Kissing Mum’s Friend Goodnight Ch. 05

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Please note:

This chapter isn’t intended to be a realistic scenario, but a description of role play, with some suspension of realism!

All characters are over the age of 18

Thanks for the feedback and encouragement to continue with this series!


He was on tenterhooks as his bedroom door swung open and his mother’s friend stood in the open doorway. The reason for her going into his mother’s room was immediately apparent.

She was wearing on of his mother’s nurse uniforms. It was a tunic, rather than a dress style, and dark blue in colour. He gave a sharp intake of breath to see her in it, not just in anticipation of some role play, but also because of her appearance.

The tunic was, of course, designed to be worn with trousers. Aunt Sue, however, was wearing it as a dress without trousers. It reached just an inch or two below her crotch.

Also, instead of wearing black tights, as nurses did if not wearing a trousered uniform, she was wearing white. And they were stockings, not tights. Their lacy tops and her white suspenders were in clear view below the short hem, and so was the pale, bare skin of her thighs above them. At five feet three inches she was a few inches shorter than his mother was, which, deliciously, made the tunic just long enough to cover her crotch and awaken the desire to see it.

The sight captivated him. The powerful appeal lay in the delicious contrast between the plain, unflattering tunic, and the overwhelmingly provocative overall effect. Even the unsexy, fairly loose-fitting and utilitarian tunic was itself erotic due to its ludicrous shortness. No nurse would be allowed to dress in such a way — or wish to. Nor would any nurse be allowed to draw the eye to her legs by wearing white stockings or tights, let alone to sport stockingtops and suspenders. But such a nurse existed in plenty of fantasies. And, whilst the scenario was purely role play and not for real, it thrilled him to have such a sexy “nurse” in the flesh, bent on her own and his sexual pleasure.

She even had in her hand a toy blood pressure device, which she placed on the dressing table, and a toy stethoscope around her neck. Now he understood the reason for her trip into town the previous afternoon, her declining of having him accompany her, and her reticence to disclose what she had bought when he asked her. He stared at her legs in her white stockings.

He didn’t realise it at the time, but whenever he saw his mother in uniform from now on, his mind would conjure up the image that was mow before his eyes. He would struggle to see any nurse from this point without thinking of his mother’s friend.

As for Sue, her heart was pounding with excitement, though she was anxious to try to remain calm. She enjoyed role play from time to time, but had refrained from discussing it with him. Partly she wanted to keep it a surprise; partly she feared it might sound tacky. Any fears were dissipated immediately by his eager expression.

“I’m Nurse Sue. I’ve come to see how you’re doing.”

He sat upright but she shook her head to discourage him.

“No — don’t try to sit up,” she remonstrated gently. “I gather your blood pressure is very low. It’s best if you stay lying down,” she added.

He nodded. She stepped to the bed and his eyes latched onto the subtle rippling of her breasts under the tunic, which fitted her more loosely than it did his mother. He realised that she was not wearing a bra, another naughty contrast to the plain and unflattering nurse uniform top that she was wearing.

“Here… let’s get you more comfortable,” she said in a gentle but business-like tone.

She leaned forward, and he could make out the slight surge of her modest breasts under her tunic.

Her perfume wafted to his nostrils, sweet and heady. He inhaled it, and stared at the half-discernible form of her breasts. Her nipples pressed cheekily against the blue fabric.

Her breasts were just inches form his face. he longed to kiss and nuzzle them, but refrained, content to let her direct the role play and the pace. Instead he stared at the jiggling of her breasts under the loose tunic, tearing his eyes away only to look at the mirror on his bedroom wall. It reflected a view of the backs of her thighs, of her retreated hem, and of her panties. Like her stockings they were white, but instead of satin they were lacy. They were brief rather than tiny, and covered about half of each nicely rounded bum cheek.

Sue was acutely aware of his intense, hungry stare. She stooped forward a little further so that her breasts were almost in his face, and plumped his pillows slightly harder and longer than she needed, treating him to a prolonged view of her jiggling breasts.

He leaned back into the rearranged pillows. She straightened up, but as she did so she allowed her breast to brush his cheek, apparently inadvertently. He remained passive but intent, and his submission to her taking the lead aroused her further, adding a feeling of control gaziantep escort bayan haberleri over this eager but inexperienced lover who was half her age and her friend’s son. She felt her juices seep.

“Right. Blood pressure…”

She turned and stepped to the dressing table, pausing for a moment with her back turned to him. In the mirror she could see his eyes fixed on the backs of her thighs and on her bum.

She came back to the bedside and put the toy blood pressure kit around his arm, fastening the Velcro straps. Again she felt lustful eyes roving over her body, sweeping over every curve, the clothing and the bared skin and slender, stockinged legs, resting here or there before continuing their longing journey.

She smiled, trying to maintain an aloof expression, as she pumped the rubber bulb to inflate the armband. It was only cheap, and barely functioned, but she pretended that it was real. She placed the toy stethoscope in her ears and against his skin and pretended to listen to his blood flow.

“Hmmm… still very low, er — sorry, do you prefer Michael, or Mike?” she said.

“Mike. I prefer ‘Mike’.”

“Well. we’ll try again in a few minutes. Let’s try your pulse…”

Although he had often fantasised about different scenarios, he had never role-played before. Although he was undecided how active and how passive he should be, he was happy to continue to let her take the lead. Whilst allowing for her slutty attire, he enjoyed the way that she entered into it, and drew him into it, taking it fairly seriously and not allowing it to be embarrassingly silly.

He compliantly lifted his arm from under the duvet. She looked at it, admiring it. He wasn’t especially athletic, but his arm was well-toned nevertheless. She took his wrist between her finger and thumb, and with her other hand she removed her watch from her tunic pocket.

“Thirty-eight. Still low. But I’m not getting a very clear reading. Hmmm…”

He looked into her face. She was managing a businesslike expression. He admired her lips, her long eyelashes and narrow, pencilled eyebrows. He let his gaze run down her slightly lined neck and over her modest breasts, then to her white-stockinged thigh.

She folded her arms under her breasts, causing them to bunch up deliciously, unrestrained by any bra under the unflattering garment.

“Hmmm… they can’t figure out why your blood pressure is so low. Or how to make it rise. To be honest…”

To his delight she stepped away and began to walk back and forth along his bedside.

“To be honest, Mike, that’s why I dressed like this. I don’t suppose the other nurses who have visited you have been wearing a tunic without trousers, let alone white stockings…

“They… they certainly haven’t, Nurse Sue”, he replied with conviction.

She placed one foot on the edge of the bed near his waist. He hadn’t noticed until now that she was wearing red stilettos. The colour seemed the more vivid against her white, sheer stockings. Under the blue tunic he could see the front of her lacy panties.

Slowly she teased her hand up and down the calf of her slender leg, then up her knee.

“It occurred to me that after your illness you might need some stimulation to help return your BP to normal…” she said ponderously.

Her thighs were slender and firm. The top of her stocking was prettily patterned, and her suspender was slack. He noticed that the form of her panties looked dank. They were white with grey lace and mesh overlaid, giving an almost metallic effect.

“I don’t dress like this on duty all the time, you know. For my next home visit I have a pair of trousers in my holdall. But I thought this might help YOU…”

She gazed at his face, thrilled by the intensity of his concentration.

“You… here, why don’t you touch that leg — only below the knee, though… let’s see if that helps…”

He watched her take his hand in hers and place it on her leg. The nylon of her stocking was sheer, warm and smooth. She drew his hand up and down the side of her calf.

“I’ll take your blood pressure again in a moment or two. Hopefully it will be a bit higher by then…”

He stared at his hand as she continued to guide it up and down her slender, stockinged leg. Then she pressed her hand on his palm, causing him to squeeze her leg.

She stood up and stood near his face. Her crotch was agonisingly close, but still he let her take the lead. She turned round and leaned forward, away from him.

“Kiss that botty, if you like…”

He loved her delicate euphemism rather than her accustomed explicit terms, and stretched his neck forward. He planted a kiss on her left bum cheek right on the line of her panties, brushing his mouth against both the scratchy lace and her soft bare skin. She gave a little whimper of approval and wiggled her hips seductively.

“And the other one…”

He kissed her other buttock and dragged his gaziantep escort hikayeleri tongue along the line of her panties. He gave quick, fleeting kisses on her bare skin and slow, lingering ones. He kissed each part of her exposed buttocks, the tops, the full curves, and the undercurve where they merged with the backs of her lean thighs. Instinctively he raised his hand and nudged it up between her parted thighs, stroking the lace of her panties. To his delight the fabric was moist.

She pulled away and spun around, feigning shock.

“Ah-ah, you naughty boy! I didn’t say you could touch me there, did I?”

She took the toy blood pressure device. Again she leaned forward to wrap it around his arm, and again her breast brushed his cheek. She frowned in mock concentration as she feigned listening to his blood pressure through the stethoscope once more.

She placed her finger cheekily against her mouth and cocked her head slightly to one side.

“Well, well! Perhaps it’s down to my help, Michael, but, either way, your blood pressure is improved. It’s still on the low side, but it’s definitely better than it was.”

He was mainly covered by the duvet, but saw her eye run over his chest and abdomen. Her eyes were dark and emphasised by her mascara and longed, curled eyelashes. As her gaze paused on his groin, he felt his erection give a little salute of respect to her.

“I wonder… just let me look under the covers a moment… oh, my!” She gave a gasp of feigned shock as she peered down under the duvet.

She let go immediately, and gave a soft chuckle.

“I didn’t realise you weren’t wearing any pyjama trousers! I… I need to take a look, though. I’m guessing that your blood pressure is up due to your being sexually aroused, but I do need to take a look…”

She guessed, correctly, that he had never indulged in role play or fantasy before. She had done it a number of times over the years — enough to add spice and variety, but not so frequently that the role play itself became a routine. She was delighted that his enjoyment of it equalled hers.

He watched her hand raise the duvet once more, and watched her eager expression as she took a longer look. Again he felt his erection give a little twitch in response to her attention.

“You’re… you’re quite a big boy, Michael… may I…?”

She folded back the duvet and peered with quasi-professional interest at his stiff member. She took it tentatively between her finger and thumb and moved it from side to side with studied intent.

“Yes, your penis is definitely stiff. I would say that your increased blood pressure has allowed the blood to pump into it… hmmm…”

She pushed it down against his belly and watched it rise, repeating the procedure several times. he stifled a groan at the sight and sensation of his mother’s friend’s fingers holding his erection. He enjoyed her use of the term “penis”, too, as if she really was a nurse using medical terminology instead of her more accustomed crude terms.

“Yes,” she continued. “I would say judging from the time it takes to stand upright that the blood supply to your penis is now fully functional. Yes, there is no doubt that the sexual arousal you have just experienced has improved your blood pressure.”

She looked down at her watch.

“I really need to give you a bed bath, but I could probably return later to do that after my next couple of home visits. I wonder… that is…”

Again she put on a pensive expression.

“I think that some additional stimulation would actually benefit your blood pressure and recovery time. Have you any objection, Michael?”

“Er… what do you have in mind, Nurse Sue?”

“It depends on how well you respond to the therapy, really. I think a little ORAL stimulation would be a good way to begin… if you don’t mind?”

“No. No. Not if you think it would help, Nurse,” he replied, excited to be able to contribute the fantasy.

“There’s only one way to find out. I hope you don’t think I do this for all the patients I visit, by the way. This is an attempt to find a medical solution to your medical problem, you understand?”

“Yes, Nurse Sue.”

She took his erection gingerly in her hand and planted a little kiss on his bare tip. She gave it his shaft a gentle squeeze, and they both watched a drop of pre-cum seep forth. She looked into his face.

“That’s a good sign. Fluid seeping from the glans of the penis is a good sign that you are becoming more aroused — which can only help your condition…” she said.

He noticed that her voice was slightly husky from subdued and prolonged excitement. She licked his exposed tip slowly and poked her tongue into his seeping slit. He groaned. She shook his erection from side to side, watching it studiously and with pretended medical curiosity. Then she lowered her mouth and began to suck slowly and firmly.

She alternated looking into his face and staring gaziantep escort bayan ilanları at his body as, gripping his hard length in her hand, she drew him deeper and harder into her mouth. She tickled his balls with her fingertips. The sucking and slurping noise was lewd but deliciously arousing to her as much as to him.

She lifted her head slowly and straightened up, sensing that he was almost on the edge. To his slight annoyance she picked up the blood pressure band and fastened it around his arm, and again went through the rigmarole of pretending to check it. She must have seen his disappointment, as she smiled cocquettishly at him.

“It’s risen to a normal level now… let’s see if…”

The next few moments would burn an image into his mind for the rest of his life. His mother’s friend kicked off her shoes and clambered onto the bed. The nurse tunic rose up to exhibit her sexy white and grey lace panties.

She squatted on her haunches astride him, and rubbed her lace-covered crotch against his throbbing erection.

“Let’s see if Nurse Sue can start getting you over this blood pressure problem, then. Let’s see if an ejaculation will help to remedy it, Michael…”

Again he noted and delighted in the huskiness of her voice. He stared, spellbound, as she took his throbbing length and rubbed it against the front of her panties. Her gaze was similarly locked onto it: onto the purplish, seeping tip of the young cock, the cock of her friends’ son, as it painted a bead of pre-cum against her lace panties.

He groaned as she guided it inside her panties and pressed it against her spongy mound and swollen pussy lips. Her panties tented and moved lewdly over his hard length and her fingers. He relished the feel of her smooth, shaved skin against his tender tip. She pressed her hand against it through the scratchy lace, pressing it against her own sensitive flesh and releasing it in slow, rhythmic movements.

She raised her head and looked him in the eye.

“I wonder if I should check your blood pressure again?” she asked, then burst out laughing at his facial expression.

“I’ll take that as a ‘no’, then. It can wait until after you ejaculate, I suppose…”

She dragged her panties to one side and raised herself an inch or so above his erect member. He stared hungrily at the shaved mound, and slightly protruding, slightly crinkled lips of his mother’s friend. Still holding her panties aside, she pressed the fingers of her other hand over her labia and flipped them open. His eye locked onto the raw pink flesh inside, and at her hole.

“Okay, then Michael. Let Nurse Sue put your erect penis into her vagina and stimulate you into ejaculating…”

Once more, her use of biological terminology delighted him, adding to the role play and also adding a contrast to her usual crudities. Like him, she gazed down as, taking his young, relatively inexperienced cock in her hand, she lowered herself onto it. She kept hold of the base with her thumb and forefinger, and cupped her other fingers under his hairy balls.

She gave a long, low sigh, and a quiver of excitement as she felt him enter her. She took his hands and pushed them up inside the nurse tunic, clamping them over her breasts. He squeezed and kneaded them in time with her up and down thrusts.

Her panties rubbed his shaft, and the feel and sight thrilled him. Her retention of her panties made it seem somehow ruder, as if time spent removing them was begrudged. He also loved the parody of modesty, the veiling of the left-hand side of her pussy, as if she was somehow reticent to allow a complete view.

She gave a gasp as she increased the tempo and t strength of her thrusts against him.

“Ejaculate when you’re ready, Michael. I want to help to make you better. Ejaculate in Nurse Sue’s vagina…”

He gave a long, staccato groan as he complied with the instruction of his “nurse”, squeezing her firm breasts under her loose tunic and emptying herself into her.

Although he was spent, she kept hold of his erection and continued to ride him. She cupped his hands over her breasts to encourage him to continue to squeeze them. Her own climax gripped and shook her, heightened by the intensity of the role play and of his newness to it.

She gave a few slow, final thrust, then clambered off him.

They both laughed with release and delight.

“I need to go to the bathroom,” she giggled. To her delight, although the role play was over — for now at least — he interrupted her before she left the room.

“NURSE Sue…”

He emphasised the word “nurse” to draw her back into the role play for a few more minutes.


She turned round, surprised but pleased at his taking the initiative.

“My blood pressure…”

“Oh, yes,” she replied.

Her face was flushed with the afterglow of her orgasm, and he guessed that his was, too, as she leaned over him and inflated the toy blood pressure device and placed the stethoscope on his skin.

“My, my… it isn’t just normal, it is higher than normal. I think you are recovering quite well, now, Michael.”

“Thanks to you, Nurse Sue. I… I don’t think I’m FULLY recovered, though…”

“Certainly not. I think you will need a few more visits — and a few more ejaculations — before you are fully right again. I need to go now. I need to freshen up and go to my next patient…”

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