Kuchman Diary Pt. 02 Ch. 01: Scaling

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I was gone for 3 months soon after the ‘gift’ was given to me. After a refreshing night with Pooja, I was walking in, around 10 AM the next day, to the office they had set up for me at Ps. I noticed the women in the scarf room weren’t in their uniforms.. which I found odd.

I was lost in the financial news and didn’t think much of it. An hour later, when Pooja came by asking if I needed anything, I asked ‘Why aren’t Naina and Nidhi in their uniforms?’

‘Sir, we started a new campaign to focus on one room the second Friday of each month. This is to showcase designs, and the creativity of the women managing that room. We also want to allow customers to engage. They get to design their own which we will make for them or buy any of our creations at a discount. What you saw today were Naina and Nidhi’s creations. Let me bring them here, so you can have a closer look sir.’

‘I don’t want to interrupt your day with customers Pooja.’

‘Mona and Mimi can handle the customers for now, Sir. Naina and Nidhi will be thrilled to show you their.. ‘ she left giving me a naughty smile.. oh my lucky stars!!

Naina and Nidhi walked into my office smiling ‘Sir, Pooja asked us to come here.. how may we help you sir.’

‘I was just curious on why you weren’t in your uniforms today. Pooja explained the campaign.. and more importantly she says, you are wearing your own creations..’

‘It is more Pooja’s inspiration, but we put together what we are wearing ourselves.. more than designs, we focused on how to wear scarves sir.’ Naina said.

She came closer to stand right in front of me after I swiveled my executive chair to get a better look. Naina continued ‘I wanted to focus on the thigh, sir. So, I chose this white sleeveless mini dress.. such that it reaches just to the middle of my thigh, sir. I wore these white stilettos to raise them further, showing my shaved and smooth legs. Now, to showcase that thigh, instead of a traditional garter belt, I tied a soft and silky scarf just below the hem of mini. For it to pop in color, I chose this sky blue striped one tied into a knot.. a thigh band!’

‘Sexy yet elegant.. very clever Naina’

She continued ‘I have the long earrings to add to that look.. I let me hair loose and flowing.. to focus on the other scarf which I chose as a hair band.. ‘

‘You look stunning and chic Naina..’

‘Thank you sir.. But, you really have to feel it sir.’ So, saying she sat on the desk, crossing her legs elegantly, with her scarf- thigh band right in front of me. She intentionally crossed her legs in away to give me a view of her matching striped sky blue panties.. I stood up and put my hands on the scarf on her head, and kissed her forehead.. slowly moved my hands down and pulled down the zipper for her dress at the back, while my lips found her lips and went into a passionate kiss. I pulled the dress off her shoulders, till the striped light blue bra was fully visible. I moved my hands and mouth down her body, till they reached the thigh band… I caressed it with my lips.. and sat down in the chair. She uncrossed her legs, giving me a full view of her panties.. I was very hard by then.

I took a breather.. and looked at Nidhi.

Nidhi described her creation as ‘I took inspiration from Payal, and went with a high pony tail, Sir. Instead of going with a collar like tight scarf around my neck, I chose to keep it very loose with a knot at it’s end. This scarf is long enough, that I skipped wearing a top, wearing just the bra instead, letting the scarf flow over my breasts. I added to that look by tying this scarf around my wrist, forging bangles and watch. I kept the bottom simple with this flowing midi skirt, sir.’

I pulled her towards me, and kissed her wrist that had the scarf and said ‘Truly a pleasure seeing your creation.. It’s actually more than a pleasure, as I am too hard right now.’

‘Wonderful to hear sir. We wanted to drive men crazy too, while keeping it sensual for our customers.. May I take care of your hardness, sir?’ Naina said.

‘Actually Nidhi, you take it in your mouth. Naina, you lean back.’

I moved my executive chair a little aside, so Nidhi could go underneath the desk. I then pulled closer to the desk, in a way that Nidhi was below the desk, while Naina’s legs were on the armrests. Nidhi unzipped me, took my penis in her mouth, while I took a good look at Naina’s panties first, before bringing my mouth to it. I pulled her panties aside and licked her labia, while my thumb worked on her clit.. While my penis was being played by Nidhi below, I inserted two fingers into Naina’s vagina, feeling all her wetness.

I paused and asked Nidhi to come out. I stood and went behind Nidhi. I held her high ponytail in my right hand, and the scarf in my left and tugged at them, getting a moan from her. Holding them, I lowered her mouth to reach Nania’s pussy. When she started licking at it, I let go of the ponytail and scarf, lifted her skirt all the way, and pulled down her panties. I went back to holding her ponytail and Bostancı Escort scarf, tugged at them again, which made her tongue go deeper into Naina. I inserted my penis into Nidhi’s vagina. I rode her. All of us were becoming breathless, with the moans getting louder and our bodies starting to shake. All three of us came together in what felt like an earthquake.

Wow. We stayed in the same position while our bodies calmed. Just then Payal walked in ‘Sir, I have.. er.. sorry..’

‘It’s okay Payal, we were just done’

‘Naina, Nidhi, too many customers today.. freshen up quickly and get back to your scarf room. I will take care of Sir.’

At that they adjusted their clothes and headed to the restroom, while Payal got to her knees and licked my penis of all cum and juices. She used a towel to wipe it dry. I pulled up underwear and jeans.

‘How was threesome sir?’

‘I don’t think I can handle two women at the same time.. but, this time the moment was just right and it turned out very pleasurable. Have you explored another girl?’

‘I certainly am curious.. never tried though’

‘Have an eye for anyone here?’


Sensing her hesitation, I switched topics. ‘So, what did you want to discuss with me?’

‘I am thinking of scaling.. let me get Pooja and Priya also.’

Once they were all seated, Payal started ‘Now, that we are able to produce higher quantities, I am thinking we should open another store Sir’

‘Mumbai seems like the right place where we will have plenty of our target consumers.. with luck we’ll capture Bollywood’s attention!’ Priya chimed in.

‘Sure.. Both of you head out tomorrow and spend a week there. Pooja, can you manage.. maybe it’s time to find an operations manager.’ I said.

‘Good idea, sir. I will manage for a week, but we definitely need to find someone, if we move ahead with this.’

‘Okay.. go ahead. Do you have someone from your offices with real estate experience there Payal?’

‘Sudeep is our resident expert there. I will inform Ramchand Brothers and reach out to him.’

‘Let me know if I can help.. else, have a good time in Mumbai.’

Two days later, as I was browsing through some news items, Payal called, ‘Sir, I might have found the right person to be the COO to run our operations.’

‘That was rather quick. Either way, you are the CEO and if you so choose, discuss it with Pooja and Priya and hire. You don’t need me.’

‘Sir, in this case I do. Not only do I trust your judgement, I might be biased in this case, as she was my junior in college. She’s very smart and operationally thorough.’

‘Sure. I am always available when you need me. Send her over.’

‘One note of caution.. she has a dirty mouth.. maybe just not the mouth’ and she hung up. That intrigued me.

The next day Pooja entered while I was reading the Financial Times on my laptop. She looked mouth watering.. white floral sheer saree.. white sleeveless blouse through which the white bra was clearly visible.. white heels.. long earrings.. hair in a bun with white flowers.. She let me recover before she said, ‘Payal’s recommendation, Shilpa, is here.’

Shilpa.. what can I say.. my luck continues. She was in a white tight shirt with a couple of buttons open, gray pencil skirt going upto her knees.. gray stilettos.. dressed to kill are the words that came to my mind..

‘May I leave her with you, Sir?’ Pooja asked.

‘Actually stay, Pooja. Shilpa, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I had something different in mind.’

‘Wow.. a threesome and we just met!!’ Shilpa said, at which we both raised our brows in surprise.

I tried to stay professional, ‘Actually go down to the farm and factory. Its closer to the botique here in Gurugram, but farther from the new location Payal and Priya are scouting in Mumbai. Let me know in a couple of days on how you will manage logistics to keep both locations with the right inventory. If you come with the right proposal, you will get to execute it as COO.’

‘Ah, what a bummer.. okay.. I know.. let me start the way Payal suggested.. Sir, I am available for you whenever, wherever and however you want to fuck me’ Shilpa said.

‘I was serious Shilpa.. get on your way to the farm… wait, is that what Payal said?’

‘Ah.. what will it take for a girl to get a fuck around here… ‘ she said walking away.

Pooja couldn’t suppress her smile anymore, and burst out laughing.. ‘Oh my.. we sure are going to have some fun around here’

She came and sat on my lap.. ‘ What will it take, Sir, to get a..’ she said with a pout.

My left hand was already caressing her mostly backless blouse and feeling the bra strap.. ‘just for these to pop out of their tight, sexy encumbrances..’ I said, pinching her nipples over the bra and sheer blouse.

‘Mmm.. they can stay popped out anytime for you sir’

Just then the phone rang and it was Payal..I put it on speaker phone, so I could continue my activities with Pooja using my hands.

‘Sir, how was Shilpa.. Ümraniye Escort she called me to say she’s heading to the farm.. you really challenged her expertise and she’s determined.. ‘

‘You mean determined to.. serve?’ Pooja asked.

‘Oh, that too Pooja.. you probably got a glimpse of her dirty mind and mouth.’

‘We sure did’ I said, ‘Let me remind you that she gets hired purely on ability to address the question I had for her.’

‘She’ll surprise you sir.. sorry.. I hear Pooja.. quite sorry.. you are in the middle of.. ‘

‘All thanks to Shilpa.. mm.. ‘ Pooja said and hung up.

By then I had relieved her off her blouse and bra.. started sucking and pinching her nipples..

There was a knock on the door.. Pooja draped her sari to cover her breasts.. which didn’t do much as it was sheer.. she was still in my lap.

‘Come in, if it’s important’

Mona from customer service walked in, ‘Sorry maam, I didn’t.. a celebrity just walked in and I thought you might want to attend to her personally.. but..sorry again.’

‘Go on Pooja.. this is the moment for you and this business to shine’ I said, taking my hands off her and reaching for the bra to put it on.

‘Sir, you are more important for me than the business.. Mona can serve the celebrity quite well.. ‘ Pooja said.

‘Maam, may I take care of sir instead?’ Mona said.

‘You both are being quite silly.. go on to take care of that celebrity.. ‘

Pooja gave a very guilty look and walked away hesitantly.. and I went back to my Financial Times.

An hour later, Pooja came back with a broad smile, ‘We better ramp up.. she’s going to mention us in her blog!!’

‘Well, that’s for Shilpa to handle.. give her a heads up’

Pooja rang her and put it on speaker ‘Shilpa.. We are going to be in this celebrity’s blog.. so we have to ramp up..’

‘I haven’t answered Sir’s question yet.. but, I am here and will get moving on increasing production and logistics.. By the way, I am wearing one of your latest creations Pooja.. and am feeling hornier than ever.. if I just give these wet panties to the truck drivers, they will drive twice as fast!!’

‘Its on speaker and Sir is here.. hope that’s not your answer to his question, and he would very much prefer you keep panties on..’

‘Sir, we will keep slightly higher inventory in the Mumbai location and run our larger truck there given the distance and time. For the Gurugram location, we will do just in time inventory management using our electric car.. sustainable and perfect for short distances.. will go with the theme.. ‘

‘Great thinking Shilpa.. you are the COO from now on.. get on with the ramping up’

‘Too amped up now and busy sliding my fingers in and out, Sir.. soon after that, I will.. I think you owe me a good fuck..’ She hung up.

Pooja went straight to work on my penis!! I just leaned back in my chair, and let her do her magic on it with her mouth.

A day later, as I was walking from the parking lot, I saw Shilpa driving the Ps truck into the parking lot..

I waited for her to park and come out.. ‘The driver wasn’t feeling well sir, so I drove it myself before Pooja panics for lack of inventory after stuff has been flying off the shelves since the celebrity’s blog on Ps’

‘Very cool.. let me unload’

‘Sure, you can unload here sir’ she said, lifting her white tennis skirt and showing white panties hugging her pussy.

‘It’s hard to get away with you.. I meant..’

‘I sure hope it’s hard.. okay, here help me unload and carry these boxes to the service entrance’

As we were carrying the boxes, I couldn’t help admire the ‘all white’ athletic wear.. pleated tennis skirt, tennis shoes, tshirt with the white bra visible..

Once we finished arranging all the boxes by type and size of lingerie in the storage space attached to the boutique store, she turned to me.. looking hot and slightly glistening from sweat.. she took a water bottle and poured out it’s contents onto to her shirt.. oh my.. wet t-shirt showing her translucent bra and erect nipples..

I couldn’t resist anymore.. I pulled her towards me and kissed her passionately.. ‘You are weakening my resolve..’ I whispered into her ear..

‘As long as you are hard..’ so saying she unzipped my pants.. She walked back and leaned on a wall, lifted her skirt, and pulled aside her panties.. I walked right in with my penis finding the warmth of her vagina.. With each stroke I squeezed her breasts increasing her heart rate and moaning.. increased my pace and finally blasted into her vagina..

‘Wow, you are good’ she said and walked away as though nothing happened.. I took a few moments to recover.. Pooja came by with a cool lemonade (somehow she instinctively always knows what’s happening and how she can help) ‘That was a workout bringing all those boxes in and..’

‘That was more of a wham, bam, thank you sir.. role model for feminism?’

More than week later, Pooja and I were in my office at Ps discussing some creative Kartal Escort ideas she had, when there was a knock on the door. Payal and Priya walked in..

They were excited. Priya said, ‘Its a great location Sudeep found for us.. Sudeep even helped us meet the contractors who can develop the place per our designs.. ‘ Priya just had a glow about her.. unconsciously smiling!!

Payal chimed in, ‘Just like this location, its slightly secluded, but close enough for high traffic for shopping.. we have all the agreements in place to get started. Just wanted to walk you through all the details Sir, before we invest.. as you can imagine Mumbai real estate, it comes with a hefty price tag.’

‘Payal, you must have done your financial due diligence on this and you manage all my assets here.. so, if it makes sense and Priya agrees, then go for it.’ I said.

Priya said, ‘ I was sold the moment Sudeep showed us the place, Sir.’

‘Since you brought it to my attention, it must be important. Priya, you head on out, meet Shilpa and others and catch up. Payal will walk us through the details.’

Once Priya left the room and closed the door behind her, I asked, ‘Payal, there is something more.. isn’t it.. Priya is taken by this Sudeep.. ‘

Payal said, ‘How could you tell sir.. actually don’t answer that.. you can just feel it from her that she’s happily in love.. She is head over heels for him and so is he.. ‘

Pooja instinctively held my hand, unable to figure out whether to be happy.. but, I could see wetness in her eyes.. her sister was in love!?

‘Sudeep wants to ask your permission to marry her sir.. He has been pinging me to call you sir’

‘Put him on’ I said. I pulled Pooja into my lap and held her to calm her from her emotions.

‘Sir, This is Sudeep.. truly a pleasure to meet you sir… more so, Priya goes gaga when she describes you.. ‘

‘Sudeep, I have heard from Payal and Priya on how well you understood Ps equity and found just the right location and contractors.. really appreciate your knowledge and expertise.’

‘Sir, its more the passion with which Payal and Priya described their vision for expanding here.. ‘

‘Thank you Sudeep.. tell me your story..’

‘My parents put all their earnings from their clerical jobs towards my education, and fortunately I was able to graduate as MBA.. get this job and settle my parents into a comfortable place, sir.. ‘

‘Impressive.. ‘

‘Sir.. while you will always be her priority and available anytime for you sir, may I request Priya’s hand in marriage sir.. I have only known her for less than two weeks.. but, she is amazing in every way.’

‘Sudeep.. you both are free and consenting adults and if your hearts are aligned, why do you need my permission?’

‘It will mean so much for both of us, if you give us your blessing sir, more out of respect and how much she cares for you.’

‘I can feel it in your humility and heart felt words, that you will take good care of her. We can move forward with this wedding on one condition.. I will pay for this entire wedding, but have to remain anonymous throughout.. no one should remotely know I was involved in any way.’

‘Sir, truly thank you for your permission.. and can’t express my gratitude enough sir.. I know why Priya keeps you on a pedestal.. Thank you again, sir.’

By the time the call was done, my shoulder was all wet from Pooja’s tears.. I could feel that she was beyond happy.. but, words wouldn’t come out. Payal was all smiles and giddy at the turn of events.

‘Payal, I need a really big favor from you..’

‘Anything for you sir.. I will take care of the entire wedding sir, if that’s what you wanted’

‘That too.. but, more important than that.. ‘

‘Don’t hesitate sir.. If I can help, I will.’

‘Can you ask your parents to give away Priya at the wedding? We’re her family.. ‘

‘Absolutely sir.. I will try my best.’

At that, Pooja got up and hugged Payal tightly, still tearing up.. and then she bent over to my feet with her forehead and said, ‘You are Dev, not just double patidev.. I don’t have words to describe your caring nature and generosity.’

‘Okay.. let’s all cheer up.. Payal, bring Priya in here without giving her any hint. I want to make sure this is what she wants as well.’

Once Priya walked in, I said, ‘Payal walked us through all the details and I am impressed with what you both have achieved.. let us move forward with this expansion’

‘Sir, we lucked out with Sudeep sir.. our achievement is probably his..’ Priya said.

‘Priya.. since, you walked in here earlier, I have been noticing how often you take Sudeep’s name and blush at the same time.. I have never heard you take another man’s name before.. ‘

‘Sir.. truly apologize.. I am fully yours anytime, anywhere and any which way you want me sir.. it is just that Sudeep stole my heart sir.. I got so wrapped up in this feeling.. love.. that I already miss him.. but, I already told him, you will always be my priority sir’

‘How wonderful.. I can see your happiness just oozing out.. is this really what you want Priya.. to be with Sudeep… do you see it as something for your whole life?’

‘I do sir.. I don’t know what’s gotten over me… I have only known him for less than 10 days..’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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