Let’s Get to Know Each Other

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It was late September early October and I was a first year college student. I was not your typical college student mind you. No I was 25 yrs old and it was rough, especially in my English class where most of the other students were fresh faced teenagers, we even had a couple of kids from High School. I dealt with it the best way I knew how; I sat in the front desk every Monday and Wednesday then left as soon as the period was over. I was completely shy and never lingered to chat with my classmates.

Half way through the quarter the instructor assigned a paper, the class moaned in displeasure all except for me. I never minded writing papers, though the next thing out of her mouth did make me moan. She wanted us to pair up to write a paper. I hated working with others because invariably I ended up doing all the work while the other fucked off. The instructor said she would choose our partners so that friends were not working with friends. My partner was a sweet looking 19 yr old who I believe on the first day introduced herself as Lily. She had longish brown hair, and sweet twinkling green eyes. I noticed her eyes because mine were also green. I thought things would go horribly because I was the class relic and chubbster and she was a sweet young, thin cute as a button type of girl.

Don’t get me wrong, I by no means think I’m hideous but I know I’m not a raving beauty. It seems like the beautiful people always flock to other beautiful people. So right off the bat I assumed that this pairing would be a mistake. I was totally wrong. Lily was an absolute sweetheart. The instructor told us for the rest of the hour to sit with our partner and discuss what we might want our subjects to be. Lily eagerly picked up her backpack and scrabbled over to the empty desk next to mine.

“Hi, I’m Lily” she said holding out her elegant hand tipped with cute sculpted French manicured nails. Her eyes twinkled and her lips held a simple sweet smile. I grabbed her hand and shook it in my small, short fingered, non-sculpted but painted nailed hand.

“Hi, I’m Sarah” I answered back with a smile. She seemed so sweet I just hoped it continued that way. She took out her notebook and pen and looked at me eagerly.

“So what should we write about?” I had no clue. I didn’t know if we had anything in common or even if there was something we could agree upon that would be interesting to write about. I shrugged, I hated that I was so shy. Even though I’m the older one I felt like a little kid sitting next to this exuberant, happy person.

“I got an idea.” She said “let’s see what we have in common, that way we have more of a chance picking a subject we both like, Right?” I nodded, wow could it be possible that finally out of 12 or more years of school I had gotten a partner that used their brain?

We talked for the rest of the time allotted us and discovered we had quite a bit in common. We both were majoring in psychology, we both had lost a couple loved ones, we both went to private High Schools, and we both loved Siamese cats. I was completely thrilled to find out all of these things. Before we knew it the period was up, and neither was ready to stop talking.

“Hey I have an idea.” Lily blurted as I reached for my backpack.

I looked at her with a shy smile. “Ok, what is it?”

“Well I don’t have to work this evening and I just wondered maybe if you have the time, you could come over to my place? We could talk, get things started with the paper, and I rented 2 movies that I need to watch.” She said with this sweet expectant smile on her face.

How could I possibly resist someone who looked so sweet, and acted the same? “Sure I’d love to come over; I don’t have much to do myself. When would you like me to come over?” I asked as we started walking out into the lobby.

“Now if you like, you could follow me home.”

“That works only umm, could you give me a ride since I don’t have the car today.” I asked laughing

Lily laughed as well and placed her delicate hand on mine. “Oh, that’s no problem. Well what do you say we get out of here?”

I nodded my head and we started for the Catwalk that would take us to the parking lot where Lily was parked three rows back. She owned a sporty Ford Escape in silver, with gorgeous grey leather interior. I admit to being quite impressed. As I got inside her vehicle I commented on how much I liked it. She beamed like a proud momma.

“Thank you so much, it’s brand new.”

On the car ride to bursa escort her apartment I made a brief call to my boyfriend to let him know that I would be available on my cell. After that we chatted like we were old friends. We went through a local drive-thru that was close to her and picked up food. Twenty minutes after leaving the college parking lot we were pulling up in front of her brick fronted two bedroom condo. Both of us hopped out and entered the spacious entry way. Yet again I had to admit to being impressed. I knew that Lily was only 19 so I wondered how she could afford the expensive car, and spacious condo.

“Follow me Sarah and I’ll show you where we can set all this junk down.” She led me up plush carpeted stairs past her living room and into a large black and white kitchen. “Just set the food down on the table, and if you don’t mind I’m gonna go get more comfortable?”

I just nodded my head; I could understand her need to change as she was wearing a cute, short leather skirt and pencil thin heels. I set the food down and was searching the kitchen for plates and forks when she popped back in the kitchen wearing a tiny pair of pink silk boxer shorts and just as tiny pink tank top with a huge kiss across her breast. Never being shy of my sexuality I glanced over her perfect body. Her breasts where high and firm and very much real, she had a narrow waist, the lead down to an ample pair of hips, down to toned thighs, and firm calves. She was thin, fit, not that anorexic ill looking thin. I would say she weighed at least 155-160. To put it plainly she was beautiful. We sat down to eat our meals, chatting about anything and everything. We discovered we both had boyfriends obsessed with cars, so we had both been dragged to more than our fair share of boring car shows. I noticed that as we talked Lily was very casual about touching me. When she laughed she’d place her hand on mine, or when she was saying something serious she’d lay her hand on my shoulder or upper arm. This did not make me uncomfortable in any way, but I did notice that I was starting to feel things I had never felt before.

Once we were done with our dinners, she threw away the left over’s, took my hand and led me down the stairs. “Down here is where I like to be in my spare time.”

On the lower level of her place was a den of sorts, there was a big screen T.V, a nice sound system tucked in the corner, a computer and all its accoutrement’s tucked in another corner, a huge fluffy couch, and a comfy sink-in-me chair in two shades of purple. All in all I could understand why she liked spending her free time in this room. We both sat on the comfy couch, letting it embrace us as we watched the first of the movies she had rented. Through out the movie we had switched positions a couple of times. At one point she had taken my feet and placed them in her lap, where she proceeded to massage and caress my tired feet. It was pure heaven and I almost thought of stopping her since I had a huge foot fetish and I was quickly becoming aroused by her hands. She looked up at me and something told me she knew all to well that I was enjoying what she was doing to my feet in more ways than one way. She had a sly, seductive smile on her face as she ran the tip of her nail down the bottom of my foot. Looking directly into her eyes I moaned and curled my toes.

“Like that do ya?” she purred as she did the same to my other foot

I laughed a little breathlessly. “You could say that.”

“Good.” She whispered as her hands manipulated my toes while her eyes started seducing me. They were such a beautiful clear green. I could feel my nether regions getting moist, and I shifted around, trying to soothe my ache. She just smiled even bigger and surprised me by lowering her sweet mouth to my big toe. My breathing became shallow, and my eyes round, orbs of passion. Slowly she licked then sucked my toe into her hot, moist mouth. I couldn’t help myself; I let out a long loud moan, and scooted down further in my seat. My head fell back and my eyes closed in pure ecstasy as her beautiful mouth made its way down and up all 10 of my toes. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I was completely aroused by then. My nipples sharp points inside my straining bra, and my pussy I could feel was swollen, moist and aching to be touched. Lily knew all to well what state of mind I was in, she stopped sucking and slid her hand up my leg, further up my thigh and straight to my wanting pussy. altıparmak escort She ground her hand on my jean clad lips, making my hips circle and grind up against her exploring hand. My eyes opened as I felt her fingers unbuttoning, and then unzipping my jeans. Looking into her very aroused eyes I thought “my God this little girl is seducing me”

I had only been with a woman once before, and that was strictly for the pleasure of a male friend of mine. I had enjoyed the experience but never really thought I’d be with a woman on my own. But now as I laid there completely ensnared in Lilies spell I knew without a doubt that what was about to happen I wanted more than anything. Without a word she pulled my jeans down my hips and slid her body up onto mine. Both of our breathing was shallow and fast. Looking into my eyes she lowered her lips to mine. That first touch of our mouths was like a spark of. It started out soft and gentle and slowly built in passion. Her tongue snaked its way inside my hungry mouth and began caressing mine. I then bit gently on her sweet tongue; sucking. She moaned and the sound vibrated down my throat. I then inserted my tongue in her mouth and tasted. She tasted like nothing I have ever had. She was warm and wet and completely delicious. I couldn’t get enough.

Our kiss became more serious, more passionate, almost becoming brutal in its need. I laid my hands on the firm cheeks of her ass, pulling her into my body. Spreading my legs, and pushing my hips up into her thrusting hips. Her body was pure perfection, all soft and warm. As she moved her mouth off mine and started nibbling her way up my sensitive neck to my ear, I slowly dragged my nails down then up her thighs, and over her silk clad ass. She moaned and whispered into my ear.

“You want this don’t you?”

Licking my now swollen lips I smiled at her, nodded my head in the affirmative. “Uh huh” I sighed.

“You are so beautiful Sarah.” She said to me as her hand caressed its way down my arm then to my belly and up under my shirt to explore my silk encased breasts. She looked into my eyes showing me that what she said she truly meant. Her hands felt so warm on my aroused flesh. Her fingers dipped under my bra and began twisting my nipples, tugging on them gently, then not so gently. This had my hips bucking up to hers yet again. I loved having my nipples manipulated. I loved having them twisted, pinched, pulled and bitten, the more they were abused the more aroused I could become. Lily not missing a beat smiled devilishly and pulled my shirt up over my head, revealing the red silk bra that held my heaving breasts. Pushing one cup down she licked the tip of my engorged nipple, wrapped her lips around it and began sucking not gentle but a hard lustful pulling of her full lips. I put my fingers in her silky hair and pulled her to me.

“Yes, mmm yes I love it.” I purred, closing my eyes and enjoying this young, beautiful girls ministrations.

Her teeth soon were nibbling on my aching nipples. Things started moving a bit faster at that point. She seemed to love the control and power she had. Pulling down the second cup she sucked, licked, and bit my other nipple. By then you could smell the arousal in the air. I could feel the heat of her pussy pressed up against mine. Our hips grinding into one another. I in my red bikini cut panties and her in her silk pink boxers. She pulled back from me and I quickly pulled her tank top over her head. My hands reached up greedily for her luscious breasts. I pulled and tweaked her pink nipples, pulling her down to my hungry mouth so I could taste what she was offering. Sucking her nipples one at a time inside my hot mouth, caressing them with my eager tongue. Wrapping her arms around my head, tangling her fingers in my long blonde hair she pulled my head in tight against her body.

“Mmm, Sarah that feels so good. I’m so wet for you.” To prove her point she ground her wet pussy against my bare thigh.

I pulled back from her breasts and moaned “Me too, I want you more than I ever thought possible.”

She stood up in front of me, never taking her eyes from mine and slowly lowered her boxers. I could do nothing but smile at what was revealed to my eyes. In front of me stood this gorgeous creature, with tanned skin, full perky breasts, a nearly flat tummy, rounded hips and a pussy shaved clean and glistening with her juices, all for me. I swallowed as she held out her hand and made görükle escort me sit up. She got on her knees in front of me and reached behind me to unclasp my bra. As it fell to the ground I crossed my arms over myself. All the sudden it occurred to me that she was a goddess and I was definitely NOT. My breasts were bigger than I liked at 40C and they hadn’t been perky since I was 16. Lily would have none of it though. She took my hands and firmly pulled them off my breasts.

“Please don’t hide yourself from me. You are beautiful. A natural beauty, one that I want to explore very much.” In so saying she took my breasts in each of her hands and massaged them.

I looked into her eyes for the truth of her words, and yet again all I saw was honesty. Smiling at me she licked each nipple. Standing she did that little devilish smile once more and told me not to move as I watched her beautifully rounded ass sway as she walked over to her computer desk. Opening a draw I saw her pull out something quickly, but what it was I did not know till she started walking back towards me. Instantly my heart rate picked up and my aching pussy got even wetter, if that was possible.

“Sarah, I’m gonna make you feel so good, then you will do the same for me. Today we will forge a friendship never to be broken.” Bending down in front of me again, with a thick purple vibrator in her hand, I leaned back into the couch and let her take complete control of my body.

Putting her hands on each side of my hips she pulled my panties down, and breathed deeply of the scent of my arousal. Smiling to see I also had a cleanly shaven pussy that was glistening with my juices. I watched as she took her finger and slid it very slowly down my slit, not pushing inside; just teasing. I sighed and opened my legs more to her. My clit was swollen and easily seen between my equally swollen pussy lips. Flicking her finger back and forth over said clit was driving me nuts. Moaning and thrashing my head back and forth on the couch I begged for more without actually saying a word.

“I know what you want.” Lily said as she took my legs and put my feet on the edge of the couch. There I was knees bent; feet planted firmly, toes curled around the edge of the couch hanging on for dear life. My femininity fully exposed to her searching eyes, her smooth hands on my thighs pushed my legs even wider, which in turn spread my lips wider. I could then feel all the cool air blowing on my hot cunt. I closed my eyes and the next sensation I felt was her lips kissing my nether lips, caressing them, I could hear her breathing me in.

Her fingers spread my lips and her tongue dipped inside the well of my arousal. Lapping at the juices I had provided for her, her tongue assaulting me in the most pleasurable ways. Young Lily had one talented tongue, never had any man brought me this much pleasure. Her tongue licked every inch of my slit, from the bottom all the way up to the top where my clit awaited her. Without hesitation she wrapped her lips around my clit and sucked just like she had my nipples, then to my surprise she turned the vibrator on low and very, very slowly started inserting it inside my clinching cunt. I could not stay quiet any longer.

“Oh God, Yes…Please, please it feels so good.” I clenched and unclenched my pussy muscles as she thrust the toy inside me. I loved the idea of being forced so it was a trick I developed to make a man take me hard, and it seemed to work just as well when a woman was fucking me with a toy. Lily moaned around my clit and the combination of her mouth, the thrusting of the toy and her fingers now pinching and twisting my nipples hard was almost more than I could take, but I wanted to make it all last. I squeezed my muscles tight and forced her to fuck me harder.

“Mmm, Sarah likes to be a bad girl I see.” So saying she turned the vibe up and started pounding it into my pink hole. I loved it; she became this little brutal machine. Her fingers twisted my nipples to the point where I cried out in pain. I could feel the toy hitting my cervix which was bringing pleasurable pain as well. I spread my legs wider for her and screamed for her to suck my clit and make me cum. With an almost sinister look in her eyes she turned the vibe up once more and clamped her mouth around my clit so hard that I screamed out.

With one final hard, brutal thrust I let loose with the most intense orgasm “OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK.” My juices bathed her face, squirting out of my over excited body. She just continued lapping it all up, drinking in all that I was giving her. My body tensed, shuddered and a tear leaked out the corner of my eye as I slowly melted into the couch with a sigh. Lily stood, kissed my lips.

“When you can breathe again it’s my turn.”

…To be Continued 😉

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