Late Night Pool Match

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The dimly lit room was filled with the sounds of people talking, laughing and generally having a good time. There were several brightly lit areas where lamps hung low over the pool tables in the back, illuminating the games that were in play. It was at one of these tables that Michael Hawthorne could be found, deep in concentration. He could be seen, almost every Friday night playing a few rounds of pool while sipping on a beer. Mostly he played alone but was not against having opponents. Quiet and reserved, there were few things that broke his concentration on his game.

Something that always broke his concentration was Alyssa Thompson, co-owner of the pool hall. She was always smiling and cheerful, making sure everyone was having a good time. Her looks often garnered unwarranted solicitations from some of the patrons but she always shrugged them off by telling them that she had a boyfriend. She was slim but nowhere near anorexic. Alyssa had soft curves that made it easy for your eyes to wander up and down her body.

Michael caught himself staring at her body. She was mesmerizing in her tight faded blue jeans and black spaghetti tank top that showed off a nice portion of her cleavage. A smile crept onto his lips as he wondered what it would be like to hold her. Immediately his thoughts vanished when he realized that her bright hazel eyes were making contact with his dark chocolate brown eyes. He missed his mark and hit the cue ball into the far corner pocket, blushing at the fact that he had let this creature of beauty distract him so.

Alyssa knew she was teasing him and walked up to him. “Evening Michael, care for another beer?” Her fingers traced the curve of the empty bottle.

“Sure, thank you.” Michael was nervous and avoided eye contact with her. He waited for her to leave before he reached into the pocket and pulled out the cue ball. As Alyssa returned her set the stick onto the table and reached out for the beer.

She handed it to him, keeping her fingers wrapped around it for a few seconds longer than usual. “Would you mind if you had someone to play with? Its kind of slow tonight and I haven’t played in awhile.”

“Sure thing. Would you like to break or should I?”

“You go ahead. I never really liked breaking.”

“Suit yourself,” he answered as he racked up the balls and prepared for a shot. “Forgive me if I don’t play at my best, after all, its not everyday I get to play with a beautiful woman.” Immediately he wished he hadn’t said that. He waited for her to leave him and was stunned when she just laughed and told him to break and stop flirting.

She watched him intently as he prepared for his shot. She watched his muscular arms flex as he stretched to put the right amount of power into the shot. She looked at his rear as he bent over the table and found herself starting to desire him more. Alyssa had been watching for the past few months, always staying in the shadows until tonight. After catching him watching her, wanting her, she felt her need for him awaken from the slow burning embers to the full raging fire that burned within her.

They played their game for the next twenty minutes until the last of the balls had been shot into the various baskets. Alyssa had to close the place down as it was midnight and took Michaels empty beer bottles with her. He racked up the balls on the table and handed two twenties to the cashier, whose name he could never remember. He started to walk out the door when he heard his name being called.

Michael turned around to see that Alyssa was waving for him to come back to the bar. He was puzzled and walked back to her.

Alyssa had decided that she should take the initiative. She wanted him and was tired of waiting. Michael was a very decent man but her animal instincts were taking over and she wanted him. She smiled as he walked up to her and asked him if he wouldn’t mind staying to talk and was overjoyed when he agreed. Alyssa hurriedly finished closing up and kicking out the last of the stragglers. She thanked the other employees as she closed and locked the door behind them as they left, leaving her alone with him.

Alyssa asked, “Care to play another round? I won’t charge you.”

He smiled and said that it would be nice. They began to play another game as they talked, becoming more comfortable with each others presence, opening up more and more as the night went on. One game became two and before they knew it, they had completed four. On the fifth game Alyssa came across a very difficult shot and was trying to judge on the best angle to take it.

She bent over the table and stared at the balls, trying to think of what course of action to take. “I know its against every Escort Etimesgut rule in the book, but would you help me here? I have no idea what to go for.”

He stood behind her and bent down slightly, his chin just over her shoulder and looked at the predicament that she was in. He reached over her and with his hands, guided hers. Michael inhaled her sweet scent as he showed her how to play this shot. It was intoxicating, much more so than any amount of alcohol he could drink. Her dark brown hair, long and straight, tickled his arms and smelled sweet like fruit.

Alyssa felt his breathe on the nape of her neck and could feel her heart quicken. Her body began tremble with excitement from the closeness of his touch. It disappeared suddenly.

“I should go, it’s getting late and besides, I don’t think your boyfriend would appreciate me being her alone with you.”

“Please don’t, I’m enjoying my time here with you, besides, I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“You don’t? But I always hear you tell -“

“I tell them lies. There is no boyfriend, I only tell them that so that they’ll keep their paws off of me.” With a sudden urgency she leaned upward and kissed him hard. Her arms instinctively reached around his neck and pulled him down to her.

Shock ran through his mind at the sudden turn of events. This woman that he had quietly watched and secretly wanted was kissing him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her, kissing her back, passionately. Their lips parted and their tongues began to duel, pushing and darting, tasting each other. He held her soft supple body in his arms, feeling her warmth. He was also surprised at the intensity of the fire that burned within him now, something he hadn’t felt in a long time.

Alyssa turned his body and herded him to one of the chairs that lined the walls for spectators and made him sit down. Straddling his body, she sat on his lap and held his face, pulling him close to her. She pressed her lips to his and began to moan softly as her hips involuntarily began to gyrate, grinding against his groin. She felt his hands grab her ass and press her body against his. She could feel him harden beneath her, exciting her.

He kissed her lips and moved to her neck, eliciting a slight moan from her as he kissed and nibbled the soft skin. His hands grasped her ass before moving up her back, under her tank top. His lips moved to her exposed shoulder as his fingers began to pull her top upwards. He stopped kissing her long enough to remove it and tossed it onto one of the pool tables.

She took this opportunity to reciprocate and nearly tore his shirt off, exposing his chest. She loved how his muscles were well defined but not overly so and leaned down to kiss his neck. Her large breasts pushed against his chest as she held onto him. “Michael, I need you. Oh God I need you, please take me,” she said breathlessly into his ear.

He picked her up and sat her on one of the pool tables, kissing her passionately, smelling her scent which was driving him wild. His fingers undid the button and zipper of her jeans and pulled them over her legs, slipping her shoes off practically in the same motion. After pushing them under the table his hands went back to her body and slid up and down her smooth legs, feeling her soft skin. His hands pushed her legs apart as he leaned over her body to kiss her stomach. His first kiss was greeted with a sharp intake of breathe which pleased him. Gently he placed kisses up and down her belly and thighs before moving upwards towards her breasts.

Alyssa sat up and reached behind her, unfastened her bra and unceremoniously tossed it over her shoulder, exposing her large breasts. She gasped as she felt his hungry mouth devour her right nipple, feeling his hands on her back holding her. She ran her fingers through his short dark hair and grazed the back of his skull with her nails. She giggled as she felt his hot breathe tickle her nipple and held his head in place, feeding it to him. She loved having her breasts played with Michael seemed to have no objections. She enjoyed the fact that his left hand was lightly pinching her other nipple. Always important to never ignore the other she always believed. She braced the heels of her feet on the border of the table and began to push, pushing her back towards the middle of the table while she pulled him with her. Her hands expertly undid his pants and she pushed them down as far as she could reach, exposing his boxers and the hardness that they contained.

“Take them off, now!” she growled.

Michael stepped off the table and kicked off his shoes before removing his pants and boxers and stood there nude, looking her hungrily Etimesgut Escort before jumping back on and straddling her. He stroked his hard cock for a second before taking her hand and wrapping it around himself. Her grip was firm but not too tight as she stroked him. He grunted and lunged for her neck, biting and kissing her, causing gasps of delight to escape her lips. Her moans grew louder as he nibbled on her earlobes which also caused her back to arch. “I need to taste you. I bet you taste so sweet.”

“Then taste me.”

He crawled downward between her legs and kissed her panty covered pussy, smelling her sweet scent beneath the thin material and licked it. She moaned as he continued kissing it and he was pleased that she was enjoying his teasing. His hunger was overtaking him though and his hands pulled her panties down exposing her beautiful flower. Michael pulled her panties off her legs and tossed over to where her tank top lay and then spread her legs wider. He reached out with a finger and lightly rubbed her hard clit causing her to gasp. He ran his finger up and down her lips causing her to become very moist.

“Oh God Michael, eat me,” she hissed.

Michael leaned down and did as he was demanded, with a great deal of pleasure. His tongue probed her and lapped at her clit and lips, tasting her sweet nectar. She tasted so delicious that he wanted more and pushed his tongue into her pussy. His fingers gently pulled her lips apart so that he could push his tongue deeper into her.

“That’s it baby, fuck me with your tongue.”

He continued lapping at her pussy, paying close attention to her clit which caused her to moan loudly. He saw out of the corner of his eyes that her fingers were clawing at the felt surface and that her back was arching. His tongue flicked over her hard clit faster and faster and he felt her hands suddenly grasp his head and push his face deep against her wet pussy.

“Fuck yes Michael, you’re going to make me cum!”

Michael continued to silently eat her. He wanted to make her cum so that he could drink her sweet nectar. He loved her taste and wanted more.

“Oh yes! Fuck I’m going to cum!” Alyssa clawed at his hair while pushing his face against her pussy and wrapped her legs around his head. Her muscles tightened as she could feel the wave of pleasure begin to wash over her. “Oh fuck Michael I’m cumming!”

Her body jerked a few times as the waves of her orgasm washed over her. Her screams subsided to whimpers and her grip on his head loosened. She allowed him to move upwards so that they were face to face and felt his arms wrap around her and hold her body close. She was stunned by this act of caring as he held her and she wanted him that much more. She looked into his eyes and smiled, “You are amazing. But now it is my turn to make you feel good.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Lay on your back and just let me take care of you.”

Michael let go of her and turned so that he was lying on his back. The felt was cool on his skin as he got comfortable which wasn’t easy considering the table was rock hard but he didn’t care. He watched in rapt fascination as Alyssa sat next to him and wrapped her slender fingers around his cock and began to stroke him. Her fingers felt so good around his length as her hand stroked up and down his hard shaft.

She looked him deep in the eyes and winked before leaning over and wrapping her lips around the head of his cock. As her hand stroked up and down, her lips followed, stroking and sucking him. Her tongue played along the underside of his shaft as she sucked him. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked him. She pulled back and with an audible pop, let him pull out of her mouth.

Alyssa grazed her nails around his shaft which caused him to shudder from delight. She smiled at the fact that she was able to bring him so much pleasure. Her fingers wrapped themselves once again around him and begin stroking his length before she moved to straddle his body bringing her warm wet pussy over his turgid cock. She held him straight up and slowly eased herself downward until his head touched her lips. She then ran it up and down the folds of her pussy, wetting him with her juices before easing him inside. Slowly she moved downward, pulling him into her, engulfing his hard cock with her wet pussy.

They both moaned in unison as they became one. She had finally taken his entire length into her and she sat there on top of him, enjoying the fullness that she felt and just sat there, slowly grinding her hips against him. She enjoyed the feeling of his hands on her thighs, moving up and down, caressing her soft skin. She leaned down and kissed him, raising Etimesgut Escort Bayan her hips slightly, easing a bit of him out. As she leaned back she sank back down, filling herself with his manhood. She began to slowly bounce up and down on him and placed her hands on his chest to brace her.

Michael held onto her hips while they stared into each others eyes. He reveled in the pleasure of having her bounce up and down on his cock, causing moans of pleasure to escape his lips. He reached up and fondled her breasts causing her to moan louder.

Alyssa held his hands on her breasts and ground down onto him, taking him all the way insider her moist warm depths. Her hips ground against his as she felt her clit rubbing against him and she bit her lip to keep from screaming too loudly. She was so wrapped up in her feelings of pleasure that she barely noticed him grabbing her by the waist and flipping them over. Her back was now on the felt of the pool table and she enjoyed the feeling of power in his arms as he gently lay her down. Her legs parted wider to allow him to thrust deeper into her as she looked deeply into his eyes. “Mmm, fuck yea Michael, take me and make me yours.”

Michael grabbed her legs and held them apart as he thrust his hard cock deep into her. The table was hard but he failed to notice as she had his full attention. He stared into her eyes and began to grunt as he pushed himself into her over and over again. Her pussy was burning and moist, drawing him in, willing him to empty himself into her. Michael let go of her legs and leaned forward, kissing her on the lips as his arms braced himself above her.

Alyssa’s body began to sweat despite the cool feeling of the room that they were in and she didn’t care if she sweat on the table. She only cared about the action in which she was partaking in at this very moment. She wanted him, wanted to feel his warmth, she wanted him to cum inside her and fill her. She reached up and began to stroke his back with her fingers but soon pure lust took over as her animal instincts revealed themselves and she began to scratch his back, digging her nails into his flesh, drawing slight beads of blood.

Michael moaned loudly as his skin was ripped open. Despite the fact that it hurt, it was pleasurable at the same time and he increased his tempo. His hips thrust against hers and his body began to sweat along with her. He stared into her hazel eyes and he could see the animal lust in them. He could see her gritted teeth as he drove himself into her, feeling her hot breathe on his face.

“Oh fuck Michael, give it to me. Give me your cum now! Fill me up!”

“I will, I’m going to cum real soon for you,” he said through gritted teeth. He leaned back and picked up her hips with his strong hangs, lifting her soft ass off of the table as he pounded her wet pussy. He felt her legs wrap themselves around his back as she held onto him. His hips slapped into hers and he willed himself to hold back just a few seconds longer but he knew it was no use. He was going to cum any second.

Alyssa could sense this and wrapped her legs tighter around him, forcing him deeper into her. She wanted him and wanted him inside her. At the same time she could feel her own body beginning to tremble as another orgasm was beginning to take hold of her body. She let a scream escape her lips as her back arched and the waves of pleasure washed over her. Her pussy tightened its grip on his turgid cock.

That was the straw that broke the camels back and Michael couldn’t hold back any longer. He could feel pulse after pulse of himself empty into her. He moaned loudly as he emptied himself into her depths. He wrapped his arms around her back and drew her close to him, pressing her breasts against his chest. “I got you,” he whispered into her ear as she buried her face into the crook of his neck. He held her body close and could feel the last shudders of her orgasm pass.

Alyssa leaned back slightly to look into his eyes and smiled. “You were terrific.”

He simply smiled at her as he stared into her eyes. It was then that he started to chuckle.

“And just what is so funny mister?”

“I just noticed that we are on my favorite table to play pool on.”

They laughed together as they helped each other off of the table to gather their clothes and wash up. It was late and the place was due to reopen the following afternoon. After they cleaned up and had erased any evidence of them being there, they left the building. Alyssa locked the door and was walked to her car by Michael. She got in, rolled down her window and leaned out. “So, see you here same time next Friday?”


“Great. I’ll be waiting. See you around Michael.” She started her car and pulled out of the parking lot.

Michael watched as her tail lights faded into the distance and smiled to himself as he walked back to his car which was a block in the opposite direction. He was definitely going to sleep well tonight he thought.

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