Learning to Love Pee

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This is a follow up to a story I wrote called “Our First Pee Play Session”. But you really don’t need to read that first to enjoy this.


Amy sat on the toilet, looking at the droplet of pee she had caught on her finger. She brought it close to her nose and sniffed. There wasn’t really any smell to it.

‘I should taste it. I know that’s what Lisa would want,’ she thought to herself. ‘How pleased would she be with me if I did it? Come on, Amy! It’s a simple thing. Just put it in your mouth.’ But she didn’t. She couldn’t. ‘I can’t do this. I don’t even know if it’s safe.’

She wiped her hand off with toilet paper, then washed it in the sink. With soap.

She felt like she had somehow failed Lisa, even though her dominant girlfriend wasn’t even there. Even though she’d never explicitly asked her to taste her own pee.

But Amy knew that pee was one of Lisa’s strongest fetishes. For whatever reason, that golden bodily fluid turned her friend on like nothing else.

At that moment, Amy determined to learn to love pee as much as Lisa did.

Her first stop was her husband’s computer. She googled, “Is it safe to drink your own pee?”

Every site had the same information: as long as you’re healthy, it’s perfectly safe. ‘So far so good,’ she thought. Her Internet research continued for almost an hour, trying to learn everything she could about urine and about pee fetishes.

That evening, she was getting ready to take a shower. Normally, she’d pee in the toilet beforehand, but she did occasionally let it out in the shower. That’s what she was going to do this time.

Once the water was the right temperature, she got in and stood at the far end of the shower, so the water was only hitting her from the knees down. She squatted slightly, and started peeing.

She watched the yellow liquid mix with the clear water on the shower floor. She stopped the flow before she was finished. The pee quickly dilluted and disappeared into the water before washing down the drain.

She took a deep breath, put her right hand palm up between her legs, and started peeing again. The first sensation was warmth, as the stream splashed off her hand. She felt small drops splatter out onto her thighs. Physically, there was nothing unpleasant about what was happening, but psychologically, she was still revolted. She forced herself to continue.

Amy slowly brought her hand up closer to her body, letting the pee tickle her palm. But the time she was finished, her palm was cupped against her vulva, with the pee overflowing her hand and dripping off her fingertips.

‘Here goes nothing,’ she thought, as she carefully brought her cupped hand to her mouth. She slurped it up, then licked it off her palm and sucked it off her fingers. Trying to get as much pee in her mouth as possible. Then she let it sit on her tongue.

It was salty, and a little sour. Not terrible, but certainly not delicious. Again, it was a mental block she had to get over, not a physical one.

She had tasted pee one other time, but that had been with her lover. Lisa had sat on her face after peeing, and Amy obediently licked her pussy and tasted a little pee. She had been too caught up in the moment to really think about it then. She loved eating pussy, and there hadn’t been much pee.

Having a mouthful was different. She forced herself to breathe evenly through her nose while she swished it around in her mouth with her tongue. She tried to acclimatize her tongue to the taste.

When she finally tried to swallow, her throat constricted and she gagged. She coughed and gasped, spraying the liquid out of her mouth into the tub. Some of it had gone up her nose. She felt a little sick.

She stepped into the hot water and let it wash away all the traces of the pee on her face, her hand, her body.

After the shower, she brushed her teeth and swished with mouthwash, trying to clear the taste from her mouth. Would Lisa be proud of her effort, or disappointed with the outcome? tekirdağ escort Amy wasn’t sure, but her desire to please her domme was practically all-consuming. She resolved to do better the next day.

Her husband must have thought it was very strange the next morning when Amy moved the standing full length mirror from the bedroom into their bathroom, right in front of the toilet. But he just shook his head.

Amy really wanted to see herself peeing. She knew the sight turned Lisa on, and she really wanted to share in that. She ended up having to squat and hover slightly over the toilet in order to really get a good view in the mirror.

She watched intently as the yellow stream emerged from between her legs. She was completely shaved, but she pulled still her lips apart to try to get a better view. It really was beautiful. She had never spent much time looking at her own genitalia, though she knew every millimeter of her lover’s.

There was a simple beauty in the pee cascading out of her most intimate area. No hesitation here. She enjoyed watching herself. She had seen Lisa pee a little, the last time they had played. But she wasn’t able to appreciate it, because she was so focused on trying not to show how disgusted she was by getting peed on.

It was a few hours into her work day at her office before Amy had to pee again. She was glad to see the stalls were all empty in the restroom. It was harder to go when someone else was listening. ‘Although,’ she thought. ‘That’s probably something I should try to get over too.’

So she took the first stall, hung up her purse, lifted her skirt, pulled her thong down to her knees and sat, waiting. After a minute of no one coming, she reached for her purse and got her phone out, checking her email.

Lisa had sent a new one. It was a fantasy, her favorite! Only a few lines into it, Amy decided to masturbate while she read it. She knew Lisa was always wanting her to do it at work, and now was as good a time as any. She would just have to try not to be as vocal as she normally was, in case someone came in.

Amy’s middle finger attacked her clit while she read about herself kneeling in front of Lisa, worshipping her pussy. She pursed her lips together to try to keep any sound in. The pressure of her bladder was intensifying the sensations on her clit. She forced herself to breathe regularly, but that got more and more difficult as she neared orgasm.

And of course, that was when the door opened, and another woman walked into the restroom. Amy froze, panting silently (at least, she hoped it was silently). She heard the sound of the newcomer’s heels on the tile floor. She apparently stopped at the mirror first. Amy turned her phone off and slipped it back in her purse with one hand, her other hand was still poised at her clit.

Finally the sound of walking again, and then Amy saw the woman’s sexy red heels as she walked past the front of her stall on her way to the farthest one. ‘Kelli,’ Amy thought, recognizing the shoes.

Kelli was younger than Amy, probably just out of college. She was hot, and she knew it. She tended to be a bitch about just about everything, but the guys in their department would do anything for her. Kelli thought she was better than everyone else, and it drove Amy crazy.

‘Why did it have to be her?’ thought Amy.

She listened as Kelli carefully pulled a sheet of toilet seat protector paper from the dispenser, and placed it on the toilet seat. ‘Of course she wouldn’t want her pretty little ass touching something a normal woman’s ass had touched. Bitch.’

Amy usually tried to ignore other women in the bathroom, but this time she was completely focused on her. She could just picture this stuck up little princess perched on her sanitary paper. And then, Kelli started to pee. Amy realized that she actually liked the idea that even this perfect model had to humble herself and pee. She was sure Kelli wouldn’t pee if she didn’t have to. She probably thought she was above tokat escort that too.

The tinkling sound from the other stall became almost musical to Amy. She smiled and closed her eyes. She started to picture Kelli’s pussy. That was probably as perfect as the rest of her body. Amy could see the pee emerging from it in her mind’s eye. The unclean coming out of the clean. The impure coming out of the pure. Her finger went back to work on her clit.

She finally got it, at least part of it. The idea of this woman peeing was turning her on! Lisa would definitely be pleased.

Amy relaxed her own pelvic muscles then, and let her tinkle join the sound of Kelli’s. She didn’t stop with her finger. It was dancing with her clit just millimeters from her pee. Her other hand went down the neckline of her top, under her bra to her eager nipple. When she came, she inhaled sharply, but avoided making other noises.

She and Kelli both emerged from their stalls at the same time. When they were at the sinks, washing their hands, Amy looked at the other woman in the mirror.

She had just been a few feet away from Kelli while she did something that she had probably never done in front of anyone. Amy was sure Kelli had slept with half the guys in the office, but how many had ever heard her pee? Did that make peeing a more intimate act than sex?

For the next week or so after that, Amy would wait until she saw a coworker going into the restroom before she went herself. She listened to every attractive woman in her office peeing. She masturbated everytime. She didn’t always orgasm, but she did condition herself. Her pussy started to get wet on the approach to the bathroom. The sound of another woman peeing made it itch to be touched.

If the other woman pooped, that was the end of it, and Amy would leave the restroom as soon as possible. There was no turn on there, not for her and thankfully not for Lisa either. But the women didn’t seem to poop at the office very often. Amy figured they waited to do it at home on their own toilet like she did.

Her self-conditioning had a secondary effect of getting her to associate the smell of a woman’s urine with sexual feelings. She hoped that would help when she got ready to try tasting and swallowing her own pee again.

She made the attempt about two weeks after her first one. She had been peeing in the shower every time. Letting it get on her hands, rubbing it on her body. Trying to get used to feeling it. She had also been learning to get turned on by the idea, the sound, and the smell of it. Making her mind associate it with sex. It was just drinking it that was holding her back.

Lisa was going to come visit again in a little over a week, and Amy wanted to be ready by then and surprise her.

At home, in her own bathroom, Amy squatted over the toilet and held a disposable plastic drinking cup underneath her. The sharp sound her pee made when it hit the cup was a stark contrast to the soft tinkling she was used to. She let the cup fill up for a few seconds, before pulling it out and letting the rest go in the toilet.

After wiping, she stood in front of the mirror, holding a cup with her own pee. ‘This is for you, Lisa,’ she thought. But she was looking into her own eyes. ‘This is for me, too.’

She brought the cup to her mouth and tipped it slowly. At first letting some of the warm liquid gather at her lip, before opening her mouth and taking it in.

She let the first sip linger in her mouth. The taste was the same as before, salty, sour. Not great.

When she swallowed, she was able to get it all down, but she still felt her throat constrict, unwelcoming of this fluid she was trying to learn to love.

She forced herself to take another drink, and another. Swallowing got easier, although not much. It was progress, but Amy didn’t want to just tolerate this, she wanted to love it, for Lisa’s sake.

The next day at work, Amy arrived with two small water bottles in her purse. They were the same trabzon escort design, but one was clear, and the other was solid white. The clear one had water from the sink inside. The white one had “water” from Amy.

She alternated drinking from them throughout the day. When she went to the water cooler and to the restroom, they’d come along in her purse, ready to each be refilled from a different source. She learned to angle the white water bottle underneath her when she filled it up, so it was an almost silent process.

At first, Amy really had to concentrate to not make a face when she drank from the pee bottle. But by the end of the first day, that was getting easier. By the end of the second day, she could take big gulps from the white bottle without flinching.

After four days, she no longer felt the immediate need to rinse her mouth out with water after drinking the pee. She kept drinking the water though, to stay hydrated and to make sure her body continued producing more pee.

It was the fifth day that Amy forgot the white water bottle at home. She had taken it out of her purse to wash it the night before, as usual. But she had forgotten to put it back in in the morning. The whole day, she kept catching herself reaching for it, but it wasn’t there. She missed it. The water tasted bland by itself. What she wanted was the taste of pee.

The realization brought a big smile to her face. She almost cried, the feeling was so intense. She had done it! Lisa was going to be so pleased!

A few days later, Amy met Lisa at the airport. They hugged, but Lisa still wasn’t comfortable kissing in public, which was a line Amy tried to respect. They left Lisa’s husband with the luggage, and found an empty “family” restroom near the baggage claim. They both went in, giggling.

As soon as Amy had locked the door and turned around, Lisa’s lips were on hers. It was a passionate desperate kiss, after weeks apart. Their hands groped and grabbed hungrily at each other’s bodies. Eventually Lisa stopped them, out of breath and smiling, “We need to go, sweetie. Mark’s going to be wondering what happened to us.”

“Like he can’t guess what we’re in here doing!” Amy laughed.

“Still, we should go. There’ll be plenty of time for this when we get to the hotel.”

Amy sighed and turned to the door. “Fine. Let’s go.”

“Wait,” Lisa stopped her. “I have to go potty first.” And then her jeans and panties where around her ankles and she was sitting down on the toilet.

Amy practically dove to her knees on the floor in front of Lisa, eager for a chance to see her pee.

“Wow, what’s gotten into you?” asked Lisa as she spread her knees apart so Amy would have a better view of her shaved pussy. Lisa was already very swollen and wet from the anticipation of seeing her sub. She wanted Amy to see.

Amy winked up at her domme before returning her gaze to the most beautiful thing in the world. When she started peeing, Amy’s mouth began to water. There it was, what she wanted more than anything.

She reach her hand between Lisa’s legs and let her girlfriend’s pee cascade over her fingers. Lisa’s jaw dropped. When Amy brought her hand back to her mouth and eagerly sucked the pee off her fingers, savoring the taste, Lisa stopped peeing early and looked at her friend, who was acting so out of character.

“What’s going on, Amy?” she asked.

Amy smiled up at her and replied, “This.”

She moved her face between Lisa’s legs, and the dominant woman shifted to give her strangely-behaving sub better access to her unwiped pussy. Amy licked up the drops that were left on Lisa’s lips then went to work on her clit. But then Lisa started peeing again. Amy gulped it down, not letting a single drop escape her lips. Loving every second of it. She was dissappointed when the stream ended, but she went back to work on Lisa’s clit.

Lisa, for her part, was able to overcome her shock and enjoy the sensation. She knew what her sub must have gone through to completely transform her tastes like this, and she loved the devotion that showed. It didn’t take long for Lisa to come.

Before they left the restroom, they kissed so Lisa could taste her own pee in the other woman’s mouth. Then they each grabbed a piece of gum from Amy’s purse and headed out, ready for whatever would happen next during this visit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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