Larissa the Latina Pt. 02

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Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are fictional and 18 or older. Contains sci-fi. Not intended to be realistic. Actions described are highly not advised. Always get consent:) Do not copy or repost this story!! Enjoy.


Five days after Larissa and I had sex she showed up on my doorstep looking three months pregnant. We had both taken experimental medicine while we made love which lead to her body permanently becoming thick and curvy. The medicine also gave me quite a dangerous penis that ended up fertilizing every single egg in her ovaries. After doing some research that means Larissa is pregnant with almost two million babies at once. This has obviously resulted in her belly growing rapidly in just a few short days.

Larissa stood there, sticking out her stomach. She was well aware of my pregnancy fetish. It appeared she intended to use it to get as much sex from me as possible. Although I was nervous about the extreme pregnancy and what our parents would do, I was also in heaven.

“God you’re so beautiful Larissa!” I gasped. She continued to rub the tan gentle swell of her belly. I was transfixed on her flawless body. Her F-cup tits spilled out of her tight belly shirt. Larissa’s short shorts were stretched to their limit as they attempted to cover her wide hips and titanic ass. I stared at her golden ass as it overflowed out of the bottom of her shorts. My eyes were glued to them. I didn’t say a word as Larissa stepped inside and locked the door.

“I knew you wouldn’t notice!” Larissa giggled. Her hands went from caressing her belly to running through her hair. “I got a haircut and I didn’t die my hair,” she explained. Larissa used to have long brown hair that reached the bottom of her shoulder blades now it just about reached her shoulders and was black.

“All this time your natural hair color was black?”

She laughed. “Yeah I liked brown better but if I’m gonna be super preggo I figured it’s alright to let myself go.” Larissa noticed me staring and added, “what do you think?”

“I love it! It compliments your sexy tan Latina skin and your dark brown eyes. You look mysterious and kinky,” I confessed. She smiled and did a sexy dance while she raised up her shirt to just beneath her boobs, revealing her whole slightly swollen tummy.

“Ooo if you compliment me like that I just might pounce on you!” Larissa teased. She took a step forward before pulling off her top completely. Her shirt fell to the ground as her caramel F cup tits jiggled toward me. Finally Larissa pressed her hefty breasts against my chest as she took my hands in hers. My cock was instantly erect. It took all the strength I had to look Larissa in her eyes. I could feel her hard nipples straining through the fabric of her bra. “It’s rude to leave your baby mama waiting… especially when your parents aren’t home,” Larissa breathed sensually.

Before I knew it we were both naked in my bed. My lips kissed hungrily at her mouth. Eventually they made their way down to Larissa’s enormous tits and latched onto her nipples. “Of fuck Peter! Just fuck me! I’m pregnant with every single one of my eggs fertilized so if you think a normal pregnant woman is horny just imagine how I feel!” My stiff cock agreed. I couldn’t wait anymore. I grabbed her by her thick hips and slammed my dick in her tight cunt. She let out a satisfied yell like I’ve never heard before. It was wild. Larissa kept grinding and rubbing every inch of her thick creamy brown body. I squeezed her fat ass as I thrust in and out of her. She moaned constantly. We were a lot louder than last time. I was hypnotized by her new body. She used to be so small and boney, now she’s round and soft. I moved my hands up to her enormous tits. Larissa moaned when I touched her dark nipples while rubbing her breasts. I couldn’t stop playing with them, they were huge! I never thought I’d be lucky enough to even witness a pair of tits this big yet there I was feeling them up, squeezing them, sucking them, kissing them.

“Fuck, I’m so close baby daddy!” Larissa shouted. She was never that loud before. I slid my hands down her curvy body and rested them on her waist. I loved her slightly swollen tummy. She was so thick that when laying on her back her tiny pregnant belly blended in with the rest of her body. “Mmm yes rub that baby bump you gave me Peter! I know how much it turns you on that you knocked me up. Do you want me to get on my hands and knees so you can really feel my bump?”

I was already close to cumming but Larissa’s words brought me closer to the edge. She gave me a devious smile and got on her hands and knees before I could respond. “You can see my tummy bulge much better now. Come hold it while you fuck your baby mama’s tight pussy!” Larissa exclaimed while shaking her plump ass. Her belly wasn’t the only thing that looked better in that position. Larissa’s titanic tits heaved with every breath, her huge golden ass jiggled as she moved.

My dick was ready to explode. Ataşehir Escort She was much more horny than last time. Her pussy was drooling, practically begging for me. I took one of her large asscheeks in each hand as I plowed into her sweet warm cunt. The way her flesh poured out of my hands drove me wild. I started thrusting faster. Larissa’s massive tits swung and flopped below, making a noise that made me even more excited. I slapped her ass as hard as I could. It was so smooth and round I couldn’t help but not give it a hit. Larissa yelped and her pussy clenched my cock harder. “Put your hands on my bump!” Larissa pleaded. Something about being pregnant made her much more into her tummy than she used to be. I decided to tease her and grab her big swinging tits instead. “Oh God, oh fuck, you’re making me cum!” Larissa screamed in ecstasy. I finally placed my hands around her slightly distended tummy to feel its gentle swell as I flooded her womb with cum. She gasped and panted as we came together.

After riding a long wave of bliss we laid down on the bed together, our sweaty naked bodies cuddling each other. Larissa suddenly looked shocked. Her hands rushed to her glistening, tan belly. “You didn’t inflate my body with cum like last time!” Larissa observed. She was right. Last time my cock swelled up and pumped gallons of cum in her creating a pseudo pregnant belly. This time my cock did swell to absurd proportions but it made only a bit above average amount of cum.

“Maybe that was a side effect of the drug and it wasn’t permanent?” I theorized. Larissa shrugged.

“Well I am pregnant with a million of your babies so I’ll be getting pretty big without your giant cock pumping me full anyway,” Larissa giggled causing her sexy curves to quake.

“What in the actual FUCK!” a familiar voice boomed. Panic immediately took over. Larissa instinctively shrieked and yanked the covers over us. I stared in terror at my Dad in the doorway. I didn’t feel the weight and consequences of Larissa’s pregnancy until that moment. Everything felt like it was crashing down… crashing down on me.

A few minutes went by. My mind was fuzzy, every detail of that night was fuzzy. My Dad was pissed. He came home from work on his lunch break to pick up something he forgot. That’s when he overheard us talking about Larissa’s body and her pregnancy. He didn’t know we had just had sex and were naked so he barged right in. There was no way around it. We had to come clean. He became beyond angry. He was so mad that he stopped yelling, he just stopped caring altogether, his anger took him out of reality. Eventually, Larissa finished dressing and came downstairs.

“Good God, look at her!” my Dad gasped. “She can’t even fit into her clothes! Larissa, sweetheart, you’re practically naked!”

Larissa’s face turned red. “I know sir.”

“Did you really think you could hide such a dramatic change? What do your parents think?” my Dad interrogated.

“I made myself scarce and wore huge baggy clothes around the house the last few days. I don’t know what my parents think, they don’t know I’m pregnant,” Larissa confessed.

“Fuck,” my Dad sighed. “Those drugs were experimental and obviously pretty powerful, AND you stole them from me which I could get in trouble for at work! What were you thinking?” my Dad scolded.

“I wasn’t sir…”

Three weeks went by since that awful night. In that time a lot has changed. I was forbidden from seeing Larissa until our families could figure out what to do. First my Dad had to explain what happened to Larissa’s parents. They took it better than expected but that’s mostly because they had a plan. They took Larissa to the company where my Dad worked and explained what happened to Larissa. They basically framed the company, made it look like the experimental drugs we took somehow ended up on the streets. My Dad used his knowledge of the company and its workers to help the Jimenez family. It worked. Turns out my Dad knew of a coworker who was stealing from the company but he was a higher up employee so my Dad never reported it out of fear of being fired by him.

The plan was simple. The Jimenez family took the drug company to court, claiming a representative of the company sold Larissa the powerful experimental drug. They couldn’t prove it to be true but upon investigation they did discover the drug Larissa used could result in exactly what happened to her. They also found the employee that stole company products and sold them on the side. They weren’t able to link the two together and the employee swore he never stole anything that was experimental or in production. Therefore, Larissa’s case lacked a lot of evidence but that was fine, they didn’t need it. The company was scared by what it found so far so they settled out of court and payed the Jimenez family millions!

It was also during this time that Larissa was examined and what we had assumed was true. When I inflated her body with cum it broke through Acıbadem Escort her ovaries and fertilized every single egg she carried. There was a procedure done to try and eliminate the massive amount of babies growing inside her but at the end the number remained astonishingly high. Larissa was upset because removing all the babies would mean she’d never have any babies due to not having anymore eggs. Well turns out she’s still expected to be having around a thousand babies, my babies. They tried, but the number couldn’t be reduced anymore. Luckily, the drug enhanced her body so she should physically be capable of surviving a pregnancy that extreme.

The rest of the Jimenez family’s plan was even more simple. They had already bought an apartment in New York City for Larissa to live in for college next year. Instead she’d drop out of high school and live there now and focus on her pregnancy. It took a long dreadful three weeks but eventually they were convinced to let me be a part of their daughter’s life. I was going to drop out of school, work with my Dad at the drug company and most importantly, live with Larissa and take care of her. Apparently, she has been insatiably horny and masturbating non-stop. According to Larissa’s mom she did it to rebel. She refused to try and cover herself up with clothes. She played with herself openly for her parents and siblings to see. She basically stopped caring and only wanted to see me. It worked. They got sick of her being a disturbing scene and bad influence on her younger siblings so they decided Larissa would live alone, with me in her apartment. My parents agreed as long as I agreed to get a job, take care of everything Larissa needs and to someday marry her.

I was all set to see Larissa for the first time since that horrible night. This time we had our own place to live and fuck, several millions of dollars and I had new job. Life was pretty amazing.

I knocked on the door to Larissa’s apartment. “It’s open!” Larissa called from inside. I stumbled in with all my bags. The apartment was pretty spacious despite being in NYC. I knew her family was loaded before the lawsuit but not this loaded, damn. I set my bags down and locked the door. Where was Larissa? My eyes scanned the room. The kitchen, family room and dining room were all one big room. Only the bathroom and bedroom was separated by walls and doors. The apartment was fully furnished and decorated, yet, spacious. I’m sure that lawsuit money wasn’t even touched yet.

Suddenly, I heard loud, thumping footsteps approaching. I turned to my left and saw the white bedroom door creak open to reveal a brown goddess. I felt my skin blush red hot. It had only been three weeks, however, Larissa looked about nine months pregnant. I couldn’t believe it. She said something but my brain didn’t register it. Larissa was standing right in front of me wearing only her underwear, holding her swollen tummy in her hands. It took some time for my eyes to move off of her stomach. They landed on her lush, plump tits. Larissa was wearing a bra but it was struggling to hold up her huge breasts. In fact her boobs were overflowing out of every part of her bra, kinda like a muffin top but with tit flesh. They had grown two or three cup sizes. I’m pretty sure Larissa’s belly supported her tits more than her bra did at that point. I’d never seen such perfectly round, smooth, spotless, golden-brown tits. I was speechless.

“Come on I’m super preggo and I’ve been sex starved these last three weeks, why the hell haven’t you taken your clothes off yet?” Larissa whined in a child-like manner.

“I just got here,” I replied shyly. Larissa grabbed me by the collar and yanked me into the bedroom.

“You can unpack after you fuck your baby mama!” Larissa called as she led me to the bed. That’s when I noticed how big her ass and thighs had gotten. Each step she took caused her monstrous ass to jiggle and thighs to ripple. I loved it. Her skin was spotless. She had to have grown three or four inches wider and longer in her ass and each thigh yet not a single blemish. I grabbed her butt as she climbed into bed. This made her emit a sexy giggle. The excitement in the room was tangible.

“How is your skin so perfect? I mean you’re growing really fast and there’s not a single mark!”

Larissa removed her bra and panties. She gave me a wicked smile. “They said it’s because of the drug that initially changed us but it could also be because I’ve been doing nothing but rub myself down all over with lotion these past two weeks. That’ll be your job from now on though.” Larissa beamed brightly as she got on her hands and knees. Her massive tits hung down almost as far as her belly. I’m not sure if they could even be called tits anymore, they were big brown udders! My God, her baby bump almost reached the bed. She wiggled her large Latina booty. Everything was so round, soft and tan. She was a goddess. Her skin even reflected light, making her shine. I ditched my clothes İstanbul Escort as fast as I could and hopped onto the bed with her.

“Fuck me baby daddy! Fill my swollen womb with your cum! Fuck your pregnant slut!” Larissa pleaded as I entered her.

“Damn, I don’t remember you talking like this before. You like dirty, degrading sex-talk?” I asked as I started to pick up the pace.

“Yesss,” Larissa moaned, “I wish I could explain to you what being this insanely pregnant feels like. You and sex and my body is all I think about. I need to be fucked. I am hot and bothered and craving cock every second of every day!”

I unexpectedly smacked Larissa’s fat ass and she came immediately. “Wow you were really pent up weren’t you?”

“Shut up and keep fucking me baby daddy!” Larissa screeched. She started yelling something in Spanish and continuously moaning. The only word I recognized was embarazada, or pregnant. Because of this I slid my hands from her fantastic globe of an ass to her heavily pregnant belly. The feeling of my hands on her swollen stomach made her pussy squeeze my cock. Then I felt it convulse. She buried her face in a pillow while she climaxed for a second time. Her hands griped the bedsheets so tightly her fingers turned white.

“Oh my God, you’re beyond horny and… you know I don’t know what you’re saying right?” I held Larissa’s big round belly firmly in my hands.

Larissa flipped her jet black hair aside and looked back at me. She could barely breathe. Eventually she panted, “I was talking to myself… please keep going Peter, I need this so badly!” Then she planted her angel-like face back into a pillow. I gave her belly a good rub as I fucked her. She had definitely been serious about putting lotion all over, her body was softer than silk. I ran my hands along Larissa’s gravid tummy in big circular motions along with every thrust. Some times the circle was large enough that I felt up her boobs too. This always resulted in a squeaking, gasping moan from Larissa. I took this as my cue to finally pay her glorious tits some attention. All of a sudden I grabbed ahold of each of her mammoth breasts in my hands. They were so huge my hands could barely hold them. It was like palming a basketball, I couldn’t really hold them. Instead I had to grab and squeeze a good section of tit at a time, my fingers overwhelmed with tit flesh, then grab another area of busty wonder and work my way around her entire beautiful set of tits.

I rubbed, squeezed, pinched and smacked Larissa my Latina goddess all over. She climaxed countless times that round. It was unbelievable. I could’ve gone for longer but out of nowhere she started speaking in Spanish again and gyrating her hips, slamming herself into me. She hadn’t moved much the whole time, with the frequent orgasms her body had been somewhat limp from bliss. Feeling my swollen fertility goddess grind against me was too much. I held onto Larissa’s creamy light brown pregnant belly for dear life as I pumped what seemed like endless streams of cum into her. It wasn’t that much but more than last time.

“Yes cum inside your pregnant baby mama! Fill me with your powerful seed that makes me grow so biggg. Fuck I needed your cock!” Larissa babbled mindlessly as all her energy dissipated into her final orgasm.

Exhausted, I flopped down next to Larissa on the bed. She moved over to cuddle me, pressing her pregnant bump into me along with her amazing tits. She looked like she was about to fall asleep. All her energy was spent. Larissa reached out with one hand and caressed my face, holding her hand there while she rested.

“Hey, Larissa?”

“Mmm hmm?” She replied without looking up or opening her eyes.

“That was the most you’ve ever spoke in Spanish in front of me. What were you saying?”

Larissa answered without opening her eyes. She cuddled me closer and whispered in a sleepy voice, “I was talking to myself. I said I can’t wait to walk around with you in public. I’m gonna wear a crop top and short shorts so my pregnant belly will be on full display. I said that I wanted you to always have your hand on my ass wherever we went so everyone would know you were the one who knocked me up, made me this big and pregnant. I also imagined you rubbing my tummy in public so everyone knows that’s your belly, you marked me, I’m yours, my growing baby body is all yours. I’m so happy to have you… here… in my bed… for me to fuck all day forever… I’m you’re pregnant slut.”

She started to drift off to sleep. “That sounds awesome, my flawless goddess,” I whispered.

Larissa stirred. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her bare pregnant belly. “No,” Larissa corrected, “call me your baby mama.”


~~Authors note~~

This is my first sequel. I have ideas for more sequels and for new stories. If you have any ideas or suggestions let me know. If you didn’t like this sequel and I changed things you liked or left out elements from the first story you liked, please let me know. I read all comments and respond to all emails. I love feedback and it helps when people say why they did or didn’t like something. That way I can improve the next story. Thank you so much for reading. I love hearing from people so don’t be shy!

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