Kissing Practice

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Jenna realized when Kat’s boyfriend drove off she was alone with her friend, which made her feel slightly uncomfortable for a brief moment. At almost five foot four, Jenna was average height, blonde and buxom. Despite not being a California native, many people assumed she was a stereotypical surfer girl when they met her. Kat had shacked up with her college sweetheart after graduating the year before and with the income they received, they decided to rent a modest house with an incredible backyard and pool. Since graduating, Jenna had moved into her own apartment, but because of the pool, spent an increasing amount of time hanging out at her friend’s place.

Despite knowing each other for over a year, Kat still did not know Jenna was a lesbian. As a result, when Jenna realized she was alone with her friend, her skimpy two piece hiding nothing of her tanned, sexy curves, she decided to flirt with Kat even more than usual and see what happened. Kat was a brunette, the same height and despite her small breasts had a physique that made Jenna squirm every time they were together. That afternoon, both women had been drinking and with the sun shining in full force, Jenna had decided to finally tell her friend the truth, no matter what might happen. A small part of her hoped for more than friendship, even though she knew Kat was straight. However, with two margaritas in her already, Jenna was feeling looser than she normally did.

“Kat, I’m going for another drink, would you like one?” Her melodious voice surprised Kat, who had been almost dozing off in the lounge chair next to her, the heat and drink going straight to her head.

Kat seemed to lurch in the chaise lounge, her long brunette hair rippling down her chest as she moved, startled by the request. “Ah, sure, Jenna. If you don’t mind,” her voice was higher pitch and girlish, compared to Jenna’s deeper tones. The pitch had always made Jenna sound younger than her twenty-three years. Jenna felt a shiver down her spine as she longingly gazed at the skimpy green bikini barely covering Kat’s luscious body.

Quickly, Jenna grabbed her friend’s glass along with hers. Then she went inside the house and found the blender. She poured more than twice the tequila into the blender as the last round, thinking that maybe Kat would be either more receptive if drunk. Or at the very least, get less upset with her when Jenna confessed her feelings. In a few minutes, she had mixed the tequila, mix and ice together into a creamy, pale yellow slush and poured the two glasses full. With a smile, she licked the rim of both, then carefully salted the edge. After two margaritas, she was still feeling relatively sober, as the first few had been much milder than the two she carried outside.

“Here you go,” Jenna said, handing the glass to her friend. “Cheers,” she said, clinking the glass to Kat’s and staring into her brown eyes as she knocked back a long swallow.

Kat copied her, drowsily sucking down a long pull of the slush. “Brain freeze,” Kat said, then giggled, setting the glass down on the table next to her. “So you want to go for a swim?”

“Skinny dip?” Jenna asked her with a sly smile, arching an eyebrow. Before Kat could respond, she peeled off her bikini top, idly stroking her breasts. Smiling even wider, Kat slowly caressed her breasts for a moment, enjoying the sight of Kat’s brown eyes widening as she gulped.

“Sure,” Kat replied, picking up and taking another long pull of her margarita. The slushy drink masked the alcoholic content, and she watched over the rim as Jenna peeled off her bikini bottom, revealing her waxed, smooth mound. Despite herself, Kat felt her center grow hot while watching. She set the drink down and copied Jenna, first peeling off her bikini top and then her bottom.

Jenna’s nipples felt so stiff they hurt as she watched Kat get naked. She saw the flushed cheeks, and her friend’s own rosebud nipples get hard as the brunette stared at her nudity. Still, Jenna was feeling extra nervous and took another long pull of her drink before walking to the edge of the pool.

Kat walked to the pool, standing behind Jenna, and had a very naughty thought. She spanked her friend’s tight, pert ass, giggling as she did. “You first,” Kat giggled, pushing the surprised blonde into the pool. Jenna gasped in surprise as she hit the water, freezing for a moment as she paddled back to the surface.

“That was mean!” Jenna cried, treading water and watching Kat from the edge of the water. Jenna could still feel the handprint from Kat’s impromptu spanking on her ass, the water cooling her off, but not completely. Watching from below, she could just barely glimpse the pink nether lips in between Kat’s thighs. “Come on in,” Jenna gasped, the cold water making her voice slightly hoarse.

“Here I come,” Kat cried, jumping in next to her. The brunette splashed Jenna as she landed, her hair growing darker as she ducked her head, wiping her long locks out of her face. Treading water as well, Kat felt her own momentary lust cool off from the pool. “This is cold,” she chattered, Beylikdüzü Escort “I don’t know if I can swim for long.”

“True,” Jenna agreed, thinking to herself, even if we don’t swim, I got her naked. She wiped her blonde, damp hair out of her face and studied her friend for a moment, contemplating her cute button nose. “Kat,” Jenna said, “You’re my best friend.”

“I think you drank too much,” Kat replied, splashing her lightly with water before swimming the other direction. Jenna stared after the athletic brunette, swimming freestyle, as she skillfully swam to the edge of the pool and grabbed the rim. “Sorry, Jenna, this is way too cold today to swim in, I’m getting out.” With that, Kat pulled herself up and Jenna, despite the distance, caught a fantastic view of Kat’s parted ass cheeks, loving the sight of her wet center. Licking her lips, Jenna determined to see if she could do something, anything, with her hot friend.

Kat walked around the pool as Jenna watched her, finally reaching the chaise lounge and taking a long pull from her drink. Surprised to see it was nearlly half empty, Jenna swallowed hard as her teeth chattered a bit from the cold water. “Aren’t you going to hop out?” Kat asked, her perky tits shining in the sun, and her nipple sticking up, hard as rocks. Jenna nodded, treading water to the rim of the pool and grabbing the edge to pull herself up, slowly. She was already feeling a little tipsy but seeing how much of the well spiked drink Kat had already pounded, she wanted to do the same.

Jenna walked to her lounge, Kat’s eyes on her body, the brunette still holding her half empty drink. “Jenna,” Kat said, “You have such an amazing body, why haven’t you dated since I’ve known you? Are you waiting for a handsome billionaire or something?”

The blonde grabbed her drink and took a long swallow, the ice having melted a bit in the near mid morning sunshine. Jenna held her drink, staring into Kat’s brown eyes for a moment before answering. “Kat,” Jenna said, reluctant to finally blurt it out, “remember how I used to give you a massage every time you were feeling down, before you met Rick?”

Nodding, Kat drank another quarter of her glass and then set it down, eyes bright and sligthtly unfocused, “That’s a great idea, Jenna. Give me a massage.” Without another word, she turned to adjust the lounge, causing it to lay completely flat. Then Kat slowly lay down, after spreading the towel more evenly on the surface. Jenna was shocked, her seemingly drunk friend, naked, inviting her to climb on her back and touch her. If not all over, then at least Jenna would be closer to getting what she wanted, without having admitted to anything.

“Sure,” Jenna replied finally, staring at her friend’s tight butt and wet hair, the droplets of pool water scattered across her lightly tanned skin. She drained another third of her glass, leaving only the dregs and shook her head slightly, surprised at the turn of events. “I’ll just stick to you back,” she said, climbing onto Kat and straddling her hips. She felt her nether lips grow heated as she sat down on the other woman’s buttocks, struggling not to simply start grinding into Kat’s luscious backside.

“Oh, no you don’t,” Kat slurred slightly. Jenna started to massage her shoulders, and then her neck. “You have to massage me all over,” Kat murmured. “My back, my legs, everything.” Jenna was surprised to hear the firmness of Kat’s tone. “It’s been so long since I’ve had a good massage.” Grinning to herself, Jenna decided against mentioning her orientation, with Kat demanding she touch her all over. Jenna started to massage her neck, pressing her thumbs and fingers into the place where Kat’s back ended, then started to move her thumbs down lower. Moaning in pleasure, Kat squirmed her legs a little, and Jenna could feel the brunette’s thighs part under her own thighs.

Repositioning herself to sit on the tops of Kat’s thighs, Jenna started to massage Kat’s upper back, moving her hands in concentric circles, loving the feel of her friend’s skin. “Let me know if I should do anything differently,” Jenna said, moving her hands lower still. She started to press into Kat’s lower back, digging her thumbs and fingers into the spots where she knew that Kat would appreciate the most. Eliciting a few sighs of appreciation, Jenna lost herself in the movements for a few minutes, simply enjoying making the other woman feel good. After a while, she shifted her hips again, moving to kneel next to Kat on the chaise lounge. This way, she could easily slid her hands all over Kat’s tight buttocks. Grinning to herself once more, Jenna grew even hotter as she started to massage the outsides of Kat’s ass.

“That’s good,” Kat purred, wiggling a little as Jenna massaged her butt. “All over, please, I feel a little tight.” Jenna obliged, moving her hands inwards as she kept pressing, massaging the center of Kat’s butt cheeks. “Mmm,” Kat moaned, spreading her thighs a bit wider still as Jenna continued. “You have such good hands,” Kat whispered softly, “I love Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan how soft your fingers feel on my skin.”

Jenna felt her pussy nearly drip cum in response to her friend’s words, despite the subtle slur, she knew Kat was not nearly that far gone in drink. Tempted to simply slide a hand in between Kat’s thighs and finger her right then, Jenna knew she might risk their friendship, and more, if she did so. Instead, she worked her hands down, starting to massage Kat’s thighs. She kneaded the muscle in long, slow movements, up and down. With Kat’s thighs parted, she could massage in a full semi-circle, her long fingers only inches from Kat’s sex. Despite her desire, Jenna forced herself to ignore her friend’s pink mound, determined to simply massage her whole body first. In moments, Jenna worked her hands down towards Kat’s calves, the smooth, round flesh extremely tight under her thumbs and fingers.

“Yes,” Kat groaned, feeling Jenna’s fingers digging into her calves. “Would you mind massaging my feet, too?” Kat felt awkward asking, despite the luxurious sensation of Jenna’s fingers. However, moments after she asked, Jenna’s hands started to massage the ball of her right food, pressing into her flesh in just the right way. The feeling was so good, Kat felt herself relax further, and as Jenna kneaded and pressed her foot, she could feel her shoulders relaxing into the lounge even more. “Oh, yes,” Kat moaned, louder this time, as Jenna pressed into her heel. The blonde switched to her other foot and did the same, massaging and pressing deep into the ball of her foot, her heel, removing tension that Kat was previously unaware she carried.

In minutes, Jenna paused, “I’m thirsty,” she said, setting Kat’s foot down and grabbing her drink. She finished it off as Kat twisted sligthly, watching her as she finished the margarita. Kat sat up just enough to drain the rest of her glass, her brown eyes staring at Jenna’s breasts for a moment, her nipples still stiff.

“Jenna,” Kat said, setting her glass down. “You didn’t answer my question earlier.”

The blonde’s face flushed even as her nipples grew harder still, her blue eyes staring into Kat’s face. “You can probably guess,” Jenna said, feeling suddenly shy.

Kat looked puzzled for a moment, thinking to herself, Jenna can’t be a lesbian. Out loud, she said, “You can’t be a lesbian,” Kat said, smiling as she said it, “I’ve seen a few movies with Rick, you know. The woman in those films are hot, just like you.” Kat paused, sitting up and looking down at her glass for a moment. “But that’s only in porn movies.”

“Oh, really?” Jenna was surprised, and Kat seemed not put off by the idea, just incredulous. “How about we get a refill?” She stood up as she said it, arching her back, hoping Kat would offer to give her a massage but knowing her friend wouldn’t.

“Sure,” Kat replied, standing. “Let me make them this time,” she said, her grin naughty, “It’s saturday, we don’t have anything to do, and you made the drinks far too weak for my taste.”

Jenna was shocked speechless when Kat strode off into the house, her hips swaying more than usual. “What’s she doing?” Jenna asked herself, shaking her head. The last drinks were quite stiff, one more like that, Jenna knew she would be too far gone to restrain herself from saying exactly what she wanted to do with her gorgeous friend. Following her friend into the house, Jenna wondered why Kat had not at least grabbed the towel to cover herself. The air was warm now that they’d lain in the sun for a while, and while Jenna did not feel cold, she couldn’t help staring at all the succulent exposed bits of Kat’s flesh as the other woman prepared their drinks.

While she worked, Kat was thinking to herself, what is wrong with Jenna? She got the blender packed half way full with ice and then started pouring tequila. After the blender was half way full, she stopped, then started pouring in more. Jenna’s eyes went wide as Kat filled the contained even more than she did. Next, Kat dumped in the margarita mix and capped off the blender, hitting the grind button. The noisy contraption made a cacophony as Kat looked back at Jenna, smiling, catching her friend staring at her butt. Surprised, Kat let go of the blender button and then resumed, looking back out the window. Finally satisfied with the slushy mix, Kat stopped blending and poured their glasses completely full. Last she tossed a bit of salt on the rims, getting more in the glasses than the rim, carelessly spilling a bit on the counter too.

“Cheers,” Kat said, handing Jenna a glass and clinking them together. “To my best friend,” Kat said, drinking deeply. She set the glass down and held the counter for a moment, the cold slush giving her a mild headache. “I gotta stop doing that,” she giggled, the headache dying down after a moment. Jenna was standing there again, holding her drink as if she had forgotten it. “Drink up, silly,” Kat said. “Or are you getting cold?” Kat pointedly glanced at Jenna’s tits, her rosebud nipples stiff once more.

Jenna Esenyurt Escort blushed, finally tipping the glass back and draining almost half of it in one go. “Careful, Jenna,” Kat admonished, surprised the other woman drank so much. “If you get sick, I’m going to make you clean it up.”

“What if I told you I’d never had sex?” Jenna asked, setting her glass down.

Snort laughing, Kat giggled in response, her girlish titter causing Jenna to blush further. “Seriously,” Jenna said, her tanned cheeks reddening. “It’s a long story,” Jenna said, finishing in her own head, because I’ve been to shy to hit on any women I’ve found attractive.

“Wow,” Kat finally said, her laughter dying away as Jenna blushed. “You’re not kidding me are you?”

“Nope,” Jenna replied, taking another, smaller sip from her glass and setting it down again.

“You have at least kissed a guy before?” Kat asked, her brown eyes wide.

“Not even that,” Jenna replied, blushing again. She wasn’t about to clarify and say she had only kissed a single girl in college, when her roommate at her last school got really drunk one night. The other girl passed out afterwards and Jenna, being shy, never had the courage to make a move or bring up the experience with her after that.

“We’re not in college anymore,” Kat whispered, smiling a slightly naughty smile, “But if you want help, how can I refuse?”

“What?” Jenna blurted, thinking Kat had just offered to sleep with her.

“You should see the look on your face, Jenna! I’m not a lesbian, you know that. I meant with kissing,” Kat said, her smile mischievous once more. “I kissed a few girls the night I met Rick,” she said, grinning. “It was the easiest way to get him to pay attention to me, and only me.” Kat drained more of her glass and set it down, the margarita almost gone. “However, I think we should shower first,” Kat said, looking down at Jenna’s nipples again. “You must be cold.”

Head swimming, Jenna drained her glass and nodded, unable to deny Kat’s guess and admit the truth. “Kat, you’re the best,” Jenna said, following as the brunette headed for the bathroom and shower. “However, I think I need to go first,” Jenna said, blushing slightly. “My bladder is full to bursting.”

“Mine too,” Kat replied, “You go first and then I’ll use the bathroom after you.” Jenna smiled her thanks and walked fast to the bathroom, relieving herself gratefully. She cleaned up and then opened the door to step out. Kat brushed past her, the brunette’s nipples lightly brushing hers as she shimmied sideways through the door. The feeling of Kat’s nipples bumping into hers reminded Jenna how much she lusted after her friend, and the thought of practicing with her made her head swim.

After a moment of standing next to the bathroom door, Jenna heard the shower come on and Kat opened the door. “Do you mind if we shower together?” Kat blushed a little, her girlish voice embarrassed, “Our water bill ends up really high with the pool. Hope you don’t mind?”

Jenna practically melted from the invite, unable to say anything other than nod in response. The shower was a combination bath and shower, larger than most tubs and with plenty of room for two. Kat entered first, followed by Jenna, who started staring at her friend’s gorgeous bottom once more. The shower water was hot and made Jenna’s head swim as she stood there, watching Kat get soaked from the hot spray. “This is great,” Kat said, grabbing the shampoo and squirting it into her hair. “Your turn,” she said, shimmying by her friend and allowing Jenna to step beneath the water.

Tilting her head back, Jenna rinsed her hair and then used the shampoo, copying Kat and moving to the side to allow her friend to return to the faucet and rinse first. The lines of suds sliding down Kat’s nubile form made Jenna’s head swim, her thighs starting to melt as she stared at the brunette’s gorgeous tits. “Your turn,” Kat said, opening her eyes after she wiped the drizzle away. They changed places again, and Jenna rinsed her hair, trying not to think about how much she wanted Kat to reach out and touch her right then. “You have a gorgeous body, you know,” Kat said, as Jenna finished rinsing her hair, “I always feel a little jealous when you’re around you know.”

“Me too,” Jenna replied, nearly whispering as she stared into Kat’s eyes. Her blue eyes were wide and her nipples swollen, almost painful as she looked at her friend’s slightly flushed cheeks. “I’m a little drunk,” Jenna confessed, reaching out to grab Kat by the waist. “How about you stand under the shower again,” Jenna said, using her hands to guide the other woman to the center of the spray once more.

For some reason, feeling Jenna’s hands on her waist, Kat felt herself grow very warm, the alcohol and shower making her head swim. When she stood under the shower once more, she reached down, grabbing Jenna’s hands and holding her there, standing next to her with their breasts only inches apart. “Let me show you how to kiss,” Kat said, surprising herself. She tilted her head to the side and saw Jenna’s blue eyes widen, her face set in shock. “I said I’d help, right? If you’re not okay with it, that’s fine.” Kat paused, licking her lips, “You never really said you wanted my help. Sorry.” Letting go of Jenna’s hands, Kat looked slightly sad as Jenna simply stood there, staring at her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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