Lesbian Slave Island Ch. 10

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Simply being the only one naked makes me feel so alive… to be ogled, fondled, bound and displayed… my degree of aliveness was greater than ever in my life.

So beyond naked, so owned, bound, displayed… the air on my skin, their eyes on my helplessly exposed nudity, and trickling love juices…

I was brought to the table again but this time to kneel beside Sassa. She grinned as I initiated kissing and licking and sucking her hand…

I treasured the feel of her hand on my tongue and lips and in my mouth, and I treasured the feel of the air on my skin all over, knowing that I was the only one naked and grovelling and kneeling and bound and their totally owned slave.

Though I wished I could use my hands, I also relished that my elbows and hands were still tied tightly behind me… I was so displayed and bound and humiliated, in contrast to their clothed dignity, that it drove moisture toward my cunt…my labia wet… dripping occasionally… mind-crazed passion… I was lost in erotic bliss.

Sassa began to be slightly aggressive, pushing her fingers deeper into my mouth and smothering my face with my own saliva.

I whispered in lust: “Please show me that you totally own me.”

Helen looked through the boxes and found a device they hadn’t yet used on me: a ring gag. This is like a ball gag but the ring keeps my mouth wide open… as if couldn’t already be blushing, I felt another heat wave from my loins and face… erotically humiliated to wear this… and especially humiliated after Helen ordered me to stick my tongue out as far as I could… she French-kissed me, sucking my tongue… then Helena and Sassa talked about my blushing and how they loved so much to make me blush… Helen told Sassa that I love the erotic humiliation, even if it’s uncomfortable to be embarrassed… it made my loins alive bursa yabancı escort in sexual arousal.

Sassa and Helen took turns leading my erotic humiliation and training… they knew I loved the fantasy of being utterly owned and being forced to know it… deeply know it… acknowledge it… admit that I wanted it… and they too were getting more and more off on their ownership of me as their utterly depraved sex object… so they humiliated me more and more and more… and I loved obeying…blushing,.. getting sooo wet that I leaked…my sexual moisture making tiny rivers down my thighs.

Sassa made me stick out my tongue and tilt my chin up, and she let her saliva drip onto my tongue and into my mouth… through the ring that forced my mouth open. So humiliating.. so erotic.. I blushed yet again… I felt so owned and so cherished and so erotically alive! Sassa said the whole drooling saliva aspect turned her on to no end… she wiped my chin and smeared our mingled saliva across my face and breasts.

As the sun set and we continued into the night, I was subjected to increasing humiliations and tests of loyalty, submission and obedience.

At one point they took off the mouth ring and they ordered me to repeat 100 times that Helen and Sassa completely and truly owned me as their slave property. I had to look into their eyes, repeating over and over again. This had a massive effect on me… more than I could have imagined. I felt truly owned by them… that I was really giving myself to them in every way.

I could not have conceived how deeply moving and psychologically effective it was to repeat these statements while totally naked, displayed, bound tightly, saliva and sweat and juices all over me, far away on this island, their dignified clothed freedom in contrast to bursa sınırsız escort my nude humiliated submitted slave state. at the beginning of the 100 statements all three of us self-consciously giggled, but toward the end we each felt the seriousness of it, and the reality of it, and yes, I felt love toward them both. I believe they felt love too.

Helen told me to demonstrate how I felt after this ritual. I instantly dropped to the floor and licked their feet in the most submissive manner I could.

Helen complimented me and then I was humiliated in the following ways:

Made to:

crawl on knees while elbow-tied

lick and suck dildos, hands, feet

pee into a large bowl and drink some of it and lick it off floor after Sassa poured a bit

wear a bell which tinkled whenever I moved

I was:

labia- and clit-leashed and led around

nose-ring leashed and led around

soft clothespin clasped on tongue and made to keep it stuck out and let my saliva drool down

labia weights hung from my labia, stretching them

I was ordered into submissive poses and subservient positions:

knees wide with dreamcatcher pulling labia wide apart

more prancing with knees just so high, with slap of riding crop when I missed

I was then made to:

wear face harnesses, ball gags, hair pulled back tied to my wrists so that my body was arched strenuously

admit how much I craved this

repeat how I was owned as their sex slave and wanted to be that, had begged for this, and eagerly look forward to erotic training and lust-crazed utter submission

They took photos and a video of me:

saying they owned me and I had submitted utterly of my own free will

begging to be shown that they truly owned me with erotic görükle escort discipline

They took turns whipping me… on and off for three hours… with pauses of being given water and changing positions for whipping.

They had me pose differently during the whipping, for example thrusting my derriere or breasts out for whipping; at times I seemed to have taken as much as I could, they untied me and had me prostrate myself submissively and thank them and submit utterly with various words.

At the end of the three hours, I was red and striped all over and writhed on the floor as I repeated how they totally and utterly owned me. I said I I would do anything and that I knew fully that they physically and mentally and emotional they really did own me and could make me whimper and grovel in pain and humiliation…

My own plan had worked… I felt and looked at them differently from then on.

They let me sleep on the bedroom floor, of course naked, but bound more loosely. They did not let me shower. They wanted me to spend the night uncovered, and let the warm tropical air evaporate the sweat, juices and saliva off my exposed skin.

I took awhile to fall asleep because I was so aroused and excited. When I did fall asleep, I slept very soundly..

When I awoke, they let me sip coffee from a cup on the floor, lap water from a bowl, and hand fed me fruit,. While they were nicely dressed and enjoying a lovely breakfast, they watched me work on the weeds,chained, as they watched or occasionally walked over to me to “supervise” me with a whip. Occasionally I was given more water from their hands or a cup.

After they finished breakfast, they both walked over to my dirt-and fresh sweat-soaked nudity, and Helen ordered me to kneel, knees very side, hands behind my neck, back arched. This was so arousing to me.. I was so owned, so utterly owned, so naked and sweaty and dirty and exposed while they were so elegantly (though casually) dressed, and I was instantly obeying their very whim, as if I had been a well-trained slave my whole life.

Helen wanted to talk about last night and the new reality we had started together…

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