Kissin Cousins

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My mother comes from a big family a total of six, three boys and three girls and when they grew up and got married they scattered all across the country. My mother tried to keep in touch with all of them, but other than a phone call she hardly ever saw them.

My mother got a phone call from her sister telling my mom that an Uncle had just died and a funeral would be held on Friday this week and asked my mother if she could come down?

I had not found a job yet so I volunteered to drive us, it was over six hours away after a lot of small talk on the drive my mind kept drifting back to my current girlfriend (Nancy), about how I was going to be missing those fantastic blowjobs I was getting every time we went out even for just a short ride she would have my cock in her mouth often before we would leave her driveway.

We have been dating for about two years now and she has never failed to suck my cock at least two times on every date.

Mom started to talk about her sister June and that she had a couple of daughters that would probably be there too. I had not seen any of my relatives in about fifteen years so I knew absolutely nothing them.

The first thought that came to mind was that the girls would have buck teeth and be fat as a cow, I shuttered at the thought. My mom said that the youngest of the girls was named Pam a senior in high school and that she was eighteen and that the other daughter was named Charlotte and was married a year ago.

Big deal I thought a hillbilly marrying another hillbilly. After more small talk mom said that we would have to stay at her sisters overnight then continue to down to where her Uncle Ben had lived and to where the funeral was going to be held.

We finally arrived at my Aunt Junes house around five in the afternoon they were holding dinner for us, I was thinking possum stew or maybe road kill surprise, but it was real food not some backwoods barbecue.

Pam was not there when we arrived so we had supper without her Aunt June said that Pam was a friends house and would be home soon. I sat on the front porch in the swing waiting for my cousin to arrive still thinking please don’t be a dog or some big fat cow.

I must have dozed off for a couple of minutes when someone tapped me on the shoulder telling me to wake up. I opened my eyes to see an angel standing in front of me it was my cousin Pam, so I introduced myself as she flung herself into my arms and said glad to finally meet you cuz.

I could feel my cock starting to rise as Pam hugged me I think she felt it too, she broke the hug looked down quickly then back up to my eyes and said I sure hope we get to know each other better while you are here. My mind is racing now I just wanted to bend her over the hand rail rip off her pants and just fuck her and dump a huge load of cum up her cunt.

Almost as if she was reading my mind Pam said we hopefully have time for that later while you are here. I wondered if I had said what I was thinking out loud as a big grin spread across her face.

We went inside so that Pam could greet my mom the cursory hugs and how you been, blah blah, blah all that shit I see that you found Michael, yes I found him sleeping on the porch they laughed. All the while I’m eye balling Pam’s cute little body trying to figure out just how to get her naked and fuck her senseless both for her benefit and mine.

Pam grabbed a quick bite and told her mother that she was going to the mall to meet up with some of her friends and asked if I would take her.

My mom asked me if I wanted to take her there and bring her home. I said that it would be OK and that we wouldn’t be gone very long. Aunt June said be back by eleven because we have a four hour drive in the morning. So Pam and I jumped into my truck and as per her instructions headed towards the mall. Pam asked me as soon as we were out of sight of her house was Michael do you like to eat pussy and get your cock sucked?

At this point I thought she was just joking with me and looking for a reaction of shock so I gathered my wits and told her that I love to eat pussy and have my cock sucked but few girls back home can handle my big cock.

Now I’m looking for a reaction from her. I believe you have a big cock from what I’ve seen and felt since you got here Pam said. So if you wouldn’t mind can I suck that big cock of yours, sure I said thinking that I was calling her bluff. OK she said here is the mall pull into the parking structure and find a spot.

After I parked my truck A huge grin crossed her face as she pulled at my belt buckle and zipper then lowered my pants past my knees. Pam’ s small hand wrapped around my rapidly growing cock she stroked it a couple of times before she leaned over and took my cock into to her hungry mouth. I sat there in complete shock watching my cousin whom I officially met for the first time just a short while ago sucking my cock like she owned it. I placed my hand on the back of her head without saying anything I Diyarbakır Escort wanted her to take more of my cock deeper into her mouth.

Pam seemed to know exactly what I wanted going down until it hit the back of her throat where she held it there for a couple of seconds before lifting her head an inch or two before going back down where her tongue started to massage my cock. I felt like I was fucking her throat but I was not moving a muscle she was doing the sucking.

I figured she must be an expert cock sucker and the fact that it was my cousin that I was getting a blowjob from had me moments from shooting my load straight down her throat. I bucked my hips up and down fucking her mouth and holding her head down in my lap until I finished emptying my balls into to her fucking face. I swear I blacked out for a few seconds.

I regain my senses when Pam started to lift her head and mouth from my now spent cock. She swallowed then said to me damn that’s a lot of cum, My girlfriends are gonna love you. Now let’s go meet them.

We went to the food court and found her friends waiting for her, when I walked in with her one of them said hey Pam there’s a good looking guy on your six can we keep him? Don’t be silly he’s my cousin and I get to keep him. That got laughs from all of the girls.

Michael I’d like you to meet my friends in crime. Carrie, Lisa, and last but not least Alex. Pam whispered in Carrie’s ear and she covered her mouth and said no fucking way I don’t believe you. Pam took out her phone and said well here’s proof, unknown to me she had taken out her phone and recorded the whole dam thing, just look at the size of that thing Carrie said.

Oh my god when do we get our turn then? Pam said not for awhile yet he’s only here for a short time we have a funeral to go to tomorrow then he goes home after that. Well when is he coming back Carrie asked? I’m not sure it’s up to him Pam said. I told her that I needed to find a job when I get back home, so more than likely it may be years from now.

Pam said hey my dad is looking for someone to help him you know he owns his own business he is a master electrician and is always looking for a gopher to work on the job site. Dad always said that if I were a boy he would have had me working for him this year. So maybe I could ask my dad if he could the help and you maybe stay here with us, for awhile any way. I’ll ask my dad as soon as we get home. That would be great thanks.

We left sometime later it was time for the sleeping arrangement’s I got the couch in the living room mom stayed in the guest room. Aunt June said that we still had a four hour drive in the morning and that we should get some sleep, we said our good nights I headed for the couch when Pam asked if I needed anything before I went to bed.

My mind went straight for the gutter again as I looked at Pam I thought to myself of how much I would love to fuck her until my balls were spitting dust, no I said I’m fine thanks.

The bathroom is down the hall towards my room if you need to use it. I quickly drifted off to sleep, when later during my dream I thought I felt someone pulling down my shorts and taking my cock into their mouth and proceed to blow me, as I lay there the feeling was so good I knew that I would soon cum so I thought that I had better wake up and finish cumming in the bathroom before I sprayed the sheets and couch.

As I slowly gained my senses I realized that someone was blowing me and it was not a dream. From what little light there was I could see an outline of a face going up and down my eight and a half cock with a purpose of trying to extract the cum from my balls so I put my hand on the head and forced all of my cock into their mouth just as I shot my wad straight down the sucking mouth.

After seven convulsions my cock started to soften the head lifted looked me in the eye and said I’m so glad cousin that you have a big cock this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Now go back to sleep we will talk about this again tomorrow on our way to the funeral.

It took a little while to fall back asleep but when I did I slept like a log. I could smell bacon cooking so I woke up went to pee brush my teeth and try to get a shower and change my clothes after my shower I felt a lot better. I packed up my suitcase and moved it to the door then went into the kitchen where the food was cooking. I kissed my mom on the cheek then my Aunt and said hello to the rest of those gathered around the table.

Pam looked especially good this morning I secretly wanted to take her back into her room and fuck her senseless. After breakfast I put my mom’s bag and mine into my truck, when my Aunt said that all of us going could not fit into one car so we would have to go in two cars.

OK I thought mom and I would follow them when mom said I’m going to ride with June so why don’t you kids ride together while us old folks go in a separate car.

I swear my heart Diyarbakır Escort Bayan skipped a beat when I heard that, just the thought of sitting next to Pam gave me a raging hard on. So I grabbed Pam’s suitcase put it in the back of my truck. As we followed my Aunts car down the highway Pam was quite. I was thinking that she was mad at me for some reason so I asked her what’s wrong. Nothing is wrong I am just trying to figure out how we can be alone once we get there. Well we have almost four hours before we get to the hotel to figure out something.

Can I ask you something Pam said, sure go ahead ask away I said. Do you think I’m pretty? Of course I do you are beautiful, I bet you drive all the guys crazy at school or in the mall or anyplace you are at the time. I mean what’s not to like? Do have some strange illness of some defect that I don’t know about yet? No nothing like that it’s just that over the last four years all I can think about every cute guy I see I just want to suck his cock or let him fuck me in the ass.

Have you fucked a lot of guys? I’d be very happy to add my name to the list. Oh I plan on adding your name she said what I did last night was only the beginning. Pam gave me a shy smile and said can I suck your cock again right now? You know I went back to my room last night wishing that you follow me and fuck me for the rest of the night so instead I just fingered myself until I came harder than I ever have before. If you can drive without crashing then I’d love to suck you cock again right now.

Well my girlfriend has sucked my cock many times while I was driving so It won’t be a problem I said. Oh good Pam said then slow down a little bit so we can get a little more distance from them then they can’t see me sitting next to you and won’t see me at all when I start sucking your cock. Just how big is it by the way she asked? Well my girl friend measured it a couple of months ago and she said it was eight and a half inches long and five inches around.

Pam said I noticed that you trim the hair around your cock and balls, I like that but I shave all mine off so I’m as smooth as a baby’s butt and just as soft. Wow I said I have been trying to get Nancy to shave her pussy without success she claims it would itch when it starts to grow back. I shave mine every other day Pam said so I don’t give it a chance to itch and besides I love the feeling when I wear my g string.

I slowed down just a little not enough to alarm them of us having engine trouble but far enough so they could not see Pam when she ducked her head and pulled down my zipper and pulled out my now growing cock. Oh I think he likes me she said as she closed her mouth around my dick.

MMMMMMMMMM I’m going to take my time so don’t be in any hurry I want you to enjoy this as much as I will. Sounds like a plan go for it. Relax keep your eyes on the road think about something that will keep your focus away from the blowjob you are getting. OK I’ll try, you better she said as she swallowed my cock down to the base bumping her chin on my ball sack.

With Pam being about nine inches shorter than me I asked if she would like it if I could finger her as she was blowing me, sure only if you won’t be distracted. I do this to Nancy all the time when she blows me in the truck. So I think I can handle it. OK then get your fingers in my cunt if you want. Oh I do, I wish it was my tongue instead but for now it will have to be my fingers.

If we can get away from the family for an hour or two when we get to the hotel then I will make sure to get your chance to tongue my cunt and fuck my ass if you want. Oh believe me I definitely want too I said. Well it’s a date then Pam said as she throat-ed my cock without gagging at all, I think I love her more than I already do.

I raised her skirt to find that she didn’t have any underwear on, my cock just got even harder. I slipped a couple of fingers into her hot and very wet cunt and she moaned loud and long and the feeling on my cock was incredible somehow I kept from shooting my load straight down her throat but it was close.

Pam moved her hips around a little I guess getting into a better position because she was soon thrashing around so much I thought she might fall onto the floor. Several times I asked her to slow down because I was close to cumming and I wanted this to last until we got to the hotel and that was at least three hours away yet.

I am so happy that I lasted almost an hour before I couldn’t hold back any longer and unloaded the most cum I ever had. She swallowed all I had to give her Pam had multiple orgasms and she looked as happy as I felt. Pam said that her jaw was a little tired but she said that she loved it. The rest of the trip we put our heads together scheming on how we could sneak away for a quick fuck and suck session after the funeral.

We finally arrived at the hotel checked in and cleaned up and changed clothes then headed to the mass at the church Escort Diyarbakır he attended. My mother sat next to her sister while I sat next to Pam it took every bit of strength not to fuck her right there on the spot. Pam would rub her leg against mine all the while showing a lot of leg. I swear her skirt stopped just past her pussy and I might have seen the green g string she was wearing. My mouth started to water knowing that later I would be tasting her pussy for real.

After the service we went back to the hotel I changed out of my good clothes and then we went out for something to eat Pam made eyes me all through dinner but she was what I wanted to eat. Once we returned to the hotel Aunt June and my mom went down to the lobby to sit and talk, so I told my mom that Pam and I were going to walk around the parking lot Mom said have fun kids and turned back to continue talking to Aunt June.

I smiled and said thanks mom so we left them there as we headed out the front door and straight for my truck. I told her to get in so I could move to a more secluded spot. She jumped in I started up the truck and moved towards the back of the hotel the darkest corner we could find.

It wasn’t as dark as I had hoped for a parking lot light was only maybe thirty feet but at this point I didn’t care as soon as I parked we were all over each other she was grabbing at my crotch as I was trying to unbutton her pants We started to kiss swapping tongues I asked to lean back because I wanted to eat her more than anything in the world, she smiled and said please help yourself.

I pulled her pants off her hips and down her legs and was looking at the most beautiful shaved pussy ever. I looked at her and said thank you sweet Jesus. As soon as the last leg of her pants were off I went straight for her cunt and started to lick her like I was a mad man she tasted so sweet I never wanted to stop Pam grabbed my head and moved me to the spot where if must have felt the best because she held my head there and started to grind my face into her cunt.

Now I’m loving this my tongue lashing every where from her clit to her ass hole and back she must be enjoying it because she started to pull my hair and tell me eat me you mother fucker eat my cunt I’m gonna cum all over your face and your gonna drink my cum you bastard. I could tell she was cumming because she was taking short ragged breaths and she shoved my face hard into her cunt. She went stiff and flooded my face as I licked her the best I could and as fast as I could until she stopped moving and then she let go of my head and exhaled.

Pam went limp for maybe fifteen seconds before she moved again. I have never cum so hard in my life she said I thought my head was going to explode and I loved every second of it.

I looked her I asked can I really fuck you in the ass? I told her that I wanted to fuck her cunt first then I’d fuck her ass anything for you baby she said. I put her up on her knees got behind her and grabbed her hips pulling her back onto my raging hard cock. It went straight in and it felt like heaven.

Oh my fucking god it feels so good I love it, keep fucking me ssssooooooo good yes, yes, yes god you feel so good. I hammered away until Pam said I’m gonna cum all over your big fat fucking cock.

Pam started to shake as she orgasm-ed all over my cock making me wet as hell so I figure now is as good a time as any to fuck her up the ass. Oh yes shove the big fucker in my ass stick it all the way in I fucking love a big cock up my ass.

Her words were encouraging me to fuck her without mercy and drive it all the way home so I drove deep and as hard as I could until I could feel myself cumming and at that point I held her hips and lunged as far as I could to fill her bowels with my cum. Pam said Oh god the only thing better would be to have a big cock in all my holes at once or at least one in my mouth right now.

Pam’s moaning told me that we were both satisfied and I am exhausted no more cum left in my balls I am completely drained, as I withdraw my cock from her ass a huge gush of cum flows out of her ass and runs down her leg. Pam starts to laugh and says that was the best ass fuck I ever had. Wanna go again hearing her say that made me laugh too maybe later I said Let’s get cleaned up so we can go back inside.

I had a bunch of napkins from Wendy’s and a few wet naps so we cleaned up the best we could got dressed started kissing again. Knowing we are headed home tomorrow had me missing her already.

We went inside the hotel and found mom and Aunt June still chatting in the lounge. Aunt June asked if you kids were getting alright. Yeah she’s OK for a girl I said. Pam punched me in the arm and said that I was OK for a guy both our mothers laughed. I told them that I was going up stairs to our room and get ready for bed and Pam said that she was going to call her girlfriends and talk for awhile.

OK we will be up in a little while I followed Pam up the stairs and as soon as we were out of sight I grabbed Pam and kissed her shoving my tongue down her throat and grabbing her ass pulling her against my throbbing cock Pam started to grind her hips against my revived cock and said to me I need to take a picture of this big cock and send it to my girlfriends tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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