Kim’s Night Out… Ch. 02

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That morning, I awoke still tasting Leah’s sweet pussy.

It was the most amazing night of my life — I made love to another woman for the first time…and I found Frank.

After we left the club, Frank and I fucked again, this time in his truck. It was a quickie, but I didn’t mind — he turned me on so much it didn’t take much. He dropped me off with a kiss and said he’d call in the morning.

Leah called. She wanted to go to the beach, and wondered if Frank and Will would like to join us. I told her I’d call Frank. But just as I hung up to go find his number in my purse, the phone rang again — it was Frank.

“Hi, Kim, how are you doing this morning?”

“Wonderful and yourself?”

“I actually woke up with a soft dick, but talking to you is making me hard again.”

I laughed. “Hey, Leah called and wondered if we wanted to go to the beach with her and Will.”

“I’d love that. The cool water would feel great.”

“If you hurry we could have another quickie before we meet them.” And the line went dead.

I took a quick shower and threw on a robe. I was getting my beach towel and sunblock ready when the doorbell rang. As soon as I opened it, Frank picked me up and kissed me passionately and deeply. I could feel him getting hard already, his cock poking my pussy through my robe. When the kiss ended, I said, “Well hello to you too.”

I grabbed him by the hand and led him to the bedroom. He undid my robe and let it fall to the floor. He kissed me again, and then his hand cupped my breast, pulling and pinching my nipple till it was so hard it hurt. I couldn’t believe the effect this guy has on me. I was already wet and it wasn’t from the shower.

Frank stopped kissing me and said, “I had been wanting to do that all night long.”

“You could have stayed with me last night if you wanted to,” I said. “But you said no, you had some stuff to do this morning. But you are here now… Take your shorts off and join me on the bed.”

In seconds, Frank was naked. He had a muscular body and a hairy chest, stood about five foot seven. He grabbed me, kissing me and pinching my nipples, first one then the other. He worked his way down to my pussy, opened my wet lips and inserted a finger. His mouth went to my breast, and as his finger was working in and out of me, he started to suck my nipple. I ran my hands in his hair, telling him never to stop, to keep ravishing my body…then he inserted two fingers. I opened my legs so he could have full access.

I started to jerk and buck as he finger-fucked my pussy. He started to suck harder on my nipple and I thought I was gonna die. When I finally calmed down Frank took his fingers out of me and licked them — damn, they were wet. I must have squirted. He said my pussy juices was the best he ever had.

I looked down to his thick, hard, enormous cock and dove in. When I got my mouth around his prick, I realized that it was thicker than I thought. But I was determined to get as much as I could in my mouth.

Frank grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth. I tried to get it all in, but there was no way.

“Oh fuck, Kim, I’m almost there,” Frank said.

“No, baby, don’t come yet. I want to taste your cum.”

“You can taste my cum after I have your pussy.”

He inserted his cock in my sopping wet pussy and started to fuck me for all I was worth. I was shaking again, pushing on his cock as he thrusted inside me. I could feel his balls hitting against my clit, and that sent me over the top. My juices were running down my leg. He pulled out, saying , “Okay, baby here it comes.”

I hopped off his cock and started to suck him…soon I felt his warm cum shooting in my mouth. There was so much that I couldn’t swallow it all. It was squirting out the sides and dripping down my breasts. It tasted so damn good I didn’t want to waste any of it.

The phone rang.

Frank said, “Would you like me to get it, you look a little busy?”

I gave his cock one last hard suck and headed back to the shower.

“It was Leah,” Frank said when he joined me in the shower. “They’ll be at the beach in about an hour. They…uh…got held up too.”

When I bent over to get the shower to the right temp, Frank grabbed my hips and pretended to fuck my heart-shaped ass. His balls slapped against my clit.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” I moaned.

Frank said, “I want to fuck you again.”

I turned around and kissed him. “Why don’t you, bursa evi olan escort then?”

I got the soap and began to wash him. First, his hairy chest — so sexy — then his back. When I reached his ass, I swatted it. Frank jumped, saying, “Remember paybacks, baby?” I lathered my hands real good and grabbed his cock and started to stroke it, gripping tighter and tighter till I thought it might hurt him.

Frank moaned, and said, “My turn, sweety.”

He lathered his hands and washed my breasts, taking one in each hand. My nipples immediately hardened. He pulled on them for awhile, and then did my back. He lathered his hands again — and gently inserted a finger in my ass. I was surprised. I never had anything in my ass before.

Frank said, “Open your legs and bend over a bit, okay?”

I did as he said.

He slid his finger in and out until my hole loosened. Then he inserted another finger, and another. I felt myself pushing back to meet his fingers, loving how they made me feel.

Frank suggested we go to the bed and asked if I had any KY or Vasoline. After I got the lube, he told me to get on the bed on my knees. His cock was hard as ever and I fought the urge to grab it and suck it. He lubed up my asshole and then his fingers. He inserted a finger, working his way up to three. I was ramming into his hand, wanting more and telling him, “Fuck my tight ass and fill it with all your fingers.”

Instead, I saw Frank putting the KY on his cock.

I didn’t know if it would work, but I had to try. He inserted just the tip and already it felt as thick as his three fingers.

Frank said, “Go ahead, Kim, push. But only take what you can.”

I pushed a little and then pulled it out — but I couldn’t stand it any longer. Finally I pushed slowly until his enormous cock was all the way inside. I screamed.

“Are you Okay?” Frank asked.

“Oh yes, baby, I want you to fuck my ass, fuck my virgin ass now!”

He fucked my ass slow, gradually picking up steam. As he pushed inside me, I met his cock. Soon, I was shaking uncontrollably, and moved my hand to my pussy, fingering my clit until I squirted all over my hand and the bed. It dripped down my leg. I felt Frank shiver and moan, and knew he was filling my ass with his delicious hot cum.

I fell on my bed. Frank, seeing my juices all over, rolled me over and dove in.

“Frank, I don’t think I can take anymore.”

“Just lay down and enjoy.”

My clit was still sensitive, so I knew it wouldn’t take long — as soon as his tongue hit my clit, I was bucking and screaming with another orgasm. I heard Frank say, “Mmmmmm, delicious,” and then I was out.

When I awoke, Frank was in the shower again. I felt like I had sex all night. I sat up and my bed was wet, sheets and all. I had never squirted like this with anyone before.

I heard the shower turn off and Frank came out.

He said, “Are you okay, baby?”

“That was the best sex ever.”

I headed into the shower, telling Frank, “I’ll be ready in ten minutes. Why don’t you get me a bathing suit?”

After I got out of the shower, Frank handed me a suit I forgot I had. It was a red thong bikini. Frank whistled when I slipped it on.

He kissed me softly and said, “Today was the best day I had ever had.” With that, we gathered our beach stuff, and headed out the door.

Frank had a black F-150 4×4 ex cab — I loved it as well as our quick fuck in the back seat last night. On the way to the beach, we talked about our jobs, where he lived, and that he wanted to find a girlfriend and settle down soon. He said he hoped it would be me. I told him I thought we were great for each other, and that I really liked him a lot already.

It took us only a few minutes to find Leah and Will on the beach. Leah was a real knockout, a blonde with blue eyes. Will was a skinny redhead, and a bit gross looking.

I knew he stayed the night at Leah’s last night, because he was wearing a pair of Leah’s ex’s shorts. I was glad Leah had fun last night…I know I did.

Frank took off his shorts to reveal bikini bottoms. Damn, he looked great. I removed mine and Leah looked at us, saying, “You two look hot enough to eat.”

I said, “You look delicious, too, Leah.”

Will said, “What about me?”

“You look like you’re worth a good fuck.”

“Easy, baby,” Frank said. “You’re gonna make both are cocks altıparmak escort rock hard.”

Leah said, “Do you have a problen with that? Then we can all go back to my house and have fun getting each other off… Would you all like to do that?”

“Well, sure, that sounds like a party,” Will said.

Frank added, “Okay, then, it’s a party at Leah’s house after the beach.”

Leah suggested that we swap partners so we could explore each other a bit. Then she grabbed Frank, and they went in the water way off.

Will said, “You wanna go for a swim, you sweet thing?”

“Sure, you fuckable hunk.”

We headed for a different part of the water.

We chatted about him and Leah. He obviously liked her a lot and wasn’t too keen on this foursome until Leah talked him into it, saying, “No one would do it unless everyone agreed.”

I said, “Look at it this way, it’s a way for him to fuck another woman and get away with it and have a lot of fun.”

I looked over at Leah and Frank — they were obviously getting it on in the water. Will looked hurt. I told him that Leah liked him a lot too, and that no matter what we all did together Frank will always be my sweety and Leah will always be his sweety. He seemed okay with that, and he came closer.

He squeezed my ass and told me I had a body that wouldn’t quit. He then put his hand inside my bikini, and I opened my legs so he could get access. He inserted a finger inside my pussy, lowered his head, and kissed me. I felt his hard cock and stuck my hand down his shorts. I pulled it out and started stroking his shaft. He was long but not as thick as Frank. He moaned, sliding another finger inside me.

Will moved my bikini to one side and rubbed his cock on my pussy. I must say it felt good in the water. I put my arms around his neck and lifted a leg up so he could get his cock inside me. It went in easy…and felt so good. I asked, “Should we be doing this at the beach with so many around.” He said, “No one will even notice,” and began pumping in and out of me.

I bit my lower lip to keep from moaning. Will smiled, pumping harder and faster. I couldn’t help putting my other leg around him, so I had my legs completely around him. He lowered us into the water and fucked me even harder.

Now only are heads were sticking out of the water. Will cupped my breasts and pinched and squeezed it. Then he lifted up my bikini top and let my breasts fall out, going to work on my nipples even harder. It felt so good.

Will thrusted harder than ever. I started to shake. He moaned, “Ohhhhhhhh…yesssss…baby…mmmmmmmmm…you are so tight and I love ramming my hard cock in your tight pussy, oh yessssss, I’m going to fill your pussy with my cum. Are you ready for it, baby?”

I didn’t think I could fuck anymore after last night, but here I was so aroused and ready to cum again. I said, “Oh yes, Will, fuck my pussy and fill me with your hot cum, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…yessssssssssssss…baby…yessssssssss.” In the cool water, I felt his cum hit the walls of my vagina…and then I orgasmed. We grabbed onto each other and held tight until our orgasms subsided.

When we finally got control of ourselves, I put my breasts back in my top and fixed my bottoms. Leah and Frank were already out of the water and were watching us. Frank came to me with a towel and kissed me.

Leah asked, “Did you two get to know each other better?”

Will said, “Yes we did. Leah and I am happy you encouraged me to do this. Kim is really something.”

Then Leah asked if I would take a walk with her.

We walked along the shore. Leah asked if I liked Will. I told her I thought he was a great fuck, and we both laughed. I told her he was a very nice guy and that he liked her a lot. Leah seemed happy to hear that. She stopped walking and said, “Kim, I have been thinking about what we did last night and I enjoyed it very much. I have been wanting to taste your pussy ever since I saw you in your sexy suit. Can we go find a place and do a little exploring ourselves?”

“You already have my juices flowing just thinking about it.”

We found a trail in the woods and followed it. No one was on the trail since it was so hot out. We walked a while and found a picnic table. Leah took our towels and layed them on the top.

Leah kissed me hard and passionately. I opened my mouth and touched her tongue with mine. I felt her hand cupping my breast and massage gemlik escort it through my bikini top. I moaned and began undoing her bikini top. Her breast fell, and I immediately began to fondle, pull, and pinch them. Leah moaned, pulling me closer. She licked my nipples, making them hard and erect. I put my hands in her hair and pushed her face closer to my breasts, loving the feeling she had stirred deep in my pussy.

“Let’s get on the table,” Leah said. “I want to taste Will’s cum in your pussy.”

I laid down on my back, Leah spreading my legs open and moving my bikini bottoms to one side. She dove in, licking and sucking and fingering my pussy until I couldn’t take it any more. I pushed my pussy into Leah’s face and said, “Damn, Leah, I love the way you fuck my pussy. It feels so good.” And I pushed her head into my pussy.

When I finally calmed down, Leah lifted her head — her face was covered in my pussy juices. I started to laugh as Leah licked her lips and said, “Mmm, Kim, you must have the best pussy juice in the world, wanna taste?” I nodded. Leah kissed me hard, inserting her tongue. I felt something in my mouth…it wasn’t my pussy juices — it was Will’s cum. Leah had saved it in her mouth and put it in mine!

I swallowed all that Leah gave me.

Leah said, “Well, how did you like it, sweety?”

“Loved it. It was different than Franks, saltier.”

Leah laughed and began rubbing her pussy on mine.

I said, “Would you like me to get Frank’s cum out of your sweet pussy so you can taste it, too?”

“Oh yes, please do.”

I could see Frank’s cum seeping out of her pussy. I sucked all I could. Leah opened her mouth and took it all, even licked my mouth to get every drop.

Leah said, “Damn, his cum is delicious, and you’re right. It is different than Will’s, but both are delicious.”

I went down on Leah’s sweet pussy again, licking her hole, tasting Frank’s cum. But this time I didn’t want to share. I loved his cum.

I inserted three fingers inside her. I sucked her clit as I finger-fucked her. Leah went wild, saying, “Yes Kim yes baby fuck my pussy…fuck it with all your fingers.

I inserted a fourth finger. Leah had her legs wide open and was bucking to meet my hand with evey thrust. She was wet and slippery, screaming for more. I decided to try something I had only read about — I pulled my fingers out so I could get my thumb in there, too. I pushed in and out until she was opened up enough. I pushed harder, and before I knew it, my hand had gone inside her hot hole. Leah screamed, immediately putting her hand over her mouth for fear of someone hearing her. She started to move her hips so she could fuck my hand. She uncovered her mouth and said, “Yes, Kim, fist-fuck me; I’m going to cum,” and immediately covered her mouth.

I fucked her with my hand and eventually I had enough room to make a fist. Leah squealed under her hand. When she was coming down from her multiple orgasms, I pulled my hand out. She grabbed my hand and started licking my fingers until I was clean.

She said, “That was the best fuck I have ever had. I have always wanted to be fist-fucked but was scared to try it. Now thanks to you I have had it done and loved it.”

I said, “We had better pull ourselves together and go find the men.”

“Oh yes I forgot about them.”

We got our towels — mine was soaked from Leah’s juices. It smelled great.

Leah told me about fucking Frank. “He has a very thick cock and can fuck really good,” she said. “You are a lucky woman.”

I said, “I know I am. We must have fucked ten times already.” We both laughed.

The guys were in the water, so we laid out in the sun for a bit, recruperating from our morning orgasms. Frank and Will came out of the water and asked if we wanted to go for one last swim.

We swam for a while. Frank kissed me and asked if I liked fucking Will.

I said, “It was different. How did you like Leah?”

“She she was good, but you are much tighter. Watching you fuck Will made me want to fuck you.” And then he grabbed me. I immediately wrapped my legs around him. He moved my bikini over and rammed his cock inside me hard and fast. I almost lost my breath. Frank fucked me for about ten minutes, and then, all at once, we kissed and both exploded. Even after Frank had shot his load, he still fucked me until I came yet again. He said, “There’s my baby. I knew you could cum again.”

We all made plans to go to dinner that night and then head to Leah’s house to watch porn. Frank took me home from the beach. In his truck, he kissed me long and hard, and said he’d come by to pick me up at 6:30. I said, “Okay, sweety,” and hopped out. I blew Frank a kiss, went straight to my room, set my alarm and slept.

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