Krysta’s Dare

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“Oh, my God that feels so good!” Krysta thought as she concentrated on her most favorite feeling in the world.

“Ah, yes! That’s it. Yeah, just like that! Keep it at that pace babe, yes!” she kept thinking as every beautiful nerve ending in her body was being stimulated.

Krysta was a beautiful woman, some would call her skinny but many would call her body frame just perfect. Her breast were rather small, perhaps a B cup, but in her frame a C cup would be too much. Her hair was long and flowing reddish blonde with just a hint of a curl. Her eyes were the softest blue the sky had ever offered. Her delicate skin was full of nerve endings that tended to reach a hypercritical stage when she was in the middle of a sexual encounter. Her lovely long legs took your eyes from her tiny ankles all the way up her well shaped calf, up a muscular thigh to the most deliciously round buttocks a woman ever had. In short, Krysta was a beautiful woman.

Krysta was successful at everything she set out to do, whether in business, sports, or in her personal life. Krysta had a voracious appetite for the feelings life had to offer. That’s why she and Dave were together. They were both driven individuals with a lust for sex neither had ever seen in any other partner – and there had been many for both. A couple of weeks ago Dave had posed a dare to Krysta: and that was something you didn’t do with her. She would make it happen, at any cost. And, in this case since it was a sexual dare, it made her more eager to do it.

Dave and Krysta had been in the throws of passion with Krysta sitting on top of Dave’s beautiful tongue, something that always sent shivers all over her body, and sucking on his cock. That’s when Dave uttered the challenge.

“Oh, Babe that feels so good! I love it when you lick the back of my cock.” Dave had innocently started.

She took long passionate strokes of his cock to match the sensation of Dave’s tongue on her lips and clit. Oh, how she loved the feel of those long stroked that dove deep inside of her before coming out and caressing her clit, before starting the journey again, and again, and again till she exploded.

“You are the type of sexy nymphomaniac that needs more attention than one man can give you, but you just don’t have what it takes…” he said, letting the first challenging words sink into her sexually aroused brain.

Krysta enjoyed his challenges, they aroused her even more than all the sexual attention he always paid to her.

“What do you mean?” she replied letting him know that she was up for anything. Then returning to sucking on his cock and caressing his balls and further down.

Dave took great pleasure in noticing that she took the bait so willingly and rewarded her by caressing that soft little sphincter and letting his tongue rest right where she enjoyed the most, before kissing her softly in the most private of places.

“I just don’t think you’ll know how great your body can make you feel until you explore a gang bang with men and women helping you cum time after time.” Dave said letting the hook dangle just inside her mouth, making sure he had the perfect reaction before setting it, and with it setting in motion a very erotic set of events.

“I don’t know…” said Krysta holding his cock with both hands and sliding her tongue up and down the opening, trying to coax the last bit of pre-cum out of his cock and into her eager tongue.

“Like I said, I just don’t think you have the balls Anadolu Yakası Öğrenci Escort to do it. At least, not from where I’m laying” he said with a Cheshire cat smile; the hook was set!

Krysta’s head exploded with rage at Dave’s audacity. How could he think that she would not take on a gangbang if that were what she wanted? The anger drove her sexual pleasure even higher and Dave’s manipulation of her ass and his tongue in her cunt drove her higher, and higher toward that flickering ember deep in her belly where all her orgasms started. She repaid Dave’s kindness by stroking his cock and sucking it at the same time giving him the signal that she was about to cum and wanted his cum in her mouth as she came.

Dave felt the familiar sensation inside his ball sack; the tingling that announces the upcoming eruption. He imagined her mouth full of his cum and the image of her being ravaged by several men and women just drove his mind over the boiling point. He felt the start of his orgasm and felt the ropes in his body form, the ropes that exploded into large squirts of semen and sperm filling her mouth. He knew she would enjoy his orgasm and that made him feel even better. He drove his fingers deeper up her ass and his tongue deeper in her cunt. He gently flicked her clit, faster and faster giving her his energy.

Krysta felt Dave’s gorgeous cock fill up with cum, the lovely cum that in a few moments would fill her mouth, and satiate her nerve ending’s need to be stimulated. The first feeling of explosion from Dave would hit the roof or her mouth she knew, and that would go right to her clit where Dave’s beautiful attention would build upon it and make her own orgasm trigger. She helped Dave postpone the actual eruption till his balls were so full of cum they would rupture if they didn’t release: and, release they did!

“Mmmmm…” came the wonderful sound from Krysta as Dave exploded into her.

“Oh, babe…” he cried out as he came. He had never known a woman that actually craved cum like Krysta did. She had given him blow jobs just for her own pleasure – no woman had ever done that for him, he had always had do return the favor or maneuver his way to getting a blow job, but not with this beautifully sexy woman whose mouth was now full of his cum.

Krysta enjoyed the sensation of the first spasm of cum into her mouth, and then coaxed the second and then a third, licking the head of his cock to make sure not a drop of his cum was kept from giving her the pleasure she wanted. That’s when it happened, the feeling of his cum, the feeling of his love for her, the feeling of his lust for her, all conspired to give her a wonderful start to her fireball that would end in her orgasm.

That’s what they had always been for her, since her fingers had first found that incredible button between her legs. It always starts with soft embers, sort of left over from her last orgasm. Embers that never quite go out, and a man’s or a woman’s attention to her clit tends to fan into life again. Ah, there it was the feeling of the embers catching fire in her belly, at the thought of that lovely little redhead in her office eating at her pussy right next to Dave. The nerve endings inside her cunt were now begging for attention, the fire in her belly started a flashpoint all over her body and then it was everywhere. Just like a fireball, the explosion was all consuming and she let her body take over. Her feet tingled, her mouth tingled, Anadolu Yakası Çıtır Escort her nipples were so hard, her toes tingled, her thighs tingled and Dave’s attention to her clit had not waned for a moment. He still drove her higher and hire, even fanning the fireball into higher temperatures. Her whole body weight was on his face.
“What a beautiful face to fuck like this…” she thought as she ground her hips into the thrusting of his finger up her ass, and his tongue on her clit. Her orgasm built to the apex of her climax and then gently – like a leaf falling on a calm autumn’s day – her spasms faded, leaving her feeling relaxed, complete and ever so horny for the feel of his cock deep inside every one of her orifices. That’s when it hit her – the setting of the hook. It took her lust filled mind a while to realize that she had been dared.

“What the fuck do you mean, I don’t have what it takes to get gang banged?” she said to Dave as she licked cum off his face.

“I just mean that you tend to be all talk when your orgasm is building but you don’t have what it takes to give yourself fully to the sexual being inside of you!” he retorted and kissed her mouth deeply, forcing his tongue deep into the mouth he had moments ago filled with cum.

“You’ll see…” is all she said. And it was at that moment that her plans began to take shape: The plans that lead to this evening’s sexual orgy in her apartment. She had figured out the guys that had always wanted to fuck her and all the girls she knew in a carnal sense and invited them all, all 10 of them, to a sex toy party at her house. What they didn’t know was that she was the sex toy she had in mind. The only problem that had surfaced was that Dave’s flight back from his business trip was late and he still wasn’t there. They had spoken on the cell phone and everyone at the party had greeted him, so he know that something was up. He knew he wanted to be there!

Krysta’s body was filled with the most beautiful of feelings. Dave had been so right about a gangbang. It was incredible to be the center of all the attention. It was so different from the times when they had fucked other couples. This was all about her sexual pleasure. This was about Tony’s beautiful cock up her tingling ass. This was about Anna’s soft lips and tongue on her cunt. This was about Tim’s gorgeous dark skinned cock in her mouth, and the incredible feeling of his balls caressing her forehead. This was about Kim’s ruby red lips kissing her swelling face as Tim fucked her face. It was about Anna and Nicks mouths sucking her nipples and her breast.

Krysta reveled in every single sensation. She took Tim’s cock out of her mouth just to feel Kim’s feminine lips kiss her hungry mouth, share in Tim’s pre-cum and then allowing him to fuck her till he filled her mouth and someone else took his place. She could see from her totally fucked position that a man’s cock was about to enter a woman’s ass right above her face, as the woman (she couldn’t think of who she was) straddled her face and she could watch her get fucked and could feel her cum on her own tongue.

“Ahhh, how she loved being fucked like this.” She thought. It was so incredible to watch sex, and to be the center of the attention. With that she had another orgasm. How many orgasms had she had? She totally lost count, and here came another wave all over her.

She wanted one more thing. She wanted to be at the center of a circle jerk Anadolu Yakası Elit Escort and to have all her male lovers cum on her, while she made out with the ladies in the room. Especially that lovely little read head she had finally seduced to get to this party. The men obeyed her command and laid her down on the dining room table. The girls kissed her and she watched the man grab their beautiful, beautiful cocks.

Krysta was the complete center of attention, and was going to watch all the men around her release the cum onto her body, onto the body of whomever was making out with her at the time and then she would play with that lovely sticky cum. The thoughts of it fired incredibly sexual pictures in her mind. The only sad part was that Dave was missing all of this.

One by one her lovers started to cum, not only the men but also the women who had been watching and masturbating themselves. The first spew of cum was just over her head landing on her lovely tits. The cum was on fire and she eagerly anticipated the next shot, because it would not have the same force and some of it would hit her mouth and face. And, sure enough the second and third did just that.

Men were cumming all over her, and women were jumping on her body to play with it, feed it to her and helping her enjoy the feel of that lovely little red head between her legs. She just loved getting eaten by a woman, and this woman knew exactly what to do to her clit and her cunt to drive her wild. She started to cum when one of the women straddled her face and she felt another load of cum land on her belly. She rode the feelings from her cunt, and drove her own face into that lovely cunt on her face; as another orgasm started its course through her body.

Dave was driving as fast as he could, trying to get home from the airport. He pulled into his parking spot with tires screaming for mercy. He jumped out of the car before it settled.

“Hold that door!!!” He shouted to Mrs. Morris who had just got home ahead of him.

He pushed the button for the ninth floor about a hundred thousand times, trying to get the elevator to climb faster. But fate conspired against him. Mrs. Morris’ friend Agnes got on the elevator on the first floor and held the door open for her husband.

“Damned old people… Move, move, move!!!” he shouted in his mind; all the time showing a pleasant smile to all.

“Pardon me…” Dave excused himself and ran for the stairs. Nine floors could not be that hard for a man that ran six miles a day. He started by taking three steps at a time, and grabbing the handrails for acceleration.

By the time Dave reached the ninth floor he was going up one step at a time and covered in sweat from head to toe. But he was driven by the beautiful image of his wife being ravaged by everyone in the room. He anticipated the need for keys on as he had reached the eighth floor and had them in hand as he burst through the stairway door.

“Hello again…” said Mrs. Morris stepping out of the elevator and blocking his way to the door of his condo apartment.

“Hello Mrs. Morris.” Dave said, and added “I missed my jog this morning so I thought I’d get a quick stair in before dinner.” And with that he was finally able to put the key in the lock.

Krysta was opening the door at the same time. Her face all flushed with happiness. She was kissing Kim and Tim good night.

“Hi…” said a startled Dave who had not anticipated the door to be pulled away from his hand like that.

“Hi!!!” Krysta answered with a most welcoming tone in her voice.

“What’s going on… where’s everyone going?” asked Dave.

“Oh, hon, you missed it. It was incredible. They all gangbanged me into more orgasms than I can count.” Krysta said with a satiated smile and a soft embers still burning in her belly.

The End…?

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