Late to The Party

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The taxi pulled up to the house, a tall new build with pretty plants and a cosy porch. It was much bigger than I had anticipated. My shaky hands fumbled with the change so I gave the driver a note and let him keep the excess. Timidly I exited the car and made my way up the path. At the front door I was greeted by a simple white doorbell. I mustered enough bravery to ring it once, then shied off the porch and onto the path to wait for an answer. Music hummed from inside, the lights from the windows promised warmth. Outside the cold air brushed against my bare legs. My blue coat was longer than my dress, a fact I only noticed in the reflection of the door. My pretty minidress and heels combo had taken a more slutty turn clearly. Light poured out onto me as the front door opened. A mature man wearing a mask over his eyes stood in the doorway.

“I…I’m here with Tamara” I stammered, “I’m a little late and…and she has my mask,” I said gesturing behind him.

He stood for a second, looking at me, a cheery smile formed and his loud voice echoed down the driveway “Of course my dear, take a seat on the porch swing and I’ll go find her.” He held out his rough hand to guide me up the smooth porch steps and into my seat. He paused “I’ll make sure she brings your mask… even though it’s a shame to hide such a pretty face.”

He laughed lightly as I blushed at his words.

“Its kind of etiquette to keep the mask on inside” were his last words to me before I was shut out in the cold again.

Five minutes had passed before the door opened again.

Even with the dainty gold mask on I knew it was her, Tamara. Her brown hair was pinned into a high ponytail that flowed down her back. Posture perfect in a pair of stilettos she’d stolen from my wardrobe earlier that week. A silky kimono covered her decency from the outside world, the purple perfectly contrasting her pale skin.

“You got started without me” I teased, poking out my bottom lip.

She laughed “Come on you know I like making new friends”.

I bit my lip and she blew a kiss at me before handing over an identical mask to hers. I stood up and put the mask to my eyes before turning to allow her to tie its ribbons. Once she had finished, I turned to face her.

She started to undo the buttons on my coat “Come on lets go play” she whined “its cold out here”.

I slid off my coat and nervously took hold of her hand.

The smell of wine and sex sauntered through the air. Bits of clothing lay waste across the furniture and floor. Tamara lead me by the hand towards the kitchen. Two couples were too busy on the sofa enjoying each other to notice us. In the Escort Esenyurt kitchen two men were taking on a petite young girl in a black mask. Her long blonde hair hung over the counter, her moans were muffled by the cock in her throat. The sight of them made my stomach flutter. Tamara cockily blew a kiss to the tattooed one grinding his cock into the blondes pussy. He breathily laughed, biting his lip and picking up his pace.

She grabbed a bottle of wine and slinked out of the kitchen with me in tow.

“What are you laughing at?” I asked her as she lead me upstairs.

“That dude loves being watched” she giggled “really gets him off, anyway that’s not important at the moment”.

We stopped at the top of the stairs and she kissed me. My heart hammered in my chest, her lips were soft and warm. My hand reached for her hips but she pulled away.

“Seeing as its your first time here, I found you a gift.”

“A gift from you?” I smiled pulling her close to me. I let my lips trace her neck and placed a kiss there. A slow, soft sigh left her lips. It made me wet.

“Hayley!” She pulled away a second time and giggled, “Lets go have fun plus one shall we?”

“Oh!” I laughed “you, me and another person eh? Boy or Girl?”

“Your such a slut Cassie, obviously I got us a nice man to toy with” she frowned jokingly and slid off her kimono.

As it floated down to the floor, my heart stopped for a brief second. Her beautiful body stood before me in nothing but a pair of red lace panties. The tattoo down her side and piercing in her tongue made her look intimidatingly hot. She grabbed my hand again and lead me down the corridor to the end bedroom.

“Hey baby” She strutted into the room “I got my friend here who wants to play”.

The guy had clearly been laid in the same spot she left him, keenly waiting for her return. He was naked already and his dick began to harden at the both of us in front of him. His eyes darkened with excitement and arousal as they flitted over our bodies.

“What you gone quiet for now, sugar? You not think you can take us both?” She smirked.

He fumbled nervously and nodded weakly.

She let go of my hand and headed towards him. “Why don’t you pour the three of us some wine and I’ll get started?” It seemed more of a statement than a question, but he obliged, taking the bottle from her hand.

Tamara seemed seasoned at this, confident. It was hot. She turned her attention to me and my pulse instantly sped up. I watched her saunter back to me, her brown eyes fixed on mine.

“Let me help you out of that dress” she whispered in my ear. Goosebumps Escort Avcılar flushed over my skin.

She walked behind me and gently placed her hands on my waist. Her lips kissed and caressed my neck and shoulder as her hands unzipped my dress. She stopped to pull the straps off my shoulders and allow the dress to fall to my feet. For a brief moment I felt shy, as if even the furniture had eyes. Tamara moved my hands from my boobs down to my side, revealing all to the room.

“See? Isn’t she cute?” she said to him, twirling me round on the spot. “She always looks extra sweet in a thong like this”

On the bed, our observer began to struggle with pouring the wine. I could hear the nervous rattle of glass against bottle. His nerves made my confidence grow.

Both me and her began running our hands over each others bodies. My hands drifted down her spine and she shuddered with pleasure. Our kisses found their way to our lips and her tongue slid into my mouth. Her body responded perfectly to my touch, I was totally lost in the feel of her.

My hand reached into her panties and she moaned out loud as my finger slid over her clit. With my other hand I held her close to me and enjoyed her softly moaning against my neck. In an attempt to break away, she wriggled in my arm and giggled into my neck, but I let my finger slip down to the entrance of her pussy and she stilled. Her breath swallowed and her nails lightly grazed the cheek of my ass. I began to stroke her pussy, teasing her. Her hips responded to my touch and she rocked them over my fingers. Her moans alone were turning me on, the feel of her pussy wet in my hand was driving me crazy.

By this time the wine was poured and the guy lay on the bed, slowly stroking his solid cock and taking in the view before him. He said nothing to interrupt us, the only noises that came from him were low moans that he couldn’t stop from escaping and he grew ever more excited.

With my fingers slowly fucking her, Tamara seemed to have forgotten about our friend. Her panties were soaking and so were mine. I stopped and admired the cum coating my fingers, before sucking on them one by one and saving my index finger for our companion on the bed. He already knew what I would do and willingly tasted her off my finger.

I heard her laugh behind me “See I told you she was naughty” she said to him. Sipping his wine, he traced his finger tips up my thigh and over my ass, drinking in the view.

I took a sip of wine and headed back to Tamara. Taking her by the waist, I moved her to sit on the edge of the bed. Once there, she slid up the bed, giving me room to kneel between her legs. I ran my hands up between her thighs and I rubbed her clit above her underwear. She was wet enough for me to feel it soak through them. I peeled off her underwear and got onto all fours, kissing up high inside her thighs . My tongue glided between her warm wet lips, her taste flooding into my mouth. She moaned again prompting me to delve further.

Our friend was pacing around us like a predator waiting for his moment. With my face buried between Tamara’s legs, his shallow, flustered breathing helped me track his movements around the room. He stopped behind me and his hands found my bum with a firm grip. Hesitating slightly, he pressed his cock against my underwear, the only thing between him and my pussy.

Tamara was moaning and arching her back in the gorgeous way that she does. The stranger with us was enjoying her moans as much as I, sliding down my thong and rubbing his stiff cock against my clit. He growled and slapped my ass with excitement.

I responded by toying with Tam’s clit, something that’s always made her moan loud.

“Oh yeah you two are naughty girls” he moaned, pressing the tip of his dick against my entrance. His nails dug into my hips as he slid his length inside me and he let out a moan through gritted teeth. “Oh I love a tight, wet pussy”.

His thrusts started slow but quickly gained speed, I was moaning into the pussy my face was in. He fucked me there for a while before growing impatient to try Tamara. I moved out of his way and kissed my way up her body, stopping to play with her gorgeous D’s and bite her nipples. She excitedly pulled me up onto her face and began rocking my hips against her tongue. The guy had began grinding his cock into Tamara. I took the opportunity to rub her clit, something she must have enjoyed because she moaned loudly against my clit.

The guy couldn’t take the arousal and had to pull out to blow his load elsewhere.

Me and her though, we continued enjoying each other but said a cheeky good bye to him as he left. Licking and kissing every inch of each other in 69, we stayed alone for a while. The sensation of orgasm began to build and she began to sense it. I was flipped over onto my back and she worked her fingers in and out of me, rubbing my clit relentlessly. I bit my lip in an effort to not moan out loud but as the wave of climax hit me my moans echoed around the room and out the door. My breathing took a moment to settle and I opened my eyes, dazed. Tamara was stroking my body and smiling up at the door. Rolling over, I saw a dark haired man stood in jeans and a mask, his curly dark hair fell down one side of it and a naughty smile peered out from under a beard.

“Why don’t you come join us?” I flirted.

Tamara agreed, teasingly kissing my body.

He cleared his throat nervously, entered and closed the door behind him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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