Lariats and Lacrosse Sticks Ch. 04

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Big Tits

There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in his story. In all cases it was between the two main characters, who are in a committed, monogamous relationship and were tested. If you aren’t in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom.

Randy double-checked the supplies they had packed. They were going to be gone for a week, and he really didn’t want to be running back and forth to the nearest town. He was looking forward to spending as much time as possible with Tanner, and he didn’t want errands to consume their days. So it looked like they had packed enough food to last an entire platoon for a week, not two college guys. Randy was carefully doing a final check on the tarp that covered everything when Tanner walked onto the stair landing.

Glancing up their eyes met and Randy couldn’t help but smile. “Looks like it’s tied down tight,” said Randy.

“Cool! I’m ready to head out.”

The pair piled into the pickup and began their trek to the southeast. The countryside quickly changed from rolling hills covered with a mix of grass, blackjack and post oak to a forest much more familiar to Randy. Tall pines soon dominated, as the rolling hills became steeper and the road more winding. The human population also dwindled as they traveled further away from the university. They were enjoying quiet conversation and beautiful countryside when Randy motioned to a remote gas station they were coming upon.

“Hey stop there. I need to pee,” said Randy.

“Yeah, me too.”

Tanner wheeled the truck to the restroom door on the side of the small store. Randy baled out of the pickup and raced to the door, his bladder bursting. But Tanner was equally fast, and got his boot into the door as Randy tried to shut it.

“Damn dude! I’m about to piss my pants!”

“Me too! Come on, we can both get in there,” said Tanner.

“Alright, fine. Just get the damn door closed,” said Randy.

With the door locked, they yanked their cocks out. Soon the loud splash of dual streams and sighs of relief filled the bathroom. They both seemed to urinate for hours as their bladders emptied. As Tanner’s stream slowed he glanced over at Randy, smirking to himself as he contemplated teasing his boyfriend by grabbing his still dribbling dick.

Suddenly they both jumped as loud banging erupted from the bathroom door, punctuated by a woman screaming at them.

“Git outta there! We don’t like your kind here! Git out!”

The boys froze, looking at each other and wondering how this had happened. It wasn’t like they had a rainbow flag on the pickup. The banging started again as the boys were yanking up their zippers.

“Ma’am!” yelled Tanner, “We’re coming out.”

The attack on the door stopped and Randy slowly opened it. As soon as the door swung open, they were met by a small, middle-aged woman who was holding a broom as if it were a baseball bat. As soon as she saw them, the tirade started again.

“You can’t stay here. Your kind ain’t welcome. You take it somewhere else. They might put up with your kind in the big city, but we’s good Christian people out here and you gotta go.”

“Yes, ma’am. We can sure do that. Just let us get to our pickup,” said Tanner with his hands in the air.

The woman shoved the broom in the direction of the pickup. “Yup, git! That’d be the smartist thang. Jess git outta here.”

The boys eased toward the pickup. Neither believed she could do any real damage with the broom, but they didn’t want the situation to escalate. They were opening the pickup doors when the woman began muttering again.

“Damn Yankees! You need to git outta here! We don’t want none a your kind down here. Can’t stand Yankees.”

Tanner paused for a minute to absorb what she had just said. Wondering if that was really the problem, he turned slowly to look over at the increasingly flustered woman.

“Ma’am, I’m from just north of Ardmore. My family has been there for over a hundred years. I’m not a Yankee by any means,” said Tanner as he tried to remain calm.

“What about that then!” said the infuriated woman as she pointed to the back of the pickup.

It took Tanner a second to realize she was pointing to the license plate, which clearly said Maryland. They’d taken Randy’s pickup more or less at random, not even considering that someone would take offense.

“It’s my . . .” Tanner froze for a second, not certain how to describe Randy to this woman. “It’s my friend’s pickup,” said Tanner as he nodded toward Randy.

The woman pointed the end of the broom at Randy. “You a Yankee, boy?”

“No, and most people in Maryland would be offended if you called them a Yankee,” replied Randy, not happy with this woman, or how Tanner explained their relationship.

“Ah see. Well then, git your business tended to. We don’t cater to strangers much in these parts, either. It’s best for ya’ll to not be here after nightfall.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” said Tanner and climbed into the truck. As soon as gaziantep bayan eskort he heard Randy’s door close, he sped from the parking lot. Minutes stretched and expanded, as the events consumed both of them. While part of the confrontation would be humorous with time, the remainder had serious long-term implications for them as a couple.

“I’m sorry. I guess I kind of reacted without thinking,” said Tanner after the silence had continued for too long.

“Yeah, it didn’t feel good. But I might’ve said the same thing. I know she was just holding a broom, but she was kinda crazy,” said Randy as he shook his head.

Tanner smiled slightly. “So what does this mean, are we ‘friends’ to the world and never touch or hug outside of our apartment?”

Randy considered the question for a few minutes before answering. “No, but we didn’t need to discuss anything with that woman. If she was that freaked out when she thought I was from the North, can you imagine what she’d be like if you’d called me your boyfriend. It may be kind of a copout, but my private life is no one else’s business.”

“Ok, I can live with that,” said Tanner, knowing things would change, but they always had to do what was best for them; no one else was living their lives for them.

“It’s a deal,” said Randy, glad they had reached a solution they both could live with.

Suddenly Randy chuckled as he thought about their near miss. “Was that woman for real? That was a freak show!”

Tanner smiled and shook his head. “Yeah, she was for real. This part of Oklahoma is called ‘Little Dixie’ for a reason. Some of the people here are pretty backward, and a Yankee for them might be someone from Tulsa.” Tanner shook his head again at the improbability of the kind of encounter they’d just experienced.

Tanner continued, “There’s a lot of pot grown in this part of the state too. This is definitely not where you want to go wandering around without someone who knows the area. You might get shot. So the crazy act could have been fake.”

“And we’re going to camp here?” said Randy with a questioning voice.

“Don’t worry. We’re going to be in the national forest, and I’ve got our permits already. We’ll be fine.”

Randy relaxed, feeling better now that Tanner had explained more. After a few minutes the easy conversation typical of their relationship resumed. By the time they were pulling into their camping spot, they were back to being a laughing, good-natured couple.

Randy looked around and decided they’d picked an ideal spot. The site was heavily wooded with a nice flat area to pitch their tent. Part of a tiny campground, they even had a fire ring to use. A small creek ran just below the campsite, adding to the ambiance. They strolled around the camp, both amazed that they had managed to pick such a perfect spot considering neither of them had ever been here; the hours and hours of studying satellite images and topography maps having paid off. Randy had paused on the bank of the creek and looked across the beautiful mountains. After a few moments he felt two steel strong arms wrap around him. Turning back, he smiled at Tanner.

“This is fucking amazing. I can’t believe we’re spending the week,” said Randy. “You sure we can just camp here?”

“Believe it, big boy. We can afford it, cause it’s free. And yes, we can camp here. I have a permit already. We’re inside the national forest and this use to be a logging road,” said Tanner with a chuckle. “This early in the season we’ll probably have it all to ourselves.”

“I guess we should set up camp, then we can screw around the rest of the day,” said Tanner.

“I’m good with screwing around, I think screwing around would be fuck’n fantastic!” said Randy with a huge grin on his face.

“Oh shut up you big horn dog and help me put up the tent,” said Tanner as he chuckled.

Randy nestled in Tanner’s arms and kissed him gently. Smiling, he leaned his forehead against Tanner’s.

“Ok, but only because you are so cute,” said Randy. Giving Tanner another tight hug, he walked over and started undoing the tarp covering their supplies and equipment. In short order they had set up the dome tent and tossed in their bedding. Knowing they would be parked practically beside their campsite, Randy had packed a few of the heavy pieces of equipment that he would have never considered otherwise. As a result they had a small folding grill to put over the fire, a cast iron skillet and dutch oven. As they unpacked the last of it, Tanner looked over the pile and chuckled.

“I thought you were Mister Backpack. Why all the stuff?”

“It’ll make life a little easier. Besides, I’d rather cook in the pans we brought instead of the little backpacking stuff,” said Randy with a smile. “What about the food though? Do we need to do anything with it?”

“Well we sure as hell don’t want it in the tent. There’re black bears in this part of the state. I think it’ll be fine in the cab of the pickup though, what do you think?”

Randy walked over and kissed Tanner gently and smiled down at him. “So long as my cub is around, we can do whatever you’d like.”

Tanner chuckled and returned his boyfriends kiss. “Yeah, but if you don’t get your morning scrambled eggs you get bitchy.”

Randy snickered and swung a playful punch at Tanner. Turning to the task at hand, they soon they had everything stowed away. The day had became one of those warmer than normal March days and as a result both men had stripped off their shirts while setting up camp. Randy licked his lips at the sight of Tanner’s muscular chest and its healthy covering of hair. They would have plenty of time later for him to explore his lover’s body. Shaking himself out of the spell that had been cast on him, he smiled at Tanner.

“Let’s try to find that trail we saw in the satellites. It looked like it would be a great hike.”

“Sure, that sounds great.” Tanner ducked in the tent and Randy heard some rustling inside for a few minutes before he reappeared with hiking boots in hand. He watched with a smile as Tanner flopped down, yanked off his shoes, tossed them into the tent and then pulled on his hiking boots. Tanner stood, bending over to finish tying his shoes. Randy grinned, jumped behind him, grabbed his hips and started banging his crotch against Tanner’s butt.

“Oh! Oh! Fuck yes! What an ass! Fuck’n A” screamed Randy in a high falsetto.

“You asshole! Stop it!” said Tanner through his laughter.

Randy stepped back with a laugh and smacked Tanner on the ass. “Mighty fine piece of ass you got there, man.”

“You don’t quit screw’n around and you’ll never see it again,” said Tanner with a smile. “Now come on jerkwad, let’s get going.”

The pair ambled along at an easy pace, enjoying the sights and smells of an early spring forest. The path Randy had spotted on the maps was along a ridgeline and had some fairly steep climbs. They were more than offset by the virgin forest with a full range of animal inhabitants. In one picturesque clearing, Randy and Tanner stood and enjoyed the sight of a whitetail doe and her young twins that still sported their newborn spots. Both of boys were amazed at how the dappling rendered the twins almost invisible when they were still, flashing into being only when they lunged forward on unsteady legs.

About an hour hike from their camp, they arrived at a limestone outcropping marking a high bluff. They carefully walked onto the expanse of rock and looked across the miles of mountain valley. Below them was a crazy quilt of terrain in a million shades of green and brown that no photograph or painting could possibly hope to capture. After a few minutes the two lowered themselves onto the rock, enjoying the majestic scene before them.

“It’s a shame that in a state that has so many examples of God’s work, that the major religions insist that ten percent of the population are evil,” said Tanner softly.

“Not much you can do about them. They’re going to think what they’re going to think,” said Randy with a shrug.

“But I want to live here, and some of the people in the state think the bible says I should be killed because I’m gay, that we should be put to death,” said Tanner with a shudder.

“I know, babe. I know. But what’re you going to do?”

“I’m not sure, I’m just not sure,” said Tanner with a sigh.

Randy leaned over and kissed Tanner on the neck. “Enjoy the week, love. We can worry about solving all the bigotry in the world next week.”

Tanner smiled and popped Randy on the arm in good-natured fun, then returned his kiss. “You’re right! Don’t let my moody ass spoil the week. This scenery is so mind-blowing!”

“Yeah, I’d like to blow something . . .” said Randy with a snicker.

Tanner chuckled and rolled to his hands and knees, crawling the short distance to Randy. He straddled his lover, grinding their crotches together. Leaning down he nipped at Randy’s neck in a series of small bites until their lips met. With a quiet loving touch he pressed his lips against Randy’s, igniting their passion as the kiss became hot and insistent. Cradling his man’s face, Tanner continued their kiss, pressed his lips against Randy’s until they were both breathless. Tanner pulled back, a smile transforming his face as he looked at his man.

“What were you saying about blowing something, stud?” said Tanner softly.

Randy glanced quickly around them, trying to see if they were in as remote an area as he thought. When he could hear nothing more than the songs of a few birds, he moved to fulfill his threat.

Randy quickly slid under Tanner’s body until his face was trapped between Tanner’s thick thighs. Reaching around, Randy grabbed Tanner by the ass and then pressed his face tight against Tanner’s crotch, inhaling deeply. The sweaty, masculine scent raced through his body, his cock stiffening to rock hard in a matter of seconds. Realizing he was holding his breath in anticipation, Randy released it in a torrent against Tanner’s crotch. Randy started to settle in for a long enjoyable session, and the realization hit that this wasn’t the location for a protracted lovemaking session.

Taking charge Randy rolled them, putting Tanner on his back. He quickly sat out to attain his goal, a mouth flooded with Tanner’s essence. He opened Tanner’s jeans and then reached through the fly in his underwear and fished out his engorged cock. Jacking it once, he saw a droplet of clear fluid appear on his slit. Randy leaned forward and licked it off, taking it in his mouth and savoring the flavor of his lover on this tongue.

With a lecherous smile, Randy plunged Tanner’s shaft into his mouth and began pumping up and down with abandonment. Reaching a finger inside Tanner’s fly, he started stroking just behind his nuts, pressing hard. Each time he did so he was rewarded with a louder moan.

“Oh fuck, damn your mouth is so good! Fuck, fuck, fuck,” said Tanner between gasps for air.

Tanner’s cries were like music to Randy’s ears. He could feel Tanner’s cock growing and knew they were nearing his climax. Randy rubbed the sweet spot between Tanner’s legs, taking his cock deeper until Tanner’s pubic hair was rubbing on his lips. Randy twisted and licked, wanting and needing Tanner to feed him his load. Randy felt the tremble that he had been looking for, the head of Tanner’s cock swelled to new proportions and a flood of jizz hit Randy’s throat.

“Oh my god! Fuck! Fuck!” screamed Tanner.

Tanner’s jet of cum shot down Randy’s throat and he swallowed quickly, knowing more would follow. True to form Tanner soon was pouring into Randy, cum dribbling from the corners of his mouth. Gulping down the gift, Randy clamped his lips around Tanner’s cock until he felt that last shudder of release cascade through his body. Randy swallowed the last blast and then began gently nursing Tanner’s dick until he had garnered the last drop. Releasing the softening cock, Randy began licking up the drips and small puddles that had escaped him. Tanner was writhing from the attention to sensitive dick, but after a few seconds he opened his eyes and smiled at Randy.

“My turn,” said Tanner.

Randy laughed and started tucking Tanner back into his pants. “I don’t think so stud, we just gave a free show to anyone in that valley with a pair of binoculars. I know, there’s not really much of a chance that someone saw us, but just in case.”

Tanner chuckled and finished getting his clothes back on, pushing himself up on his feet. His legs were a little weak from their sexual escapade, but after a few steps they started working better. As they moved down the first hillside, he took Randy’s hand in his, and without a word they began the return trip.

“I gotta piss like a Russian race horse!” said Randy.

“Yeah, me too! And we’re still a good half hour from the camp.” Looking around, Tanner spotted a dense thicket of cedars, he listened for a second, but detected nothing.

“Come on, we can drain the snakes in there,” he said with a laugh as he pointed to the brushy area, “Even if someone comes along, they can’t see us in there.”

“Fine, great, whatever. I just gotta pee.”

The pair raced to the cedars, forcing their way through the outer branches and quickly finding themselves in a very small opening surrounded by evergreen branches. Tanner looked over and realized the Randy was already digging for his cock and sweet release. Turning slightly, Tanner quickly pulled out his own cock, still damp from the blowjob Randy had given him. He held the shaft in his hand and tried to relax. After a few seconds he started a strong yellow flow that was splattering noisily in the dry leaves. Tanner finished quickly, finding his needed relief. As he stuffed himself back into his pants, he turned to see Randy with his cock in hand, and a look of desperation on his face. Feeling Tanner’s stare, he spat out.

“Sometimes I’m a shy pisser. Apparently this is one of those times.”

Tanner smiled with an ornery look and stepped behind Randy. Randy felt his lover against him and then hands other than his own wrapped around his cock. As the sensation around his cock stilled, Randy felt Tanner gently sucking on the side of his neck, and a soft sigh drifted from his lips. The distraction seemed to be all Randy needed as a pungent stream began to pour from his dick.

Tanner was intrigued by the sensation of holding Randy’s cock while he pissed. They had peed together many times, with only one bathroom sometimes there was no other choice, but he’d never held someone else’s cock when they were urinating. At first Tanner merely held it, fascinated with the sensation of liquid flowing through the thick tube on its underside. But as Randy continued, Tanner felt his inner twelve year old come to the forefront, and he started aiming the stream in different directions while he ran his tongue up the side of Randy’s neck, and biting on his ear lobe.

“Don’t aim that shit at my pants,” said Randy in a gravely tone; aware that the intimacy they were sharing was causing his cock to fill with blood. By the time his flow stopped, his cock was rigid, and Tanner continued to fondle it.

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