curled into a devilish smile when you said something dirty. Her eyes were brown and sweet, light brown that glowed when the sun hit them.

I was doomed from the start when I met her. Married to a moron, she walked through tragedy after tragedy with the poise of a Zen master. She was a real person, down to earth and willing to give her time to anyone. Keri was the type of girl that many boys dreamt about at night in high school, the girl that talked to everyone, no matter their rank in the pecking order.

I had a girlfriend that was a rebound that hung on too long. Keri would listen to me bitch about her, all the while hiding the fact that her own love life was a mess. One of my co-workers told me that that Keri would count the ceiling tiles while her husband made love to her. I laughed as they said this, but in my head I saw Keri dripping with sweat and calling out my name. I wanted her. Plain and simple. It wasn’t an overriding obsession; I had hooked up with another co-worker after I had dumped off the rebound garbage. But, it was always there in my mind.

So here she was, drunk at a staff outing and giggling next to me. She loved the movie The Prestige, so we had begun talking about it. Along the way, I cracked enough jokes to keep her occupied and happy. I genuinely enjoyed her company. She could make a room full of stockbrokers at ease with her presence.

So, Keri was drunk and separated from her loser husband that should be shot for letting a girl like this go. And here I was, dying to kiss her. She did have that look in her eyes; the look that guys pass off as being their imagination, the same look that could end up badly and awkward if one acted on it and it was wrong.

I felt my pulse quicken and my stomach churn as she continued to stare at me with that look. Was it that look?

“I never noticed, John, you’ve got a brown speckle in your right eye,” she said.

It wasn’t what I had expected. My dream of kissing her evaporated as I suddenly realized that I was misinterpreting her stare.

“Um, yeah,” I said.

“I didn’t mean to make you feel all self-conscious,” she said as she stared in again.

“You didn’t. I see it every morning I wake up. No problem, Keri.”

“Can I look closer?” she asked, with a hint of that damned devilish grin.

Now I was just plain confused. Was she fucking with me? Was she hitting on me? Or, more likely, was she just plain drunk?

“Sure,but it’ll cost ya,” I kidded.

She didn’t laugh. She just leaned in closer to get a better angle.

It had been a long time since a woman had been this close to me. Her breath was hot, smelling of beer and mint gum. Her perfume was fresh, like some fruity pear spray from bath and body. The harsh floodlights exposed every blemish of her face to me; a sight of a woman with several laugh lines forming as the years wore on. Also, there was a little scar on her right cheek, maybe a quarter of an inch long. She still looked breath-taking. If this was the worst she could look, than she was truly an angel. He pores were small, and her color even and slightly flushed from the booze.

I could feel myself begin to harden. I was always embarrassed of this unfortunate consequence, so I stooped over a bit. By doing so, I leaned in closer to dear, little Keri. She smiled and leaned in closer to me. Did she want a kiss? I knew I did, but what if she didn’t? Things would be strange the next time Antalya Escort we worked together.

Next thing I knew, her hand was on my chest. My heart pounded with nervous anticipation as I realized that I had the green light.

“Well?” she asked.

I grabbed her quickly as if my time would run out. I put my hands softly around her neck and rubbed the base of her thin jaw line. Her skin was soft and inviting. I started to think of other parts of her I wished to touch. My lips met with hers, parting and gliding across each other. It was the most amazing kiss I have ever experienced. She was truly like kissing a goddess; someone not of this place. My tongue danced slowly across hers and in to her awaiting mouth. She wrapped her hands around me as we continued our kiss. It was slow and deep, rolling and wet. Her taste was minty and sweet; her embrace was warm and arousing. I had forgotten all about my erection until now. As she pressed into me, her breasts caressed my chest.

I moaned into her mouth as her breasts pressed into me. I felt embarrassment warm me, but only for a moment. She moaned back and grabbed me tightly to her. He hips pressed into me as our tongues continued to dance around inside of each other’s mouths. He hips ground into me as my hand slid down her neck and to her back.

Suddenly, I realized where we were. We were secluded enough, but if one of our co-workers made an errant turn, we would be caught.

“We need more privacy,” I whispered in her ear.

“Why, you think we might get naughty?” she purred, her head tilted up in a smile to look me in the eyes.

“Do you want to get caught by our co-workers?” I said bluntly.

Her face changed. She understood completely.

“My truck. Let’s go,” she said as she dragged me by the hand back into the bar and out the front to the parking lot.

We scampered for her Durango, giggling like kids. She deactivated the alarm and we jumped in the back. Thank God that her truck was pinned on both sides by giant pick-ups. I knew that we’d be rocking the hell out of it soon.

“I’ve wanted you a long time,” I gasped as we began to strip.

“Same here,” she hissed as she pulled my shirt off.

Her body was warm and soft, perfectly ready for me. The light from the parking lot reflected off of every curve on her body. I smelled her sweet arousal as I pulled off her jeans. I paused and pulled back, admiring her form. She was thin, yet had a small belly, not a bulge, but some curve at the edge of her torso. Her bra was red and padded, cupping her breasts gently. Her panties were pale pink and a little loose, exposing parts of her that tantalized me.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, misinterpreting the pause.

“Oh, God, nothing at all, I’m just admiring you. You’re beautiful!” I gasped.

She grinned, beaming ear to ear in sincerity. She grabbed me and moved on top of me, kissing me deep as her pelvis ground into me. I was left in only my boxers, she was in her bra and panties. I felt like I was in high school; rolling around in the back of a car with her.

As we kissed, she moved her hand down my stomach, gently caressing me through my boxers. He breathing elevated as she went inside the fly. I moaned as her hand grabbed me and began to move up and down on me. I made my way down her back with my hands, feeling every muscle rippling as she moved. I stopped at her bottom and gently tickled it. She giggled and squeezed me.

“Careful, I got you in the palm of my hands,” she said as she kissed me deeply.

I was drowning in her, releasing myself for the wave that was Keri. I felt her hair all around my face, cocooning me until there was only her and I in the world. She kept working her hand up and down on me for a while as we kissed. I gathered the courage to go further with my hands and slid them down around her bottom, squeezing her tenderly. She moaned in my mouth and slipped her head away from me, sliding down between my legs.

My heart pounded Antalya Escort Bayan n anticipation as she pulled down my briefs. I flinched a bit when she snapped the waist band, Giggling, she took me into her mouth and began working me with her tongue. Each lick, each caress and kiss of her lips, burned me deeper. I wanted her more than I have ever wanted anyone I my life. We knew each other intuitively, as if we had done this before. I began to remove her bra as she kept pace. Releasing it, I ran my hands under her and gently squeezed her breasts. They were perky, yet soft and tender. Apparently she enjoyed what I was doing; her attention to me increased. I felt each stroke of her mouth and hands as we continued our tryst.

I felt myself closing in on the climax. I wasn’t sure what to do; it felt so good but I wanted to pleasure her.

“I’m getting close,” I said.

She moaned.

“Should I stop?” I said.

“No” she said with me still in her mouth.

I lay back and let her finish me. I had stared at those lips of hers for at least a year now. I always wondered what they would feel like on me. In truth, it was beyond anything I had imagined. She was expert, as if knowing exactly what I liked. I felt myself begin to tingle and tighten up.

Pleasure exploded through out my body as I called out her name. I came in a fire I had seldom ever felt as she slipped me as deep in as she could go. I gasped as I kept on coming. It was incredible, amazing, and perfect; it was pure pleasure.

As I finished, she swallowed, looking up at me with burning eyes. She came alive and pounced on me, kissing me hard. She still tasted of mint! I was pleasantly surprised.

“My turn,” I said as I grabbed her and flipped her onto her back.

“Wait,” she said.

What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Look, it’s been a long time since anyone besides my ex-” she started.

“I know. Please let me do this, I want you to feel good,” I finished.

After a moment, she nodded, looking nervously at me as I kissed my way down her sweet flesh. As I licked her neck, I felt her fingers dig slightly into my back. I gasped from the shock.

“Sorry,” she said.

“I like it,” I mumbled as I began to lick her breasts.

I rubbed my head between them, inhaling deeply as I licked her nipples. Her softness and warmth consumed me, exciting me. It was as if I was made to pleasure her.

I kissed her and ran my tongue across her chest slowly, teasing her. She arched her back and purred with pleasure. I almost giggled, sensing her nervousness passing.

Making my way down her body, I marveled at her form. The shadows danced across her belly and outlined her mound hidden under her pink panties.I leaned in and put my lips on them, exhaling a soft breeze of hot air.

“Oh, my God,” she gasped and arched her back again.

Smiling to myself, I inhaled her scent; her body mixed with peaches. Something in me rose to the surface, something primal. Lust is an ugly word, but maybe it was lust. I felt consumed by her scent, as if I had been hunting her and now she was in my grasp. My mouth watered as I slipped her panties to the side. She glistened for me. She wanted me.

I licked her gently and spread her, caressing this secret place within her. I fell in love with her taste, selfishly catching as much of her as I could. I slowly pressed a finger inside of her, making her moan my name loudly. I said her name in return as I continued to pleasure her.

I was stunned at this whole turn of events. I had desired Keri for a long time, and now all of my fantasizing was coming true. It was a precious moment, one that I will never forget.

She began to tremble as she twisted her hands through my hair. Her soft moans increased in tempo and volume as my tongue and fingers explored her. My nose was tickled by a thin line of pubic hair that was neatly trimmed into a square. I sniffed it, inhaling her deep into my lungs. This was the essence of Keri Escort Antalya that I alone was allowed to experience.

She was getting close. I could feel her tightening on my finger. I reached into her and curled my finger up, rubbing her quickly. I increased my pace to match her arousal.

“Holy shit!” she gasped as she bounced up and down, screaming in the throes of passion.

Her climax was amazing; Keri’s raw sexuality cracked through the final pieces of her calm façade, exploding right in front of me. I gasped as she continued to come and come. I kept my tongue and finger on her as she squirmed and squealed beneath me. I felt myself harden again, ready for more.

Eventually, she gently guided me away and brought me up to kiss her. Her tongue stabbed at my mouth as her hands pressed down on my head. We kissed for a bit and then she sat up.

“Holy shit, I haven’t felt like that in a long time. Jesus Christ, where did you learn that?” she asked as she rolled on top of me.

“I just wanted to make you feel like you deserve to feel. You’re such a good person. You should feel that way all the time,” I said as I looked into her eyes.

“My God, we should have done this a long time ago,” she said.

“I wish I had the courage to,” I said as I ran my fingers through her hair.

We lay in silence for what seemed like years, soaking each other in, holding onto each other as if there was nothing else in the world. I was still hard and ready for what ever came next. She suddenly noticed it.

“Do you want to?” she asked.

“Only if you do,” I said.

“Are you playing a game with me?” she asked coyly.

“Keri, I only want to be a gentleman to you. You are too special to be treated any other way,” I said as I stared deep into the oceans in her eyes.

She sniffled suddenly as her eyes pooled up.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, alarmed.

“Absolutely nothing. Nothing at all,” She said as she slipped her hand down and guided me inside.

I felt her warmth consume me as I thrust in and out. Making love to Keri was an incredible feeling. Our bodies fit perfectly as our hands explored each other. I was in awe of her beauty, in awe of her charity. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. As she arched her back while riding me, I moved my hands up to her breasts and squeezed. She tossed her mane and looked up to the ceiling, smiling with delight.

“You’re amazing, Keri,” I whispered.

Tears began to roll down her cheeks as she ground harder into me. I felt a welling of my own as I stared in rapture at her. I was not meant for a woman like this. I was truly unworthy, yet she had chosen me anyway. Our passion grew as we began to climax together, screaming each other’s names through our quickened breath. I felt myself erupt within her as she clenched herself tight around me. I kissed her deeply as we finished, collapsing into each other’s arms.

“I can’t believe this,” I whispered into her ear.

“What?” she answered.

“You choosing me,” I said.

“You serious? I used to fantasize about you,” She said.

“No way, I don’t believe it.”

“I swear. You’re not as ugly as you may think you are,” She said as she looked into my eyes.

“Well, now what?” I asked, avoiding the topic of my low self-esteem.

“We should get back. G knows what they’re thinking.”

“I guess so. Man, I’m thirsty.”

“Me too,” she said, smiling.

Keri and I got dressed and walked hand-in-hand back to the bar. We looked around at all the drunk and vacant faces, faces of our co-workers completely unaware of what had just transpired. We ordered Pepsis and sat as close as co-workers could get without drawing attention.

“Keri, this wasn’t just a one night thing, was it?” I asked.

“Not at all, you’re too good in the sack,” she joked.

“Seriously,” I said.

“I think you and I have something,” she said as she kissed me quickly on the cheek.

So, Keri and I have the staff party at the Edgewater to thank for one amazing evening. As we talked away, one by one the staff said goodbye and staggered off to their homes. When the bar lights went on and the bartenders packed it in, we went back to her apartment. Hopefully, She was going to still be interested in the morning.

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