League of His Own Ch. 05

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It was our last week at school. No-one was surprised that it was actually quite relaxing. We would have two weeks to study before our exams. We’d handed in all our assignments and course work. We weren’t getting any homework handed to us at the end of lessons. As far as the teachers were concerned, there was nothing else they could show us. We were as prepared for the exams as we could be. So we were getting a week to relax.

Miss Taylor and I threw caution to the wind. On the Tuesday, we headed to the changing rooms and fucked like rabbits. I have no idea how we weren’t caught as neither of us was being quiet and, if anyone did come investigating, all they needed to do was the open the stall we were in to see my cock buried inside her. But no-one did come looking, and after she gave me her panties, she walked out with my cum dribbling out of her.

Lisa had a chance to be intimate with me every day. By now, the teachers pretty much let me do what I wanted. Considering there were no real lessons, and everything I’d done for the school, I was more than aware that I’d been given certain privileges, alongside my teammates, ever since we’d brought the trophy home. I’d wander into the administration building to look for her. We fucked everywhere around the school, never risking getting caught like I did with Miss Taylor, but each day, Lisa left at the end of the day with her panties full of my cum.

On the Friday, our last official day at school before our exams, the summons by Lisa to visit Ms Symonds wasn’t a surprise. I’d been having weekly meetings with her for months by now. Usually, it was just a chat about anything on our minds, but they had slowly turned into make-out sessions. I wouldn’t call them innocent, but I knew how much she truly desired to be intimate with me.

As soon as I closed the door this time, she stood up and walked around her desk, sitting up on it. I couldn’t resist grinning as I walked towards her. Raising my hand to caress her cheek, she moved her head into my palm, closing her eyes for a moment. “I should have booked that hotel,” she whispered.

Lowering my hands to her thighs, I ran them up her under her skirt towards her panties. Meeting her eyes, noticing she was biting her lips, I hooked my fingers into the thin cloth and, as she lifted up her arse so I could pull them off. Once I had them in my hand, I held them up to my nose and inhaled her scent. “Absolutely fucking divine, Sue,” I said softly. Placing them in my pocket, I gently pushed her back so she rested on her elbows, lifting up her skirt to reveal a glistening pussy, and while she groomed herself, it was the hairiest pussy I’d seen so far.

I licked my lips as I sat down on my usual chair and lowered my mouth. “Oh fuck,” she moaned softly.

“Anyone going to care, Sue? Really?”

“Probably not,” she giggled.

“Then make all the noise you want, sweetheart. I want to hear you scream when you cum.”

Hooking my hands around her thighs, I buried my face in her hot, hairy pussy and used everything I’d learned since the first time I’d eaten pussy on my school principal. Her taste reminded me of my mother, so I was left thinking that perhaps it did change due to pregnancy, or getting older, or it was a simple fact women were different. I didn’t really know, to be honest.

I didn’t tease her too long, I wanted to give her an orgasm. Smiling to myself as her clit was prominent, I looked up to meet her eyes. She whispered one word. “Please.”

Sliding two fingers inside her at the same time, searching for her spot, I gently flicked her clit, figuring out what worked the best. She knew her body better than I did, letting me know exactly what she liked.

“Oh fuck yes!” she cried out as I stimulated both her clit and spot. She was soon shuddering as her orgasm approached, feeling her start to squeeze my fingers. “Oh fuck, please,” she whimpered. I looked up and met her eyes. The lust and desire was something I would never have expected to see in her eyes. “Please,” she whispered.

Then it hit her. “Oh my fucking god!” she cried out.

I didn’t stop and I didn’t bother counting how many times it appeared she had an orgasm. I eventually stopped only to suck my fingers dry before I eagerly started to take off the rest of her clothes while my shirt, trousers and underwear hit the floor. Sliding my cock inside her without hesitation, she moaned with I think relief, my mouth finding hers as I wasted no time pumping her quickly. I was horny as fuck as was desperate to cum inside her.

“Yes, yes, like that, baby,” she moaned into my ear, her legs wrapped around me, feeling her fingers digging into my back, “What a graduation present, eh?”

“Can I have more than one?”

“Definitely, Danny.” She kissed me softly as I slowed down the pace of my thrusts, choosing to savour the moment instead of just worrying about my own orgasm. Her fingers caressed my cheek again as I met her eyes, just looking over her face. “I took your advice about my hair. I see men checking Magosa Escort me out more nowadays.”

“You’re a gorgeous woman, Sue.”

“I have you to thank. Your flirting every time we talk makes me feel like a million bucks.” She sat up and kissed me, pressing her large breasts into my chest. “Cum in me, Danny. I want to feel you leaking out of me the rest of the day. And come see me after every exam, if you’d like to.”

I didn’t reply as I focused on what she wanted, filling her pussy with cum. I fucked her harder and harder. There would have been no missing the fact two people were fucking in her office, as she wasn’t silent, and I loved talking dirty to her, joking about her taking advantage of an innocent pupil, corrupting her student with her hot, hairy pussy, just ripe for a thick young cock to fuck her.

Seemed to turn her on as she enjoyed another orgasm. That helped me fill her up with cum, and I found myself sagging against her. Wrapping my arms around her, that’s when I felt her shudder for another reason. “Thank you,” she whispered.

Lifting her chin, I wiped her cheeks clear before kissing her softly on the lips. “Sue, it was absolutely my pleasure.”

There was a knock at the door, hearing Lisa ask if she could come in. To my surprise, with my cock still buried inside her, Susan called her in. Lisa slipped in quickly, shutting and locking the door, smiling as she noticed my cock was still mostly hard and buried inside her boss. “About damned time, you two,” she said, walking over to kiss my cheek, “Did you enjoy him, Sue?”

Susan cuddled into me. “I should have done this months ago, Lisa.”

“Well, better late than never. Just so you know, everyone heard you but thinks the same as me. About time.”

“No-one will make an issue about it. All the teachers talk about him, remember.”

Pulling out of Susan, she was prepared as I was handed a wet-wipe to clean up my cock, while she had one to clean herself, though didn’t clean her pussy at all. Helping her to her feet, I kissed her again, feeling her body mould into mine, before she started to get ready. “I’m keeping your panties,” I told her.

“I wore a nice pair so you would keep them. Though if you want to jerk off in them and give them back to me, I wouldn’t complain.”

“Oh, Ms Symonds, you naughty little minx!”

Lisa giggled next to me as I started to get dressed, watching Ms Symonds cover up her mature but spectacular body. Glancing at Lisa, she smiled at me, waiting until we were both dressed before she walked towards me, kissing my cheek. “Hope you have another load for me later, Danny,” she whispered into my ear.

“One of the last things I’ll do in this school will make love to the lovely administrator, but I should probably attend at least a couple more lessons.”

“Miss Taylor is your last lesson, correct?” Susan asked, when I nodded, she smiled at me. “Ensure you enjoy your last lesson.” She turned and wrote something on a piece of paper, handing it to me when it was done. “She’ll recognise my signature. Will you keep seeing her once you’re finished here?”

“I hope so, much as I’d like to keep in contact with Lisa.”

“Well, once you’ve graduated, no-one can complain about any relationship with Miss Taylor.”

Taking the offered letter, I kissed both women before bidding them farewell, promising I’d visit them both one last time before I left for the day. Meeting up with my friends, Kim and Wendy and lunchtime, I was asked where I was as my disappearance had been noted by students but the teachers didn’t seem to mind. “I had my usual meeting with Ms Symonds,” I stated.

“You finally fuck her?” Kim asked, much to the surprise of nearly everyone else.

“I can neither confirm or deny any rumours regarding a physical relationship with our school principal, Kim.”

“Yeah, you fucked her,” she retorted, thankfully smiling at me, “Don’t blame her at all.”

There were a few comments from others, but I managed to keep my face straight. Kim met my eyes and she could read me easily, reaching across the table to take my hand. ‘She enjoy it?’ she mouthed at me. I returned a single nod, causing her to smile even more. ‘Good because she deserved it,’ she mouthed, ‘I love you’.

Considering what I did sometimes, I still had to wonder how or why she could love me like she did. Wendy was sitting next to her, returning the same smile Kim had given me. The pair then whispered between themselves for a couple of minutes, ending up in fits of giggles. I would have asked what or why, but I was just pleased that two of the women I loved most were getting along so well.

I left early as I had PE for my final two lessons, the last two I’d have as a student as Northern Meadows High School. I found Miss Taylor in her office, finishing her lunch. I passed her the piece of paper given to me by Ms Symonds without a word. She must have read it twice before she looked at me and smiled. “Holy shit,” she whispered.

“I Kıbrıs Escort know. Send them all home and then we’ll head off a little later. I’ve already told Kim and Wendy I’ll be leaving early.”

She kissed me softly, asking me to wait in her office as she’d sort out the class. Within five minutes, she was back and eager to go, but we had to wait a little longer, though she said the others disappeared so quickly, it wouldn’t be an issue. Before we left for the day, we walked together to the administration building, sharing a long hug with Lisa, no surprise she needed a little weep. I assured her we’d still see each other a lot. Then Ms Symonds walked out to hug me too.

“Don’t be a stranger,” she told me.

“I’ll try not to be.”

“And good luck going full-time next year. I can assure you we’ll all still be attending your games in the future.”

“My own little cheer squad?”

Lisa giggled, stating that was what she’d definitely be, alongside quite a few others. Taking Miss Taylor by the hand, I led her to my car. Sliding behind the wheel, I took a moment to look over the building. The last time I’d be leaving as a student. A week off, then exams would take place at school, but that was different.

“I know how it feels,” Rebecca said softly, “A chapter of your life now over.”

“Something like that. Part of me is going to miss it. The other part is glad I’m now moving on, though as I’m often told, I’m never going to stop learning.”

Taking her hand, I drove us to her apartment. I parked up on the street, right outside her apartment block. No reason to hide the fact I was visiting any longer. Following her upstairs, as soon as the door was shut, she was all over me. Before we ended up in bed, I made sure I sent a message home, letting them know I wouldn’t be home that evening. For the first time, I intended on staying the night with her.

“After we fuck, we’re going out for dinner,” she stated, “Technically, you’re no longer my student.”

“I’ll need to go home and get changed.”

“Good. You can introduce me to your family. I know you’ve told them about me.”

We took our time undressing each other this time, both of us finding far more intimate, this being the first time we would do this without any concern. If half the school walked into the apartment to find us, although I was still technically a student, nothing would happen. I was close enough to nineteen anyway, while she may have been a teacher, but was only four years older than me.

Relaxing back on the bed, I helped off her bra first, freeing those perfect C-cup breasts of hers, latching onto one her stiff nipples, my fingers working down below, feeling her wet panties, enjoying the soft moans she made. Moving across to her other nipple, she started to squirm under me as my fingers moved underneath her panties. “Fuck yes,” she whispered, “Danny, I just need you inside me. Make love to me.”

I lifted my head at those words, seeing a shy smile form. “That’s different,” I replied.

“It’s a special day. We can be intimate without a problem from now on. I can be another of the girls you’re obviously dating. And I really need to feel your big cock inside me right now.”

“You don’t mind?”

“Nope. I’m concentrating on my career and don’t want anything serious. Plus, I don’t think any of us would complain about being on the arm of a professional sportsman. You’ll just have to make a choice in the end. I’m wise enough to know it’ll be Kim or Wendy, so I’m just going to enjoy the time we have together.”

Pulling down her panties, I lifted those up and felt how damp they were, briefly holding them to my nose as I loved the scent of a woman. Chuckling to myself, I had to admit I had a pair of Ms Symonds panties in the pocket of my trousers. “Keep mine too,” Rebecca told me.

Throwing them on top of my clothes, I positioned myself as Rebecca spread her legs, waiting until she grasped my cock to guide it inside her. Once the head of my cock slipped inside, I slowly pushed until I was buried inside her. Watching the smile form, I kissed her softly as we made love. She felt as tight and hot as always, her legs ending up back and resting over my upper arms. She loved feeling me as deep inside her, and once she was in the groove, she was begging me to fuck her harder.

The air conditioning wasn’t on so we were both sweating by the time we were really into it. When she enjoyed an orgasm, I watched her face with satisfaction, aware she did struggle to orgasm when in missionary, but just sometimes I’d hit the right spot time after time, and if I managed to grind against her clit, she’d go off like a rocket.

Her orgasm helped set mine off. Considering how tight she was, feeling her squeeze me as she climaxed had me driving deeper inside her in my excitement, her fingers practically burrowing into my back before I finally exploded inside her. Felt like I pumped a gallon of cum inside her before I was finished, both of us breathing deeply, Lefkoşa Escort glistening with sweat.

“Holy shit,” she muttered, “That was something else.”

Kissing her softly, I met her emerald green eyes, and I knew enough about her now to see the emotions behind them. I wasn’t sure if we loved each other, but we were getting ever closer with each time we were intimate. We did our best to keep it casual, but there was the natural attraction we had. And if we started dating, I guess that could make things more awkward. Or better, it would just depend on our feelings.

After showering together, where I couldn’t resist using my fingers on her. Rebecca didn’t make one complaint, happy that I enjoyed making her orgasm. After getting her off a couple more times, she asked me to stop as she couldn’t take any more for the time being. Drying each other off, chuckling away as we were rather obvious in where we spent a lot of time ‘drying’, we dressed and I suggested heading back to mine to change for dinner and I could grab a bag of clothes.

“Would you like to stay until Monday morning?” she asked, her eyes gazing up at me, hoping I’d say yes.

Of course I said yes. I let Kim, Wendy and Lisa know. No surprise they had no issue with that. Rebecca’s phone then buzzed, messages from them, telling her to enjoy my company all weekend. “I have very understanding girlfriends,” I said.

Turning up at home with a teacher in tow certainly provoked amusement from my mother and sisters. They were polite as always, but I saw the look in their eyes. They wanted to tease the hell out of me, but I felt comfortable leaving her with them as I packed a small bag for the weekend. Didn’t take all that long to grab the essentials and change into something more appropriate for a night out, returning to find Rebecca sat on the couch, a sister to either side of her, Mum sat on her recliner as always.

“So you’re spending the weekend with your teacher?” Mum asked.

“Technically, my last day at Northern Meadows was today. I do have exams, but I will not have another class where Miss Taylor will be in a position of authority.”

“But he’ll be in one over me at certain times,” she said softly, gazing into my eyes. The hunger and desire would have been evident for anyone looking at all. I’m surprised she didn’t lick her lips seductively and make a blowjob motion with her hand at the same time.

“Keep her on that line alone!” Kyla exclaimed, giggling away.

“Anyway, we’re going out for dinner tonight then figure out what we’re doing the rest of the weekend. I’ll be home on Monday morning. A week to study then exams.”

“When’s your end of year formal?” Mum wondered.

“End of November, so a few weeks away yet.”

“I’ll talk to you about all that next week.”

“Right, we should probably get going.”

Offering my hand to Rebecca, I helped her up and led her towards the front door. She wished everyone goodbye before I kissed my sisters then mother on the cheek.

“She’s delightful,” Mum whispered, “But it’s obvious how she feels, Danny. Don’t break her heart.”

“I know, I know…”

“But have fun this weekend.”

“I will, Mum. See you Monday.”

Driving back to Rebecca’s place, we dumped by belongings upstairs before she got changed. When she walked out of her bathroom with only a towel around her, dropping it to reveal her glistening naked body, it took all my self-restraint not to leap on her. Watching her put on some very sexy red lingerie had me grinning, knowing I would be taking it off later, following by rolling on some red thigh highs, a white sundress with red patterns, then red heels.

I did have a few weaknesses as a man. Red and black colours on a woman would never not be sexy. Watching in silence, only the click of her heels echoing around her apartment as she walked towards me, she lifted her dress and straddled my lap, sitting on the couch as I was.

“I’ve wanted you to stay since our first night together,” she admitted.

“Rebecca, I think it’s obvious I feel the same way.” Sighing, I caressed her cheek, watching the smile form as her eyes closed. “I just don’t want this to end badly. I certainly don’t want to break your heart.”

“You won’t. I know the end game of this, Danny, but I’d love to remain your friend when the sex stops. The sex is wonderful, and I’ll miss it, but I genuinely like you as a person. I wouldn’t be having sex with you otherwise.”

“I think I need to treat my new girlfriend to dinner. What else would you like to do tonight?”

“A quiet drink in a bar with some soft tunes.”

She wanted some Chinese for dinner, so after checking online for a good restaurant, I drove us all the way into the city, eventually ending up in Chinatown. A tiny place, barely a dozen tables, but the reviews were sensational. Had to wait a few minutes for a table to be free, but once sat down and we’d ordered, conversation flowed freely as always. Rebecca now had no problem discussing her personal life, but she did ask a few questions about my first season with the Rangers, and did ask what I thought would happen next season. I admitted to being ambitious, that I wanted the club to be successful, that I wanted to win titles and awards, but I wasn’t even nineteen yet. I had plenty of time.

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