Kyle and Will Ch. 02

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Thank you for all your kind comments and emails. It has been very encouraging and as with each installation I will welcome your critique.

Everyone’s coming out story is different. I hope I did not trivialize or undermine a very difficult process. This is told from Kyle’s POV.


Kyle did not stop running until he was safely in his room. He threw himself into his bed face first and screamed into his pillow. Those screams soon gave way to wracking sobs that tore through his body. William loved him, they had just had sex. Amazing sex. His best friend had just sucked him off and he had come in his mouth. Just the thought of Will’s lips on his cock had Kyle plumping up again. He had to get a hold of himself. He had to think.

Fresh out of the shower Kyle was feeling like he could work out in his head what had happened between him and Will. Maybe he should call Will and explain why he took off. That thought filled him with dread and he ran a hand through his hair in frustration.

There was no doubt in Kyle’s mind that he was gay. He was totally aware of it by his first year of high school, which made gym class a blessing and a curse at the same time. Being gay was not the problem. Being out was. There were only three people that mattered if he ever dared to come out. William being one of them, and his parents. The latter caused him the greatest anxiety.

Towards the end of his high school freshman year, he had found himself growing increasingly attracted to his best friend. It was a bit problematic as they spent most of their free time together and lived across the street from each other. William seemed oblivious and Kyle assumed that telling his friend whom he told everything, would absolutely ruin their friendship There were lots of sleepless nights for Kyle, thinking of his friend in the safety of his darkened room. He had committed to memory every angle of Will’s face like the smooth line of his nose, his lips and the length of his eyelashes. He thought of the way Will stuck his tongue out when he was concentrating. The way his ass moved when he walked. Yes. Will’s ass was a thing of beauty and even then Kyle had the good sense to appreciate it. Playing video games together always drove Kyle nuts, and it was the hardest times to not make excuses to randomly touch Will. To pretend he was only playfully punching him in the gut, but really all he wanted to do was to feel Will’s muscled stomach. He thought back to all the times he felt badly because he was perving on Will so bad and now, two days before Will was due to take a study year away, he finds out that they were no more different from each other.

He punched down his pillow Beylikdüzü escort as it that would help the situation any. “I dated girls! For fucks sake” he cried out loud. That in itself was to keep himself from being found out and to try to temper his attraction to Will. Kissing girls he had no problem with, but the minute it looked like things would go further he would find a reason to break it off. ‘Love ’em and leave ’em Kyle,’ his friends called him. If only they knew. The only person Kyle wanted to love was William, and now he knew that Will loved him back. OH GOD! This was not going to be easy.

He had to tell his parents. It was time. He couldn’t hide anymore. William had handed him a gift in a way. There was no way he could have anything with Will, if he didn’t come clean to his parents. Will was brave enough to tell his dad and his brother, and he wished he had been brave enough to tell Kyle too. But then Kyle was guilty of the same secret. He had to do this. This way, there would be nothing between them if Will decided to forgive him for running out. He would face his parents tomorrow.

Decision made, Kyle slid into his bed and tried to fall asleep. The images that popped up behind his eyes were not however, conducive to sleep. He kept hearing Will saying that he loved him, and relived the fantastic blowjob. Will’s hot lips were on him, wrapped around his cock, and his tongue was doing very, very bad things in the best way. Kyle worked his fingers to the top of his boxers, and played with the fine pubic hairs around his shaft. A moment later he shucked off the boxers, grabbed the bottle of lotion and was back atop the sheets.

He poured a liberal amount of lotion in his hand and curled his fingers around his heat. Moaning at the contact, he arched his back in arousal, causing his cock to slide through his palm. “Oh, Christ. Fuck.” He groaned. He continued fisting his cock, head pressed deep into the bed, his thoughts only of Will. He used his other hand to tease his nipples into hard peaks, whimpering at their sensitivity to his touch. Imagining Will’s hot tongue working over his body, his hand shafted his aching dick and he knew he was not going to last much longer. “Fuuck…” he groaned, clenching his eyes tight, and pistoning harder into his hand. His balls drew up and he sped up his stroking . He came hard, shooting warm goo over his hand and belly, Will’s name a sigh on his lips.

In the cold light of day the enormity of what he was about to do hit him. He was not going to back out now because now that he knew what he wanted, he was all in. He figured he would tell his parents and deal with the fall out then go to see Will before Beylikdüzü escort he left for the airport.

My mom was in the sitting room when I finally made it downstairs. She looked up and immediately saw that something was wrong.

“Stop lurking Kyle. Come in here.” I did, very slowly and sat opposite her.

“Um, where’s Dad?” I asked nervously rubbing my hands down my thighs.

“He went to drop some things off to the Millers.” She put her magazine aside and sat up straighter. “Out with it, you’re fidgeting so I know something is going on.”

I stared at her for a moment too long and she snapped. “Kyle, what are you and William up to now? How much is it going to cost me and Dad?”

“Nothing Mom, I just was hoping Dad was here too.” She looked at me as if to say well he’s not. Maybe it would be better if I told her first, sort of ease my way in and then tell Dad.

“I have to tell..” I suddenly lost my voice, and had to clear my throat. The impatient tapping of my mother’s foot did not go unnoticed. I started again, a bit more determined, but the lead in my belly was heavier. “I have to tell you something Mom, and you are probably not going to like it.” I snuck a look at her and rushed on. “I hope you understand, and I promise I’m not saying this to hurt you or Dad, but I..”

“For goodness sake Kyle you are scaring me.” She interrupted.

I felt the bile rise up in my throat the same time I saw Will’s face when he said he loved me. “I’m gay.” There I said it. I closed my eyes and waited for the axe to fall.

“Excuse me? Did you say you were..” She sputtered, unable to get the word out. Her face etched in disbelief about what she just heard. I clarified.

“Gay Mom, I’m gay.” She leapt out of her chair, her body hurling toward me, that for a second I thought she intended to cause me harm. It made me stand quickly wanting to face her. “Mom?”

“Not a word Kyle, not a word.” She shrieked at me, her face red with outrage. “That is the most stupid thing you have ever said to me. For starters, you are not a homosexual. You’ve had girlfriends.” As if that rationalized it all.

“Not really Mom, if you think about it, and yes Mom, yes I am a homosexual. That’s what gay means.” She slapped me then and I did not see it coming. I cradled my hot cheek in my hand, shocked that she did. ‘MOM!”

“I said shut up!” she yelled back at me. Shaking a finger in fury she continued, “How dare you. Do you even know what you’re saying? Your father will never know of this you hear me.” She paced the floor and stopped in front of me. “You know what our friends will say? Your father will never hear about this, you understand?” Escort Beylikdüzü

“Hear about what?” We both turned to the entrance, where my father was watching us with alarm. ‘I could hear your raised voices from outside. What is it that I cannot know?”

I looked guilty while my mother looked at me accusingly. My body was suffused in heat and my stomach felt like it was trying to crawl through my mouth. I knew this was going to go from bad to worse.

“Your son,” My mother spat out before I could say a word, “thinks he’s a homosexual.”

My dad almost looked like he was going to laugh, but the look on our faces relayed the gravity of the situation. “Is this true Kyle?” he pinned me with a glare.

“Y- Yes sir, it- it is. The way mom says it, makes it sounds like a bad thing. It’s not. I’m no different that who I was yesterday I’m just gay.”

“Well son, it is not a good thing is it? It seems to me that you were fine yesterday and today you woke up and decided you were gay. Am I right?”

“No Dad, I’ve known I was gay and I just got the nerve up to tell you now, because I was afraid of this very thing.”

“It’s that boy next door, I know it. They spend all that time together and with his mother gone, there is no woman in that house to guide those boys. Now he turned you.”

I looked at my mom in horror. “William didn’t turn me, that is not even possible. If anything he made it possible for me to be able to tell you that I am gay. He loved me enough to tell me how..” I trailed off when I heard the strangled cry of my mother.

She clutched her chest and fell into a chair, which had my father rushing over to her side. It was a nightmare. I knew my parents. I knew it was going to be bad coming out to them I was prepared for that. What I did not expect were the hateful, hurtful words that came in the ensuing argument. By the end I was unable to convince either of them to listen to me in any form of rationale.

My Dad walked toward me. “If you do this, you do it alone out of this house. You will not make our lives hell or us uncomfortable because you decide you are gay.” When he was nose to forehead with me, he finished with, “If you decide to stay, this is nothing that can’t be fixed and we will never speak of it again.”

I turned and ran back to my room. I had no choice, I had to stay. Who would help me? Kyle was going away. I couldn’t burden him with this. My head swarmed trying to come up with ways to outsmart my parents, but they had me. I was about to start my first year of college and no real way of supporting myself. I had to stay and follow their rules. One year. If I still felt like this about Kyle, in the next year, I would do everything I could to make it up to him. In the mean time I planned to make the best use of my time, getting to know who I was and becoming more secure in my sexuality in spite of my parents.

It was going to be a long year.

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