Le Naif

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“You know you’ve said that a million times.” Looking to my friend who had finally managed to drag me along to his favourite place in the whole city. “I’m really not buying it.”

He put his arm around me and poked me in the breast. “You’ll love it.”

Giving him the evil eye. “Don’t touch my boob.”

Raising his hands and sitting back down across from me in the town car.

We pulled up to the club, hidden in the warehouse district with a sign that said Le Naif.

He raved about this club and I for once believed what he had to say, after about the fiftieth time.

A doorman came down and opened the door for us, “Welcome madam en monsieur to le naif.” he gestured for us to come inside.

“No line,” I noticed giving him an eye as he stepped out behind me.

Straightening his collar he simply walked forward.

Another impeccably dressed man opened up the door and we walked in.

My notions where swayed as we saw a hostess standing behind a small pedestal with a tablet. She looked up and smiled, “Welcome Mr. Cross, your usual table has been set aside for you.” she looked at me, “Your friend is not registered. Or is she more than that?” she asked politely, as if it was an everyday thing. Perhaps it was.

Looking good in my red dress pants and suit with a black lace topped shirt underneath I looked at her questioningly. “Really? I’m his date?”

Smiling at me, seeming to like me already. “It’s been known to happen.” gesturing me closer she held out the tablet she’d been holding, “Name email and credit card number please.” she looked me in the eyes, “There’s a security agreement form if you wish to read it.”

Smiling back at her, I liked her already. “Email it to me.”

“Of course.”

I filled out the online form with a stylus and she handed me a lanyard with a plastic card attached. Gesturing with a finger towards me, “You’ll want to hold onto that.” she looked at my magnificent, and expensive pantsuit, “Things tend to go missing.”

Looking to Marvin, so that’s why he insisted I leave my wallet and phone at home.

Walking into the door he held open for me we walked into the club.

I instantly wondered why I’d never come here before.

There where plush seats around small tables Eskort Bayan with drinks on them, people of fashion and good taste sitting around sipping drinks and holding onto the girl and men waiters, they themselves in various states of undress.

The waiters and waitresses however, oh wow.

They were exceptional physical specimens, the men all had well defined toned chests and the women where curvy and smooth, and both genders were wearing nothing more than a thong with a little button up waiter shirt on it, topped with a bowtie.

“Oh shit.” he pulled me along as I oogled both the men and women.

Sitting down in a seat in the back near the bar but a table away he sat us down and brought over a waitress, her hair was long enough that it covered her nipples but only just. “Two whisky’s neat.” she smiled and then left. Her bare ass hanging out and wiggling with each step.

I undid a button and sat back in the chair. “Ok, I’m convinced.”

He chuckled, “Not yet your not.”

We got our whiskey’s and started drinking while he talked.

“Started in 2000 this place has been catering to a certain clientele for years, I got invited by one of my friends three years ago, and have probably spent about five thousand dollars here since.” he finished off his drink, “Worth every cent.”

Finishing off the glass, “They don’t have cents anymore.” Reaching out, feeling a little bold I snagged a waitresses butt as she walked by and pulled her to me. “Now what do I have to do to get you in my seat?”

She smiled at me and handed off her tray to another woman walking by.

This one was Asian and her breasts where clearly on display and her hair was short.

Sitting down on my lap she said, “Buy me a drink.” and I did.

There was only first names in here I quickly learned, and settled for calling my little arm candy Amber. She and I shared a kiss and she wiggled her cute butt into my crotch, I was moist already but with her bending down to grab my drink and hand it to me, showing her magnificent ass, I was wet.

She was talented to, they must have a hell of a screening process.

Within five minutes she had my jacket off, my shirt up over my lace bra and her hand on the crotch of my pants rubbing me. Marvin had a guy in his lap kissing him fiercely as we watched and imitated. I went down for her moist box and she slapped me away, several times, then she said, “Not here, club rules.”

Hmm, “Only heavy petting here?”

Smiling at me, “If you’re looking for more.”

Grabbing her breast and planting a kiss on it, she smiled, getting the picture.

“Get a room.” said Marvin, going back to his steaming hunk of man meat.

Pulling me up she led us to the aforementioned room.

It was through a door, flanked on both sides by two large fully dressed bouncers, one male and female, and into a hallway.

The hallway had three signs, all in french.

Voyeur to the right, Groupe to the left, and Fetiche down the middle.

Waving her arm in front of me like a true show-woman. “Any preference?”

Pointing to the voyeur sign, “Let’s start there.”

Raising an eyebrow she nodded and walked me around the right corner.

There where several windowed rooms with couches sitting across from them in sectioned off areas, all very tastefully done, with condoms in bowls as well as a small selection of sex toys in cases on the tables, some where gone.

A woman came by with a man pushing a cart behind her, they both wore lingerie, she wore a lace teddy and bra combo with slippers, and he wore a simple kilt. She reached out and put a box back on the table, he smiled at me, as did she but they made no move to pleasure me.

My escort pulled us aside and let them replace the box at the table across from us.

After they’d left she said, “The cleaning crew, well part of them. The actual cleaners don’t wear a uniform.”

Smiling, “A little more proper clothing.”

Grinning back to me. “They don’t wear a uniform.”

Oh? Ooooh.

Just then a thump in front of me scared the shit out of me, I saw a woman banging her hand against the glass as a guy behind fucked her.

Now we’re talking.

Unzipping my pants and hearing her closing the curtains behind us, she slipped around the couch and put her hand down my pants, “We can watch, or be watched.”

Cupping her cheek, “I like to watch.” then kissing her, deeply.

Finally her hand found its way inside my pants and touched my sensitive clit, hissing under my breath she pulled my hand to her snatch, pushing her thong down so all of her was on display. I easily slid in and she gasped, evidently as wet as I was.

The woman moaned as another guy slid underneath her and began kissing and sucking her tits.

Pushing her head down to my own.

Squishing her hand against my wet box I watched as she worked over my sensitive nipples.

The girl in the room came, shivering but she pushed the man down to her box and he slipped into her with ease.

“Fill me,” I begged. “Do it now.”

She quickly, and expertly, grabbed a dildo and snuck it into my underwear without barely moving my pants. Thrusting it in time to her partners fucking her I moaned out loud and we both came together. “Oh shit, that was good.” kissing her deeply, I spun us around and fingered her until she came loudly.

Panting, I wasn’t done. “I wanna be watched, I need someone to cum to me.”

Pulling my hand we went down the hallway, my breasts flopping in the wind and came around the corner and down the hallway, opening a door to a completely white room with a large one way mirror. She closed the door, and said, “Get naked.”

I complied quickly and she pulled a strap-on out from underneath the bed I’d found myself on. Straddling me she kissing and licked my nipples, getting them hard quickly and moaning. “God just fuck me!”

Sliding in the strap on, it was massive. “Oh fuck!” my eyes opened up in surprise.

Like a pro she continued fucking me hard and fast, kissing my neck and kneading my breasts as if she was a fucking machine.

I lost track of the number of times we came, but I banged on the glass a few times, hoping someone was watching me, needing someone to be watching me. She left neither of my holes unsatisfied as she used me like a cheap whore. Oh fuck it felt good to lose control.

We had fun for hours and then she finally left me to rest, I was woken up by the cleaning staff and given a robe to wear home, which I returned on my next visit, it was only polite.

At work I was called into my bosses office.

Mr. Martins was a very good looking man, keeping in shape despite being fifty.

“Ms. Gerber, wonderful performance last night. Top notch.”


“I liked the moment when you mewled for Amber.”

My eyes went wide.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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