Laura, Chapter 2

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Laura, Chapter 2 — by grig314

(In Chapter 1, Nikki and Laura, who is an underage girl 15 years old, got to know each other about three years previously in a psychiatric hospital where she was a patient and he was an intern. She is highly sexed, having had her first intercourse at age 9. She likes her sex all the time. Three years after meeting Nikki in the psychiatric hospital, she bumps into him by chance in a mall, they renew their acquaintance. She appears old for her actual age. She looks 18. After showing maturity about being careful with her sex, Nikki, about 15 years her senior, caves in and decides to have sex with her. Their first experience is in her shower in her apartment, and it is wonderful. The scene continues after they have stepped out of the shower and dried each other off.)

It was slightly chilly, and we both put on T-shirts, nothing more. Both my cock and her pussy were left uncovered. That was just fine with me, because I loved what I saw. She was nicely shaven down there, with just a shapely tuft of hair above her pussy. We automatically fell into each other’s arms, and I asked, “Now what?”

“Lets take some glasses and juice to the bedroom in case we get thirsty. Follow me.” And she went into the kitchen and took a container of orange juice and a couple of glasses into her bedroom, where she placed them on her nightstand. Then she pulled back her blanket and motioned me into the bed. After she lay down beside me and pulled the blanket over us so that we were cozy, I couldn’t help but think about this situation. I automatically snuggled up behind her, spoon fashion, and gently rubbed her tummy and her Sex hikayeleri tits, to which she responded by pressing her ass tightly up against my cock, but I began thinking. I realized that she loved her sex, but I really didn’t know her, and yet I felt very strongly attracted to her, not only because she was beautiful, but because she seemed to know exactly what she wanted. It wasn’t enough. I needed to know more. One simple reason: I really wanted to please her, maybe to do more for her than those dozens or hundreds of other guys had done in the past.

“Laura, I’m not trying to get smart, because right now I really feel dumb. Right now, what would you really like me to do to you? What would make you the happiest? Like if it’s getting you turned on, what would you like me to do that gets you turned on the most?” That got a reaction that I did not expect.

She flipped around to face me. “What is this, twenty questions –“

“No, no, no. I really want to know –“

“You’re a guy. Guys know.” I thought I saw traces of tears in her eyes.

“Laura, I really don’t know if you’d just like me to hold you and rub your back, or run my fingers through your hair, or kiss your ear, or your mouth, or rub the inside of your thighs closer and closer to your pussy, or massage your tits. Or like, rub your belly in circles. Or maybe caress your face or your neck.” My face was serious, because I really didn’t know what she might want best and I wanted to know. And the more I talked, the wetter her eyes got and her face began to contort.

“I don’t know. Nobody ever asked me that before.”

“How many guys have you had –“

“I Sikiş hikayeleri don’t remember. A hundred. Two hundred. Nobody, not one of them, ever asked me that before.”

“I’m asking. I want to know what makes you happy. I don’t want to imagine it –“

“All the others, all they ever wanted was to satisfy their cocks, to shove them down my throat, up my pussy, or in my ass. Not that I ever minded it, ’cause I like them every which way. But you’re the first one ever, ever, to want to know what gets me turned on.” By this time, tears were streaming down her face.

“I don’t know about you, Laura, but I would get a hotter cum if I knew what you liked the most.”

“I think I like when you rub the inside of my legs from my knees up to my pussy. It kind of gets me to expect that you’re going to do something there.”

“What would you like me to do with my mouth and my other hand?”

“Just kiss my mouth and rub my tits and belly kind of gentle-like.” In a moment my right hand was rubbing her thighs from her knees toward her pussy and I had my mouth on hers, and shifting my weight, I could get my left hand over her T-shirt, rubbing her tits and belly. I could feel her breathing change, and my cock immediately expanded. As my right hand would come toward her pussy, she lifted it up, and it soon became apparent that she wanted fingers inside. I began stroking her vagina and clitoris, and they became wet. My cock was already throbbing and began to drip. She said, “Stick it in me now, Nikki, I need it now.”

I shifted so as to be on top of her, got my legs between hers, and guided my cock into her Erotik hikaye pussy, which by then was completely wet with with her juices. I jammed my cock in as hard as I could, and I could feel her involuntarily grabbing it, while her breath grew shorter. I was throbbing inside her by then. This time, she began kissing around my lips on my face, and there was something peaceful about it, while the entire area around my cock was ready to explode inside her. With this girl there wasn’t any prep time. I was ready to blast it out inside her right then and there.

We were both gentle because we wanted to prolong it if possible. I would pull out, practically completely disengaging, and then slowly ram it all the way in. Laura’s breathing became faster and faster as she began losing control. Suddenly, her lips bit down on part of my cheek as her body began jerking, almost uncontrollably. Her vagina made rhythmic spasms against my cock and we both spurted our juices at the same time, practically drenching her vagina. My cum was much longer than it was in the shower. When we were both through, I kissed her lips gently as I caressed her face, and she said, “I love you, Nikki.” That brought tears to my eyes.

In a few minutes I got off her and lay next to her, and we caressed each other. “I gotta go back to school. I need to marry you, Nikki. I need to fix my tubes and have kids. With you it will be okay.”

I pulled her to me. “One thing at a time, baby. We really have to find out if we can even stand each other living together. Don’t jump the gun on making babies. I would love them if you wanted them, but figuring it out slower is better than making dumb moves. We need time to think how to get it all together. And while we’re doing that, we can fuck like bunnies.”

“I like that. You’re a smart man.”

(There will be more.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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