Kindra And The Black Client

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“Why am I here, why am I here?” I whined, fingering through files. “Oh, because the witch needs some this shit for the client,” I groaned before a pause. “The client wants Pepsi instead of Coke; I have to get what they want. They want a certain band to be playing on the stereo; I have to make it happen because I’m the intern. What the fuck?” I let out before closing the filing cabinet. “Crap, I don’t know what I did with that form. I’ve already copied it twice for him, but he needs a third copy?” I griped, putting my hands on my head. “Doesn’t he have an assistant that can take care of his crap?”

I bit down on my bottom lip and clenched my fists on my sides too. I didn’t say anything for a few seconds and just tried to comprehend the proposed situation.

“Summer, could you come into my office with me for a moment, please?” I heard her ask.

“Sure, floozy, I’m not in the middle of something here,” I muttered under my breath.

I took in a deep breath and closed my eyes for a moment. I failed to reply to the hussy or even move, I just calmly rubbed my head again.

“Sometime today, Summer.”

“Fine, you stupid bitch,” I mumbled under my breath before I dropped my hands and went into her office. “Yes, Mrs. Lockin?”

“Where the hell is that 24C form for Mr. Finn? He is coming in here in an hour so we can have a meeting together. I need that form for him, so is it too much to ask for you to find it and copy it for him, or do I need a new intern?”

“I’ve looked everywhere for it, and I’ve already printed out two copies for him before, why does he need another one?” I questioned, letting my eyebrows down and leaning towards her.

“I don’t know why exactly,” she answered, getting up from her chair and walking around her desk. “I can tell you this though: The client’s reason could be that he needs another one to read while he is on the toilet and I’d still tell you to copy it again,” she explained before a pause. “Is there going to be a problem here, Summer? It doesn’t seem that you like working for me. Do you think that I’m just a wench and you just count the seconds until you may leave my line of vision?”

“Maybe, Mrs. Lockin,” I answered, leaning down and placing my palms on a chair. “I mean, the endless errands that I’ve been running for you hasn’t really taught me much. I’m here on a college internship, and I’m supposed to learning for an executive job for the future. I don’t see how this so-called work is helpful to me. Do you know what I mean?”

She nodded and slowly made her way to me. I had no idea what she was about to say or do, but I waited for a moment.

‘What the hell is she doing? Is she checking me out, or what the fuck?’

“Well, you are beautiful, if you don’t mind me saying, Summer,” she praised me, beginning to circle me.

“Thank you, I guess, but why are you flattering me?”

She stayed silent, but then she stopped in front of me again and smiled. I found myself dumbfounded, but still intrigued.

I saw her bring her hands towards my boobs. “What the hell are you doing?” I asked, peeking at her hands.

“Do you think you are ready to sign a client with me, Summer? You know, meet with them, and charm them so to speak?”

“Yes, but what do you mean?”

Her grin never disappeared, and her eyes dropped back down to my breasts. I still didn’t know what to make of what was going on, but I just had the opportunity on my mind. I still physically saw her, but I wasn’t really looking at her.

“Do you like my office, Summer?”

I glanced around for a few seconds. “Yes.”

“Considering it is easily five times bigger than the little room you are in right now, correct?”

“And the couches are a nice touch, among other things, Mrs. Lockin,” I answered, making eye contact. “Why do you ask?”

“How would you like an actual position here at this company? You know, with a paycheck and a few perks? Does that spark your interest?”

“Yes,” I responded, nodding. “How do we make that happen, Mrs. Lockin?”

She leaned right to me and pecked my cheek.

“What the hell, lady?” I protested, backing away.

Without speaking a word, she slowly placed one hand on my cheek and the other on my butt. My brain wanted to tell her off, but it seemed pointless at that point. I just saw her back away somewhat, but her hands remained in the same position.

It lasted for over a minute, but then I pushed her hands away. “What’s going on, Mrs. Lockin?”

“Take off your clothes, Summer.”

“What, no,” I objected, shaking my head no. “I’m not stripping in front of you.”

“Why not, are you bashful?” she pondered, lowering her head.

“Yes, but that’s not the point. Why the fuck should I take off my clothes in front of my boss?”

“Oh, you are feisty,” she complimented me, prior to kissing me.

“Whoa, what the hell?” I whined, backing away even more. “Why did you kiss me?”

She casually made her way right back to me and began unbuttoning her blouse. I couldn’t even formulate words, I just stood there and waited for her to stop. After only a couple of seconds, she did and looked back into my eyes again.

Her hands lazily came towards my rack. “May I? I certainly wouldn’t want you to push a sexual harassment suit on me. I can promise you one thing though; if you just humor me now, I promise you that position. You’ll still be working with me, but doing much better hands-on work, and making money for college.”

“Fine, you weird tart,” I groaned, shooting her a dirty look.

“That’s ‘Mrs. Weird Tart, Summer,” she corrected me, placing her hands on my melons. “Wow, these are quite nice. What are these, B-cups?”

I took a deep breath. “Yes, Mrs. Lockin.”

“Don’t worry; you may call me ‘Kindra’ now, Summer.”


“Because you aren’t going to complain when I do this,” she responded, beginning to undo my blouse.

I immediately began breathing heavily, and my heart rate skyrocketed too. I couldn’t even look at my boss; I just watched her undo it ever so slowly. She seemed to be sexier with every passing second, but I still felt odd.

“May I take it off you now?”

“Am I guaranteed the job? No bullshit?” I pondered, peeking at her.

“Well, that depends, because we have to see how the meeting goes first, and if it goes well as I think it will, the job will be yours.”

“Fine, Kindra.”

She smiled again and calmly took my blouse off me. I still noticed that she had a couple of her buttons undone too, so her purple bra stood out a little bit.

“You know, Mr. Finn is a horndog. Do you know how I know that?”

I sighed. “How?”

Her hands calmly made the trip to my skirt. I just nodded, and she undid that as well, which made it fall a second later.

“Wow, you have some sexy body here, Summer, and you are twenty years old now?”


“I think you’ll be perfect.”

“For what?” I whined, putting my hands up.

“I seem to think Mr. Finn is an extra tough nut to crack and I’ll need a little extra help closing the deal. I need him to sign with us, and for that to happen, I think I just need you,” she explained, unbuttoning her blouse completely. “I’m pretty sure an older brunette in her high thirties and a young adult blonde like yourself would certainly grease his wheels towards signing,” she mentioned, unbuttoning her skirt as well. “What do you say? Are you ready to join the big leagues where you don’t have to make copies or coffee runs anymore?”

“You want to have sex with Mr. Finn?” I asked, leaning my head back. “You are married though.”

“I know,” she pointed out, closing the gap again. “What my hubby doesn’t know, won’t hurt him, or kill his buzz behind his lavish lifestyle. That dumb bastard has no idea I’ve fucked a shit load of clients behind his back. Now, I’m only going to ask you this once,” she announced, placing her hands on my back. “Are in or out? Remember,” she said before unclasping my bra. “Being here comes with perks that add up to more than money,” she let me know before she kissed me and dropped to her knees.

She instantly grabbed onto my panties and brought them down. I failed to say a word, I just let it happen and then she rose back up with me and examined my nude body. I could only tell she liked what she saw as she cheesed.

“I can only imagine that how much Mr. Finn would love to see two white women together. You don’t have a boyfriend, do you?”


“Are you sure? Just someone you are stringing along, a guy you blow on every second Wednesday of every month, there is no one at all?”

“No, Kindra,” I answered, covering my private parts.

“Don’t be shy,” she mentioned, prior to kissing me again. “If you are excellent, I might use you again. Now, just so we’re even, take off my bra and thong.”

I stood frozen for a few seconds, but then I did calmly uncover myself and bring my hands to her back. As I undid her bra, I just looked to her right and shook a bit.

“There is no need to be awkward, sexy intern,” she informed me, taking it off herself.

Then I backed away, and she lowered herself down, taking her matching thong down too. “Look, we both have bushes,” she pointed out, standing back up with me and taking my hands. “Don’t worry; you may check me out, Summer.”

I licked my lips and kept eye contact with her though. “Why are we both naked though?”

“So we can get comfortable with each other, Mr. Finn is going to be here soon, and we need to be looking all natural as if we have sex all the time. Now, why don’t you kiss me again?”

“I’m not a lesbian though.”

“Oh, Summer,” she moaned, placing her hands on my butt. “What is a little experimentation compared to having a much better job, and a closer relationship to your boss? Don’t you think your brain and twat could both take one for the team? Dare I ask: when do you think you’ll get another opportunity to eat pussy and suck on a cock in the same day?”

“Are you saying you find me attractive?”

“Oh, I got you to blush,” she mentioned, prior to smooching my cheek. “Yes, now don’t overthink this,” she suggested, lowering herself down to my breasts. “You can thank me later,” she mentioned before let her tongue out and licked my right nipple.

I failed to react, but to freeze and glare at her as I witnessed her pleasuring my nipple with her tongue. I just kept my hands down at my sides, but tapped my feet somewhat. I couldn’t comprehend what was going on exactly, but I let the door open to find out.

She repeatedly licked it going from bottom to top, and she made sure to do it quite quickly too. I also found myself licking my lips and being unable to look away from her, so I knew I liked it at least a little bit, but there was still the question of ‘Why?’.

Although, after a couple of minutes, her tongue did come off my nipple and she brought her head back up. “We both know you liked that because your pussy is dripping,” she pointed out before she kissed me. “Now would you like to join me on that big couch over there?” she pondered, prior to putting her hand out.

I took it, and she escorted me right to the couch closet to us. I couldn’t be sure just what was in store for me in getting on that couch with her, but I found myself more than intrigued. We both sat down, and she placed her right hand on my snatch as she had her body turned to me.

She leaned to me and smooched my cheek. “Play with your boss’es cunt, Summer. Let me feel the summer breeze.”

“Okay, Kindra,” I muttered before I placed my hand on her slit. “It is very wet.”

“So is yours,” she mentioned, getting close to me. “Now let’s finger fuck each other. Have you ever been with a woman?”

“No, again: I’m not a lesbian, Kindra.”

“I know, but have you even just experimented with a woman before?”

I broke eye contact and bit my bottom lip.

“I take that as a ‘Yes.’.”

“I had a girlfriend eat me out once,” I confessed, glancing back at her. “I didn’t want it, but she was horny and my best friend, so I let her.”

“Oh, sexy,” she praised me, prior to kissing me again. “Do you like feeling my pussy? Do you think Mr. Finn will love the sight? Seeing you with your hot boss?” she pondered, moving her fingers even faster.

I began breathing heavily and jiggling around a bit more too. Kindra just seemed to know what buttons to push, but it wasn’t just mentally and physically appealing though. I just wanted to go down the rabbit hole if it landed me a paying job.

“You’re letting a lot of juice out, and contaminating my couch. Don’t worry; I like it better with the aroma of pussy juice.”

“Kindra, this is going really fast.”

“Trust me; once the client gaziantep rus escort shows up, this will seems like a waltz, so buckle for what is to come.”

I couldn’t resist the urge to smooch her cheek, and then I looked down at her bosoms. As tempting as it was, I took it as an invitation as nothing was off limits.

So I leaned down and went to her right tit. ‘Shit, the money is making me do weird things now,’ I thought before I licked her nipple.

“Oh, I might have to give you a bonus for nipple licking,” she moaned, placing her other hand on my head.

‘And now I’m finger fucking her and licking her nipple. Wow, I didn’t envision this happening this morning. So a nipple tastes like this? Is she for real, she has a plan to use me for Mr. Finn? Well, she got this far, and she has proved herself to be a harlot, but I’d like to see her take it even further.’

“Just like that, Summer. Pleasure your boss and get your spirits up, and then you’ll be set. We’ll be more than ready for Mr. Finn.”

“Is that so?” we suddenly heard a male voice ask.

My heart felt like it stopped as I peeked towards the door.

I immediately covered up, but then I saw Kindra get up. “You’re twenty minutes early, Mr. Finn,” she pointed out, strolling towards him.

I stayed covered and tried to catch my breath as I watched them. I didn’t know what to think exactly, but of course, I had never gotten caught naked before.

“You know, it is just as inconvenient to show up early to a meeting as it is to come late, Mr. Finn,” she said slowly, calmly bringing her right hand to his crotch. “I’ll forgive you though.”

“That’s good, Kindra, correct?” he pondered, placing her right hand on her arm,

“Yes, and that’s my intern, Summer. Do you like her, don’t you think she is sexy?”

He peeked over her shoulder at me and his eyes widened, even as I had my private parts covered.

Although, she turned to me a few seconds later. “Come on, Summer, don’t be shy. Let our soon to be new client see your naked goodness. He loves white chocolate too,” she said before turning back to him. “Don’t you, Mr. Finn?” she pondered, caressing his crotch.

“Yes, but I’m still not sure about this deal, Kindra.”

“Well, we can talk about that later,” she said, getting even closer to him. “There is no reason we can’t have some a little pleasure before our business. Don’t you want to have some fun with my intern and me?”

He looked over both of us for a moment, but backed away a couple of feet.

‘What does she want me to do? I’m not sure what real role Kindra wants me to play accurately, I’m on the couch in dead silence. Although, my drenched twat is making jiggle around.’

“No, I’m not interested in being persuaded like this, Kindra,” he protested, putting his hands up. “I’m a respectable athlete, and I certainly wouldn’t want something like this getting out.”

“Don’t worry, Summer and I can keep a secret, can’t we, Summer?” she asked, failing to look at me.

I took a deep breath. “Yes. Kindra.”

“Come here, Summer.”

I stayed there for a few seconds, but then I got up and calmly made my way towards them. I stopped on her right side, and he helped himself to a better view of my nude body as well. No one said anything for a moment, but I noticed him checking us both out nonstop.


“Summer, have you ever seen a black cock up close?”

“No, Kindra.”

“Are you nervous?”

“Yes, you have my nerves cringing right now.”

“Don’t worry yourself, I think your body is doing the talking for you, so relax,” she advised me, blindly undoing his pants. “I don’t think he or it bites.”

“Neither of us does, Summer,” he let me know, peeking at me.

They fell, and I even saw him take off the top half of his suit too. In less than a minute, there was a naked black man in the room, but as I knew he was unclothed, my eyes went up to the ceiling.

“So, what do you say, Mr. Finn? Could we get you to sign with us?” she inquired.

“Oh, you have very soft hands, Kindra,” he moaned.

“I know, and your dick doesn’t seem to mind doing business this way either,” I heard her respond before there were kissing sounds.

‘I feel like a vibrator, and entirely on edge too. The whole concept of what is happening just became very real, and now I’m speechless and feel nearly sick to my stomach. Wow, this is fucked up.’

A moment later, I felt her grab my hands. “Look at me, Summer.”

I angled my head down and saw them both. She just smooched my cheek and brought me right to him. She got on my side and brought my hand towards his cock. I immediately yanked it back as I had to stare down there.

“Come on; he already told you it won’t bite, Summer. Have you ever been with a black guy?”


“I’m pretty sure even though it is big, it still won’t hurt to touch it, and he’ll certainly like it. Trust me, after you try this once, you’ll love it, and be begging to join in on these meetings. I can be your best friend, Summer. I’ll be winter to your summer, so what is it going to be? Just have a little fun with Mr. Finn and me here, or I can have you do some more bullshit work for another client.”

I glanced over at his rod again, and he lifted it up, so I saw his balls as well. I still couldn’t formulate any words, although, I felt charmed, but still skittish as well.

“I can see she is attracted to you, Mr. Finn, why don’t you come over here and give her a little confidence,” she suggested, getting behind me. “I know she wants you to sign with us too and therefore; she wants to please you,” she informed him before kissing my neck. “Go ahead, Summer, cut yourself off a piece of that chocolate cake. Go make the sale for us.”

I licked my lips for a few seconds as I soaked in his figure yet again. As anxious as I was, I couldn’t turn either of them down. So, I calmly closed the gap between us, but kept my eyes down on his junk.

I lazily moved my right hand over towards his wood and grabbed onto it. “Holy crap, Mr. Finn, that is big.”

“Oh, please, call me ‘James’,” he corrected me, nonchalantly placing his hands on my butt. “And your bottom is quite soft. I know what I said a couple of minutes ago, but you’ve already made some progress on me, so keep going. I know I’m almost a foot taller than you, but don’t scared, I’m not a big black teddy bear.”

“Okay, James,” I said before I casually moved my face over towards his.

We kissed each other as I felt his schlong vibrate a bit. He helped himself by caressing my butt and making me feel good. I couldn’t fight the urge to have the head come over onto my stomach. I had it rub all over it, and I instantly felt it get wet.

“I like you, Summer. Would you mind if we moved to the couch?”

We all lazily moved over to it, and I sat down first. Kindra sat at the opposite side, and he sat in between us. She helped herself to his cock and pecked his cheek several times as well. I sat back and played with my pussy a little bit.

“You felt his big and black dick already, Summer, there is no need to be shy, get over here.”

“Sorry, Kindra.”

“Don’t apologize, get close to him and make sure he knows he is in good hands with us,” she told me before she slowly leaned down towards it and took it into her mouth.

“Oh, yes, I like you too, Kindra,” he moaned, placing his left hand on her head.

I watched her stunned for a moment. “Fuck it,” I muttered before I rose up onto my knees and pasted my lips to Mr. Finn’s as I positioned my hands on his shoulders. ‘Holy shit.’

He instantly positioned his other hand onto my right tit, and I had to bring my hand to Kindra’s forehead. I suddenly felt her head move up and down nonstop as she pleasured Mr. Finn. I couldn’t see the sexy action, but I imagined it easily.

‘Wow, he does have nice lips and a soft hand too. What a kinky slut, I had no idea my boss had such an odd side.’

After a couple of minutes, he gently pushed my lips off his. “If I sign, I’m going to need access to you from time to time, is that possible?”


“Good, and you have small, but quite perky jugs. Why don’t you join your boss and give that cock a whirl?”

I peeked at it and grinned for a few seconds before I calmly moved towards her. I just watched her sucking the life out of it for the time being and studied how she did it exactly. I got a close look at his wood every time her lips went back up, and I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to take it.

Although, after another moment, she calmly let his member out. “Oh, it is big, Summer. You might not be able to take the whole thing in your mouth, but I’m sure you can still charm him and make him like you a bit more,” she mentioned, rubbing it. “Suck his schlong and let’s sway him to sign together,” she proposed before she leaned towards me and kissed me.

I grabbed onto it and caressed it myself for a moment. My eyes widened quite a bit, and I tried to grasp the situation. I had kissed Mr. Finn for a moment, but as I peeked at his dick, it became even more real.

My hand moved ever so slowly for a minute only going up and down about an inch. Although, his pecker was roughly eight inches long and slightly thick as well. I felt the stage fright for a moment as I knew they were both looking at me.

Although, I just thought about the other advantages as far as my new found career. I felt jittery, so I slowly went down to his wood and let my tongue out. I gently licked the head and backed away a couple of inches.

“Take your time, ravishing young chick,” she mentioned, leaning up with her knockers going towards his face.

“It is alright to test the waters, Summer,” he added, grabbing onto them and just before he let his tongue on her left nipple.

I noticed him twitch slightly, but then I let my tongue back on the head again. I licked it several times towards the top and made him vibrate a bit. I knew I was teasing him officially, but I knew I wanted to make myself comfortable to do it for him first.

After a couple more minutes without any words spoken, I did indeed open my mouth. I allowed the head of his cock into my mouth and sucked on it lightly. I had to take a deep breath through my nose, but then I slowly pushed my lips a little further.

“Yes, she is a great intern, Kindra,” he moaned, placing his hands on my head. “And you have fantastic melons.”

“Oh, I know,” she said before I felt her calmly lean back towards me. “Oh, suck on the client’s pecker and make it even harder, Summer. We have him on the hook; now we just have to reel him in, but slowly. We don’t want to seem too eager. Thrust those lips ever so lazily, and pleasure him beyond belief,” she whispered.

I went down a couple more inches on his member and got a better taste of it. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I instead did like the kind words coming from her.

After another moment, I calmly lifted my head up again and let his cock out. “Care to share, Kindra?”

“As long as you never call me ‘Mrs. Lockin’ again, fair enough?”

I answered her question by kissing her. It only lasted for a couple of seconds before my lips parted from hers abruptly and I went right back down to Mr. Finn’s dick. I automatically took at least half of it into my mouth and began thrusting my lips.

“Fuck yes,” he moaned. “Suck it just like that, Summer. Unleash your sexy side, and make me want to cum.”

I even grabbed onto the base of it and held it as tightly as I could. I still couldn’t be sure just how long his johnson was, but I didn’t even gag as I kept pushing it into my mouth. I felt the adrenaline coursing through my system like never before and used it on him.

I went on for over three minutes at full force, just pleasuring him with my lips and not slowing down at all. I did get a small headache from the constant movement, but the emotional spike seemed to be worth it.

“Yes, scrub my intern’s head, and finger fuck me with your other hand as she blows you, Mr. Finn. I certainly hope you like my pussy juice, because you are making me cum too,” I heard her moan while making kissing sounds.

I attempted to go on for as long as possible, but I did feel the effects taking a toll on me. Although, the whole situation fueled me beyond belief. That gave me all the motivation I needed, but I knew no matter what, I’d have to stop eventually.

‘Fuck me; I’m sucking on his black guy’s cock. Only a whore like Kindra could get me to do this shit. She is cheating on her husband, but she has supposedly been doing for years now? Damn, I don’t know what to do, but to take advantage. I’ve never met her hubby, but maybe he is getting some pussy on the side.’

“Shit,” I let out, taking my mouth off his schlong. “Holy shit, your dick is huge, Mr. Finn.”

“Let me take over for a moment,” she proposed, coming back down to his pecker.

She instantly took it back into her mouth.

“Wow, Kindra, you can deep throat that prick?”

She failed to answer, she sucked on it for him and made him cover his face with both hands. I bit my bottom lip for a moment as I noticed that she began to steal the show somewhat.

I peeked down at her backside and lowered myself down onto my knees behind her. “Hey, Mr. Finn, look over here,” I said bringing my fingers to her slit.

I didn’t even pay attention to see if I got him to look, I just spread out her pussy lips and let my tongue in there deep.

“Oh, you sexy bitch,” she moaned with her mouth still full.

I smirked and kept my fingers inside her twat too. I fucked her with them from both hands and my tongue. I never did that with a woman before, but I felt the rush and sensed the need to thrill both her and Mr. Finn.

I licked her lips from behind and even massaged them a little bit too. I closed my eyes and just went for it so to speak. Regardless of what the exact reason was, I couldn’t care less, and I just did what I felt what was right.

I didn’t want to look directly at her ass, or anything else for that matter. Not that seeing my eyelids was a turn on, but it helped as they didn’t distract me at all. I frequently heard them both moan and breathe heavily, but the gratification of me spreading the pleasure to them was great.

My pointer fingers definitely rubbed those lips, but the rest of my fingers from both hands held onto her butt cheeks back there. To no surprise, I had her shaking a bit, which made the blow job Mr. Finn was receiving all that much better.

‘Just how many times am I going be surprised today? I’m fucking her from her backside now as she sucks his massive cock. Wow, this is boiling. I hope she does let me join in on another deal like this because I love it so far. Maybe she can also teach me how to take that huge cock like that; she has an extra large mouth it seems and is extra strong-willed.’

 “Holy shit, you have exquisite soft lips, Kindra,” he moaned.

“Oh, I know,” she commented, leaning up slightly. “I’ve noticed you’ve been checking out Summer eating my pussy back there, do you like that?”

“Yes,” he let out, out of breath. “Keep stroking my dick for me; I might just let out some white stuff.”

“No, I’ll do that with my lips, but keep looking at my intern if you’d like. She is out for sexual blood now,” she mentioned before taking his wood back into her mouth.

“Oh, fuck, I might need to hold a lot of meetings with both of you if you are going to get me to sign, Kindra. I might just give you a better commission in the contract, but you have to make yourselves available though.”

“Mr. Finn shut the hell up about the fucking contract!” I attacked him, raising enough for him to see me. “You are going to fucking sign with us and be happy with the terms, do you understand?” I asked, thrusting my fingers into her cunt.

“Oh, aren’t you a feisty young woman?”

“Yes, you handsome black man.”

“Come here.”

I waited no time coming right to him, and I got onto my knees on his right side. I noticed that Kindra’s eyes were on us, but his pecker remained inside her mouth. I leaned up and let my breasts come towards his face.

Although, both of his hands came to them first. “Oh, again you small, but perky tits, Summer, I love them. Your boss might have bigger knockers, but they tend to steal the thunder from smaller racks. A and B-cup boobs are still boobs, and yours are rather lovely,” he complimented me, caressing them.

“Thank you.”

“Get closer to me.”

I fulfilled his request and brought my melons a little closer to him. Just as I thought, he uncovered my nipples and let his tongue out. He still grabbed onto the sides of them and squeezed them somewhat as well.

Although, then I suddenly felt his tongue come right onto the tip of my right nipple. I immediately felt tingles go throughout my body just from one lick. So, I couldn’t turn down the temptation as my new dominant personality came into effect.

I placed both hands on the back of his head and brought it closer. “Get that damn pink nipple, Mr. Finn. If we’re pleasuring you to get a great deal to sign, then you are going to have to satisfy us too. Regardless of how much money we can make together, neither of us will settle for half-assed gratifying. There is no bullshit going on here at this agency, just business, and we’ll get the business done and enjoy it at the same time. We’ll do it by any means necessary too,” I explained, scrubbing his head.

“Yes, Summer,” he let out, looking into my eyes.

He took my nipple right into his mouth and instantly began licking it inside his mouth.

“Oh, you are quite arousing too, Mr. Finn. You know how to please ladies too, don’t you? Well, having a huge dick like that, you must have been popular with the ladies, no?”

He nodded while continuing to make me feel good. I peeked over at Kindra, and she kept sucking on his member like it was the last she was going to do: letting his lips thrust on it slowly rather than doing it quickly.

“Oh, you sly woman, Kindra, you want him to build his load before he spurts out, right?”

She nodded and looked at me. I blew her a kiss, but I was sure she returned the favor mentally. I could only figure that seeing Mr. Finn with my nipple in his mouth thrilled her as well. I saw her smile the most she could as she held her position for a moment with half his dick still in her mouth.

“Only a perfect woman who loves to please the guy would do that. I have to sign with you two because this is too good to pass up.”

“Good, and we aren’t even done yet,” I pointed out, getting in front of him.

I blocked her view of us, but I did indeed rub my boobs onto his face. I kept my eyes on his face the whole time, but his eyelids were down. The entire sexual experience opened up a whole new kinky world, and I loved it.

“Don’t think of this as me beating you up, but painfully pleasuring you with my bosoms,” I told him, attacking him with them. “I hope you like my white breasts, Mr. Finn.”

“I do, Summer,” he moaned, having his face go back and forth frequently. “I love your tits, but not because of your skin color. You are just hot and sexy.”

“I like that, you sexy man,” I moaned, gently hitting his face with them.

I couldn’t help, but to keep smiling. As if it was Christmas morning, only Santa left sexual people who were ready and willing to please and be pleased. I never thought of having a threesome with Kindra, but as this situation took off, my emotions skyrocketed.

“Oh,” he let out, vibrating heavily.

I knew what that meant, so I quickly got off him and down onto my knees. “Are you going to let your white cum on sexy boss’es white face, Mr. Finn?”

She let his schlong out and took it in her hand. “Damn right,” she answered, swiftly stroking it. “Give me that seed, Mr. Finn, I want it all!” she growled.

“Yes, woman,” he laughed, jiggling around.

Kindra and I looked at each other, but I wrapped my arms around him and watched with him in anticipation. I couldn’t resist the urge to lick my lips and glare like a hawk eyeballing a snake. He encased his arms around me as well and even pecked my cheek in final seconds before his black cock unleashed the first stream of his load.

“Yes, I feel you are twitching now, Mr. Finn, give the harlot what she wants,” I proposed, tightening my grip.

We both watched him release his cum directly onto Kindra’s face in the form of six different shots which all seemed to fly out like I had never seen more. I rather enjoyed seeing his seed erupt from his black dick, and it thrilled me to no end.

She also made an effort to ensure she got most of his face wet too, her cheeks, forehead, eyes, nose and just about all of her flesh above her neck. She never let go of his rod either, she controlled him and certainly milked it for all it was worth.

With each passing second of it, I found myself a little more grateful to work for her. Regardless that she was cheating, I seemed to look past that for the time being and enjoy the sight. I absolutely did as it seemed like a drug to me, getting me high and sexed up too.

His orgasm lasted for about forty seconds or so before he couldn’t let out anymore, but after that, she stayed down towards his cock for another moment. I kept my eyes on her, but I did feel him smooching my neck and his hand back on boob too.

That lasted for a moment, but then she calmly rose up on her knees. “Um, Summer, I have something you need to clean up: my face. Be a good intern and clean it for me.”

“Sorry, Mrs. Lockin,” I whined, coming to her.

“Hey, my name is ‘Kindra,’ tart,” she corrected me, placing her hands on my butt.

I let my tongue out and preceded to wash her face of his load with it.

“Oh, you are good, Summer,” she moaned after the first lick as she fondled my butt. “Little did I know that you such a kinky woman, you didn’t put that on your intern application.”

“It didn’t seem relevant, Kindra, and it isn’t like you were forthcoming with your sexual appetite either.”

“Well, you’ll know better next time. Make sure you get every drop; I don; ‘t need my husband getting the scent of another man’s seed on me.”

“Okay, Kindra.”

“You can keep a secret, right?”

My tongue lifted off her face, and I took a deep breath. “Yes, Kindra.”

“I’ll make it worth your while,” she mentioned before she pushed me back onto the couch. “Starting with this,” she announced before she leaned down to my twat.

“Oh, yes, get that sweet pussy, Kindra,” he moaned, eyeballing her.

“I will, Mr. Finn,” she mentioned, spreading out my legs.

She looked right at my pussy and placed fingers from both hands on it. I just grinned, but she didn’t glance back at me. I failed to peek at him, but the couch did shake somewhat.

“Holy shit, I only wonder how great the staff meetings must be around here. I could jack off to you two all day long.”

I felt her lips come onto my upper legs many times, which tickled me slightly with each one. I heard him moaning, and breathing heavily, but I had to deal with my own circumstances: I had never been eaten out by a woman before while having someone else watch.

There were no words spoken, but of course, nothing needed to be said. Kindra laid a long string of kisses on my legs and slowly made her way closer and closer to my slit. It seemed she was circling it and just making me more and more anxious too.

She looked at me again and blew me a kiss. I immediately returned the favor, and then I saw her lower herself down to my twat. Not a word dropped from anyone’s mouth, but her’s came right onto my cherry.

Although, I instantly covered my face and angled my head back. “Holy shit, you are the best boss in the world,” I moaned, pressing my hands onto my face.

She wasted no time building up to real pleasuring; she just let her tongue gratify me by licking my lips going from bottom to top numerous times. I made my hands up onto my breasts, and I immediately began squeezing them rather hard.

I had no issue imagining her pleasuring, but I had a feeling of not looking at her would, in fact, make me enjoy it more. Just the mystery of it, even though there wasn’t much of a mystery. Like seeing a guy seeing most of a woman’s thong that was sticking out.

I felt her tongue all over my pussy lips, but it failed to penetrate them just yet. I seemed to love it and hate it. I knew she could do more, but she definitely knew what she was doing to keep me on the edge of my seat.

I kept my eyes closed, but after a minute, I felt his lips come onto mine. “Interracial sex is hot, Summer, I can’t deny that,” he muttered before kissing me again. “I do love seeing one older white chick eat out a younger white woman, especially when one of them is cheating. You sexy skank, Kindra. You are steaming hot, but you better not screw me over,” he brought up, prior to coming down towards her.

I watched them both as she continued to caress my pussy lips, and he positioned himself right behind her. Unlike her, he didn’t make either of us wait for him. He lowered himself down to her pussy and placed his hands on her butt cheeks.

I felt her thrilling me to no end, but he gave her the favor as I saw him open his mouth. I couldn’t verify that his tongue actually went in, but her moaning gave me a good idea. From one second to the next, she let her tongue into my cunt.

“Oh, fuck yes, Kindra,” I moaned, placing my hands on her head. “Do as the client said and get that pussy. Do what he wants and make sure you please him. If I’m the intern, then you have to go twice as far as the boss.”

“Shut the hell up, Summer,” she ordered me, scrubbing my pussy lips.

“No, floozy, now get back to eating me out,” I commanded her, pushing her face back into my snatch.

“I love you both,” he chuckled.

I peeked over at him and just kept my eyes on him for a moment. All his movements seemed to be enough for me to sense that he was, in fact, fucking my boss with his slick tongue. I could also figure that as she began pushing her lips onto mine.

Nevertheless, she still made me feel good with her tongue and lips. I never ever thought I’d be in that position, but yet, she proved herself to me. Feeling her pleasure me in that way came out of left field, but she knew I appreciated it.

“I love white pussy,” he moaned.

“I love this white slut,” I let out, looking right into her eyes. “Do you like my twat, Kindra? Do you? Are you going to promote me to a partner and come to me when you need to blow off some stress?” I pondered, letting strands of hair go through my fingers.

She shook her head no, but I already knew the answer. This odd turn of events seemed to be more than enough for me right then.

“You flipped the switch, Kindra. I even considered quitting today, but now I like you,” I moaned, letting my hands back on her head. “You hooked me, hussy. Hook, line, and sync. I hate you a little bit for that quite honestly, but I’ll stay here with you. I’ll accept your offer to sway Mr. Finn here. I’ll do it, you cheating tramp. You are married, but you are doing what needs to be done to get the clients to sign. That’s fine, boss; my lips are sealed tight. You just better make sure you put those lips back onto those pussy lips down there from time to time. I’m gonna need to feel them massaging mine and that tongue inside my slit too, licking my pussy walls and my clit too. You better act as a good boss and get it done.”

She calmly leaned away from my crotch, but kept her right hand on my still. “Damn, you talk too fucking much when you have sex, Summer,” she mentioned calmly coming towards me.

I peeked down and saw that Mr. Finn had followed her to keep his mouth on her cherry.

She kissed me once. “If it makes you feel better, maybe I’ll invite you to dinner one night with my husband and I, and maybe I’ll set something up between the three of us when our clothes are off, what do you think about that?”

“You better be paying me overtime for that.”

“Consider it done, wench,” she told me, lowering her head back to my cunt. “And yes, feeling a black eat me out is better than my husband,” she let me know before she began eating me out again.

“Oh, yes, you witch, let your damn tongue in there,” I moaned, placing my hands on her head.

“Yes, please do,” he said, bringing his head up and taking his wood in his hand.  

He just took his schlong in his hand and guided it right into her snatch.

“Holy crap,” she moaned, barely taking her lips off my slit.

She failed to peek back at him, but he nonchalantly began thrusting his wood. “Perfect pussy, Kindra. Nice and lubed up for a big black cock,” he moaned, setting his hands on her butt. “What’s not to love about that?”

Even as I knew his wood made her feel good, it failed to distract her. I felt her suck my lips into her mouth and begin to suck on them.

“Yes,” I moaned, pressuring her head a bit. “My snatch is wide open for you, Kindra. Suck on those lips until your cheeks are blood red. Do it for your damn intern, she works hard for you and the clients, so you have to repay her.”

I saw her grin somewhat, but then she allowed her tongue to go right in between my pussy lips.

“Crap, this is a sexy train,” I moaned, keeping my hands steady. “Rock it for us, Mr. Finn, “I requested, angling my head back.

I couldn’t see anything, but I certainly felt it. Her tongue roamed around inside my pussy and slid all over the walls ever so slowly. She knew it would please me to no end, and with him continually pushing her onto me, it just made it even better.

“Shit, I’ve never been eaten out so well before, Kindra. Are you a bisexual?”

She nodded, but didn’t stop for a second. I even felt her bring her fingers up to those lips again. She rubbed them just outside of her lips going up and down casually. I brought my hands down to her neck and began massaging it a bit.

I certainly wanted to peek Mr. Finn’s way and witness him devouring her slit, but yet, Kindra just kind of stole the show again. I absolutely wanted to be the showwoman there, but I had no idea just who I was competing with indeed.

We kept eye contact for over five minutes as he never stopped thrusting his wood. I couldn’t even begin to grasp the displeasure she took from his member being so big, but I had to commend her for taking it like a champ.

“Let those fucking tears out, Kindra,” I told her, letting my palms go up and down on both sides of her neck. “We both know you can’t take his dick forever. It is fucking huge, and he does know how to use it too. Don’t despair either; I won’t think less of you.”

“Anf it is sexy how you two relate to each other too. You better be paying her well, Kindra. I definitely want the people I work with to be getting paid a fair wage. I guarantee you I won’t sign with you if you don’t take care of this ravishing beauty,” he explained before peeking at me.

“Thank you, Mr. Finn.”

“Call me, ‘James.'”

“Shut the fuck up and ravage her pussy beyond demand. We won’t sign you if you don’t give 110%. So, do it, Mr. Finn!”

“Yes, alluring chick,” he moaned before letting his cock out. “Kindra, you only have Summer here to blame for this,” he stated before shoving it right back in there.

“Fuck you both!” she roared, bringing her head up off my slit and leaning up. “Your dick is very massive, you black bastard.”

She immediately began breathing heavily, and he placed his hands on her stomach too. I couldn’t resist the urge to come over to her bosoms. He put his hands up onto the bottom of them and held them tight for me too as his wood never stopped going in and out.

I placed my hands over her nipples and looked at her. “You are one dazzling bitch, now that is true, Kindra,” I informed her before my head went down.

I moved to her right tit and ran my fingers just enough for her nipple to come out. I licked her nipple ever so slowly and moderately too. I just wanted to bring up the intimacy, even if I just wanted to make her feel good as a woman, instead just my boss.

I slathered her nipple to no end for a moment, and even as she still had to move around a bit too. I found myself out on a mission and maybe I’d steal the show back from her. Although, I knew just how big Mr. Finn’s cock was, so I had some heavy competition.

I pushed his hands down and let my hands take the place of them. Then I switched nipples and took the other one directly into my mouth. Needless to say, all three of us were vibrating quite a bit.

“What’s not to like about a sexy chick you, Summer? A hot and sexy young woman like you should be quite an asset for me to have around here. I may have to bring you in to sign a woman. Maybe I could get you to work some great magic on an elegant chick too.”

I nodded once as we made eye contact again.

“Did you like me eating your pussy, Summer? Don’t lie to me, did I make you feel good?”

I nodded again, but let my lips came off her nipple. “What, are you insecure?”

“Maybe,” she replied, breaking eye contact.

I smooched her cheek and calmly leaned back down to her breasts. I laid a string of kisses all over the tops of them, and she placed her hands on the back of my head too. I kissed her all over and did indeed make her feel good.

‘And the harlot is caressing my head and looking right into my eyes. You are hooked, bitch, aren’t you? If I work it just right, maybe you’ll make me a partner. You want to, don’t you? Viewing my eyes like that, you are falling for me. It is okay, as I told you, I’m not seeing anyone. We can fuck each other and conduct business together as well. There is no problem with mixing business and pleasure as far as I’m concerned. I’m on board; I’ll eat some pussy, or suck a cock for you. Although, you better deliver on your promise. If you don’t, I may just bite your nipple off as we’re trying to sign another client. Don’t leave me waiting, hussy, but bring in studs like Mr. Finn here all you want.’

“Suck that damn nipple, Summer. Take that summer breeze to the next level and make it a strong gust, but not quite a cyclone yet. We’ll work up to that,” she moaned, rubbing my head.

I grinned as much as I could and even moved my face back and forth. I made damn sure to let my lips and tongue pleasure that sexy piece of Kindra body nonstop for a moment. I couldn’t see her then, but all the passion and will to please was already within me.

 ‘Sucking on her nipples does seem to make me want to go after a few ladies now. Shit, you cursed woman, now I think you are making me question my own life. Have I been playing for the wrong team, or should I just be bisexual like her? Who the hell knows? I have to focus on this floozy right now.’

Although, then I heard Mr. Finn moaning. “Oh, shit, you two are dynamite, you are making me cum again,” he let out as I saw him back up somewhat.

Neither of us said a word, but we both got down onto my knees in front his cock.

“Oh, what a team, you can even take a load together?” he asked, stroking it.

We answered by opening our mouths and awaiting his white seed too. We watched his giant black schlong move around nonstop for a few seconds, but we did make eye contact once. Nothing needed to be said, the situation blabbered everything.

“Fuck, Summer, here you go,” he moaned, bringing the head right to my face.

His load blasted out like a garden hose, but he made sure to give her a fair share. Even as it all only lasted for thirty seconds or so, he still managed to let out six shots so he could let us both have three different streams of his sticky and hot load.

My face got the wet pleasure, but I felt thrills surging through my body though. As if a sexual angel touched me, but of course, in a right way. I just let it dry for a moment, but no one said a word.

‘Oh, that was great, but caused by one wench,’ I thought before wiping my eyes and peeking at her. “I didn’t know you could be such a great boss, Kindra.”

“I could say the same about you being an intern.”

We smiled at each other for a few more seconds, but then I attacked her. “You are one crazy slut,” I moaned, kissing her.

“I know,” she answered, wrapping her arms around me.

Our melons clashed, and we both established the intimacy that I certainly never thought we could have. Kissing Kindra alone felt to be quite thrilling. I knew we just had sex with each other and Mr. Finn, but of course, we needed the spark, which we clearly had.

Although, after five nonstop minutes, I calmly let my lips off hers. “I’ll do your work for you, boos,” I said before I slowly rose up to my feet.

I went right to her desk and picked up the papers and a pen.

After that, I made eye contact with him and closed the gap between us. “So, can we get you to sign with us then, Mr. Finn?”

“Yes, I’d be delighted to, Summer,” he replied, taking both items. “Just make sure you don’t jump into a committed relationship anytime soon, I’d hate to think that you were cheating on someone like your whore of a boss behind you,” he said, signing the papers. “Just calling you an ‘Asset’ would be an understatement,” he complimented me, handing both of them back to me.

“Thank you; I hope you try the same, Mr. Finn. I’d hate to think that there might be another’s woman’s saliva on your cock while I suck on it for you. Well, except for the hussy here,” I said before I kissed him and turned around.

I strolled right to her. “I expect my promotion to pushed through no later than tomorrow, Kindra. Do you understand?” I questioned, handing her the contract.

“Yes, Summer,” she answered, taking it. “And don’t be afraid to ask me if I’d like to have a little fun with just the two of us, during working hours or not. You may blow off steam on me too.”

“Okay, deceiving tart,” I mentioned before I kissed her.

“Just make sure you give me a little time to hire a new intern.”

“Fine, but I’m the partner, got it?”

“Yes, and I love this ‘No bullshit’ side of you too.” 

“Me too, dazzling partner.”

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