Larissa’s Dirty Lipstick

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Larissa woke up earlier than her master and she watched him sleep and as she did so, her excitement grew at the thought of how he would use and abuse her that morning. When he awoke a few minutes later she got up from the bed and went to the bathroom where she knelt down beside the toilet and waited for him to come. A minute later he came in and saw her kneeling and waiting and with his eyes told her it was time to open her mouth. She did so and he positioned himself in front of her, the end of his cock six inches from her open mouth. She tingled with anticipation as she waited for her master’s piss to begin to emerge from his cock, first a weak trickle and then the full jet that would arc through the air and into her mouth. She squealed as she saw it begin to erupt from his cock and arc towards her as the jet gained power. And then the first of it hit her lips and cascaded into her mouth. She gulped and swallowed and when she could swallow no more of his golden juice, she let it roll back over her tongue and fall from her mouth and pour down her chin and onto her tits. Her pussy ached with pleasure as she rubbed her tits and felt the warm piss on her skin.

She loved her master’s piss, but it was his shit that she loved most. Nothing excited her more than to lick his anus knowing that any moment his turd would pop its head out of his arse and slip into her eager mouth. He turned and thrust his arse into her face and she opened his cheeks and looked at his arsehole. She moved her head closer and putting her nose against his sphincter, she inhaled deeply. Her nostrils filled with the intoxicating odour of sweat, maleness and shit. It was enough to make her purr. She moved her head back a little and flicked her tongue out and began to lick master’s sphincter. He moved his arse towards her to meet the wet warm flicks of her tongue. She felt his anus open under the soft pressure of her licking tongue and she pushed it inside. She could taste him now. She probed deeper with her tongue until her tongue reached the solid but soft wall she had sought. The head of his turd was less than an inch inside. She pushed with her tongue and then flicked her tongue out and pressed it softly with her finger. She took her finger from her mouth and inspected it. A little brown smudge on its tip, she sniffed it and then licked it, and savoured the first acrid taste of her morning gift.

Now, it’s coming, she thought and placed her lips against his sphincter as if she was French-kissing it. She felt Master push and she heard a grunt and with that the head of his turd emerged from his dilating sphincter. She licked it vigorously, greedy for its bitter tastes, which sent shudders through her body as its flavours burst on her tongue. Expertly, she allowed a couple of inches of its length to slip between her lips and into her mouth and then she moved her head backwards in time with his turd’s exit from his arsehole. For a Bostancı escort moment he stopped, with the last inch still in his arse and the other end in her mouth. She glanced sideways at the mirror that was always there for them to watch themselves as they played their dirty games. The sight of that sleek dark brown turd joining her lips to her master’s arse made her pussy throb.

The other end of his turd finally let go for his sphincter and the whole thing stuck out of her mouth like some obscene cigar.

Master stood and turned to watch her.

‘Suck it and then stick it into your pussy,’ He ordered. He watched as she licked and sucked the turd until she leaned back and began to caress her wet glistening pussy lips. He watched as she opened her pussy and then carefully, ensuring that it did not break, pushed her master’s firm dark brown six-inch-long turd into her pussy. He watched as her well-trained and well-used cunt greedily sucked the log of shit into its depths. She stopped feeding it into her pussy when about half an inch still protruded from her, but master told her to push it all the way inside. She did as she was commanded and then master told her to dress.

‘We’re going out.’

She smiled and thanked him. She had asked him if they could take their dirty games outside and now he was going to give her the treat she so desired.

Thinking he must be in generous and forgiving mood, she dared to ask ‘are we going to the beach, master?’

There was a beach close to her house and it was often quiet. It was just the place, she imagined, where they could play their games in public and enjoy the excitement of the possibility of being caught. But she had misunderstood his intentions.

‘No,’ he told her, ‘we are going to the mall.’

She was curious; what games could they play there? However, one uninvited question was enough for one day, so she did not dare ask another.

As they sat in the car, her driving, on the way to the big mall a couple of towns away, she felt the warm lump inside her pussy. Sometimes, she would slip a dildo into her pussy and go about the day with the toy inside her, but this was the first time she had been out for the day with a lump of shit stuffed into her cunt. The idea of it excited her and she knew that her moistening cunt would soften the turd inside her. She looked forward to seeing the brown stain in the gusset of her panties as her master’s shit slowly leaked from her cunt. She would sniff it and lick it and savour the mix of his bodily excretions and her own.

They walked around the mall looking in shops for more than an hour just like any other shoppers. Then they went to a restaurant. They ordered coffees and sandwiches and when they had finished those, master told her to go to the toilets.

‘The men’s toilets,’ he said emphatically. ‘Go to one of the cubicles, lock yourself in and wait Anadolu Yakası Escort for me. I will knock twice on the cubicle door,’

She went and he paid and then followed her. She was in the last cubicle, nearest the wall. He knocked twice and she opened the door. She expected him to enter, but he told her to come out. She was confused until he told her to strip naked and kneel between two of the urinals on the wall. This was madness. Any man could come in at any moment. A dog walker who comes across a couple having sex in the woods is almost a commonplace, but a man walking into the men’s toilets to find a man using a woman as a urinal was far from that. However, she was excited too, and her excitement was greater than her caution and fear. She stripped and knelt between the urinals. She did not need to be told to open her mouth.

Master stood in front of her and unzipped his fly. He flipped out his cock and pointed its fierce head at her mouth. She seemed to wait an age for the piss to spurt from it and it took all her power of will to focus on his cock and not look to the door, half horrified at the thought of some man coming in, and half thrilled at the thought of it.

The jet of piss hit the back of her throat and she gulped it down. His stream lasted for what seemed an age and she swallowed every drop. No one came in. Finally, master ordered to stand and go back to the cubicle. Master ordered her to sit on the toilet. He presented her with his cock to suck. Soon her expert mouth had him hard and ready to fuck her. He told her to stand and turn around. He would take her from behind. She bent forward and as she did so, she felt her master fingers opening her pussy lips. He slipped two fingers inside to find her the head of her turd was half an inch inside her. He thought of its thick length reaching upwards into the depths of her cunt. His cock was rock hard and ready to force its way into his slave’s shit-filled cunt.

He would see how well the heat of her pussy had soften her shit when he saw how much of it oozed from her cunt as the pressure of his cock pushed deeper into her. He pushed slowly but firmly and liberal amounts of her filthy chocolate oozed between his shaft and the soft walls of her cunt. He thrust at her several times, pushing some of the shit deeper into her and watching as the rest oozed from her, covering her cunt lips. He pulled his cock out and it was covered with a thick coating.

He ordered her to stand, turn around and sit down on the toilet again. She complied and sat and gazed in wonder at the shit coated cock that throbbed in front of her face.

‘You know what to do,’ he told her and smiled. He watched as her tongue flicked out and slowly danced on the shit anointed head of his cock. He allowed her to do as she pleased, knowing she would take it slowly, enjoying every little detail of the shitty blow job she was going Kadıköy Escort to perform on him. Each flick of her tongue reached a little further until the tip of her tongue began to tickle his shaft, making little imprints in her shit. He allowed her to continue until he commended her to put on her lipstick.

She positioned her mouth at the tip of his chocolate cock and slowly her lips ran over the head and reached the shaft. She stopped for a moment and looked up, seeking her mater’s approval and his permission to continue. As he looked down at her, her saw a thick smearing of shit on her lips. He nodded and her head sank towards his loins as his cock penetrated her mouth and reached to her throat. His cock was in her mouth to its hilt. She did not gag. She felt the shit slowly softening as it mingled with her saliva and her cunt caught fore as the flavours of her shit filled her mouth. She wondered if he would fuck her throat, packing it with shit and then squirt his spunk into her mouth, but after a few thrusts he withdrew.

He ordered her to sit back on the toilet seat and spread her shitty cunt. He held his cock in his fist and wanked himself furiously until spurts of oily spunk shot from its head and landed on her shit coated cunt lips.

When he had recovered himself, he barked ‘fix your lipstick, you depraved shit slut!’

Now she understood. Whenever she sucked his cock when it was covered with shit, he would describe the smears of shit on her lips as her ‘dirty lipstick.’ Now she was to wear it outside. He told her to dress and leave the cubicle and go to the mirror to ready herself. As she pulled on her panties, she felt the warm, soft shit that had been expelled from her cunt cling to her cunt lips and the flesh of her thighs.

She stood before the mirror and using her finger she wiped away the shit that had gathered around her lips and popped her fingers into her mouth to clean them. When she was finished her lips were covered with what looked like a perfectly applied cosmetic.

Master had been watching her and when he saw that she was finished, he told her to go and walk around the all again and make her way to a shop that sold cosmetics. She did as she was told, and as she walked about, she became more and more conscious of the puzzled stares she was attracting from passers-by. She was also strongly aware of master following her and enjoying the sport.

One bold young man, impressed at the spectacle of this woman wearing such a striking and unusual shade of lipstick tried to approach her, uttering some inane line, she smiled and said

‘It’s my shit, baby. I just sucked it off my master’s cock. Would you like to have a taste?’

The young fellow looked at her in horror and ran for his life.

After ten or so minutes of walking around, she reached pharmacy that sold cosmetics and went in. She made for the section selling lipsticks. As she stood examining the various shades another woman came and stood beside her. The woman looked at her and said

‘That’s a fascinating shade of lipstick you are wearing. What is that colour called?’

Larissa smiled and said ‘it’s called dirty chocolate. It’s my favourite.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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