Kiss the Darkness Ch. 03

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“I have something for you.” Christian looked at Alexander and his expression showed the love that he had for the boy. He was so happy, his eyes glowed with excitement as he took Alexander’s hand and lead him out of the bathing room and into the main parlor.

The room was empty save for the two of them, and Christian quickly closed the doors, then led Alexander to a small couch where he motioned for him to sit.

He moved swiftly, picking up a package that he’d left on a table near the window. Alexander watched as Christian came towards him with the item in his hands. “This is nothing special really.” He said as he sat next to Alexander. “It’s not the real gift I have for you but I wanted to give this to you first. I thought it was something that you’ll definitely need if you’re to be living in the city.” He held the package out to Alexander and Alexander looked it over, wondering what it could be. It was wrapped in a simple burlap and tied with twine, but it was long and from what he could tell, very slender.

“Christian, you didn’t have to get me anything. Just being here with me…”

Christian held up his hand to silence him. “I wanted to do this for you. Please accept my gift.” Unable to contain himself further, Christian untied the twine and allowed the burlap to fall open revealing the contents within. Alexander stared, wide eyed, as he took in the sight that was laid out before him.

“Christian.” He whispered. “Thank you but, I don’t know to use these. I’ve never had the proper training and I…”

Christian smiled and touched his face. “It’s perfectly fine.” He told Alexander. “I’ve been trained since early child hood. Let me be your instructor. Here, let me show you.” Christian set the package down on the couch beside Alexander then he picked up the first of the two items he’d bought. Alexander watched as Christian held out a slender and sharply pointed, two-edged blade that was was half the length of Alexander’s body. “This is a rapier.” Christian explained. “It’s a gentleman’s weapon, light weight but very durable. Much easier to handle than a long sword which is bulky and takes two hands to wield. Here, hold it in your hand and get a feel for it.”

Alexander did as he was told and held the weapon in his right hand, looking over it carefully. It was exquisitely crafted. The elaborate design on of the hilt consisted of a series of rings that surrounded and protected the grip. Alexander grasped it in his fist and held on to the grip as though he were holding a shovel or rake. Christian smirked as he watched him.

“Here, let me show you how to hold it.” He stood up and motioned for Alexander to rise as well. He took the rapier in his hand and demonstrated its usage. “You hold it like so, with your hand around the grip and the rings protecting your hand. It may feel awkward at first but once you get used to it, it will feel as natural to you as your own flesh. Just think of it as an extension of your arm. Now, you try.” He handed the weapon over to Alexander, guiding his hand into the proper place. “Very good.” He said as he touched Alexander’s hand.

Alexander held his breath as Christian touched him. It was like a shock of lightning had passed between them, from Christians hand to his own. Christian moved to stand behind him, he was so close that Alexander could feels Christians body pressed against him. Christian slid his hand down Alexander’s arm and rested it just below his elbow. Alexander stiffened some as he felt Christian’s breath on his neck.

“Relax.” Christian whispered to him. “You’ll never win a fight if you’re tense.”

Alexander did his best to relax but it was difficult with Christian standing so close to him. He could feel the heat from Christian’s body engulfing him.

“This weapon is made for thrusting and stabbing. The wound will be small but deadly. It’s quite effective if you find yourself cornered and unable to escape. Hold the blade out in front of you, keep some distance between you and your opponent, lest his blade find you first. You can use this to block your opponents strikes, and when you find an opening, thrust it into his heart!” Gripping Alexanders arm Christian forced his hand forward, stabbing at the air as though attacking an invisible assailant. He wrapped his arm around Alexander’s waist and repeated the action. Alexander nearly gasped when he felt Christian’s body collide with his own. He felt light headed suddenly and his breathing had become erratic.

“Very nice.” Christian hummed into Alexander’s ear. “Very good form.” Alexander wasn’t entirely sure though that Christian was referring to his fighting stance or something else entirely.

“That’s enough instruction for today.” Christian brushed his lips across the side of Alexander’s neck as he lightly kissed him. “But you’ve done well.” He released him, then took a step back, returning his attention to the burlap that the sword had come in. “There’s a leather strap that you can attach to Beylikdüzü escort your belt. You wear the sword at your hip. Also, look here.” He picked up the second item in the bundle and showed it to Alexander.

It was a beautifully adorned, steel dagger, with a nine inch blade. The sheath and grip were black, the cross guard was decorated with an open cross-work design, and the pommel resembled a cross with a small purple stone set in the center. Alexander shook his head as he looked it over. “Christian, this is too much, I hardly deserve…”

“Shush.” Christian scolded. “It is time you had a proper gentleman’s weapon, and not that rusty old knife that you have hidden in your boot.” Christian grinned as Alexander looked to him with surprise. “Ah, so you thought I didn’t know about it.” He teased. “I noticed you kept your hand close to your boot while we were in the tavern. The knife was in your hand when I first met you in the forest so I figured that’s where you’d stashed it.”

Alexander blushed some when he’d realized he’d been found out. “No need to be embarrassed.” Christian told him. “It’s good that you had your guard up. Shows you have intelligence. That’s one lesson I don’t need to teach you. Another that might serve you well is to always expect that your opponent will have some form of protection. Even if you don’t see a weapon at first. Be vigilant. Pay attention to body language. That’s how I knew that you were armed.”

Alexander’s blush deepened. “I suppose that I wasn’t as cunning as I’d thought.”

Christian shook his head. “Not all. But I’m a trained solider. It was part of my up bringing. I’m also an accomplished hunter. Oh, I’m not bragging. I’m just explaining why I know the things I know. It’s not to say that I am better than you in anyway. We just have different skills. I know nothing of farming or raising live stock, and I imagine that you would fair better in the elements than I. My luck I’d happen upon some poisonous berries and be dead in an hour.”

Alexander giggled some at Christian’s joke though it wasn’t far from the truth. Alexander had a much better chance of surviving the wilderness than Christian and Christian knew it. “Just stay away from the blood red ones with the black thorns.” Alexander told him with a sheepish grin. “They’re called widows weed for a reason.”

“See?” Christian smiled. “You may have saved my life already.”

Christian sat the dagger aside and looked at Alexander with a more serious expression. “I have one more gift to give you.” He walked to the table and picked up the grooming kit wrapped in purple silk and brought it to Alexander.

“No, Christian. You’ve given me too much already…” But before he could finish what he was saying Christian had placed the gift in his hands and sat back down beside him.

“I won’t take no for an answer.” Christian told him. “Now, open it.”

Christian was beaming. He watched as Alexander gingerly removed the black ribbon that tied the silk together. His finger tips moved over the soft fabric and he stared at it as though he’d never before seen anything so precious in all his life.

He looked up at Christian, his eyes wide with curiosity. “Is this…silk?”

Christian nodded as he chuckled. “Yes. But that’s not your gift silly boy, it’s merely the wrapping.”

“But it’s spectacular.” Alexander whispered. “I’ve never owned silk before.” He brought the end up and touched his face with it. Christian was surprised to see how the color of the silk brought out the color of Alexanders eyes, making then that much more beautiful.

Suddenly Christian rose from his seat, still looking down at Alexander. Alexander watched him curiously. Christian unfolded the rest of the silk wrapping and then held it up so that he himself could examine it. It was long, nearly three feet and had an intricate pattern of lace knot work throughout. He held it between his hands as though holding a scarf then he looked at Alexander and smiled. Before Alexander even knew what he was doing, Christian had placed the silk about his neck. He brought the two ends together, crossing them at Alexanders shoulder, and letting one end fall across Alexander’s chest while the other hung down his back.

“There.” Christian took a step back as he admired Alexander. The boys eyes seemed to glow, the deep violet hue of them brought alive against the shade of the silk wrap that he wore. “You look truly astonishing.”

Alexander reached up and touched the silk, smiling softly. “Thank you Christian. But you know that I can not wear this in public. It’s the color of monarchs, of prince’s. For one of my station, it would be inappropriate.”

“Tuck it beneath your tunic then.” Christian told him. “Only you and I will know that you wear it.”

‘For now.’ Christian thought as he looked the boy over. ‘But one day, you will wear it proudly for all to see.’ “Now, open the box, and see what I have brought you.”

Alexander Beylikdüzü escort nodded. He opened the wooden box as instructed and froze suddenly as his eyes widened once more. It was all so much, so grand, and he couldn’t understand why Christian chose such lavish such gifts for him. Surely he was not worth such things. The rapier, the dagger, the fine silk. Even the black ribbon which he tied in his hair, replacing the twine. All of it was more than he could ever have dreamed of but now, the box that he held in his hands, and the grooming kit within it, all of it had just rendered him speechless.

Alexander had only begun to shave less than two years ago and even at age eighteen, his facial hair never grew to more than just a slight dusting across his gentle features. He’d always just used his knife to scrape the hair away which usually left his face feeling rough and prickly. He came to realize all too quickly why most common men chose to wear beards, though such a style never really looked that good on Alexander and so he’d always opted for a more clean shaven look. But when Alexander studied the contents of the grooming kit he realized that he didn’t even recognize most of them. He feared that his ignorance would disappoint christian so he just sat there, speechless, trying to take it all in.

Christian smiled at the puzzled look on Alexanders face. His innocence was so very wondrous and charming at the same time. Christian could barely contain himself. He returned to his seat then reached into the box and took out the lather dish and soap. Removing the lid he held the dish beneath Alexander’s nose so that he could take in the fragrance. Alexander was awe-struck by the aroma. It smelled of the forest where they had first met. “You don’t know how to use any of this, do you?” Christian asked.

Reluctantly Alexander shook his head. “I…I’m sorry to say that no, most of it I am unfamiliar with.”

“No need to be sorry.” Christian spoke kindly to him. “Fine things such as t his you will soon become very accustomed to. Now, pay attention as I explain what to do with these items.” Alexander nodded and listened closely as item by item, Christian went over what each of them were and what their function was. Alexander was enthralled by all that he had seen. He allowed his fingers to slide over the pearl handle of the razor. He sniffed the sweet, woodsy, scent of the cologne, and he touched the leather travel bag.

He appreciated the time and thought that Christian had put into the selections he’d made. They weren’t meaningless tokens and they weren’t meant impress or entice. Christian had been practical, choosing tools that he knew Alexander would not only love but have use for. And what more, he did it in a way that didn’t make Alexander feel inferior. Quite the opposite. He saw a world opening up to him that until recently, he’d only glimpsed from a distance.

Christian was trying to better him, but not raise him up to his stature, but because he truly believed that Alexander deserved be more more than what his simple life had provided him. Christian wasn’t trying to make him into something he wasn’t but rather, attempting to uncover that which he knew was already there. He didn’t know what other men or women saw when they looked at Alexander but when Christian looked at him, he saw a rare and beautiful flower that had not yet bloomed.

Christian was like the sun that shone down on the flower, urging it to awaken from it’s slumber and spread it’s petals out revealing it’s grand and imperial nature. For most of his life Alexander had been educated as a gentleman. That was evident by the way he spoke and held himself. All Christian wanted was to provide Alexander with the tools and knowledge necessary to complete the education that he would have received had he been born into a more effluent house hold, or even tutored under the watchful eye of a lord.

Christian wanted to help Alexander gain more confidence and realize his own self worth so that when Alexander looked in the mirror, he would see what Christian saw, and be the better for it. Alexander had the heart of a nobleman, maybe even the heart of a prince. He just lacked the opportunity to set that side of himself free.

“Christian, you’ve really gone above and beyond. Never in my life have I ever owned anything so exquisite as this. The sword and the dagger too, they’re impressive, and so very beautiful but this, it’s…” Alexander laughed as he shook his head. “I can’t even find the words to explain it. It’s unlike anything I could have ever imagined for myself yet you’ve somehow managed to bring dreams to life that I wasn’t even aware I had. It’s truly exceptional. I don’t even know how to thank you for all that you’ve done.”

“You’re exceptional.” Christian told him. “And so you deserve exceptional things.”

Alexander blushed. “I don’t know how exceptional I am. I’m just a simple boy from a simple farm, in a simple land.”

Christian Escort Beylikdüzü touched the side of Alexander’s face. “Oh my love, you so much more than that. But tell me, how do you like the grooming kit, really? I was worried that you would find it maybe, too practical, and impersonal.”

Alexander looked at him in shock. “Impersonal? Christian what you have given me is absolutely perfect. It’s very personal because it came from your heart. You seek to please me and you have, a thousand times over. It matters not to me if you give me the most expensive gift that you can find, or a flower that you picked in the field. What matters is that you care. And to answer your question, I don’t just like the kit, I love it. I love it because it came from you and also, well…” He giggled. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thrilled at having something so marvelous as this. I fear that I’m not being very humble. I’m not a materialistic person yet I can’t help but feel pride when looking at these things and knowing they are mine. I know I must sound terrible, even shameful.”

Christian suddenly laughed a loud hearty laugh and Alexander looked at him with confusion. “You humble yourself by saying that you are not humble. My word Alexander, what a paradox you are. There is no shame taking pride in owning fine things. You’re neither vain nor boastful, and that’s the beauty in you. You can appreciate life without adopting an attitude of superiority. These things that I have given you, they’re things that every man should own, and truly not that remarkable. Not like jewels or fancy adornments and yet you view them with the eyes and enthusiasm of a child left alone in a candy shop. It’s rather precious actually.”

“Your mocking me?” Alexander smirked.

“Not at all. I’m merely admiring the simplicity in which you view the world. There would be far less wars over land and title if more men worried less about what they have and more about what others have not.”

“And you think me a wonder?” Alexander smiled as he gazed adoringly into Christian’s eyes.

“You are truly a magnanimous person. Gracious and kind. You’re the type of man who should be King. The people would adore you.”

Christian raised an eyebrow when he heard what Alexander had just said to him. Was it a sign from the Gods? Alexander had no idea that he was sitting there speaking to the Prince and yet somehow, his heart had given him the answer to a question he hadn’t even spoke. Did he know, deep down that he was sitting in presence of royalty? Would it matter to him when he found out the truth?

Christian sighed. The time would come when he would have to tell Alexander the truth. It’s not a secret so easily kept, but for now, he was content with keeping that secret to himself. After all, he wanted Alexander to know him for who he was and not his crown for his status meant little to him when it came to his feelings for Alexander. He would gladly give it all up in a heart beat if that was what the boy wished of him. He would do anything just to have Alexander at his side. “Be careful you do not put me on a pedestal.” Christian spoke in a more serious tone. “I am just a man. No better or worse than any other, and honestly…” He sighed. “I’ve done nothing in my life worthy of your praise.”

Alexander took Christian’s hand in his and smiled sweetly at him. “Christian, in the two days that I’ve known you, you’ve shown more kindness to me than most men have my entire life. Perhaps you also do not know your own worth. For me, the greatest gift that you could ever give me is your love.”

Christian felt his heart skip a beat. He looked at Alexander’s hand and felt a single tear slip from his eye. “You have my love, Alexander. I will love you for the rest of my life. That is something I promise you.” He brought Alexander’s hand to his lips and kissed it. “You are my soul. I know the Gods must have placed you in my path, for the moment I saw you I knew that we were destined to be in each others lives.” Christian couldn’t contain himself a moment later. He leaned in close to Alexander’s face and pressed their lips together. Alexander wrapped his arms around Christian’s neck, embracing him as he gave into the kiss, happily.

Christian had one hand on Alexander’s hip and the other he let slip beneath his hair. He twisted Alexander’s long locks around his fingers. His hair felt like silk between his fingers. Alexander pressed himself tighter against Christian and opened his mouth, inviting Christian in. Their tongues met and in that moment a searing heart raged throughout Christian’s body. He gripped Alexander’s hip tighter, holding onto him for dear life. Alexander locked his fingers behind Christian’s neck and became lost in the kiss. His heart was beating furiously in his chest.

The longer they kissed the more Christian yearned to feel Alexander’s naked flesh against his own. He longed to feel Alexander writhe beneath him. He wanted to feel the sweet, hot, feel of Alexanders private flower engulfing him. God how he wanted him, and as he felt his passions swell he knew that he had withdraw or ruin a beautiful moment, Alexander was not ready for such an intimate embrace and Christian had no desire to rush him into it.

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