Lena Ch. 09

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Chapter 9 – The Grateful Slave

Laying naked on her front on the bare mattress bed, Lena’s hands and feet are tied by leather straps to the bed posts, preventing her to move. With the bullet vibrators in her pussy and asshole at a low setting, Lena is frustrated by the constant arousal and the lack of sleep for four days. Or was five days?

It’s been days since Lena has seen daylight. The burning pain from her smacked-red ass reminds of Mistress Claudia’s “training sessions”. After her mother abandoned her with Adrian and Claudia, Lena was subject to Claudia’s cruel dominance. The sessions would happen at night and last for hours, Lena would be forced to eat Claudia’s pussy, lick her boots or whatever degrading sex acts Claudia can imagine and if Lena shows the slightest hesitation in following orders or forgets to say thank you, Claudia would take a leather paddle, a horse crop, a bamboo cane or her own hand to Lena’s ass. And when the sessions ended, it would be no relief for Lena as Claudia would take her down to the basement, tied her up and use whatever sex toy to prevent her from sleeping or climaxing.

Lena remembers her last session with Mistress Claudia where she was taken to the pool and had to eat Claudia’s pussy. With Claudia sitting on a beach chair, Lena was on her knees go down on her Mistress while Teresa watched. After her task was done, Lena was ordered to do the same to Teresa. Although she still hated Teresa for the way she humiliated her, Lena would lap her cunt as Teresa sat between Claudia’s spread legs.

After Lena succeeds in pleasing the Filipina maid, she hoped she would be rewarded with a blowjob and a few hours of sleep, but instead Claudia pushed her into the pool. As ordered by Claudia, Lena spent hours trading water. When the session ended, Claudia takes the cold, wet and exhausted Lena back to the basement.

Going days with little or no sleep, Lena feels Claudia’s treatment take its toll on her mind. She knows she can’t take another night of abuse and sleep-depravation but if it continues any longer it will push her over the edge. This frightening notion causes Lena to quietly cry.

With no other options, Lena feels she should just let go. Let herself fall into her mind and stay there for the rest of her life while the rest of the outside world does whatever they want to do to her. As Lena tries to release her mental hold on reality, she hopes her imagination will create a dream world where she can be happy. Where she can be naked and free to enjoy the pleasure of sex without any consequences. Where she can have sex with an endless amount of men, all of them loving her since she would be the only girl in her fantasy world. Or maybe there will be some women of her as well, depending on her subconscious.

As Lena prepares to plunge in the fog of her psyche, she sees Isabel, floating naked like an angel, reaching out to her. Lena reaches to her lesbian lover, seeing how beautiful as she when they first had sex was. Lena wants nothing more than to make love to Isabel for hours. Maybe even days.

Lena draws closer to the angelic Isabel, knowing she will soon be guided to Lenaland where she will take her rightful place as their sex goddess. She holds out her hand as far as she can to begin her journey while she…


The bahçeşehir escort familiar sting of a horse crop striking her tender ass hurls Lena back to the reality she was so close to escape.

“And how are we today, little lamb?” inquires Claudia as she roughly removes the leather blindfold from Lena’s eyes.

The light burns Lena’s eyes for a few seconds until her vision clears to see her Mistress Claudia lying near her, wearing a black lace crotchless body stocking, holding her horse crop.

Lena then sees Teresa standing near Claudia wearing black leather shoes and fishnet stockings, a black skirt so short it barely covers her ass, a short white apron around her waist which covers her pussy well enough to hide that she’s not wearing any panties, a white blouse with an opening in front exposing Teresa’s tits along with a leather choker around her neck.

For days, Adrian has had Teresa wear maid-style fetish clothes for his own personal enjoyment and as a reminder for Teresa to remember her place in his home.

“Are you ready for some more training, little lamb?” Claudia asks as she gently glides her crop down Lena’s ass.

“Yes, Mistress.” Lena complies so not to be struck again.

“That’s good to hear.” says Claudia. “But it’s not like you have any other choice now do you?”

“No, Mistress.” Lena answers.

As ordered by Claudia, Teresa unties Lena from the leather straps one limb at a time while Claudia turns off and removes the bullet vibrators from Lena’s orifices. Finally free, Lena tries to move but feels her aching muscles punishing her for her last session in the pool.

“Get off the bed.” Mistress Claudia orders.

Not wanting to anger Claudia tries to muster the will to get herself despite her physical discomfort, but finds it more difficult as the slightest movement gives her searing pain causing her to groan.

“What’s taking so long?” asks an impatient Claudia.

“Mistress, I’m soar all over.” desperately explains Lena. “I can’t move.”

“You have ’til the count of ten to get your ass off that bed or I start whipping.” Claudia proposes. “One.”

As best as Lena can with a time limits, she manages pull herself halfway up.


Lena begins to crawl to towards her Mistress. She feels her thigh slides against a wet spot of her fluids on the mattress.


At the edge of the bed, Lena forces her legs off first. Then pushes herself off the bed.


Lena feels her sore legs too weak to carry her.


Grabbing on to the bed, Lena stops herself from falling on the floor and pulls herself up.


Now off the bed, Lena tries to stand up straight as best as she can for her Mistress, but is barely able to hold her head up. Claudia takes Lena by the chin and pulls her head to look in her tired, baggy eyes.

“I should have whipped your lazy ass for that, but I decided to be lenient and give you a ten-second warning.” States Claudia. “Wasn’t that nice of me, little lamb?”

“Yes.” answers Lena.

“So what do you say then?”

“Thank you, Mistress.”


“I love you, Mistress.”

“On your knees, little lamb.” Claudia commands. “Show me how istanbul escort much you love me.”

Complying with her Mistress, Lena slowly kneels to give her a blowjob and finds herself eager to orally please Claudia. During her time with Lena has grown to consider her Mistress’s pleasure as important to her as her own, if not more. Lena would take into appreciation the softness of her Mistress’s labia to her tongue, the way her Mistress would lightly moan when her clit is licked, the gently but firm way Claudia would hold Lena’s head to pull her closer when an orgasm is nearing, and when she orgasmic Lena would enjoyed the taste of her Mistress’s flowing juices.

On her knees, Lena faces Claudia’s shaved pussy. Securing her hands on Claudia’s hips, Lena’s tongue immediately caresses the clit with devotion. In less than a minute, Claudia lightly strokes Lena’s hair as she takes in the pleasure as the cunnilingus.

Teresa walks behind Claudia and views down on her boss’s daughter, eating out her Mistress with such noticeable zeal. The Filipina maid places her hand to Claudia’s tit and slowly fondles it while kissing her shoulder.

“What a little slut she is.” Teresa snidely whispers. “She obviously has no problem going down on anyone.”

“You’ll be next.” Claudia states between her soft moans. Causing Teresa’s face to light up with anticipation.

The pleasure builds up for Claudia as Lena’s tongue slides around her clit. Claudia gently takes hold of Lena’s head, signaling Lena that Claudia is nearing an orgasm. Lena boosts her tongue-play, bringing Claudia closer to her awaiting ecstasy.

“Oh, yes, little lamb.” Loudly voices Claudia. “Eat me good, slut.”

“Yeah, slut.” Teresa includes. “Suck her off like a good little whore.”

Finally, Claudia gives a long purring sound as she feels her orgasm course her senses. Lena is just as pleased in her Mistress’s joy as she continues her oral task without slowing down.

Claudia looks down to Lena for a minute until she pulls Lena’s face away from her pussy and gently guides her sex slave-in-training up on her feet.

“Thank you, Mistress. I love you.” Says Lena.

Claudia rubs her thumb across Lena’s lips, wiping the pussy juice off. Claudia then pulls Lena to her and forcibly kisses Lena. As Claudia’s tongue violates her mouth, Lena gives no resistance to her mistress and saviors the thrill she feels. The tongue-play continues until Claudia’s hand slaps on to Lena’s wet pussy and roughly strokes it, causing Lena to break the kissing to loudly moan.

“You want to come, don’t you, little lamb?” Claudia asks.

“Yes, Mistress.” Lena answers, holding Claudia close to her.

“Then beg.” Claudia orders.

“Please make me come, Mistress.” Lena begs as ordered.

“Again.” Claudia orders.

“Please, please Mistress make me come.” Lena begs.

Claudia pulls her hand from Lena’s excited pussy and with her other hand between Lena’s shapely tits, Claudia gently pushes her away. Lena fears she is about to have her heart broken again. Teresa gives a few snickers.

“Quiet.” Claudia turns to Teresa. “Get on your knees and eat her pussy.”

“Me?” Teresa asks as her jaw drops.

“Yes.” Answers Claudia as she grabs Teresa’s wrist and pulls the hand escort bahçeşehir from Claudia’s tit. “You seem to think you’ve become equal to me. I guess you need to be reminded where your place is.”

Claudia pushes Teresa to Lena and forces the semi-nude maid to her knees. Not wanting to anger Claudia any further, Teresa plants her hands on Lena’s hips and takes her mouth to Lena’s eager pussy and immediately gives fast and hard licks to the clit.

Lena keeps her legs spread and steady as she feels the pleasures of Teresa’s tongue and waits for the long awaited orgasm she desperately needs.

Claudia moves to Lena’s side and forces another tongue-probing kiss onto her sex slave, which Lena welcomes. Lena realizes her Mistress can be cruel but she can also be very loving. Lena deduces if she wants to see more of her Mistress’s loving side, she will have to be the sex slave she is expected to be.

Claudia breaks the kissing and looks into Lena’s eyes and see absolute surrender.

“You understand now, do you, little lamb?” Claudia inquires. “You know what you have to do, right?”

“Yes, Mistress.” Lena replies with a gasp as she feels her orgasm nearing. “Mistress, I gonna come.”

“Look at me.” Claudia orders, holding Lena’s head to maintain their eye-contact. “Remember, little lamb, you’re coming because I allowed it. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.” Answers Lena as she tries to keep her focus on her Mistress.

“Do you love me?” inquires Claudia.

“Yes, Mistress. I love you.” Lena quickly answers as ecstasy begins to rapture through her body. “Mistress, I’m — I’M COMING!!!”

Lena holds Claudia close to her trembling nude body while she holds Teresa’s head by the hair as the climax relieves her of urges afflicting her.

“Thank you, Mistress.” Says Lena, looking to Claudia. “I love you.”

“That’s enough, Teresa.” Claudia looks down to Teresa and orders. “On your feet.”

The now humble Teresa obeys and stands up off the cold floor with her head hung low.

“Thanks you, Mistress.” Says Teresa.

“Are you now sorry for overstepping your bounds?” Claudia asks.

“Yes, Mistress.” Answers Teresa. “I’m sorry.”

“I should whip your ass for that but I have a better idea.” Claudia states. “I want another blowjob…from both of you.”

Both Lena and Teresa hesitate to reply to Claudia’s demand.

“If you two can’t work together to give me a satisfactory blowjob, I’ll punish you both.” Says Claudia as she mounts the bare mattress bed and lies on her back with her legs spread.

Lena and Teresa briefly look at each other with uncertainty but know they have no other choice. Lena mounts the sheetless bed, with her sexual urges subsided, Lena now has only her sleep-deprivation and aching muscles to work through to please her Mistress, which she now enjoys but prefers to do it without Teresa. Lena looks to Teresa to see if she’s right behind her, but sees the Filipina maid removing the X-rated maid uniform. As Teresa bends forward to remove the short skirt, Lena views Teresa’s beautifully shaped ass.

Even though Lena would never consider Teresa a friend, she would like nothing more than to grind her pussy against Teresa’s ass until she comes.

Lena hopes if she pleases her Mistress, perhaps she will order her sex slave to fuck each other. Lena then feels her sexual urges returning again.

Now completely naked, Teresa joins with Lena and Claudia. The two sex slaves position themselves side-by-side between their Mistress’s spread legs.

To be continued…

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