Large Lifestyle Ch. 10 – Using Mary’s Body

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Rick came to visit Carol at school, and things went a little wild. After being caught by a few friends who saw Rick fucking Carol and her friend Jessica, one friend made a wild demand. She would delete video of Carol and Jessica and Rick, if Rick had sex with her. Eventually, Carol decided getting the video deleted was important, and as a side note she wanted to watch Rick control Mary’s body. So they agreed to the idea and Carol set a plan in motion.

It hadn’t been easy, with thoughts of sex raging through both of them, but Carol and Rick abstained from sex for a full day. That was Carol’s idea, hoping that the abstinence, although short, would help drive Rick into a little bit of a frenzy when it came time to fuck Mary’s brains out. Which is what Carol wanted. She wanted Mary to feel so thoroughly fucked, that for the foreseeable future she would be comparing all her future boyfriends to Rick. She wanted this to be so good that Mary would kinda feel like sex was ruined for her when she was fucking other men who weren’t able or weren’t willing to do what Rick was going to do. She just hoped she didn’t chicken out on this plan.

They had all agreed that the best place to meet was in Carol’s apartment again, there was a third bedroom that wasn’t being occupied because one of the girls had gotten kicked out mid-semester for not paying her bills and the school hadn’t replaced her yet. That girl, Sally, had been in such a rush that she left a lot of her stuff there, like the bed and some clothes and a few posters on the wall. They knew she wouldn’t be back. Rick had insisted on having a bed available and Carol definitely did not want Rick fucking another girl in her bed, so the third bedroom was what they chose.

For her part, throughout the day, Mary had done everything in her power to drive Rick wild. She got his phone number and periodically sent him pictures of her bent over or in front of a mirror wearing progressively less clothes, ending eventually with a picture of her barely covered huge ass in a thong with a text that said, “Are you going to make me feel it?”

Rick didn’t respond to any of them. He figured he didn’t need to do anything to get her more worked up, and in addition it would set a tone, that if he didn’t respond to her at all she was subservient to him. That she was the one who needed it, not him. That Mary was the one who was desperate, not him.

But, truth be told he was looking forward to it. He was nervous about whether or not he would be able to live up to what Carol wanted him to be able to do. She wanted him to basically ruin Mary for other men. He figured he could do good, but that might be asking for too much. But, he was looking forward to trying. He remembered seeing Mary in her tight clothes when she walked in on them, how they hugged her undercarriage and the look on her face when Jessica had a raging orgasm right in front of her. Mary’s pictures were enticing and they had the desired effect, he couldn’t stop thinking about her body and he felt like he walked around all day with a raging hard on. This whole thing better happen if Carol and I are giving up sex for a day.

Of course, while he was separated from Carol he had gone without sex for far more than a day. But since the day they’d gotten together, if they were around each other, they were fucking. At least once, if not several times. Being around her again, not to mention thousands of other attractive college girls and not having sex, was truly making him feel a little crazed.

By the end of the day he was beginning to think this short abstinence part of the plan was a mistake. What if he met Mary and he was so pent up he didn’t last but a couple minutes? That wouldn’t be anything to talk about for her would it?

But there was no going back now. He and Carol watched TV, fought like hell to control their urges, and in the morning he was going to meet Mary for the first time, and fuck the shit out of her.

Carol had trouble sleeping all night, not only because she could feel Ricks body pressed against hers while they lay in bed. She wanted him so bad. But it had been her idea to hold off. She hoped that would make Rick act a little wilder when it came to being with Mary.

She hadn’t told Rick, but she had carefully set up the third bedroom to record whatever went down in there. She had gotten a GoPro and hidden it amongst some stuffed animals the old roommate had left behind. They’d never see it and if they did, oh well. Mary recorded her so now she was going to record Mary. The wide angle lens on the camera could capture everything that happened in the modestly sized room.

She had the ability to start it from her phone, which she planned to do a few minutes before they walked in. She had already told Rick she was going to give them a few minutes by themselves, but eventually she was going to step in. Partially as an observer, to make sure Mary played by the rules. Mainly doing what Rick wanted. And she also wanted to be there so bayrampaşa escort that she could tell Mary what to do to.

If I tell Mary to bark like a dog, she better god damned do it. Internally, Carol was a little disturbed at herself and how much satisfaction she was getting simply by imagining herself telling Mary what to do. But, another part of her reveled in the idea. She even thought about finger fucking Mary, making her orgasm and making her suck on her tits while she did it. Mary will have a good time, on MY terms.

So they waited a full day, sleeping with Rick and not doing anything was extremely difficult, but she believed it was for the best. She imagined there would be some awkwardness at first, but also knew that Ricks sex drive would probably cut through that.

Rick said he didn’t want to eat breakfast just because he was feeling nervous. He also took a very thorough shower. “You don’t scrub yourself three times just for me.”

Rick responded, “Yea I know. I’m being a little crazy. I’ve just never had a plan to do something like this. Just feeling nervous.”

“Babe. You’re gonna rock her world. And if you don’t want to do it, just say so. But I want you to do it. I can’t explain fully why. But part of it is I like the idea of you blowing the mind of another girl. I want her to dream about you, knowing she can’t have you again because you’re mine.”

She kissed him and grabbed his dick through his sweatpants. Then there was a knocking on the door.

Together they said “Show time.” Rick did his best to seem casual in the room as Carol opened the door. Mary stepped in and he tried to casually examine her. But it was hard to hide his grin. She had really gone for it. She was wearing black high heeled shoes, black lace leggings up to her knees, a plaid skirt, a white dress shirt with the top two buttons undone revealing her cleavage, black glasses and her hair was falling down on her shoulders with a bow on top of her head.

As she came further into the room and said hello, Rick watched as she turned around to close the door and saw her short skirt was almost up to her butt, her very substantial looking butt. His mouth started to water.

He said hello and smiled and said, “You look uh, nice.”

Mary smiles and said, “Thank you, Ms. Johnson said I need to report here for my punishment.”

Rick cleared his throat. God damn, she’s hot. This is gonna be fun.

Carol said, “That’s right. Now follow him to his room and he will discuss your behavior with you. I’ll join you later if he feels like you aren’t getting the proper message.”

Rick formally said, “Follow me please.” And marched neatly down the few feet to the hallway and to the third bedroom, opening the door and letting them both in. Mary stood in the corner, eyeing him expectantly.

“You may sit down,” he said. “Hopefully we can work out your behavioral issues today and there’ll be no further problems.”

Mary somehow managed to hike her skirt up a little further so that when she sat down he could start to see some of the flesh forming the round curve of her ass.

Rick sat down next to her. “I find it best to give disobedient girls a chance to tell me what it is they think they deserve. To see if they understand how bad they’ve been and how they need to make amends.”

Rick was eyeing her cleavage now and his rock hard dick was pushing against his pants.

Mary licked her lips and pushed her tits out a little more towards him, “I know I’ve been bad. Ms. Johnson is so mad at me. She said slutty girls like me deserve what’s coming to them. I think, I need to be spanked. That’s how my daddy always punished me.”

Rick grabbed her by the shoulders and drew her closer, diving into her lips for a kiss. Her lips felt so good, warm and wet and he felt her hands glide down to his crotch and press against his cock.

After a few seconds he broke the kiss and pulled her shoulders towards him much harder, bringing her torso over his body he kept pushing until she was spread across his lap, ass up in the air. He slid his hand under her skirt and began exploring her large, firm butt. Squeezing it and massaging it he said, “You’re right. You do deserve a spanking.”

Mary loved feeling his massive dick under his pants and she was doing her best to grind herself into it as she was spread out over his body. His hands felt nice as they rubbed and grabbed her ass. She gave out a moan of encouragement.

He lifted up her skirt so he could see her ass properly for the first time. He smiled. It was an amazing feature. Big. Round. Firm. With just the right amount of squishyness left to grab and hold on to. He wanted to sink his teeth into it. Only the thin lines of G-string underwear covering her smooth flesh.

“How many spanks do you think you deserve?” He reached his hand high up in the air and sent it slapping down on her firm cheeks, an audible slap sound echoing in the esenler escort small room. Mary cried out in a small amount of pain and shock, she wanted this. She wanted it so badly, but a man had never hit her this way before. Rick hadn’t hit hard, just enough to sting, sending a shot of adrenaline through her body as she ground her pussy into his covered hard cock. She moaned softly.

Rick lifted his hand again and brought it down on the other side of her ass. He was in love with this ass. Creamy smooth skin, big, round, possibly the most grabbable, firmest, largest ass he had ever seen and he loved running his hands all over it. This time Mary cried out a little from the spank. He transitioned to massaging her butt after the spank and she moaned in appreciation, gently moving his fingers between her legs and attempting to gain some access to her pussy. She spread her legs a little and she moaned quietly again.

He gave her another spanking and then massaged her ass some more, loving the feel of it and moaning as he did, grinding his dick up into her pussy as much as he could. He massaged his hands around her ass and onto her legs, moving his fingers over her pussy as she once again opened them for him and moaned, a little louder this time. He held his hand over her sex and gently moved it around.

“You like how this feels?” he said.

“Yes, sir. It feels so nice.”

With that, he removed his hand and gave her three harder spanks in a row. After the third her body was tensed, her ass was a little red and she cried out, glancing back at him with a tear beginning to show in her eyes.

“Bad girls don’t get to enjoy their punishment. This is for me. You are allowed to feel how I say.”

Rick stood up, Mary lay down on the bed with her ass still pointing towards the ceiling. Rick stripped off his pants, shoes and socks. He left his underwear on. “Get on all fours, that’s where bad girls belong.”

Mary pushed back on her hands and knees, ass pointed in the air, her back angled downwards and her head resting on her hands. Rick spanked her ass again. “I said get on all fours. Put your hands on the bed and look up.”

Mary pushed up so that her hands and knees were holding her up, her back straight. Rick walked over to her, his hard cock pushed at the front of his boxers, the fabric straining to contain his desire. “Take off my boxers with your mouth.” He walked close to her head.

Mary licked her lips and opened her mouth, biting the elastic of his waistband with her teeth and drawing them outward towards her. Rick’s large erect dick sprang out of the front of boxers and slapped against his stomach before bowing to gravity and pointing more or less right back at Mary. She used her teeth and lowered her head so that his boxers were now off his dick and ass and slid mostly to the floor on their own.

Rick slapped his dick across her face, three, four, five times. Then he reached a hand down her shirt and grabbed onto one of her breasts. With the other hand he reached across her body and grabbed her butt. “I own this now. Everything important about you belongs to me right now. I own your face.” And he slapped his dick into her face again. “I own these tits.” He squeezed her tits. “I own this ass.” He rubbed and squeezed her substantial ass and gave it a light smack again. “And I own your pussy.” He moved his hand from her ass, underneath her thong and worked his fingers so that just the tips of his index and middle finger were pushing inside of her.

“I own all of this and its for me to take pleasure from, not you.”

Despite being told she wasn’t allowed to feel pleasure, Mary certainly did. Adrenaline was pumping through her system and she could feel how wet she was. His fingers lightly probing inside of her felt amazing, sending tingles all through her body as she somehow felt an electric connection between his fingers inside her and his hand grabbing hold of her right tit. She opened her mouth and looked at him, hoping he would stick that big dick into her mouth, but he didn’t.

He moved behind her and slapped his dick against her ass. Then he jammed his fingers in one hand into her mouth and said “Suck on them. Get them nice and wet.” She enveloped his fingers in her mouth and rocked back and forth on them like she was giving a blow job. When he was satisfied he moved behind her again, ripped off her thong and began gently sliding his moist fingers inside her waiting pussy.

When he rocked them gently back and forth, when they came out he used those same fingers to rub all over her clit and then plunged them back inside her. Over and over. Smacking her ass every now and then with his other hand or his dick. Continuing to finger fuck her and massage her clit her body began to shiver as she fought not to moan. She bit her lips trying not to make a sound. She felt another shiver run down her body as Rick’s expert hands massaged her pussy.

Rick loved staring at her like this. gaziosmanpaşa escort Skirt hiked up, school girl shirt still on, ass up to greet him, he loved the feel of her warm, wet pussy on his fingers and could feel her body quivering all around him.

He knew what he wanted next. She smelled so good and he wanted to see what else was good. “Remember. Your body is for my pleasure. What I’m about to do is for me. Don’t you dare cum. Sluts like you don’t get to cum.”

He took off his shirt now and ran his hands over her whole body gently, feeling her curves and her bone structure. Then he got on the bed behind her and began leaning over her, kissing his way down her back, gently rubbing his cheeks on her ass cheeks and squeezing in his hands. He kept moving his lips and tongue down her ass to between her legs.

He stuck his tongue out and licked down the channel between her two beautiful ass cheeks, relishing in how soft her flesh felt. He continued licking down until his tongue landed between the wonderful soft folds and her clit. Rick felt her body tense suddenly before quickly relaxing as he moved his tongue around her clit gently, kissing it over and over before plunging his tongue inside her. Rick heard Mary say, “Oh mother!” and slap her hand down on the bed.

He raised himself up and spanked her ass again, “Stop. You’re being punished.” He placed his hand over her pussy and squeezed it a little, “This is for me. You be quiet.” Then he spanked her ass again and went back to sliding his tongue inside of her, alternating between rolling it around inside her body and lightly licking all over her clit. When his tongue wasn’t inside of her, two fingers were plunging in and out of her, hard and fast. Then he gently put his tongue inside of her and move it around as best he could, relishing in how she tasted and sucking in through his mouth every now and then like he was making out with her sex.

Holy Shit, Holy Shit, Mary thought. She squeezed her hands as tight as she could on the bed cover trying not to allow Rick to feel her movements or hear her heavy breathing. No man had ever gone down on her like this before and she had a feeling he was just getting warmed up. Her body felt electric as pulses of pleasure shot from her pussy throughout her body, making her fingers and toes clench and her heart rate accelerate. The boyfriends she’d had were never very eager about oral sex, except for themselves, and some didn’t do it at all. Now Rick was licking her up and down like an ice cream cone and driving her wild.

“Mary, your pussy tastes so good and feels wonderful on my tongue.”

Jesus. Mary couldn’t help it after hearing him say that and his tongue plunging back inside her, she moaned out loud and began breathing heavy. She felt her body rapidly cascading towards an orgasm already. She was a little afraid, and excited, by what he would do if she had an orgasm without his permission.

“I’m gonna cum!” Mary yelled, it had taken so much for her to hold back and now she couldn’t as she pushed her ass backwards into his face.

“Don’t you dare you little bitch, not until I say so.”

However, he didn’t relent. Rick relished Mary pressing her ass back onto his face harder and allowing his tongue to get a little bit deeper inside of her. Then he removed his tongue in her pussy and replaced it with two fingers, and instead slid his tongue up to her asshole and began running his tongue all over the outside and slipping it in and out in time with his fingers.

Mary had never felt or even considered having this done to her before, but she loved it. He really is using my body how he wants, Jesus Chris. I can’t take this anymore. I have to cum.

She shouted as his tongue swirled around her clit and his fingers probed both her holes. “Please- ah fuck, I’m gonna cum on your face!”

Just then, the door began to open and Carol stepped through. She had changed clothes slightly, now wearing only a t-shirt and panties. She walked up to Mary’s face and leaned down, speaking forcefully but softly directly into her ear.

“Are you going to violate our deal you little slut? You promised to do what he says. He’s telling you not to cum and you’re gonna fucking do it anyway? What kind of whore are you that you can’t control your body?” And then Carol lightly slapped her in the face.

Sweat beaded on Mary’s face as she tried a little bit harder to hold back, her eyes tilted up towards Carol, trying to plead for mercy with her facial expressions, tears beading into the corners of her eyes. She mouthed the word “please” and slammed her eyes shut as Rick once again moved his tongue down to her clit and then inside her, his fingers probing her ass. For just a moment he stopped and forcefully told her, “I love licking all over you, push your ass back into my face again.”

Holding on for dear life, Mary put her weight back into her butt and pressed it hard onto Rick’s face as she felt his tongue move again, deeper inside of her body.

Carol grabbed her face and yanked it up towards her, using one hand to pull back on her hair. “Do it you disgusting slut, prove you can’t control yourself.”

All Mary could think was, I’m not in control of myself. I’ve yielded my body to him. Out loud she yelled, “Oh god, I’m cumming!”

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