Later Wednesday

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This is Part II of a story that began with “First Wednesday Night”. I’m new at this, and would love feedback and comments.


We got up and straightened out the mess — tossed the used condoms in the bathroom trash, cleaned ourselves up, made the bed. I put on my pants and a t-shirt, and Kerry put her robe back on.

We called a local Mediterranean place and ordered dinner, then went back to the sofa, straightened cushions and refilled our drinks.

“Uh, wow,” I said. “That was awesome. What happened here? Why did you decide you’d just go to bed with me?”

“Brianna said you were a great guy. When we met, you were cute and you were nice — you seemed interested in actually talking to me. I wasn’t going to interfere with any relationship you already had, so why not?”

“Kind of an analytic way to make the decision, wasn’t it?”

“Are you sad that I did?”

“Did I seem sad?” I laughed. “No, I’m glad. But let’s talk about what we’re doing for a minute.”

“We did,” she replied. “I said use condoms and you don’t sleep over. What else is there to talk about? I like sex, you seem to like sex. We’re doing great so far. Do you want to talk about the sex? You have an awesome cock. It felt amazing in me. I can’t wait to feel it again. I have a lot of ideas for interesting things I can do with it.”

“Why not sleep over? Sex in the morning, sex in the middle of the night, cuddling in between.”

“Because I say so.”

“OK. But I’d feel a lot more relaxed about this if I understood it a little better.”

“Look. I’ll be blunt. You wouldn’t date me. I’m not in your league. But I’m good in bed, and I bet right now you think I have an amazing pussy and a good body, so you’ll happily fuck me. You just won’t let your friends see you with me. So you don’t stay the night.”

“Look, it’s true I probably wouldn’t have asked to date you, but it’s not because I ‘rank’ you somehow. You didn’t give off the vibe that gets me romantically interested. When we met for coffee, I thought you might be an interesting friend. I’d still like to make you a friend, unless it means I have to give up this incredible sex. And if you’d said what you just said fifteen minutes ago, I’d have dragged you out to dinner instead of ordering in. I don’t sleep with people I’m ashamed to be seen in public with.”

She looked at me coolly. I continued:

“I’ll make you a deal. We’ll have dinner, fuck some more, and then I’ll leave. But later this week, meet me for a drink and a movie or dinner. If we can’t do that, I’m not sure I can keep doing this. Well, I’m lying. I have to keep doing it until you show me the interesting things you had planned for my cock. But…”

She looked at me and laughed. “So, if I buy dinner do we get to have sex?”

“You don’t even have to buy dinner. Just show up,”

I replied. “Because it’s amazing to fuck you. It feels amazing, but I’m a little terrified I’m going to hurt you. And God knows, maybe we’ll wind up being friends and fuck for a really long time.”

“So what do you want to do right now?”

“Hmmm. Food’s here in 20 min. I say we sit here on the sofa and you masturbate for me.”

She flashed a smile. “Really?”

“Yeah. Really.”

She stuck her tongue out slightly as she reached down into her robe.

“Hey! Don’t I get to watch?”

“You didn’t say anything about that.”

She laughed and unbelted her robe, pulling it open. Her legs were folded under her, and she spread her knees slightly to get her fingers down to her pussy. I could tell she was running her finger back and forth along her lips, and she looked at me and said “Tell me a story.”

“Once upon a time…” I began.

“No, idiot, a sexy story.”

“Um, give me a hint. About what?”

She kept a slow rhythm moving her fingers back and forth. “Tell me about the last woman you had sex with.”

“What happened to kissing and not telling?”

She spread her legs and let me see her finger sink into her pussy. “Don’t you think this makes it OK?”

I didn’t miss a beat. “We went to a play. She’s a writer. Then we went to a party downtown at some friends of hers. We started necking at the party. It was a little awkward later, because a friend of my ex’s showed up and started teasing me.”

“What was it like to kiss her?”

“She has really full lips, so they are very — active.”

“We left the party and started to drive home. She lay across the console and I started rubbing her head and face; she started rubbing my cock though my pants. After a while, I was pretty uncomfortable — when you get hard and it’s trapped pointing down — and so she opened my pants and pulled it up. Then she started rubbing me through my boxers.

Fortunately there wasn’t much traffic, and I could manage to keep enough focus to stay on the road.”

She was biting her lower lip as she reached up with her left hand and caressing Samsun Escort her breast.

“I reached down and opened her belt, and then her pants. I slid my hand down her smooth belly, and then through her fir and down to where I felt her wetness. My fingers were trapped between her pants and her flesh, and all I could do was stroke her, my fingers pressed deeply into her softness. She lay her head on my leg and after a moment reached down and grabbed my hand through her pants, stopping me from moving. We drove like that until we approached the freeway exit near her house, where I asked her to sit up. She zipped and buttoned my pants, taking one final stoke the length of my cock as she closed me back into my clothes. She sorted out her own clothes as I sucked on my fingers.”

Kerry was rubbing her clit hard with her forefinger, and with her other hand, pinching her nipple.

Then the doorbell rang. She looked at me as though she was in actual pain; she was so aroused that it was hard for her to stop rubbing herself and pull the robe over her shoulders.

I went to the door and paid for dinner, tipped the delivery girl, and brought the greasy paper sack to the coffee table.

“Do you want to eat here, or at the dining table?” I asked.

She stood up, dropped the robe onto the floor, and walked nude to the dining table. I peeked through her window, wondering what the neighbors were seeing. All I saw were distant houses on the next hill over.

She went to the kitchen and brought plates and silverware. I brought our drinks over from the coffee table.

“You won’t have any wine?” she asked.

“Not unless you’ll let me sleep here.”

I hoped for a pause, a moment of thought, but she just shook her head firmly, and said “Cider for you then.”

We set the table, and she sat and daintily put a napkin over her nude lap. I laughed as I ate my falafel. I deliberately didn’t eat much.

We chatted about random things; it was completely comfortable and natural and still weird as hell. I was sitting at the table with a falafel in my hand, spooning hummus onto it, as I sat across from a nude woman who had just fucked me senseless, having a conversation about the last election.

I’ve had odder evenings, I’m sure.

We finished dinner, and ate the baklava at the bottom of the bag.

I got up and offered her my honey-soaked fingers.

She licked them clean. Then I took hers, and licked them clean. I tasted honey and musk.

I pivoted her chair away from the table, and knelt between her legs, running my hands up the strong muscles along the inside.

I pulled her outer lips apart with my thumbs and knelt in and gently licked up and down her inner lips. She moaned softly, and spread her legs wider. I licked over her clit with my flattened tongue, and then made it hard and pointed and pushed it into her. I felt her stiffen, and then just slowly licked up and down her pussy, stopping to flick my tongue at the bottom and at her clit. I couldn’t believe how tiny it was, and how — now that it had closed up — she had accepted my hard cock.

She scooted forward on the chair to give me a better angle, and then rocked her pelvis back to tip her pussy into my tongue as I lapped at her. I was lost in her texture, taste, and the sounds and movements she made as she grew more and more excited. Finally, she began to rock her hips and gasped.

I licked her with a soft tongue and rose to kiss her.

She licked my face clean and kissed me, strongly pulling my head to her.

I broke the kiss and said “I hope I wasn’t just stupid. That was unprotected.”

She shook her head. “No, I’ve been tested since the last time I had sex. For everything.” She looked sour for a moment, and I noted that there was something there to understand.

I told her that I was getting tested as well; twice since the separation.

She smiled at me. “You’ve been busy, then.”

“Not so much.”

“Ha. Finish your story.”

“Well, aren’t you going to masturbate for me again?”

“No.” She looked sideways at me and smiled.

“You’re going to do it for me.”

“That’s unfair! I have to tell the story and masturbate? Where are you in all this?”

She leaned back and spread her legs.

“I’ll come up with something to keep you interested.”

She stood up and went into her room.

She came back with something in her hand, and stopped and turned on her stereo. Soft classical music came out — something by Sibelius. She handed me a bottle of lube.


I handed her back the lube, pulled off my t-shirt, pants, and underwear, and put them on one of the dining chairs. I sat back again on the sofa.

She pumped some of the lube onto her hands and began rubbing my half-hard cock.

In an instant I was hard again. I looked at her hands, one wrapped around the shaft of my Samsun Escort Bayan cock, and one just above it, playing with the head and moaned softly.

She stopped moving. “You’re not talking.”

“Where was I? Oh — we got off the freeway and drove to her apartment in Playa del Rey in silence. We were each so damn horny I thought we’d simply catch fire in some kind of ridiculous sexual spontaneous combustion event.”

She sloooowly ran her hands up and down my cock, and I lay back into the sofa cushions.

“When we got into her apartment, we stood in the alcove, kissing and running our hands over each other. I undid her belt and dropped her pants. She kicked off her shoes and stepped out of them and then her pants. She undid my shirt, and pulled it over my head. We kissed some more. Then — “

Kerry scooted up toward me, turned and opened her legs, putting one across my legs and the other up on the back of the sofa behind me. I looked down and saw beads of liquid along her pussy.

“- then, I pulled off her sweater and undid her bra.”

“What were her breasts like?” Kerry asked, as she reached between her legs with one hand as she stroked me with the other.

“A little pendulous. She was one of those women with thin waists, but thicker hips and big boobs.”

“Did you play with them?”

“Yes. Like this.” I reached for her breasts and cupped them in my hands. Then I squeezed them, just this side of firmly, and began rubbing my thumbs over her nipples.

She gripped my cock more firmly as he stroked it with her hand and I moaned just briefly.

I continued. “Then I pulled down her panties. When I did, I stuck my tongue out and licked her belly. She pulled off my pants and underwear and began to stroke me.

She stopped and went to the bathroom and came out with some condoms and dental dams.

We went into her room, and she handed me a condom. I opened it and rolled it on as she put herself on all fours on her bed, her ass just at the edge.”

Kerry was rubbing herself harder and her hand on my shaft was becoming erratic. I wanted stimulation, so I started rubbing the head, just above her hand.

She asked “What did her pussy look like?”

“Big labia minora; they were pink and stuck out. She was mostly shaved, so you could see the crease they projected from. She glistened, and the little strip of hair was matted where I’d been rubbing her.”

“Did you fuck her?”

“Yes. I did. Yes, right then, I stood behind her, slid the head into her, and then slid the rest of me as deep into her as I could go. She arched her back, and I grabbed her hips to pull her onto me. Then I slid out, and she pushed back onto me. After a few strokes, I was slamming into her, using my body to push harder into her, and she was moaning and swearing and her body began to feel like she was losing control.”

I gasped for a second and breathed hard. Kerry’s right hand was actively rubbing her clit and her left was squeezing the base of my cock hard. I took a few more strokes with my hand, feeling the stiffness grow, and continued.

“Then she dropped from her hands to her elbows and her thighs began to shake, and then her butt muscles, and then her entire back. And suddenly she shouted ‘Yes! That’s it! Yes! Yes!’ and I felt her pussy walls throb hard around me.

I stayed in her for a second and then began slamming into her like I wanted my entire body to follow my cock into her pussy. We both were gasping for air and shouting and then all of a sudden I began to –“

And just then I stopped talking and stroked hard, and Kerry leaned forward and put her lips around the tip of my cock and I came in one colossal spurt. She swallowed it and licked the head, a string of spit and come leading from my cock to her tongue. She sat up and grinned.

“Mmmm. You ate me, so now we’re in it together.”

“Whooo. whooo.” My breathing slowly calmed down. “Yes we are.”

I smiled at her. “But you haven’t come yet!”

She stretched, all leanness, muscles and pleasure, and said “Oh, I did. And I will.”

She got up and poured me another cider.

“Excuse me,” she said. “I need to go to the bathroom. I’ll be a minute.”

She walked back into her bedroom and closed the door. I admired her back and her ass as she walked away from me, and leaned back on the sofa and sipped my cider and collected myself.

I was just wondering if she was OK when she came back. She’d brought a warm wet towel, and used it to clean the lube and come off my cock and gently scrub my balls. Then she leaned down, kissed me, and pulled me up. She grabbed her wine glass and drained it, set it down, and picked up the lube and we walked into the bedroom.

She grinned, looking very wicked. It was actually a great expression for her; she was illuminated with energy, intelligent, and clearly up to something.

She sat Escort Samsun on the bed, pulled me toward her, and then began to rub my deflated penis back to life,

Once it was a little stiff, she began to lick and swallow it and in a moment, I was hard. The rest had paid off.

She kept me in her mouth as she pulled a condom off the bedside table. She tore it open and then rolled it down onto my stiffness.

She gripped my sheathed cock, and then reached for the lube and squirted some on it.

“I’m getting a little sore,” she admitted.

Then she knelt on all fours on the bed, her ass right at the edge. I wasted no time, and stood behind her and slid the tip of my cock into her tight and swollen pussy. She squirmed, and I asked if she was OK.

“Oh. Yes. Yes.” she replied.

In a moment, I’d pushed into the very bottom of her pussy and we stayed there, pressed into her, for a moment. She felt incredible. She pulled away, then pushed back gently and I moved so slowly in and out of her.

Then she leaned to the side, reached, and grabbed the lube. She handed it to me and said

“OK, now you’ve come in my mouth, in my pussy, and I want you to come in my ass. All three in one night…”

“Look, I don’t do a lot of anal sex. I’m too thick. And it’s usually a mess.”

She laughed. “What do you think I was doing in the bathroom? It’s shiny clean in there, I gave myself an enema.”

She reached back with one hand and spread her cheeks, showing me a pristine pink ring. I pumped lube onto my hand and warmed it, and then spread it into her butt crack and then pushed some into her ass with my finger. Her pussy twitched around me as I did, and suddenly all my doubt was replaced by an absolute need to fuck the hell out her ass and see if she could come like that as well.

I pulled slowly out of her pussy, and added lube to the already slick condom. I moved the head up an inch and a half, pushing it into the muscular ring. She closed it around my head and I felt the tightness — but actually, she was less tight in her ass than her pussy.

I held rigidly still and let her slowly back onto my cock. She pushed back steadily until I was sunk to the base in her. I felt the tightness of her anus and soft, unidentifiable pressures along the length of my cock, and she breathed deeply and relaxed.

I slowly slid out, just a bit, and then back in. A little further, and in a little faster. Again and again. I looked down and saw her ass folding in and out around my cock, and below it, her dripping pussy.

I reached down and brushed her clit. She gasped “Oh!” and pushed back hard. I slid back out, reached down again and rubbed it harder, and she shoved back again. I felt her ass tightening and began to move in and out as steadily as I could, holding her by her hips and controlling how I entered her; keeping her from pushing back and then pulling her hard onto me.

We hit the perfect rhythm, and suddenly I felt my balls stir and the thickening at the base of my cock that is the start of my orgasm.

I sped up and pushed harder, and she grunted and pushed back, her asshole tightening like a vise around my cock, and then suddenly her hips started to quiver, her ass spasmed in four strong pulses and I pushed into her and felt the heat rise up my cock and then my own spasms began and I came and came some more into the condom and her ass.

She slowly collapsed forward and I collapsed onto her. As my cock deflated, I rolled off her, careful to keep the condom away from her pussy.

That was the last focused thought I had for a while. I held her and we both slowly came back.

I rolled onto my back, and she pulled herself up and straddled me, slowly moving up, her pussy a foot from my face, but giving me a view of the red, tender lips and her dark pink asshole, dripping fluids down the inside of her thigh. “I need to wash up,” she said. “And you should take a shower and wake yourself up before you ride home.”

“Oh, yeah,” I sat up, and pulled her down so she was straddling my lap and I could kiss her.

We kissed for a bit, and then we got up and got into her shower. She tenderly soaped her pussy and ass, saying “Damn, I may not be able to sit down at work tomorrow.”

Then she soaped me, my back, chest and arms, and then my cock and balls, and after she rinsed me, she knelt down and soaped my legs as her tongue dabbed at my cock.

Then she stood up, pushed me into the water to rinse, and turned off the shower.

“It’s a school night, and you need to get home and I need to sleep and recover. Let’s get going.”

I threw my hands up and gave in.

I got out of the shower, dried her off, she dried me off, and we made a date for dinner Sunday night.

And another for next Wednesday. I looked at her. “I only used three condoms this time. Next time, I’ll see if I can use all six.”

She rolled her eyes and laughed. “We’ll see. Now get dressed and go home safely.”

As I pulled my helmet on downstairs and swung a leg over the bike, I decided that my preconceptions about accountants might stand revisiting. And that I’d be looking forward to Wednesday nights for the foreseeable future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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