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We are on the floor, a rug underneath us and a blanket covering us and a fire in the fireplace and our wine glasses on the table and the start of a lovely weekend just beginning. We are naked under the blanket and on the rug, talking and kissing and staring happily into each others eyes. Legs and arms mixed up, hands exploring, kisses landing on cheeks and chins and necks and ears. And we are warm and so close.

After a few intense kisses, the kind that make our lips press harder and our tongues just start to flicker between us, my hands and yours begin to follow each other down your body, under the blanket, your naked smooth skin responding, so warm and smooth. My fingers find a nipple and your fingers follow mine. You mumbled and I mumbled back and your fingers begin to teach mine exactly how to brush and rub and tug at your breast, your hand guiding mine, your fingers squeezing one nipple then the other, my mind racing at the thoughts of you, my fingers starting to wander down your body, further to your belly and below your waist.

Your hand stays wrapped around one breast, tugging and tweaking as my fingers slide effortlessly between your legs, as they part slowly and you moan. I want to tease the edges of you, touch you slowly, carefully, with each stroke getting closer to its mark, but I can’t hold back. My fingers find your wetness and one slides into you quickly, then slides out. I bring my hand to my lips, lick each finger between our kisses, and return my moistened fingers to your thighs, and the place between them. Wet now, open, inviting, my fingers dip inside you and begin to slowly, steadily stroke your pussy.

You lay back and let my fingers slip in and out of you, a small rub across your clit and you let out moan. You move your arm from under me and reach for my face, pulling the back of my head until our mouths are mashed together in a tongue-filled istanbul escorts kiss. Your other hand is still squeezing your breasts, tugging each nipple in turn. I am propped up over you, my fingers, two fingers now, slipping deeper into your pussy. You moan and I understand. My kisses start to trail down your chin, neck, shoulders, heading for your breasts. I pause to lick one nipple, start sucking it in my mouth. You murmur something and I look up at your face. Your hand starts pushing my head lower.

When my tongue first licks your clit, just barely touches it, you let out a groan full of all your desire. My tongue finds your clit again, then starts a steady rhythm of long licks up your pussy, my tongue flat, full against your pussy lips, slipping inside you on each tongue-stroke up. My fingers dance around the edges of your pussy, one hand slides under you, propping your ass so my face can take you fully. Two fingers slip inside you again as I traced my teeth across your clit once.

Your moaning gets more insistent and your hands are now squeezing tight on your breasts. I reach up and guide one hand down, placing one of your fingers under mine and slipping them both into your pussy. We are both moaning now and I am saying your name as my mouth tries to suck and lick every inch of you. Our fingers fuck you deeper and deeper until you begin to orgasm, slowly at first, then with a long steady wave, like a slow moving tidal wave that rushes through you and between us. As your breathing slows, I move back up your body, leaving sticky kisses all over you. Your hands find my face and bring me to you again, another intense kiss as you lick the traces of your juices off me.

We lay side to side, the blanket tossed aside, naked in front of the fire. You can feel my hardness pressing against your legs and our kisses become more playful. You are smiling istanbul eskort and I can’t help laughing a little, this just feels so good, so warm. We go back to our rhythm, small kisses smiles and light touches everywhere. Your fingers find me, wrap around me, and start slowly stroking me. You ask, and I start telling you how much I have wanted this, your crazy you make me, how your body feels under my touch. My fingers begin to find you again, one hand covering your pussy, then dipping into you as your hand strokes my cock.

My fingers and kisses start working faster, your pussy already so wet and sticky. Your hand leaves my cock, covers my hand on your pussy and you begin pushing down, pushing my fingers deeper into you. Your mouth finds my neck and you begin biting, nibbling, kissing fiercely as my fingers and yours fuck you. Then you open your eyes, look into mine, and I know right away. My tongue goes straight for your pussy lips, long licks again as our fingers stay deep inside you. My head is buried between your legs, your feet wrapped around my back, on my shoulders, pulling my mouth into you. You say you are going to cum again, almost shouting this time. As you do, I slip a thumb in you and suck hard on your clit. Your orgasm last longer this time, your breathing shorter, your gasps louder. You hold me pressed against you, then suddenly grab my face and pull me up.

You mouth devours mine, licking every drop of stickiness, kissing my lips and sucking on my tongue. I take your hand and guide it down past my waist. I need you, I murmur, between kisses. I tell you my cock is hard, begging, aching for you, and your hand wraps around it, starts stroking it again.

You lay me back, kiss me deeply, then kiss my neck and chest, down to my stomach, and without even a quick lick or small kiss, you take my hard cock deep into your mouth. I think eskort istanbul I am going to explode right away, it feels like I could cum instantly. Your lips squeeze my cock and your teeth just lightly trail across it. I tell you how close I am, how much I need to explode and you shift quickly, spinning your legs around so you are straddling me, facing away from me, your beautiful ass in front of me, your wet pussy so close to my grasp.

I reach for you, but you arch your hips, bring your ass into the air. You are stroking me now, just sucking the head of my cock. Your other hand reaches around you, and from behind slips across your ass and into your pussy, your fingers finding yourself wet. I reach for you and your move my hand away. You take my cock deep in your mouth, then let me back out. Cum for me now, you say and I start to explode.

As my cum shoots out, you catch it in your mouth, on your lips, on your breasts, cum dripping everywhere between us. Your fingers are stroking in and out of your pussy and I am staring at your pussy, watching you move, my fingers finally sneaking up to your clit. As my cum starts to slow down, my hips start to move slower against your mouth and body, you start moaning again, saying you are going to cum. You collapse on my legs, resting your head next to my cock, lifting your ass further into the air, sinking your fingers deeper inside you. This time you scream as your orgasm shakes you. When it slows down, you turn around, reposition, lie down on me, my cum everywhere between us, sticky all over.

The sight of you above me, you beautiful ass, your open pussy, your orgasm, has made me need to be in you. You reach down between us and find my cock, sliding it easily into you, both of us so wet and warm and ready. You barely move on me, just slowly rocking back and forth, tiny movements. But they are enough. As you kiss me, run your fingers through my hair, and whisper my name, I cum inside you in a long steady stream, a long deep warm explosion. Our bodies stay together, locked together, sticky together, warm together, until the fire starts to fade and we need the blanket again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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