Lady and her Maid Pt. 02

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Author’s Note:

These scenes are from a full length novel I’m currently writing. Any feedback is welcome. I have shortened the scene to only include the steamier bits, and I may have missed editing out some things, so I apologize if there’s extraneous details that seem out of place.


Evie went straight to her room. She went to her vanity and washed her face and hands with the fresh water and towels. As she dried her face, she heard a discrete scratching at the door.

“Emily? Please come in!” She called brightly. As Emily entered her shoulders sagged, and she adopted a lower tone, “Thank goodness you’re here. Please, help me out of this dress.”

“Yes, Evie,” Emily deftly unbuttoned Evie’s dress and carefully laid it on the back of a chair. She then, equally nimbly, untied the corset strings and pulled it over Evie’s head.

“If there is nothing else I can get for you, Evie, I will leave you to rest,” Emily said as she stood, straightening her skirts and turned to leave.


With that one syllable, Emily stopped and felt her breath catch. Slowly, she turned back to face Evie. Evie stood silently, biting her lip as though she wasn’t sure wait to say. She regained her composure and began, “Emily, would you…” she paused, then took a deep breath, “Would you lay with me?”

Emily, stunned for an instant, didn’t know how to respond. She suddenly felt her cheeks blush, and she looked down before before stammering incoherently. Evie stepped towards her, and when Emily made no movement to retreat, Evie stood in front of her and took Emily’s hands. Emily’s blubbering stopped short.

“If you do not want to, I will not force you. I will not force you to do anything you don’t want to. We can just lay, and enjoy each others’ company until we fall asleep.”

Emily nodded.

Evie brought her fingers to the buttons Esenyurt Escort at Emily’s throat. “May I? So you can be comfortable, too?”

Again, Emily nodded.

Evie gently began undoing Emily’s buttons to reveal a plain shift underneath. Though mostly unremarkable, Evie thrilled at the sight of her beloved Emily in such an intimate item of clothing. She lowered the dress to the floor, and carefully arranged it on the chair with hers. She took Emily’s hand, and led her to the bed.

Evie pulled back the sheets, and got in, sliding to the other side. She lifted the sheets in invitation to Emily. Emily climbed in, and arranged herself to lie on her side facing Evie. Her hand was in the gap between them, and she felt Evie’s hand rise to meet hers.

Tenderly, Evie brought Emily’s hand to her lips and kissed her fingertips.

At the contact, Emily felt a thrill all the way down to her toes. She heard herself give a small moan of pleasure. Evie noticed. Slowly, still unsure of herself and what they were doing, Evie brought her face closer to Emily’s, and closed her eyes briefly. Suddenly, she felt Emily’s hand in her hair, and Emily’s lips on hers.

The two women kissed passionately as their hands began to wander. They ran their hands along arms, and waists, bravely reaching to lift the other’s skirt ever so slightly to allow run their fingers up further and further underneath. Emily suddenly pulled away.

“What’s wrong?” Evie looked worried.

“Evie, I want to see you,” Emily said, sounding much braver than she felt, “I want to see you like I did this morning.”

Evie smiled, throwing back the bedclothes and sitting up. Emily followed suit. Evie, with a teasing, seductive grin on her face, said, “You mean you want to see everything?”

Emily nodded.

Evie continued, while slowly lifting the İstanbul Escort hem of her chemise, “Do you want to just look?”

Emily shook her head, furiously blushing again.

“Tell me what else you want to do.”

“I want to touch you.”

“Excellent answer,” Evie dropped her hem, leaned forward and kissed Emily again before bringing her lips to her ear and whispering, “Do you want to show me everything, too? Do you want me to look at you and to touch you back?”

Emily felt so many sensations at once. Evie’s hot breath on her skin, those decadent lips teasing her ear, her nipples hardening, and the growing wetness between her legs. She moaned again, “Yes, Evie, yes I want all of that!”

Evie pulled the chemise of her head and flung it away from the bed. “Show me,” she purred at Emily.

With no hesitation, Emily pulled her shift off and dropped it somewhere over the edge of the bed. Immediately she grabbed hungrily at Evie, and the two began kissing again. They fell back against the bed, first with Evie on top, then rolling for Emily to be on top.

Emily sat up and admired Evie’s nude form. She leaned down to kiss her lady’s lips, then cheeks, then collarbones. She captured Evie’s hands and held them over their heads, and leaned back up as her fingers ran from Evie’s wrists to her shoulders.

Though she was enjoying the feeling of their wetness rubbing and mixing together, she scooted down to be able to see Evie in her entirety. As she moved down, so did her hands. Emily cupped Evie’s generous breasts and massaged them gently. Evie moaned and wriggled underneath, but kept her hands twisted in the sheets above her head.

Emily watched in delight before bringing her lips to the luscious nipples. She kissed each one, then stuck out her tongue to swirl it around the hardening tip.

“Oh Emily! That feels Beylikdüzü Escort amazing! Let me do it to you!” The two women giggled and switched places. Evie followed Emily’s lead, running her hands down Emily’s arms, finding her breasts, teasing her nipples.

“Evie!” Emily cried, albeit quietly, “Evie, you were right, it feels so good!”

The two women passed a little more time kissing each other, running fingers and lips along ears, necks, collarbones, and breasts. Eventually, they crawled back underneath the covers and curled their bodies together. They fell into a light sleep.

Emily startled awake to the chiming of the hall clock. She counted the chimes. Seven. She gently got out of bed, put on her shift and dress. As she was buttoning, she heard stirring from the bed.

“Come back to bed, my darling. It is so cold now,” Evie cooed.

“I cannot. And you cannot stay, either. We must get you ready for the opera this evening. We only have an hour to get you ready.”

Evie sat up suddenly, “Oh dear. We had best hurry then. Would you please fetch the white evening gown with the red bodice?”

“Of course, Evie.” Emily pulled out the gown, matching slippers, and white kid gloves.

She looked at Evie, who had moved to her vanity, and was perched on the chair putting on her cream and cosmetics still completely nude.

“Are you just going to stand there, or are you going to come help rub this in?” Evie asked, turning on the chair as she dabbed a cream in dots down her chest, breasts, stomach, thighs, and arms.

Without a word, Emily began rubbing in the lotion, leaving a trail of kisses as she did. Mindful of the limited time, she did not dare linger as she so desperately wanted to. As soon as she was done, Evie turned around. Emily started working on the mussed hair.

Evie leaned slightly forward to reach her drawer. She pulled a string of pearls out. “Here, this will be perfect in my hair for this evening.”

“Evie, I do adore this view of you, but ought we put on your chemise and corset first?”

“I suppose you’re right. We ought to,” Evie pouted, “But I would really rather not!”

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