Kissing The Pink Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: Many thanks to Bella_Mariposa for again working wonders with her editing (this must be better than part one now?). This story addresses bisexuality, and includes group, lesbian and gay sex, as well as male-female anal sex, and a little splash of water sports. So, if you don’t like reading about that stuff, then at least you have been warned.

This chapter directly follows on from ‘Kissing The Pink Ch. 01,’ which saw a man musing on an encounter, twenty years previously, between his 19 year-old student self, and a much older, and very kinky, married couple. This is the final part of the tale.


Chapter 2

The morning after my first, and very memorable, sexual encounter with Carol Minifle, saw me back at work in the spacious gardens of her opulent English country home. Neither art teacher Carol, nor her wealthy businessman husband George, was around as I toiled there, with very occasional, inadequate help from Rick, my work-shy boss.

After mumbling his usual excuses, Rick disappeared at midday, leaving me with the hard manual work to finish… yet again. He was a total asshole. I only put up with his shit because I needed to save some money for a vacation with some friends, and alternative employment was in very short supply that summer.

Carol returned shortly afterwards from a summer art school where she taught, cheering me greatly. She was wearing a yellow cotton summer dress, which suited her extravagant curves. She approached me with a smile, and then greeted me with a kiss.

“Yesterday was so much fun Greg. And guess what? Today is going to be far better.”

“That sounds good to me.”

A lustful smile formed on Carol’s face. “George is bringing home an employee from one of his shops soon. She is very cute Greg, I have a feeling you are going to like her a lot. I know I do. We can have some fun together.”

“Sure, that will be great,” I replied nervously, wondering what an earth this would entail, given certain salacious revelations from the day before.

I gave up working, at Carol’s request, and we chatted at a patio table, as we drank cold, refreshing, freshly squeezed orange juice.

Carol looked at me speculatively. “Last night, I was looking at some of the photographs I took of you. They came out really well.” She touched her bottom lip with the tip of her tongue before continuing. “I’d like to take more soon, and I’ll pay you as we agreed. Will that be ok?”

“Sure, that sounds good Carol.”

“George thought they looked good too; he especially loved your long, thick cock.”

I must have blushed in embarrassment at this revelation, despite being nineteen and almost perpetually horny.

“Oh Greg, don’t look shocked,” she said laughingly. “Anyone would think you were a nervous spinster, rather than a handsome, virile young man. Be open- minded. I am, and it’s the best way to be. Trust me on that Greg. Being open to new experiences is so much fun.”

Maybe I was about to find out if she was correct in her assertions. Just then, we saw George’s Jaguar car drive up. George stepped out of his car, then went round to assist a young woman from the vehicle. She was wearing a black skirt, and a blouse, which bore a motif from his chain of chemist shops on it. The blouse had several buttons undone.

She was short, only just over five feet tall, and of petite physique, with a slim waist and hips, and small breasts. Her ‘big hair,’ was dirty blond in colour, and framed blue eyes, and there was a smile on her oval face. That face… it conveyed such a sexual, actually very slutty, countenance.

Just then, I realised I recognised her. Her name was Lucy Penhaligon. She had been in the same year as me at the local school, making us about the same age, nineteen. I didn’t know her well, as she had not been in many of my classes, but I always tended to notice and remember pretty girls.

Lucy looked up at me and approached, as Carol chatted with George, who was wearing shoes, jeans, and an open blazer over a pristine white shirt. “Hi Greg, I haven’t seen you in about a year. You’re looking good; you’ve really piled some muscle on since we left school.”

“Thanks Lucy. You look great. How is life treating you?”

“Pretty good, and I’ll tell you something, we’re going to have fun here today. These two are great in the sack.”

My face reddened a tad, and I was spared the task of thinking of a reply when Carol ushered us into the house. George poured us each a glass of red wine. It was probably expensive — everything else in that house seemed to be — but was wasted on me. I preferred beer or whisky, and still do as it happens. My palate is either undiscerning, or I am not pretentious enough to pretend it is.

“Cheers,” he said, as we four clinked our glasses together. Then he raised his, “To good friends and good times.”

“I’ll second that,” Carol interjected.

Lucy was all smiles, and was clearly excited. She squeezed my hand and planted a small kiss keçiören escort on my cheek. Carol saw this, and perhaps just the merest touch of envy showed on her fine face. Lucy sensed this, and sidled up to Carol. I was actually genuinely shocked when she then kissed the older woman full on the lips. Lucy looked so small and girlish compared with Carol’s Amazonian body. What remained of my youthful naivety was being challenged.

George poured more wine. He was full of the type of – cliché English gentleman of a certain age — bonhomie, in his manner and language, which only expensive fee paying schools engenders. Backs were slapped, and words such as “marvellous,” “superb,” “sumptuous” and “grand” were unfurled. The two women were “charming beauties” and even magnificent fillies.” I was a “fine fellow” and a “top chap,” apparently.

I chatted with George, while Carol and Lucy remained physically ‘friendly,’ cuddling and kissing with joyful abandon.

“How do you feel about your university studies — English and History isn’t it?” he asked me.

“Well, it’s going fairly well, but I am now not sure if these subjects will prove to be of much use career wise.”

“Well Greg, as my old Latin teacher would say, paraphrasing Francis Bacon, ‘ipsa scientia potestas est.'”

I looked bewildered no doubt. “Knowledge itself is power,” he translated, possibly attempting to impose himself as the Alpha Male in this pride, in a subtly sarcastic fashion.

Carol, followed closely by Lucy, moved towards us. “Shall we go somewhere we can be more comfortable?” she asked me, while taking my hand as Lucy took George’s.



Carol led me into a large bedroom, which incongruously to my eyes contained not one, but two double beds, placed close together. George and Lucy followed.

George put some classical music on a stereo. Lucy and George began kissing, and Carol held me tight, pressing her fine soft breasts into my chest. She kissed me deeply. There was powerful sexual tension present in the air.

I was unaware of what was happening between George and Lucy, as Carol’s tongue darted around mine. Her right hand caressed my chest fleetingly, before it headed south. She moved it across my stomach before downing the zipper of my jeans.

I worked my right hand inexorably under her cotton dress, and found she had nothing covering her appetizing bare ass. Carol laughed, breaking the kiss, and spread her legs wider, to give me fuller access. I slipped a finger over her moistening folds, before sliding it into her inviting cunt.

As I did this, she put one hand through the now open jeans zipper area, and began to fondle my cock. I closed my eyes momentarily, enjoying the excruciating pleasure of Carol’s hand stroking my hard flesh. When I opened them, I saw a naked George sucking a now topless Lucy’s nipples, while he rubbed on her pussy mound through her pink panties. She masturbated his cock in return.

Carol reached into my jeans and pulled my erection out. She bent down and took it almost balls deep into her clever mouth. My eyes rolled back in my head as she took me straight down her throat… It was the best blowjob I had ever received, by a million miles, in my then youthful life.

Carol placed a finger in my mouth. I wet it, and she pressed it first against, then into, my tight asshole – the anally fixated minx.


George moved his mouth south from Lucy’s breasts, kissing her navel, until he pressed his nose against her panties, appearing to draw in her scent. He kissed and licked her pussy through the material, and rubbed his pursed lips on her folds.

He then pulled her panties down, and off, and kissed her smooth bare pussy. Lucy shuffled on the bed, and opened her legs wide, spreading her young cunt like an open rose. George slowly ran his tongue all over her, from clit to asshole, and then back and forth repetitively. Finally he slipped, one, two, then three fingers inside her and nibbled at her clit. Lucy was trembling under his ministrations. Her thighs became clamped around his neck.

George, in a muffled voice, said to Lucy, “I want to fuck you from behind.”

“Yes please,” she replied.

Lucy knelt on the bed and thrust her small butt cheeks out in invitation, offering him full access. She moaned softly as, after fitting a condom, he entered and rode her steadily. George was biting his lower lip in concentration, while Lucy’s face displayed wanton pleasure.


I fucked Carol’s mouth relentlessly as I watched Lucy’s slight frame shudder with George’s pounding thrusts. I then pulled back in Carol’s mouth a bit, and watched her lips form a perfect ‘O’ around my cock.

Carol grasped my ass with both hands and dug her fingernails in to keep me still. I couldn’t help but thrust against her though. She swallowed me deep, until her nose was just nestled in the hair at the base of my cock, then slowly licked etlik escort her way back up my shaft, and swirled her clever tongue around the tip. She slowly moved her way back down, not quite to the base, then very gently bit down as she moved back up, so that her teeth dragged against the sensitive skin of my cock. Her mouth left me completely, and she moved down to lick and suck my balls. I groaned in ecstasy, and my knees began to shake. She moved away from me, gave me a wicked smile, then touched her tongue to the very tip of my cock. She probed at the seam at the tip briefly before moving down past my balls to just touch my puckered anus. She dragged her nails down my ass and spread my cheeks apart to allow her tongue to probe my ass deeply. She gripped my ass more tightly before she moved back; first to my balls, then to lavish more attention on my needy cock. She sucked me down once again, and I groaned as my balls tightened almost painfully. Carol drew back, just licking the tip, then brought her hands firmly up the length of my cock until I shot my creamy load all over her ample breasts, staining her summer dress. Carol drew a finger through some cum and brought it to her mouth.

“Yum,” she said. “I think it may be toy time for you soon Greg”.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, trust me; I think it is something that you will find you will enjoy.”


I slumped into a chair, temporarily drained of vigour. Carol discarded her dress, moved over to the top of the bed, and lay down, with her cunt placed close to Lucy’s mouth. George upped the pace of his thrusts, and Lucy busied herself between Carol’s thighs and began to lick her.

They looked so smooth and practised this way, I assumed it was a regular occurrence. As George approached his climax, he began to groan. Carol emitted a purring sound, and Lucy a more muffled groan, from between Carol’s spread legs.

George gave one last big thrust, burying himself to the balls, stilled, and then shouted in climax. He pulled out, and Lucy kept lapping until Carol moved away.

“Let’s do ‘the’ move,” Carol said to her.

They swung around into 69, with Carol on top, each intent on pleasuring the other. My cock was rock hard again, and pulsing, leaking some clear pre-cum, as I witnessed, for the first time, the gentle, then progressively less restrained, art of lesbian sex.

‘You’re a corrupt bitch,’ I thought of Carol, as she tongued Lucy’s opening. ‘But you are very sexy too.’

It was apparent from their mutual moans and body movements that they came together. Carol and Lucy switched positions so that Lucy was on top, and they were face to face. Lucy looked so small lying on top, compared with Carol’s Amazonian proportions. They kissed with some tenderness as Carol stroked the girl’s small buttocks. Then Carol pushed Lucy over so that she was on all fours. Carol dove between her ass cheeks and stuck her tongue inside Lucy’s butt hole. She proceeded to eat Lucy as though she were a tasty snack.


So engrossed was I, that I hadn’t noticed George had left the bedroom until he returned with four glasses and a bottle of Krug non-vintage champagne.

“Anyone for a drink?” he asked. There were nods all round. The four of us had a glass, during what seemed a natural pause in proceedings. The bubbles went up my nose. I didn’t enjoy it in the least.

When the bottle was empty, Carol walked slowly over to a cabinet. Her big butt rolled seductively as she moved. I was aware of my erection again, and I was not the only one.

“That is one big bad cock,” Lucy commented, lasciviously.

“Yes, it certainly is,” George interjected.

I felt my face flush a touch with embarrassment. I knew what some of his proclivities were from Carol’s earlier description of the ‘abstract’ painting. I’d never really had any thoughts about male homosexuality, and although it didn’t appeal, it didn’t repel either.

Carol got two dildos, replete with strap-on harnesses, and two tubes of lube from a cabinet. She looked at me with a wicked glint in her blue eyes. One dildo was perhaps four to five inches long, and quite slim. The other was much bigger, at least eight inches in length, and was also thick. She held the smaller one up.

“This is little Willy Greg. The larger one here is called Godzilla. I suggest I use Willy on you Greg, while Lucy and George can tame Godzilla.

I had liked it when she had played with my asshole before, and ‘Willy’ looked like it might fit – just. Lucy took Godzilla and a lube tube from Carol, and they strapped the dildos on.

I got onto my hands and knees on the edge of the bed. Carol knelt behind me, and smeared a liberal amount of lube around the entrance to my asshole, and then stuck first one, then two fingers into me, working my ring, so that it loosened.

George was also on his knees, and already groaning. There seemed to be no gentle start for him. I looked across and saw the slight rus escort figure of Lucy literally ramming into him, slamming her hips forward. I found the sight comical, yet any smile forming on my face was soon removed as ‘Willy’ slipped steadily inside my butt. It hurt, and I felt my cock soften.

“For fuck sake Carol, go easy will you?” I implored her.

“I am going easy. Just relax, you’ll get used to it.”

And the horny forty something was telling the truth. The discomfort gradually subsided, and I felt pleasure as my prostate was stimulated. ‘I quite like being fucked by a woman,’ I thought.

The two women rode us men for several minutes. Carol remained fairly restrained, while in contrast, Lucy looked as though she was trying to literally fuck George’s butt off. Her dirty blond hair was flying about, and she was emitting aggressive, yet feline sounding grunts.

Carol began to work my cock in her cunning right hand as she rode me. I was soon rock hard. She began slamming me harder as I got close to climax, and she was banging me like a veritable piston when I came onto the bed sheets. I lay back on the bed and regained my breath, and the very little that was left of my composure. Carol fed me a massive nipple, encouraging me to suck it for a few minutes as she rolled my balls tenderly in her palms. Youth being youth, I was soon hard again.


The other two had stopped their coupling, and were talking. “I want your cock in my pussy and Greg’s in my ass at the same time,” Lucy was imploring George. Then she looked at me. “Ram that big fuck-stick up my butt.”

George lay on his back. Lucy moved above him, aiming the tip of his condom covered cock at her pussy, then slowly eased herself down until George’s cock was fully buried inside her. She leant her torso downwards, causing her little breasts to crush flat into George’s chest. Lucy spread her small ass cheeks with her hands, wide enough for me to see her secondary aperture wink open a tiny bit in delicious invitation.

Carol leant behind Lucy, and tongued her rosebud briefly, before she got some lube and spread a very generous amount firstly onto the top half of my cock, before working more around the opening, and inside, of Lucy’s asshole. Carol moved away and I took her place, lining my glistening erection up with the entrance of the cute wrinkled star.

“Do me you big bastard. Stick it in. I want it hard!” Lucy veritably beseeched me.

And who was I to refuse such a tenderly spoken appeal? I slipped it in steadily, until I was buried balls deep in her hot, tight butt. She must have been very used to anal sex, as she took it pretty well, and seemed to be merely in only slight discomfort, yet great ecstasy. I thought this quite an achievement, considering she now had about six inches of cock in her cunt and eight up her asshole.

Lucy lay still on George’s cock, allowing me the opportunity to plough her vigorously. Carol moved behind me and slipped a finger into my arse, and finger fucked me in time with my forward thrusts.

Lucy began wriggling about, from side to side, getting friction in her cunt from George’s cock. I put my hands on her hips and used the powerful muscles in my upper thighs and buttocks to drive home powerfully and relentlessly. From time to time I spanked Lucy’s small, taut cheeks, leaving red finger and palm marks there.

Lucy squirmed more dynamically on top of George, and shouted a triumphant call as her body tightened in orgasm. I took this as a cue to fuck her with as much speed and power as I could muster. Sweat was flowing down my forehead by the time I shot waves inside her young asshole.

I eased my cock out with an audible ‘schloop’ sound. Her asshole actually stayed open for a time. It was a cute sight, as almost translucent, sticky cum seeped out slowly from the dull red tunnel. Lucy then rolled off of George, who, still sporting an unsatisfied erection, in turn moved to the adjacent bed, which Carol now adorned languidly, wearing a happy expression on her face.

A sated looking Lucy lay next to me and we exchanged a brief kiss before we observed the married couple. Carol discarded his condom, then lubed George’s cock and jacked him off with a practised hand, slowly, yet firmly drawing her almost closed fist from the base to the tip. Soon, George shot a measure of cum into her palm. I was impressed. ‘He’s getting on a bit, but there is still some gas left in the tank,’ I thought.

That room was utterly saturated with the sweet scent of sex.


A now raddled and ruddy faced George made his way into a large en-suite shower area. After a couple of minutes under the warm jets, he towelled off and took a cream linen suite from a spacious wardrobe. He dressed, replete with a dark fedora hat, and had a triangular, dark blue, silk handkerchief showing from the jacket pocket. ‘What the hell kind of retro look is he aiming for?’ I thought. ‘Mr Suave of 1951?’

“Sorry to have to interrupt our fun, but I need to attend a meeting with my accountant,” he said.

Absurdly, as it seemed to me, he kissed Lucy on the cheek, Carol on the mouth and shook my hand, like the quintessential, yet perverted, English gentleman he genuinely appeared to be.

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