Kitty Falcon’s Invitation

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Kitty Falcon seated herself on the divan, but Trevor Oaks deliberately avoided joining her, sitting opposite her in an armchair.

“He’s going to be a challenge,” Kitty thought, “but he’ll give in before this afternoon is over.”

Her grey eyes gazed at Trevor, an enigmatic smile hovering over her lips. Ever since Trevor had arrived she had been gently seducing him, knowing that with someone like him any sudden move might startle the game and he would make an excuse to flee. Besides, Kitty was enjoying watching Trevor trying to look as if he was above such things, when all the time she could see the sizeable protuberance that was outlined in his shorts.

“Yes, I’ll have him before the afternoon is over, and once he’s had me he won’t ever resist again,” she thought.

At thirty nine Kitty’s face and figure were striking rather than beautiful or pretty, surmounted by curly short ash blonde hair, her high cheek bones were bisected by a handsome aquiline nose; her disconcerting grey eyes and her full lips that always seemed to have a half smile hovering over them as if she were relishing some secret thought, gave her something of the appearance of the bird whose name she bore, Falcon.

Five feet ten tall, her figure matched her height with its long legs, finely moulded hips and prominent breasts that seemed to defy gravity, she was a woman not to be ignored, especially by men and jealous women.

But it was not in her physical appearance alone that men were drawn to her. Female sensuality seemed to radiate from the very pores of her skin, and she exuded a fragrance derived from no perfume, deodorant or soap that cried out, “luscious female.”

* * * * * * * *

Kitty’s first sexual experience occurred when she was quite young. It came about almost by accident when her mother’s current lover called while her mother wasn’t home and Kitty was. Kitty was on the cusp of womanhood and willing to express her self sexually, and it took little persuasion on the lover’s part to get Kitty on the divan with her legs wide open. Thereafter the lover serviced mother and daughter, although the mother knew nothing about Kitty’s liaison with the lover.

It was through this early sexual experience that Kitty discovered three things that thereafter loomed large in her life: first, that she was apparently capable of giving men a sexual experience with a dimension beyond their usual sexual couplings.

The existence of this extra dimension was initially unknown to Kitty and she exercised it instinctively. It was only when that first lover said, “I’ve never felt anything like it before,” and she asked, “What?” and he explained, that enlightenment came. Thereafter she exercised this extra dimension always seeking to enhance its potency.

The second thing she learned was that this extra dimension gave her considerable power over men, who having once experienced it; could not get enough of her.

Thirdly, she discovered that she liked sex – she liked it very much and lots of it — and liked it with a variety of men.

Not being totally naïve Kitty avoided the pregnancy trap until the most unlikely Harold Mickey somehow managed to get past her guard and made her great with child.

Poor Harold, short sighted, cross eyed with thick lens glasses, poor physique and a permanent limp courtesy of infant polio, Kitty had let him fuck her in the backroom of the church hall after a youth club meeting, out of pity rather than desire.

He had two advantages that swung the balance in his favour: he came from a well off family, and he had lively future prospects as a budding accountant. Kitty, having weighed up the pros and cons, and after considerable importuning by Harold, agreed to marry him.

She gave birth to a daughter who was certainly Harold’s offspring, and a son who might or might not have been from the seed of his loins. Kitty, with her need for wide and frequent sexual experiences, had not been content with Harold’s rather substandard sexual performance, and had very soon after their marriage gone in search of more virile sex partners. This eventually led to the demise of their marriage and consequent divorce.

Kitty had brought up their two children in overtly middle class religious respectability. What went on covertly perhaps we shall never fully know. The girl was the first to leave home to reside in a distant city where she said she worked in public service, but as far as Kitty could tell she was not employed by any government agency.

After leaving home her son also went to a distant city and worked in a health centre, declaring that eventually he would open his own establishment; the precise nature of the services provided by the health centre were vague.

Kitty had been very astute in selecting her sex partners. A devout member of the local church, she discovered that the best results were obtained, not from macho and promiscuous men, but from the “respectable” males in the congregation.

Dissatisfied with their dreary wives they easily fell victim altyazılı porno to Kitty’s allure, and proved to be avid lovers. Along with this, the men in question wanted to maintain their outward respectability, and so were keen to keep their sessions with Kitty secret.

This had the advantage that when Kitty decided she’d had enough of a particular lover she could get rid of him relatively easily. If the lover protested, then Kitty only had to hint that she might reveal all, to send the now ex-lover slinking away with his metaphorical tail between his legs.

In this way Kitty was able to keep her sexual activities private, or at least, without provoking more than unsubstantiated suspicions.

Strangely, after years of this promiscuous behaviour, and as middle age approached, Kitty began to feel that she needed to settle down and truly live the respectability she had only worn outwardly.

As if the Deity had recognised her need, Trevor Oaks had risen over Kitty’s horizon. Rumour had it that he was a chaste virgin male and such had never entered Kitty’s life before, and so Trevor was an irresistible challenge for Kitty; but her ambition went beyond conquering Trevor’s virginity. What greater respectability could one have than being the wife of a clergyman?

That became Kitty’s ultimate goal, and such was her confidence in her powers of seduction she believed that Trevor would not be beyond her reach.

* * * * * * * *

Trevor, recently graduated from theological college, at the age of twenty five had taken up his first parish appointment.

Tall, athletic and undoubtedly very handsome, he had been the despair of girls for years. Although his denomination did not require celibacy, in fact it encouraged its clergy to marry because that seemed the safer sexual option, Trevor seemed determined to lead a life of sexual chastity.

He was not immune from the “temptations of the flesh,” and from his very first Sunday service he had sensed the danger that surrounded Kitty Falcon. When he shook hands with her at the end of the service her hand seemed to pulsate disturbingly in his, and as her grey eyes looked into his he had felt a tingling sensation in his groin.

Determined to be a good pastor he made home visits to his flock during the first few weeks after his arrival. The women tended to cluck over him and the men enjoyed his company, telling themselves that he was “a man’s man.”

The one place he had avoided was Kitty’s house. If asked why he might have said, “Well, it’s out on the edge of the parish, but I’ll get around to it eventually.”

It was true that Kitty’s house was on the outer edge of the parish, and the suburb in which it was located was on the outer edge of the city, her house was somewhat isolated and beyond it the wooded hills rose up.

Getting around among his parishioners he learnt a few relevant facts about Kitty. She was a divorcee, and this made her an object of some suspicion in the eyes of the women. She had two children who had left home, and she lived alone.

Since Trevor also lived alone many of his parishioners felt sorry for him, and as a result of this he got frequent invitations to lunch with families, mainly after the Sunday morning service, but also for occasional evening meals during the week.

Not seeing himself as a good cook Trevor was very grateful for these invitations, but they did at times come with a hidden agenda. When the family had an available daughter or daughters of appropriate age, there would be hints and questions about whether he ever thought about getting married. These matrimonial mine fields he picked his way through with great care.

He had a guilty conscience about failing to pay a home visit to Kitty, for even though she went out to work on weekdays, there were the evenings and weekends. And so Trevor found it difficult to refuse the invitation to Sunday lunch and dinner that was eventually extended by Kitty.

“Don’t be formal,” she said, “just come casually dressed, and if you like we can go out for a walk for an hour or so in the hills after lunch.”

She had said this so ingenuously that Trevor wondered if his reluctance to visit her had been really warranted.

* * * * * * * *

After the Sunday morning service Trevor went home and being a warm day he changed as Kitty had suggested into casual clothes he thought appropriate, shorts and a shirt.

On arriving at Kitty’s house he was a trifle disconcerted to see that she had also changed into casual clothes, but he was not sure they were really appropriate.

They consisted of a short skirt that gave an extensive view of her legs, and a halter top that exposed her back and midriff. To make matters worse, she was obviously wearing no bra under the top and her breasts joggled tantalisingly with every movement she made.

Poor Trevor, he hardly knew where to look, but no matter were he did look he was intensely aware of Kitty’s seductive presence, and he began to wish he hadn’t accepted her invitation.

It türkçe altyazılı porno was a relief when they sat down to the excellent lunch she had prepared and his erect penis could be hidden under the table.

When the meal ended Trevor offered to help with the washing up, and it was then that Kitty began the preliminary moves in the campaign: The enigmatic smile; sideways glances; hands and shoulders that just happened to touch; she managed to imbue these seemingly innocent contacts with subtle salacious significance.

Kitty avoided any talk that might have a sexual connotation, considering it better to keep that in reserve. “It’s better to wait until the water is boiling before you pour it into the teapot,” she told herself.

She kept the talk centred on Trevor’s recent theological studies and how he felt about the parish. In replying to her Trevor let it be known that along with the parish work he was continuing his studies with the objective of gaining his Doctor of Divinity degree.

This fired up Kitty’s interest in him even further. A DD! He might rise to high office in the Church, and in her imagination she saw herself rising with him, a devoted wife at his side, ever ready to support him and graciously condescending to lesser mortals like the prime minister or the Governor General. It was the vision splendid.

* * * * * * * *

The afternoon walk was calculated to increase Trevor’s already over stretched sexual arousal. As if acting as his guide along the tracks that wound through the hills, Kitty always managed to walk a little ahead of Trevor. Twice she had to bend down to tie loose shoe laces. Her short skirt rode up to reveal to Trevor firm buttocks.

Arriving at a shady knoll Kitty suggested a rest, and managed to sit a little above Trevor. Her skirt once more rode up to reveal strong, smooth ivory coloured thighs and minuscule panties with the cloth that passed under her crotch sinking into an almost visible cleft.

Recommencing their walk Kitty discovered that the tie round the back of her neck that supported her halter top was too loose, and would Trevor mind tightening it for her. This had the effect of raising her already upward tending breasts even further and moulding the cloth round her nipples.

Kitty felt that she had already got Trevor in her clutches, and was tempted to bring about the denouement there on some soft grassy bank, but no grassy bank seemed to be available, and in any case she decided that it would be better to strike in the comfort of the house.

Along with chatter about the passing scene, and beauty of the view and the loveliness of the bird song, Kitty was trying to visualise the moves she would make back in the house, and where she would strike the final blow that would relieve Trevor of his virginity; would it be on her bed, the scene of so many previous victories?

Perhaps the divan, that had seen the conquest of quite a few men; or even on the carpet in the lounge; that had often served; but so had the dining room and kitchen tables when she had sat on them, legs spread wide, knees raised, and the man standing in front of her howling with ecstasy as he experienced her extra dimension.

Kitty found it a puzzle because she’d never had to deal with a virgin before, and certainly not such a potentially resistant male. She told herself she would have to play it by ear, or by whatever more appropriate part of her anatomy was required.

* * * * * * * *

Back at the house Trevor, struggling with the temptations that felt like a million demons, began to make moves that suggested he was about to depart.

Deciding that a new approach might be needed to counter the situation she said plaintively, “You’re not leaving me are you?”

“Oh…I…think it’s time I was going, thank you for…for the…”

“But the invitation was for the evening meal as well, Trevor,” Kitty said even more dolefully. I was so looking forward to spending the rest of the day with you.”

“Ah…well…the…er…evening service, I’ve got to…”

“We could comeback here after the evening service and have supper together,” Kitty suggested, looking at him with big innocent eyes.

“Well…I…er…” Trevor began, before mumbling to a stop.

“Time for a little gentle blackmail,” Kitty thought.

She placed her hand on his chest and as she spoke she eased him back towards the arm chair.

“Trevor,” she warbled, “I know you’ve been visiting all the other people but you’ve never come to see me, and that was very unkind of you. If I hadn’t invited you you’d never have come to see me.”

“Yah-yes I wer-would have,” Trevor stammered, “It’s just that I’ve been so…so…”

“I started to feel that you didn’t like me,” Kitty continued, “but we’ve had such a nice time together and we’re just starting to get to know each other, so why go rushing off.”

She was very close to him and her female fragrance was more intoxicating than ever.

“She’s leading you into temptation…into sin,” hd altyazılı porno his inner angel cried out.

“Why don’t you shut up?” his demon retorted, “you’ve had your way with him for years, it’s my turn now.”

“Don’t listen to him,” his angel pleaded, “you’ll end up in the fiery pit for all eternity.”

“Take no notice of her,” his demon said forcefully. “Never mind about the fiery pit, you’ve got a woman offering you heaven now.”

Trevor, torn between an eternity in paradise or the inferno, muttered “Oh…well…yes…I suppose I can…”

“Lovely,” Kitty said, giving him a final gentle push that got him seated.

She looked at him for a few seconds; clearly he was in a pitiful state of sexual arousal. She could almost see his hard extended penis throbbing with anticipation — anticipation that it had for so long been denied.

“He’s ready,” Kitty thought, “Just take it slowly. “Excuse me for a few moments Trevor,” she said, and with that she left him.

“She’s an evil woman,” the angel yelled.

“She a damned attractive woman,” the demon whispered in his ear.

Kitty returned and sitting down at his feet she rested her head on his knees. “It’s lovely to have you here Trevor,” she said, her hand starting to stroke his thigh. “I knew that once you got to know me a little we would get on wonderfully, and we do, don’t we?”

The angel and the demon were both yelling at him but he was so lost in Kitty’s nearness and fragrance he couldn’t hear them.


Her hand had brushed his penis sending confused messages to his brain. Her hand brushed again and this time remained.

“I know how we could get to know each other even better,” she said in a low voice.

“Yer-you der-do, aaargh,” Trevor yelped as she gave his penis a squeeze.

“I think we’re going to be very good friends,” Kitty murmured, and friends do nice things for each other.”

Trevor wanted to ask what sort of things but his throat felt as if it had something stuck in it, and anyway he knew what sort of things because his angel negatively and his demon positively, were informing him about what things.

Kitty tugged down the zip of his flies and extracted his penis.

And slowly caressing it she said, “You really are a big boy aren’t you.”

She ran her finger delicately over the head of his penis, and then leaned over it to lick its tip, tasting the precum it had been discharging for most of the afternoon. She began sucking it and Trevor made a heroic effort and rallied.

“No…no…you can’t…we can’t we mustn’t.”

Kitty removed her mouth from his penis and asked, “Why not?”

“It’s…it’s sinful.”

“Is it?”

“Yes…yes, it says so in the bible.”

“Does it, where does it say that?”

Trevor tried to remember the relevant texts but they wouldn’t come to mind. Kitty was sucking is penis again and the only thing that did come to mind was the single word, “Fornication…fornication…” he cried out, but Kitty ignored him.

A vision of Dante’s “Inferno” rose up in Trevor’s mind. What punishment was meted out to fornicators? He couldn’t remember but he knew it had be something horrible, like having his testicles boiled in guaranteed pure Italian olive oil for all eternity.

Suddenly he didn’t care anymore. Kitty had stopped sucking his penis and was sitting astride him. During her absence from the room she had removed her panties and she was now slowly swirling the head of his penis over her saturated genitals.

“You like that darling?” she asked, “Does it feel good?”

“Y-a-a-a-s,” Trevor gasped.

Kitty guided his penis to the opening of her vagina and then let it gradually slide inside her.

Trevor gasped as he felt the satin smoothness and warmth of her flooded tunnel envelop his length.

As if having been privy to his demon’s words Kitty said, “Better heaven now than wait until you die.”

She leaned forward and kissed him open mouthed, her tongue flickering, and then reaching behind her neck she undid the halter top which fell down to reveal her breasts.

Trevor seemed to be immobilised and so as she began to move up and down on his penis Kitty drew his hands to her breasts, and saying, “Touch me there,” she pressed his fingers round the delectable mounds with a pulsating rhythm.

Kitty was awaiting her moment, “Not yet…wait…wait…” she told herself.

She remained still for a while as she encouraged Trevor to suck her nipples. Her timing, she believed, had to be more carefully gauged than ever before.

It was as she sensed that Trevor was close to coming into her and her own orgasm was becoming ever more difficult to hold back, she unleashed her extra dimension.

Her often used and well practiced vaginal muscle gripped his penis hard. “Oh Aaaagh,” Trevor howled like a wounded animal, feeling as if she would suck him into her whole.

Instead she seemed to suck the sperm out of his testes. As is spurted out of his urethra he howled again and Kitty finally released her orgasm.

Pounding up and down on him furiously she was crying out, “You beast…you beautiful beast…ah…ah…ohaaa…darling…I’ll eat you…eat you…ohwaa…darling…oh my God…”

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