Kimberly Cums Out

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Cute Asian

It started innocently enough. We had subscribed to the playboy channel in the hopes that watching the soft-core porn would spice up our own love life. One of our favorite programs was “Electric Blue.” This erotic series started with a gloved hand softly touching a pert little titty. Although she did not admit it to me at the time, this soft woman-to-woman touch stirred something deep within her.

As the years passed and our relationship deepened we shared our fantasies, mine being that she would let me watch her fuck a guy with a big dick, her fantasies surrounding girl on girl action. She was always content to allow fantasies be fantasy and the realty was that our sex life was more or less monotonous. That was until my sex drive took a plunge and her sex drive started to climb.

“Honey, you will never believe what I have found on line.” Kimberly’s voice had a tone of excitement in it.

“What baby?’ I said fining interest.

“There is a club that hosts girl-girl sex play and the husbands and watch or not” Kim tossed her pretty auburn locks.

“And?” I quizzed.

“Well, maybe it is time.” Kim answered, smiling wryly.

“Time for what?” playing ignorant.

“You know, I think that I am ready to do it with another girl.” Kimberly smiled proudly.

“Do it?” Again wanting her to outline in expect language the words which I knew would turn me on.

“Look, do you want to watch me get it on with another girl, or do you want to be a jerk.” She had this way of controlling me with even the softest tones, I had learned over time when to back off.

It seemed like an eternity but within a matter of weeks I found myself setting next to my 42 year old 5’6″ bi-curious wife on a big old jet airliner headed to Los Vegas. We had been married for over 20 years. Although I had talked shit about her being with another man or woman for most of our marriage, my heart raced as we chit-chatted about everything and nothing at all for the brief journey. Soon enough we had landed, checked in to our hotel escort bayan and were at the welcome session.

As fate would have it Kim was the only woman there who had never had any sex play with girls. As this was disclosed, a noticeable change came over the other women in the room, they were excited with the prospect of deflowering my wife. After my eyes swept the faces of the women in the room and returned my eyes to my wife, I became aware of the other husbands nudging one another and smiling at their own wives. There was a “no pressure, no promise” policy at the event, but clearly funds had been paid and nobody wanted to go away without at least an attempt to fulfill their fantasy.

While the first few drinks were downed several ladies came up to Kim and briefly chatted, after everybody had a chance to say hello and wish Kim well, as if choreographed one of the women returned to my wife’s side and was soon joined by two others. The first lady, a blond with breasts far smaller than Kim’s “DD+” kissed her on the cheek and whispered in her ear. Kim nodded in agreement and a second woman with short brunette hair reached out to take Kim’s hand and gently led her to the waiting bed.

I was so focused on what was happening to Kim that I had failed to notice nearly everybody had left the room except the four women now on the bed and the host and hostess and myself. Our hosts quietly directed me to a vantage point from which I could see nearly everything, yet was well enough out of the way that I would not be a distraction to the my wife as she became lost in her lust.

I watched as two of the strangers quickly undressed themselves. Leaving my wife and the blood sitting on the side of the bed, backs turned to the naked duo. The blood softly kissed my wife’s cheek and stroked her hair until my wife turned to face her and their lips met for the first time. After a few moments the nude women crawled onto the bed and the blood stood in front of my wife. The blood pulled her shirt over her head revealing bursa vip escort her “B” cup breasts hidden behind a lacy bra. The she dropped her skirt leaving her in bra and panties. I could see my wife’s eyes moving up and down the woman’s torso. The woman turned and backed enough for my wife to reach her bra strap. Without a word, my wife knew she was expected to undo the hooks, freeing the small orbs. The blood hooked a thumb into either side of her lacy panties and slipped them over her hips and wiggled out of them. She once again turned allowing my wife to see what I had already enjoyed, the neatly trimmed bush of the very sexy blond lass.

Somehow I restrained myself from rushing the bed and devouring the smorgasbord of girl flesh which had presented itself. The blond knelt before my wife and once again they kissed. Kissed until the girl on Kim’s right touched the blond’s shoulder, as the blood broke the kiss, the brunette touched my wife’s chin and turned it towards her waiting lips and now my wife was kissing the second woman. As the raven haired beauty on my wife’s left pushed closer, my wife needed no other cue to break the kiss with the second woman and kiss the third of the trio who had adopted her as their project of the evening.

Breaking the kiss the girl on the left, retreated to the far side of the bed, she patted the bed to her right. Kim moved to the middle of the bed. The brunette the lay next to Kim. I watched my wife on her back, fully clothed. A nude woman to her right laying on her side facing my wife, the nude of the left doing the same. They let their hands brush against my wife’s breasts as they took turns kissing her.

All too soon, the blond was on the bed, between my wife’s legs, helping her to the setting position as she first unbuttoned my wife’s shirt before her cohorts removed it from her. My wife relined once again her bra restraining her large breasts. More kissing ensued before the blond undid the jeans and pulled them down as my wife raised bursa elit escort her ass off the bed.

“Do you want to get naked?” The blond whispered to my wife, loud enough for all in the room to hear.

My wife did not answer verbally, but she shook her head in the affirmative as she sat up enough for the ladies to undo her bra before once again reclining and allowing the blond to remove her panties. The blond gently massaged and played with Kim’s legs and thighs as one woman continued to kiss Kim. The third woman moved to alternative lick, suck and pull on Kim’s nipples with her lips.

Kim instinctively bent her legs at the knee, and pulled them up towards her head, exposing her shaven mound for all to see. The blond moved on to her belly between my wife’s legs, burying her mouth in Kim’s soft pussy. Kim started to move her hips slowly. As she did, the other woman stopped kissing and moved her mouth to the other breast. This allowed Kim to utter the moans that she could not restrain. First softly and then louder and louder. Six hands on various parts of her body, a mouth on each breast and the intense pressure on her clit was seemingly more than Kim could endure.

“Oh, god, I’m cumming, I’m going to cum, oh please, oh, yes, please, no, god yes I am going to cum.” Now nearly yelling, her body convulsed on the bed.

The girls removed their heads from Kim’s chest and Kim reached down and pulled the blond up on top of her. Kim moved her head as much as she could in order to meet the young woman and kiss her full on the lips. I could not see, but having been in the blond’s place numerous times, I knew that Kim’s tongue was in and out of her mouth as she sucked and licked the essence of her fluids off from her partner’s face.

After a few moments of intense kissing, they rolled her over and massaged her back. Kim fell asleep despite her best efforts to stay awake.

The host offered to let us keep the room in exchange for them moving the party to our room. We exchanged keys and as soon as they left I stripped down and somehow managed to get into bed with Kim without waking her. The events of the evening played over and over in my mind. I reached my hand down to my cock and slowly stroked it. Before long I ejaculated what seemed to be a cup of cum, then I too was asleep.

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