Last call at the local bar

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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sandi, I’m a 35 Y/O single woman, 34DD-27-30, 5′ 9″ tall, 110 Lbs, blue eyes, and light brown hair down to my waist. (I just love long hair, don’t you?) And last night I was so very horney. As I usually do when I get this way (which is quite often) I went to my favorite bar. I wore knee high black boots, a black mini-skirt that is just above mid thigh and a black tube top. Of coarse I wasn’t wearing any panties or bra, because I wanted to be ready for all the hot action I would soon see, feel and taste. But because of the time of year (it is mid-winter now) I also wore a long black coat.

As I drive my ’85 T-Bird around the corner I can see that the parking lot is fairly full tonight. I finger my cunt and it is getting wet just thinking about getting fucked tonight. As I pull into the lot and park I see a couple of men watching me, so I decide to give them a little taste of what is to come. I open the door and swing my left foot way out and down to the pavement. With my legs wide open like this they had a good view of my shaved pussy. I pretended not to notice as I fussed with my lipstick in the mirror before getting out of the car.

As I approached the entrance to Tony’s Bar and Grill one of the men opened the door for me. Of coarse he was standing very close, no dought hoping to inocently brush up against my tits. The look on his face was priceless when he not only got a good feel as I turned sideways to brush past him, but my hand strayed accross the front of his pants, and sure enough his cock was standing at full attention. “Thank you, you are a true gentleman.”

“Are you going to meet Sex hikayeleri someone tonight, or may I join you?”

“Yes I’m meeting someone tonight, and I think I just did. My name is Sandi and of coarse you may sit with me.” I smiled into his face and kissed his cheek, and taking my arm he started leading me to one of the back booths. “Lets sit at the bar for a while, shall we . . . ?”

“Sorry, my name is Tony, and what ever you want Sandi. The bar it is then.”

“Hi Sandi, having your special tonight?”, Bob the bartender ask me as we sat down. Tony took my coat and I just sat there and slowly crossed my legs and leaned back, so my breasts were straining the tube top I wore. I didn’t have to say a word, “Right you are Sandi, the special it is then.”

About 2 hours later and several drinks, it is almost closing time and poor Tony is beginning to wonder if he is ever going to fuck me. Just then Bob announces last call, “Last call for drinks, closing in 5 minutes. Also tonight we are having a special after hours show, so anyone wanting to stay for the special I suggest you buy 2 or 3 drinks before 2:00 A.M. when I lock the door.”

“Lets stay for the special Tony, it’s always a fun time.” I’m trying really hard not to laugh as Tony tries to put on a happy face, knowing for sure he’ll never fuck me now. “Sure, why not!”

Just then Bob calls out,”Show time!”, and locks the door. “Sandi, your up”. Bob then walks to the bar and leans back, looking me. I lean into Tony and give him a kiss right on the mouth, sticking my tongue into his as my hand starts stroking his cock. I get up and walk over to Bob, and before I reach Sikiş hikayeleri him my tube top and mini skirt are gone, leaving me in just the boots and thigh high stockings. When I reach Bob I immediatly drop to my knees and open his pants and pull them and his boxers down to his ankles. As I look up into Bob’s face I see him smiling at me, I reach out and start stroking his 9 inch cock, already hard and stiff. My lips close around the head of his cock, and slowly I start stroking his cock in and out of my mouth. Deeper and deeper as my saliva covers his cock shaft, making it slick and tasty. Finally my nose is pressed right into his stomach, his cock deep in my throat, almost gaging me. I slowly withdraw my lips over his wet glistening shaft, feeling the raw power of his hard cock, untill just the head is between my lips again.

I stop sucking Bob’s cock for just a second, and stand up to face the men in the room. My hand rubbing my cunt, Bob bends me over the back of a chair and starts fucking my cunt. “Come on, I want another cock in my slutty mouth.” The mesmerized glazed look in their eyes went away, as a mad scramble of men removing their clothes made me push back harder onto Bob’s cock.

“Fuck my cunt, Haaa, yes, harder, deeper. Fuck that feels good, fuck my cunt, fuck my face.”

I didn’t have to ask twice as the first cock was shoved into my mouth. They were lined up waiting a turn to shove a cock into me and they didn’t care which hole it was. And neither did I, I just wanted cock, lots of cock. And this night I was going to get seven cocks and at least seven loads of yummy cum.

Just then Bob said to Erotik hikaye the croud of men, so it wouldn’t get out of control, “Every one line up here at the bar and let her do the line sucking cock.” They all did, and I started at one end of the bar, sucking a cock, deep into my mouth, looking up into his face with my eyes open, staring up at the man whose cock I was sucking. Slowly sucking deeper and deeper untill my nose was buried into his cock hair, my hand feeling his nut sack and rubbing it against my chin before withdrawing my mouth. Then down the line to the next cock, and it was Tony.

“You really are a fuck slut, aren’t you!” A statement of fact, not as qusetion, as I hungrly sucked on his hard cock. I could see the other men in line, stroking their hard cocks, anticipating their turn. And each didn’t have to wait long. A couple of minutes on each cock, sucking and savoring the flavor and taste of hard cock meat in my mouth.

Then Bob led me to a table and I laid back, with my legs open wide. “Fuck my cunt, fuck my ass, fuck my face, just give me your beautiful hard cocks in any hole you want.”

And they did, first fucking just my cunt, while some shoved their hard cocks into my ass. My head was turned to the side as a stiff cock was once again shoved into my mouth.

After about 45 minutes the first cum load was deposited in my mouth, and I hungrly sucked his cock, tasting every drop of cum. “Nobodys leaving untill I’ve tasted every swinging dick here cum in my mouth.”

A big cheer was my answer to that, and another deposit of yummie cum in my mouth.

After everyone had fucked me and cum in my mouth, Bob thanked me for the good time and the extra after-hours business.

Well, if you liked my adventure leave a comment or 2. As I just love getting gang banged. Bye
Love and Kisses . . . Sandi

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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