Korean Kool-Aid Ch. 01

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This story is mostly true. I say mostly because of changing the names of the guilty as well as the innocent, but also because I have even forgotten most of the names that I did know. I am writing from a series of memories that may be somewhat clouded, and I embellished somewhat. I hope you enjoy this journey into my sordid past. This account is a tale of some of my experiences from a tour in South Korea in the late 70’s, so things have certainly changed since then.


CHAPTER 1 – Welcome to Korea. WTF?


I awoke with a hangover. Dry mouth, headache and a taste that reminded me of cat-shit made me want to close my eyes and sleep it off, but I knew that I had to force myself up. I slowly came to life and got my eyelids to stay up. I awoke to a smell that I have never experienced. The smell of soup, perfume and sex would stay with me for a long time.

I was greeted with an unknown sight. I tried to focus and realized that I didn’t know where I was. I turned in bed, and slowly focused on a young black haired Korean girl lying next to me. I knew this girl was over eighteen, but my inexperience with Asians made me think that she was young. Her smooth skin and long dark hair made me stop and stare for several seconds. She was so peaceful lying there so close to me. I saw her open her dark eyes and she gave me one of the most inviting smiles that I have ever gotten. She looked so innocent that I felt a little ashamed of what I might have done last night.

I didn’t remember how I got here, but I suddenly realized that there was a formation this morning on base and I needed to be there. I rolled out of the bed, naked, and began collecting my clothes that were spread on the floor, chair and a small nightstand.

The girl sat up and began mumbling something that I couldn’t understand; Korean. I was able to view her for the first time and I was frozen as I drank in the sight of her long straight black hair and questioning dark eyes. She was really pretty, and I wished that I could speak to her. The sight of her small breasts above the cover as she spouted noises that I couldn’t understand, and those hard, dark nipples that must have been an inch long made me think of crawling back into bed.

I must have stared at her for several minutes. I couldn’t believe that I had spent the night with her. I also couldn’t believe that I was too wasted to remember it.

Moments later I stepped outside of a door and squinted at the sun that was peeking over the tops of the short buildings. I wondered – ‘Where the fuck am I’? There is no way that I can describe that feeling. The fear of not knowing where you are, and not knowing how to get where you need to be is haunting.

My first night in Korea and I may be in big trouble already! I was beginning to panic, trying to get my bearings.

My name is Andy Crawford. I was in Korea with an organization known as the United States Army, and I knew within 24 hours that it was going to be a wild year. Just like the saying goes; I was young, dumb and full of cum.

I had arrived in Seoul the day before and was taken through in-processing. We were supposed to begin our orientation of the county today. We were told that we were confined to the base until after the orientation, so after dinner I decided to go to the barracks and relax with a book.

As I lay in my bunk I reached for a book. Bob walked to the lockers at the bunk next to me and started changing into jeans and a civilian shirt.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Going to town.” Came the reply. “I’ve been to Korea Escort Çankaya before.”

I stood and started changing into jeans. “I’m going with you.” I was a little nervous when we reached the front gate, but there was no check of our ‘confined’ status by the guards at all. We were out the gate and headed for a bar in no time.

We got a cab and ended up on a club lined street somewhere in Seoul. I was like a kid in a candy store, taking in all of the lights and drinking in the sights of pretty, young Asian women all over the place. This surely must be a dream, I thought.

Beer and clubs soon had me feeling good, and the pretty Korean strippers had me feeling great. I was really feeling no pain, sitting at a table with Bob and two Korean honeys when Bob dropped a bomb on me.

He slid a drink toward me and said it was ‘Korean Koolaid’. I took a drink and the taste was somewhere between Vodka and Sake. I gave him a thumbs up sign and focused my attention on one of the pretty girls sitting with us.

My vision started to blur after that drink. Then…

“It’s almost midnight.” Bob informed me, pointing to his watch. “We need to find a place to stay.”

I didn’t grasp the full meaning of what he had said for several seconds.

“what do you mean?” I slurred.

“Curfew.” He said. “We can’t be on the streets after curfew.” He pointed to one of the girls sitting with us. “I’m going to stay with her. You better find a place to stay for the night.”

That’s when things got fuzzy. I remember staggering down an uneven road with my arm around a pretty young black haired girl. We ended up in a small room that could have been a motel room, but I had no idea where we were…

Now, as I stood on the street with the morning sun low in the sky, I didn’t know what direction to start in. I knew I needed to get back to the base, and Bob was nowhere in sight. I settled on Left and started walking slowly, wondering where I was headed. I was hung over and each step seemed like torture. My head hurt and I was resisting the urge to vomit on the street. After a couple of blocks I noticed something that made me want to drop to my knees and give thanks. An army jeep headed through an intersection ahead of me. I moved in that direction and finally made it to the front gate of the army base. I still don’t know how I did it, but I made it to the barracks while the group was at breakfast. I changed as quickly as I could and made it to the orientation. I was reeking of booze and I nursed a hangover until lunch, but at least I was where I was supposed to be.

That evening I lay on my bunk, dozing, until Bob started changing clothes. As if that was my cue, I changed into my jeans and we retraced our steps to the bar.

This time I knew what to expect and I slowed down on the drinking. Before long I was sitting at a bar called the Playboy Club with a young Korean girl sitting on my lap. She was a typical Korean; small breasts, straight black hair, dark piercing eyes and she was dressed in a nice top and a short skirt. She was squirming on my hard cock as I tried to understand her broken English.

I knew that she was enjoying the engorged penis that she was sitting on because she would smile as she wiggled her ass on it. Her smile was precious and made me so horny I wanted to put her on the floor right there.

“You want fucky fucky?” She would ask as she rotated her small tight ass on me.

“Yes.” I answered as I pinched one of her nipples. What else was I going to say?

She was kissing me deeply as I moved my hand from her now hard nipple to her leg. I caressed her leg and moved my hand upward until Çankaya Escort I reached under her short skirt. I was slowly rubbing her moist panties when she sucked my tongue into her mouth. I knew that we could be seen by others in the club if they were in the right place, but I had been drinking enough not to care.

I felt her hard clit through her moist panties as she reached my chest and rubbed. We kissed, her tongue darting into my mouth. I was so horny I would have fucked anything!

As it got closer to 11:30 she stood and led me to the front door.

I must have had more to drink than I thought, because I don’t remember how we got to the room. I know that I paid an older woman and the young girl and I ended up in a small room.

I was sitting on the bed when she sat on my lap and started kissing me passionately. I was as hard as I have ever been. I was looking at her dark eyes and I felt that everything was as it should be; this is what really mattered. I fondled her breasts and she removed her top. I was sucking a hard nipple in my mouth as she unbuckled my belt. I tongued her nipple and it was longer than any girls nipple that I had ever seen.

I was with an Asian girl. Everyone knew that Asian pussy wasn’t the same as any other. I had fantasized about Asian pussy and I really wanted to know if the stories that I heard about them were true. I had seen porn with Asian women, and I hoped that they really were raised to please men. I knew that this was going to be an experience that I wouldn’t forget. I just hoped that I didn’t cum too soon to get my money’s worth.

She moved away from me long enough to release my cock from my jeans and start licking the tip of it. I closed my eyes as she closed her lips on the head of my cock. I leaned back on the bed as she moved her lips down the shaft toward my pubic hair. her lips felt like velvet sliding down my shaft. I was looking at her black hair as her lips reached my crotch. I realized that my whole cock was in her mouth and it felt like heaven. I tried to think of something else… anything, just not to cum when I felt the back of her throat with the head of my penis.

After a few minutes I couldn’t take it anymore. I gently cradled her head in my hands and lifted those full soft lips off of my cock.

She gave me a puzzled look. “No likey?”

I didn’t answer. Instead, I lay her on her back and knelt beside the bed so that I could look at that pretty dark haired pussy. I spread her moist lips and was amazed at the soft hair that framed her pink cunt. Her hair was nothing like what I was used to, and I wanted to stroke it. I moved my tongue along her lips; up one side of that wet slit and down the other. I savored the taste and smell, and of course the texture of her soft pubic hair.

I was savoring the taste of her and I couldn’t believe how wet she was. Shit, it was like a river down there. Her juice was soaking my face and it was flowing down to her ass. I loved it! I love a soaking wet pussy, and hers was heaven to me.

I slid my hands up to cup her little ass cheeks and spread her slit with my thumbs. I was making circles with my tongue on her clit. I savored her smell and taste. It was such a musky and clean smell that I wanted to stay there staring at her sex all night. I used her juices to wet my thumbs and slid one of them into her tight hot pussy. Her hips were leaving the bed to allow my tongue to better stroke her clit, and I felt her hole tighten. I used my other thumb to tease her puckered butt hole. I slowly pushed inside her ass and after a short while of pushing in and out of her ass and licking faster and harder I felt her Çankaya Escort Bayan orgasm build. Her moaning got louder and suddenly I felt her ass pulse, gripping my thumb as she held my head and pushed my mouth harder against her clit until the waves of her orgasm stopped.

I removed my tongue from her clit after her orgasm, and I started to move a finger inside that pussy. It was tight. I pushed and my finger slowly slid inside of the tightest pussy that I have ever felt. I got one finger inside and I could feel her pussy grip it. I started pushing a second finger inside and I wondered how my cock would ever fit in her. She was tighter than anyone I had been with. I finally got two fingers inside and it seemed that her pussy started to loosen up a little.

I moved and teased the entry to her pussy with the head of my dick. She pushed her wet cunt toward me, gasped, and the head of my penis disappeared inside of her. It felt like a fist grabbing me it was so tight and warm. I slowly pushed and buried my cock as far as it would go inside of that wet, tight pussy. She closed her eyes as I slowly moved my dick back so that just the head was inside of her. I watched her face as I slid back inside of that sheath. She was beautiful. I wanted to keep my dick inside of that pussy as long as I could. I never had felt anything like that before.

She gasped as I pushed my dick to the hilt inside of that tight cunt. I stopped when I was in as far as I could go and just savored the feeling of my cock being squeezed. I could feel her muscles squeeze and relax in a rhythm that had me holding my breath. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I felt her heels on my ass as she pulled me inside as deep as I could go. Her pussy felt like a fist grasping my cock.

I waited as long as I could, watching her narrow dark eyes smile up at me, and then I started fucking her as hard as I could. Her gasps and high pitched squeaks were like a chant urging me on. I was like a mad sex beast fucking her like my life depended on it. I was gasping and sweating until, far too soon, I felt my cock pump hot cum deep inside that tight cunt.

I collapsed on top of her and left my cock inside of her pussy. I didn’t get soft, and it wasn’t long before I had her on her knees.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her small tight butt as I slid my cock back inside of that warm, tight pussy. My cum made it slippery and she was thrusting back into me as I drove into her hard and fast. I was mesmerized by the white froth of pussy juice mixed with my cum that was coating my cock. The sight of that white juice dripping from her dark lipped cunt as I thrust in and out was beautiful. I found myself near another orgasm. I leaned over her back and found her nipples and rolled them between my thumbs and fingers. She was moaning louder and I knew I couldn’t wait much longer to cum.

I pulled out and lay down on the bed next to her. As if on cue, she straddled me. I got a good look at that black haired snatch as she lowered herself over me; driving my straining hard cock back into that wonderful pussy.

She rocked back and forth, up and down as I watched her full lips as she moaned. She closed her eyes and I could feel her pussy grip my cock as she came again. I couldn’t hold out any longer and sprayed another load of cum in her as she relaxed and lay on me. I stroked her hair and kissed her eyelids before she rolled off of me and made her way to the wash basin and washed her pussy.

I awoke during the night and fucked her again. A slow gentle fuck that seemed almost like a dream. I was totally spent by the time I slept again.

The next morning was better than the last one in that I hadn’t been as hungover, and I knew the general direction to the base. Life was good.

I was happy with my introduction to Korea. Little did I know that was only the beginning of my Korean experience, and it was only going to get better.

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