Latex Lover

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Sandra was a latex fetishist. She confessed this to me a couple of months into our relationship when we were in bed one night discussing our fantasies. When I first met her I thought she was a bit prim and proper but I soon changed my mind once we were in the bedroom, in there she was wild.

When she told me she was into rubber and latex I was intrigued, fascinated and rather turned on by the thought of her dressed up in the stuff. When she saw I was eager to let her enact her fantasies she was elated,

“You won’t regret this” she promised.

The night after she told me I returned home from work to find her car outside my flat, she had keys to my place for when she stayed over. On entering the flat I called out to her hoping she’d cooked me dinner, I was starving. “In here” I heard her call back from the bedroom. I stood my briefcase down and wandered through. I was greeted by the sight of Sandra, hardly recognisable, standing before me in the bedroom, hands on hips, adorned in her latex gear.

“So lover, what do you think? Want to give me a try?” she teased.

“Too fucking right” I responded bluntly, my dick already rising in my trousers.

She was dressed in 6 inch black patent stillettos, black shiny latex stockings, a lace up latex bodice, shiny full length latex gloves and to cap the outfit off, a rubber hood with only the mouth and eyes showing. She grinned at me through the hood, stepped back and sat down in the whicker armchair. Lifting her legs she opened them and draped them over each arm of the chair.

“So what are you waiting for then?” she said lying spreadeagled in front of me.

Almost tearing the suit and tie from my back I quickly disrobed as she lay there enticing me, rubbing her full breasts and pussy over the shiny material, in literally seconds I was naked. I stepped over and knelt down in front of her and began to rub my hands over the material which squeaked lightly as I stroked it.

“I take it you like it then?” she asked rhetorically.

“Very much” I responded. Tugging at the lace at the bottom of the bodice it loosened and I parted the PVC to expose her pussy, which was obviously already very wet. Sandra undid the lace at the top and proceeded to free her breasts and begin to fondle them herself. I ventured forth with my tongue and began to lap at her gleaming pussy, her heady juices tasting like nectar. I wedged a couple of fingers inside her as she began to writhe beneath me until, bucking violently against my face and crying out, she came, covering my face with her hot juices.

As her orgasm subsided she pushed me back by the shoulders, got out of the chair and turned me round and sarıyer escort sat me down where she had just been. I lay back as she wrapped one of her gloved hands around my pulsing dick and began to toss me off. She looked absolutely wicked in that hood as she lowered her head and opened her mouth just wide enough through the gap to take my knob between her lips. She began to suck on me noisily and I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her down onto me forcing more of myself inside her mouth each time till she was nearly taking all of me down her throat. The combined feel of her mouth lips around my organ and the visual pleasure of seeing her in her outfit was sensational. She pushed my own legs back over each arm of the chair just as hers had been and began to run her other PVC clad hand along the crack of my arse. The tingling sensations this created through my balls was magical, then as her hand slowed down its movements she jammed her middle finger inside me. I called out in surprise as she did so but soon succumbed to to her invading actions as she massaged my perenium. The intensity of the feelings this created through me were so strong that I quickly felt my own orgasm rise from inside me. Groaning loudly as Sandra continued to wank me with one hand, finger me with the other and suck on my tool I shot my load deep into her mouth. Spurt after spurt emerged as she kept her lips firmly wrapped around me and proceeded to swallow the lot.

Once she had sucked me dry we got onto the bed and kneeling down in front me Sandra encouraged me to wank her off with a big white palstic vibrator she produced from her overnight bag. Being only too happy to oblige I pushed it slowly into her still soaking fanny and she cried out as the full ten inches bore its way inside. It hummed noisily even when it was buried right inside her and she bucked back onto it eagerly each time I pushed it in. Reaching into her bag again as I continued she pulled out another one, but this one was gold and a bit smaller, probably about 6 inches and handed this back to me as well.

“Put it up my arse” she urged.

I removed the other one from her pussy first and inserted the gold one to get it juiced up before replacing the white one again to its full depth. Then as she halted her movements to let me in I stuck the gold one slowly into her tight backside. With mingled cries of pleasure and pain her head slumped forward onto the pillow as I began to alternately shove each one in and out of both her holes. Her bucking commenced again and soon enough as it began to get more and more erratic I knew she was close to coming again. Faster and faster I worked them into her until istanbul escort her screams, muffled by the pillow, indicated her second orgasm was taking place.

I was hard again myself by now and lay back on the bed as I tossed the vibrators aside. Straddling me Sandra took hold of my dick and lowered herself onto me in one smooth motion. Her hot depths encased me and she began to ride me eagerly. I rubbed her latex stockings and bodice as she rode me, Sandra meanwhile peered out at me in ecstasy through the holes in her mask, this stuff really turned me on. She moaned loudly as I pounded into her and she reached over to grab the big white vibrator again. She inserted into her arse as I continued to ride her and fucked her other hole with it while I did so. She dismounted me but left the vibrator embedded in her and knelt before me on the bed.

“From behind” she invited.

I knelt up behind and entered her again forcefully. Taking hold of the vibrator which protruded from her ring I vigorously pummelled both holes, much to Sandra’s obvious screaming delight, causing her to climax again. I withdrew and replaced the vibrator with my dick, sticking it slowly up her tight bum. I began to push into her with short strokes as she screwed herself with the vibrator, the vibrations of which I could feel rippling through me as well as I shagged her.

“I’m nearly there” I warned as her tight insides gripped me.

“Not inside me,” she asked, “Come over me.”

I would have preferred to shoot my load inside her hot pussy but this was her call. Withdrawing I turned her over onto her back and she took hold of my dick with both hands and began to wank me off frantically. I felt my spunk surge forward through me and it shot out in stream after sticky stream all over Sandra. It glistened on her outfit and left little snail trails where it ran off and dribbled onto her skin as I knelt before her panting heavily. Sandra rubbed some of my fluids into her outfit and skin and the rest she picked up on her gloved fingers and sucked dry through the hole in her mask.

I slumped down on the bed exhausted as Sandra rubbed up against me in her kinky gear.

“That’s the best fuck I’ve ever had” she commented, still panting from her last climax.

“Me too” I agreed and we lay together awhile recovering.

“Would you like to try something else that’s new?” she eventually asked.

“What like?”

“That’s a surprise, are you up for it or not”

“Yeah, why not, I’ve come this far.”

“Great, I’ve always wanted to try this.”

I’d no idea what she was going to do but had a feeling I’d enjoy it.

She went into mecidiyeköy escort her bag again and produced a pair of handcuffs and fastened my hands to the head of the bed with them.

“You’re at my mercy now” she jokingly warned.

“I couldn’t think of a better place to be.”

She began to suck on me again and very quickly my erection returned, growing ever larger inside her mouth as she sucked on me. She opened my legs again as I lay there and pushed the little gold vibrator inside me then turned it on. The vibrations coursed through the whole of my body and quickly the feelings of ecstasy began to rise in me as she continued to blow me and work the thing in and out of my backside. She stopped sucking but left the vibrator buzzing away inside me as she moved up the bed and knelt over my face. I lifted my head and tried to lick at her pussy but she kept herself raised up just enough above me to keep my venturing tongue at bay. Pushing my head back down onto the bed she said “Not yet, just lay there.” Her gloved hands crept to her crotch and she parted her pussy lips to expose her luscious pink insides to my gaze.

“Are you ready?” she asked teasingly.




“OK, you asked for it.”

I thought I was supposed to lay there as she played with herself above me to tease me, what I didn’t expect was what happened next. As I lay there Sandra began to pee all over me, I quickly shut my eyes as I saw her begin to gush her golden rain onto me and began to call out but as I did so she aimed it right into my mouth which quickly filled up with her hot piss. I spluttered some out, shocked by it all but still managed to drink some as she continued to pour her amber wine all over me. Sandra was moaning in ecstasy as she did so and seemed extremely turned all by the whole affair. By now I new there was nothing I could do to stop her and lay back and began to quite enjoy the feeling of her warm water over my face. She stopped abruptly, moved down the bed and started again over my erection which quickly became covered as it ran over my balls and between my legs. As the last drops cascaded down onto me I lay there blinking at Sandra.

“You fucking horny bitch” I said.

“I bet this is the biggest wet patch you’ve ever had” she laughed, “And now lover, I’m going to fuck your brains out.”

And with that she proceeded to straddle my dick and lower herself down. She rode me frantically, obviously extremely horny from fulfilling her fantasies and did fuck me senseless, working the still buzzing vibrator in and out of me as she did so. We both moaned and cried out as she rode me and I lay there among the dampness as she rubbed and licked at my wet body, until finally, gasping loudly we both came together in a frenzied united climax.

“Next time we’re going to fulfill your fantasies” she said.

I certainly had a few new things in mind after tonight I thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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