Kevin’s Roommate Ch. 01

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Kevin got out of his parent’s car and looked around. Outside the dormitory were hordes of parents and students. Cars were lined up along the road. Boxes and luggage were being carried into the building. Kevin stretched out his tall thin body and was thankful he was at college. His parents had been overbearing and annoying all through high school. He had secretly only applied to out of town colleges and was thankful he got into one that was a few hours away from home. He had heard a line from a song and it suited his situation perfectly – close enough to make the effort, far enough to make excuses. He knew his parents would want to visit, but since their flower shop business was booming, he knew that unless he visited on a regular basis they would only see each other at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break.

“Do you have your room number sweetie?”

Kevin’s mom was trying to act so cute. She was in fact very upset that her only son was going away to college. She had cried for days when he had told her and now she was trying to be brave when in reality she just wanted to grab him and hug him forever. She forgot, of course, that Kevin was almost nineteen and didn’t really need to be cared for by his mom.

“Yes Mom. Room 312. I have the key and everything. Can you help me with my stuff?”

Kevin grabbed a few of his boxes, weaved his way through the people, and got into the building. It was an older residence with a grand staircase that went from the first to the third floor. There were two working elevators on either side, but he figured Osmanbey travesti that two flights of stairs weren’t that bad. He walked into his room and saw that his roommate had yet to arrive.

He had taken a 100-question personality test, which according to the residence advisor was the best way to accurately place students of similar lifestyles and interests. Kevin figured that as long as his roommate didn’t smoke or do drugs he was doing fine. If he studied occasionally and didn’t listen to country music, he’d be set.

After three trips up and down the stairs, all his things were in his room. His parents held hands and tried to hug and kiss him. Kevin blushed and hugged them quickly.

“It’s a long trip home guys. You should leave before the traffic gets bad.”

His parents nodded and wished him well. He knew that his mom would be calling on a weekly basis anyway.

Kevin had always been very picky about where things went in his room so he spent the rest of the afternoon arranging everything of his perfectly. His clothes were in his wardrobe and his computer was set up at his desk. He put all his toiletries in one of the drawers of his desk and lined up his shoes under his bed. The bookcase above the bed had a picture of his sister Sarah. He had placed his C.D. player and C.D.s next to the picture and had the radio playing since there was actually a good radio station in town. The door of his room opened and in fell his roommate. He had tripped over his bags and had landed on top of them.


“You Ayrancı travesti O.K.?”

“Yep. Just a klutz. You must be Kevin. I’m Brad.”

Brad stumbled into the room and threw his stuff on his bed. He was a little taller then Kevin, but not much heavier. He had curly blonde hair and baby blue eyes. He had glasses on and was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, similar to Kevin.

“Hi Brad. Do you need any help with your things?”

“No, I’m fine. This is everything anyway. How long have you been here?”

“A few hours. My parents dropped me off.”

Brad began to unpack his things while he continued to talk.

“Sounds exciting. Did your mom cry? My mom did. Thank God I got a car for my eighteenth birthday since the crying and sobbing happened at the house and not here.”

Brad literally threw his clothes into his wardrobe and slammed the door before anything fell out. He grabbed a fitted sheet and after putting it on the mattress he threw three pillows and a duvet on the bed in the corner.

“So. Tell me about yourself.”

Brad was hyper and was bouncing on the bed a bit. He had kicked his suitcases under the bed and Kevin couldn’t help but notice how messy he was.

“Well I’m Kevin. I’m almost nineteen. I’m taking engineering and will probably go into chemical engineering if I can get good enough grades. I’m a neat freak, but that’s O.K. If you leave your stuff, um, on your side of the room.”

Brad laughed.

“Well, Kevin, I’m Brad. I’m also taking engineering. I’m a klutz Cebeci travesti and very messy, but I promise to keep my mess to my side of the room, unless of course you want to organize my things for me.”

Brad winked at Kevin and for a moment Kevin was unsure of what to make of the wink. Was he being nice? Was he flirting? Kevin had been so confused the last few years and really still didn’t understand either sex.

The two of them took a walking tour of the campus and found the important locations, which were the library, bookstore, coffee shop, and cafeteria. Even though the two of them were so different they seemed to get along very nicely. Kevin was at ease around Brad and Brad was so cheerful and friendly that they couldn’t help but be friends.

The first night in their dorm room was awkward for Kevin. He had had a throbbing hard on all afternoon. He really liked Brad, but from his experience with Josh in high school, he was not going to make the first move. He had always jerked off before bed, but realized he couldn’t do that with Brad in the bed across the room. He slipped out of bed and made his way down the hall to the washroom. Once inside a stall he began to jerk his cock hard and fast. He had already grabbed Kleenex and leaned against the wall as he watched his cock swell and begin to squirt white cum all over the tissue. He moaned under his breath. Years of being at home had taught him how to cum quietly and after cleaning up, he was able to go back to his room and get into bed.

“Feel better now?”

Brad whispered from across the room. Since it was dark he couldn’t see how red Kevin’s face was.

“Um yeah.”

“Good night Kevin.”

Kevin settled into his new bed and fell asleep quickly. He had no idea what to expect from his first year at college, but was excited to find out.

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