Last Night

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As we stand together in the shower the water flowing over our bodies, I have never needed you so much. As you stand behind me and kiss my neck, your hard cock pressing into my back, I cup my hands under my full breasts and close my eyes. I bend and turn my head, feeling your lips hot on my flesh as your hands slide over my tummy. Up under my hands, we hold my breasts, your fingers finding each nipple and teasing them gently, making me moan.

Pulling, rolling, circling each one you make me chew my lips, God! you make me horny. Your hands now on my waist, leaving my fingers to play with my nipples, holding, pulling them as I moan. Your fingers slide down my thighs and then between my legs, gently opening them. My hands now reach behind and hold your hard cock, thrusting my body forward, waiting for your touch. My nails glide over your balls then I start to wank you, slow easy strokes, wrapping my hand around your cock like my pussy longs to be. Your fingers glide over my pussy, parting my lips and finding the creamy wetness mixing with the water. Just one finger dipping in, making me sigh as I open my legs wider.

Sliding over my swollen clit, rubbing gently, teasing mmmmmm you tease as I wank. Now with two fingers you enter my pussy, slowly circling round and coating them with my juice, then out and over my clit once more. Still wanking you with one hand I join yours with the other, my fingers sliding over my smooth pussy, pushing yours back inside. Pushing your fingers in deep, I press my hand over yours and start to fuck myself with your fingers. Letting go of your cock, I rub my clit, thrusting my hips forward as I use your fingers, deeper, harder with each thrust. You kiss my back as I fuck myself, moaning louder as I use your hand, forward and back I thrust my hips, rubbing my clit slow but hard. I can feel my body start to tense as I push your fingers into my pussy, deeper, ooooooo so deep, reaching all the way in, your cock hard against my ass, waiting to fill my wet pussy, as you thrust your hips to match mine. You hold me tight as I scream, my knees buckle, I cum.

My pussy throbs as I wash your fingers Escort Keçiören with my creamy, sweet juice. For a moment I hold your hand still, feeling my cum ooze through your fingers, as my pussy pulses. As I shudder that final shudder, I slip your fingers out of my pussy, still holding your hand, I bring it up to my mouth Slowly I rub your fingers over my lips, opening them slowly I taste my cum. My tongue swirling, cleaning my juice from each one. Fuck me, I want you to take me, I want you to use me PLEASEEEEEE.

As the water cascades down our bodies, you hold me close, your hips pressed into mine as we tease. I don’t want to turn, you could be anyone, some lover I have never met before. Leaning forward, I place my hand on the cold tiled wall, my legs part as I spread them across the shower tray and stand on the rim, lifting up onto the balls of my feet, I slip my hand between my legs, brushing over my wet pussy. Reaching further until I find your balls, so hard, so full, I hold them gently.

Slowly playing with each one, gilding them through my fingers, as my arm rubs over my pussy, my clit so hard and slimy, coated in my cum. I arch my back as I hold your cock, wanking it slowly, pulling it gently forward between my legs. Slipping the tip over my ass, then further, past my pussy, through my lips, coating it in my juice. You hold my hips tight as I reach my clit, we moan deeply as I slide it forward and back, teasing myself with your cock. From my clit to my ass, forward and back each time pressing the tip so that it just enters my pussy then back out, covered in my thick cream, using your cock like I used your hand. Each time I slip your cock inside it goes in further, my pussy aching to be filled, yet each time I slip it out and rub it back and forth.

Again and again, I slip you in, then out over my clit, holding your big hard cock, as I move my hips, rubbing, teasing, playing. You can’t take any more as I slip you into my pussy you grab my hand and thrust your cock in deep, mmmmmmm, so deep, so hard, filling me. You thrust so hard that I have to lean against the wall, pushing myself Keçiören Escort back, slamming my ass against your hips. Tight, so tight you hold my hips and fuck me, each thrust filling my pussy like never before.

Leaning back, you watch your cock slide in and out, glistening with my juice then being washed by the water running down my back. Watch your cock fill me. Feel my fingers now on my clit then just one rubbing your cock each time you pull back. So close, I’m so close, deep moans growling in my throat. I want to feel your cock throb in my pussy as you fill me with your cum.

Fuck me, fuck me hard. Cum with me, together, pleaseeeee. Tell me, TELL ME NOW. OOOOOOOOOOOO yesssssssssssssss. The whole world knows we have cum as I scream and you groan. I can feel you filling my pussy, your cock pumping your cum deep as my cum floods down my legs. So much, so much cum. My muscles wanking your cock, getting every last drop. You hold me tight as we shudder, our bodies draining, every muscle tense, yet wanting more, I want more, tell me you want more.

Reaching up and turning off the water, I turn slowly, my hands slide down your wet body as I sink to my knees. My lips kiss your legs slowly and my tongue flicks over your flesh. My hands spread wide as I massage your thighs, my nails digging in gently, teasing you. Further up your legs I kiss, letting my tongue lick and savour the taste of your body. Higher, so close, my soft lips reach your balls.

Little kisses over each one as I hear you moan, you pant as you try to hold your breath, willing me to take you into my mouth. Reaching further with my tongue, under your balls, flicking back and forth, close to your ass. Gently I press your cock onto your tummy, lifting up your balls so that I can reach every bit. Your cock twitches as I lick you, teasing you with every touch. Taking one ball, so full and hard into my mouth. Sucking it gently as I roll my tongue over it, then the other, filling my mouth. I let it slip from my lips as I look up at you, my mouth still open ready for your cock, your fingers holding my head softly, willing me, Keçiören Escort Bayan wanting me.

With just the tip of my tongue I start to lick up your cock, all the way round, slowly up and down, each time closer to the end. I can taste our cum, so sweet and fresh. Up to the end then back down over your balls, your body shuddering with every touch of my lips and tongue. I slip my fingers over my wet pussy and coat them in our cum that is oozing from me. Gently I rub each finger over your cock, covering it for me to clean. With my lips open, I let my tongue circle the end of your cock, closing my mouth and kissing it. GOD! We taste so good as I sink my lips down around you.

Inch by inch I take your cock further into my mouth. I hear you say “yes” each time you feel my tongue flick your cock. Deep into my mouth then back out to the end, slowly moving my head up and down, your ass clenches as I eat your cock. I want to feel your hot cum slide down my throat, so deep in my mouth that my lips touch your balls. In then out, kissing, licking, eating. You hold my head still and start to fuck my mouth, oooooyesssssssssssss fuck it, use my mouth as if it was my pussy, so warm and wet, needing to be filled.

Your hips thrust faster, my lips holding your cock tight, my fingers holding your tightening balls. Fuck my mouth, fill it with your cum. Harder you thrust, pulling my head into your body each time your cock sliding into my throat. Now, cum now, I want it, I want it NOW! You pull back, your cock rests on my lips, for a moment we are still then as you moan you thrust deep into my mouth, pulling my head onto you, you cum. Your cock throbs as it fills my mouth, mmmmmmm so much cum pumping down my throat, so hot and fresh. OOOOOYESSSSSS I love this, you taste so good, your cock throbbing deep in my throat.

I hold your cock tight with my lips, wanking you, milking every last drop from it. I can feel you body drain, every muscle in spasm as you struggle for breath. Your hands slip from my head as I swallow your cum, your hands pressed onto the shower walls, steadying yourself. Opening my mouth, I let your cock rest on my lips, flicking my tongue over the tip, teasing you once more, making sure I leave not one drop. Standing up I kiss you hard you can taste your cum on my lips, now it’s my turn, lets get out of the shower, I want you to taste me, my pussy is so wet and needs to feel your tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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