Kink Night Ch. 01

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I knew where I was and what was going to be going on, at some point at least. However the hood and the built in headphones were doing an excellent job in keeping me from knowing what exactly was going on around me.

Once in a while I could feel the breeze on my bare skin as a person walked past me. That’s right, bare skin. I was naked except for the hood and tied down over a cushioned table, ass up in the air. My ass was being served up to the people what were now in the room with me. I don’t know how many, who they are or even if they are male or female. All I know is that I am soon to be ravaged by multiple people to all of our enjoyment.

I had prepared for this day over the past week. I quit masturbating or even having sex for the week and while that may seem like a little detail, I can assure you that it wasn’t. I had been taking regular enemas and wearing a plug as often as possible. Today had been even more intense with multiple enemas and soothing oils and a set of plugs that increased in size to the large one that was currently lodged in my ass.

I was so horny now I could just die, but I knew that it would all be worthwhile in the end. Tonight I was going to live yet another dream. I was going to orgasm without any visual or aural stimulation. Nobody was to touch my cock or balls aside for the occasional contact that would occur during sex. In the end it would only be the stimulation of anal sex alone that would bring me over the edge, and the people participating were told that they should take their time in getting me off.

The event was to be recorded as well so that it could be relived over and over, should I choose not to physically do this again at the least.

A soft touch on my back brought me back to the here and now. The hand trailed slowly down to my ass and fingers began to slowly circle the base of my plug. My nerves were on fire and my body responded to the contact before I could even think. I involuntarily lurched my ass towards the fingers, well at least I tried. I was secured so well that I couldn’t move at all.

The fingers shifted so that they were grasping the base and a gently tugging began that made my cock and balls twitch as I savored the sensations. It took what seemed like a half hour before the plug was completely removed. It was replaced with the coolness of added lube being squirted in and on my pucker. Warm fingers were soon plunging in and out ensuring proper distribution of the lube and then were suddenly gone. I couldn’t even feel anyone around me anymore and I was left wanting contact and fullness. The frustration was maddening, but short lived.

A stiff and hot cock soon filled the need I’d been having for days now. In one long and deliberate motion it sank into me until I could feel the pubes resting against me. It was wonderful. It soon began a slow and long stroke pace in me. The slow penetration was stoking my already high sex drive even further and I could feel the pre-cum flowing and dripping off my cock. This lasted for awhile until I felt hands grip my hips and the cock in me was plunged in as Eryaman Escort far as it could go as I felt it sell and explode in me. I can never understand why, but feeling a cock cum in me is wonderful and triggers something deep in my mind. Soon they withdrew leaving my ass twitching in the coolness and hoping for more. My wait wasn’t long, the cum that was in me was just starting to drip down my thigh when the next member was stuffed into me.

This one was slightly longer and much, much stiffer. The pressure this cock put against my prostate was heavenly. Whoever this was they were horny and wanted to come quickly. With only short strokes being used they beat a constant tempo on my prostrate which really set me off. I kept trying to hump back on the cock to get more in me but the bonds kept me from this. I could feel my balls swelling in lust and frustration so I just started to clench my muscles around their member to give something back. I guess this was all it took as another swelling cock unleashed within me. God it was wonderful as I had never had this much cum in me this quick. I relished the feeling and swore to myself that this would happen again.

Like the first one, this cock was quickly withdrawn leaving me feeling a little wanting. I wanted some further contact some kind of closure I guess you could say. This yearning didn’t last long as something cold and stiff was slowly put into me. This was much larger, wider and stiffer than the cocks that had already had me. I just knew this was a strap-on dildo, so there was at least one lady in the crowd tonite. Good.

As she began to stroke in and out of me I could feel the cum oozing out around the dildo. This was good given the size, I definitely needed the lube and the warm up the first two had given me. My ass soon grew accustomed to the intruder and she knew it. Once I was taking her easily she increased the tempo to a frantic pace. She was definitely using me for her pent up pleasure and from her treatment of me I knew that this was a woman that I had never played with before so this means there is at least one stranger that was brought into our little group tonite. This opened up many possibilities.

While the tempo was fun in a way, it was not what I really enjoyed so this was just serving to prolong my fun, keep me on the edge as it were. Thankfully her abuse of my ass didn’t last long, she must have been really worked up and the act brought her over the edge quickly as she was soon pulling out of me,

After the dildo retreated from my ass cool and soothing lube was applied. Apparently someone knew me well enough to understand what that kind of pace would do to me. Since I had been used so well they were able to just ‘pour it in’ and the fingers soothed my ring for only a short time before they were replaced with my fourth partner of the night so far.

This was a real cock and it was a wide load. The heat and spongy stiffness were proof to the reality of this member and its width was delicious after the last few. He set a steady pace Sincan Escort of long stroking me. While this cock was new to me, he had obviously been told my preferences and was willing and quite able to accommodate me in this matter. His stamina was better than all the others combined it seemed as he fucked me for a long, long time. My cock was twitching like mad and I could feel the cum boiling in them. I think now that if he had been long enough to regularly rub my prostate I would have cum with him in me. I was a quivering, panting mess of raw sex. I tried to call out for a cock or pussy to suck on, but the hood muffled me. Too my surprise though someone had heard me and I could feel the hood being unzipped at my mouth. I sucked in a cool mouthful of air and told whomever it was, “Give me!”

It didn’t take long for a cock to start pushing at my lips which I eagerly let into my mouth and began to frantically suck. All of this sex was driving me beyond any state I had been in before and as such I was relishing this cock more than I had ever before. I was hungry for it, I wanted not only the cock in my mouth but the load of cum that it was there to feed me. I had never felt this way before. I had enjoyed giving oral the times I had done so in the past, but this was a need and joy that I usually only felt when going down on a woman.

The arousal of what was being done to me and my goal was driving me mad with lust. The cock in my ass was pounding away frantically now as I sucked the on the one just given to me and my cock was just oozing. I could feel the pre-cum as it wrapped around my cock, driven by the motions of the guy pounding my ass and thought it was just heavenly. My cock was now an outward ‘pussy’ and it was being drenched with desire and sex. I can only term my mindset now as the feminine portion of me. My desire for penetration of my ass and mouth and the reward of hot cum were all that was on my mind. I felt different somehow, not diminished but somehow set free of the control my masculine mind always had set up like armor. As I let this go my body just came to life.

I could feel things differently, my taste and smell seemed sharper and this only made the cock taste better. Just as I came to grasp these changes the cock in my ass unleashed the largest load I’d gotten so far. The way it expanded as it came sent stars shooting in my minds eye and I felt a pulse of pre-cum travel out of my cock. It was so much it made me try to gasp which lead me to swallow more of the cock in my mouth than I normally would have. This must have been a wonderful feeling for him as he just responded with a thrust that put him in my throat. Startling as it was I managed to not choke or gag like I thought I would have.

As I began to deepthroat this cock a new one invaded my ass and it was huge! It was real too. I know I’ve never seen or had this cock before, but I knew that I would have it again. As he pushed into me and stretched my already used ass out more, I let out a deep moan. I don’t know if this worried my blowjob Etlik Escort recipient or not but he pulled out so that just his head was in my mouth and burst a load across my tongue. I sucked hard on the head, pulling his load out of him, wanting to taste and savor it. I must have been doing to much as he pulled out rapidly after finishing shooting.

I swirled the cum around and really felt it in my mouth. The way I was feeling now let me really feel and taste his seed like I had never done before and I liked it, a lot. I swallowed a little at a time to make it last but I needn’t have worried as another cock was brushing my lips so I sucked it into my mouth that still had a partial load in it and set out to get more as quick as possible. The owner of the monster working its way into me was taking his time with it. It was wonderful and frightening at the same time. Even the longest strap-on I’d dealt with wasn’t this huge and I worried some that I might be injured. Just as this started to creep into my sex soaked mind the progress stopped and I felt his pubes against me and he started a strange motion that just pumped a fraction further into me over and over. This new technique was astounding.

It had the effect of pushing out pre-cum from my cock with each thrust pulse. This feeling set my balls aflame and my ass muscles started to twitch around him. It was then that he slowly started to withdraw from me until just the head of his cock was resting against my opening. Slow thrust in so that just the head passes my ring and the a quick withdrawal. He set a pattern of these movements followed by a slow and full penetration and my mind began to melt. That long dormant part of my mind that had just been let loose was crying for more cum and a release.

My sucking took on a frantic pace and I began to moan and whimper in my needs. Both men heard this and responded by fucking me harder. I wasn’t sucking his cock anymore, he was fucking my face. The guy behind me was going to work on my ass as well.

The cock in my mouth soon began to swell and twitch and gave me another mouthful of hot cum to savor. Given my state I didn’t take long before swallowing since I had to suck air and voice my lust as the cock in my ass worked some kind of magic on me. He had found just the right stroke to hit my prostrate and I began to voice the joy this was giving me.

My balls were on fire and I could feel the load in me prime up for escape. It felt like it was coming up from my toes in slow motion. I felt the release from my nuts travel up through my cock as it exploded out with a force I hadn’t know since my teenage years.

As I came I must have clenched down on his cock and given him more friction as he began to just pound into me before he let loose inside me. The splashes of his come, deeper than any before, set off another spasm in my cock and balls as I felt more cum boil forth from me.

I had done it at last, had an orgasm without anyone touching my cock. It was intense and only reinforced my desire to know how a woman felt during sex and orgasm. While I would never know that, I decided right then that I would know this feeling again and with a few twists added to it. My new appreciation for the taste of cock and creamy loads opened up many new kink night ideas to share with my friends and my new buddies that had joined us tonite. I think I’ll share those ideas later, that is, IF you want me too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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