Leaning Over the Railing

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Your friend got here from out of town late last night and when I got up this morning I made sure to be quiet and not wake you. As I walk through the house I try to not make any noise so that you and your friend can sleep. Going into the kitchen I fix myself some breakfast and decide to go out onto the porch to eat.

When I walk out onto the porch your friend is out there leaning over the railing nude. Startled by her being on the porch and nude also I excused myself and started back inside. She told me it was fine that she was enjoying the early morning quiet before anyone woke up. She goes back inside and I sit down at the outside table and eat my breakfast.

When you get up you take her to town and I stay home working in the yard. As I mow the lawn and work in the flower beds all I can think about is her amazing body. I finish the yard work and go inside to take a shower and clean up.

When I get in the shower seeing her amazing body is still on my mind. I get in the shower and begin to wash and as I wash my erection escort izmir I start sliding my hand up and down it. As I slide my hand up and down my mind is absorbed in seeing her nude and thinking about how she would feel.

Stroking my erection I am not paying attention when you walk into the bathroom. You see me sliding my hand up and down on my erection and yell for your friend to come into the bathroom. Asking you what you are doing I turn away from you so that you can not see my erection. When she comes into the bathroom you tell her that I was in the shower masturbating to her.

Being totally embarrassed I am shocked when you begin to undress. I turn toward you a little thinking that she has left the bathroom and I see her starting to undress also. Both of you get in the shower and kiss me then you get down on your knees and put your lips around my erection. Slowly you slide it in and out of your mouth as she pulls my mouth against her breasts. Softly I kiss her breasts as you slide my erection in and out of your izmir escort bayan mouth. The excitement is more than I can handle and I erupt in a wonderful orgasm.

We gently wash each other and finish our shower then get dried off. After we dry off we go into the bedroom and you and her lie down on either side of me. Moving between her legs I softly kiss down her body to her pussy. As I tenderly kiss her pussy you place your breasts in her face. She takes your breasts in her hands and begins taking turns kissing them. You turn around as you get on top of her and put your pussy in her face as I slide my tongue up and down her pussy. Softly I rub her clit with my tongue as she rubs yours with her tongue. Reaching down you rub her breasts and pinch her nipples as I suck her clit gently. You are pulling her nipples as she sucks your clit and our excitement is getting out of control. She begins to shake from me sucking her clit and the passion makes you begin to shake also. You both tense your bodies and orgasm in a continuous izmir escortlar wave.

Still trembling you move to the edge of the bed with your legs over the side. I get off the bed and move between your legs. As I place my erection against your pussy she sits on your face rubbing her pussy against it. Slowly I push inside you sliding my erection in and out of you. She leans over and kisses me as she rubs her pussy on your tongue. I push into you harder and rub your clit with my fingers as she is rubbing her clit against your tongue. You begin to tremble as I push into you harder and she is rubbing herself against your tongue. The excitement sends you and her over the edge and you erupt in waves of an orgasm.

She gets off the bed and leans over and starts kissing your pussy. I move behind her and push my erection inside of her. You grab her hair and pull her tight against your pussy as I am holding her hips and pushing hard into her from behind. The passion is soaring and we all begin to tremble. She is rubbing her clit as she sucks yours and I am pushing into her as hard as I can. Our moans are loud as we start shaking and explode in a beautiful orgasm.

Exhausted, we all lie on the bed holding each other. We kiss tenderly and slowly fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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