Letters to Nicole 14

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Apple Head

Dear Nicole,

You are so making me laugh! I love it that whenever I write to you; you end up having to masturbate. Isn’t that the point? So do I, writing these accounts down! Though the last letter really stirred me up to have another threesome. Jason said it would be okay and I suggested that the next time we should invite another woman. He looked so surprised! I think he suspects that we haven’t done it with another woman before because I might be jealous.

Yes, he knows that I had female lovers before we got married. He knows about Felecia too; in fact, he met her once at my 5-year high school reunion. But I haven’t told him about the sex with women since we’ve been married. Actually, I think it might bother him that I’m fucking other women on the side. I’m waiting until the right moment to tell him.

Anyway…back to the story, and I just want to warn you that I’m not through surprising you! The shocking thing that happened that night was about to get even more incredible.

Jessi asked me to stay overnight and while she drove Nikki and Jon home I took a shower in her bathroom. Oh, my God, Nicole…I can’t even tell you how aroused I was from watching them! It didn’t matter what temperature the shower water was, I was completely lost in there! I let the needles of water sting my nipples while I soaped my ass and pussy! I really wanted to cum so bad, but thinking that maybe Jessi might have a little left to play with me, I was just barely able to stop myself from cumming.

But damn… when Jessi got home it was 1:00 am and she was spent. We cuddled and kissed a bit in her bed, but almost immediately she fell asleep. I laid there for quite a while, touching myself and fantasizing, but I finally fell asleep feeling very frustrated.

The next morning I woke up and looked at the clock. It was 9:00 am and Jessi was gone. I got up, brushed my teeth, threw on a pair of her shorts and a t-shirt and went out into the kitchen. Teri Johnson was sitting at the table in her robe, sipping coffee and reading Good Housekeeping.

“Good morning, Nancy,” she said, smiling at me. “You didn’t sleep very long!”

“Hi, Ms. Johnson…no…waking up there, I was surprised to see that Jessi was gone, so I couldn’t go back to sleep.”

“Yes, McDonald’s called and asked if she could come in early, and she’s been asking for more hours so…Is there anything I can get for you to eat?”

“Umm…what was it that you ate this morning?”

“Bagel with cream cheese and coffee, want one?”

“Yes, please…that sounds nice!”

Teri got up and pulled a cinnamon/raisin bagel from the bakery bag. She sliced it and looked at me, “Toasted?”

I smiled and nodded and she sat down at the table again and started the toaster. She poured me a glass of orange juice and said, “Come Nance…sit and talk while you’re waiting.”

I sat down and took a sip of the juice. It tasted funny for a few sips because I had just brushed my teeth. “I was thinking of getting a job, too, but I’m not sure what I want to do for minimum wage.”

The corners of Teri’s mouth crinkled up in a sly smile as she replied, “Maybe you could get a job in the field of video taping!” She giggled when she saw me blush bright red!

“Oh, my God, Ms. Johnson! I saw you in the hallway; but I wasn’t sure you were aware of it!”

“Nancy…this morning? Please call me Teri while it’s just us here, okay? And Oh yes…I know you saw me, but I was so close to cumming that I couldn’t stop myself!” Her laugh was so warm that it set me completely at ease.

“How much did you see…umm…Teri?”

“I came in just as my Jessi was removing her bra and panties.”

“Wow! What timing that must have been? Jessi had been watching for you; she only just joined in then.”

Teri giggled again when she said, “I must say it was quite a show! Those three looked fantastic together, and I couldn’t believe how turned on they were!”

“Well…if you were masturbating in the hall, you must have been pretty turned on yourself!” My bagel popped out of the toaster and Teri put it on a plate and pushed it and the cream cheese across the table to me.

“I was! What a beautiful cock on that Jon! I was really thinking I would like a little bit of it myself!” Teri burst out laughing again and so did I. I could easily see what my mother found so attractive about her. Those brown eyes sparkled when she laughed and I couldn’t believe how great she looked after just getting out of bed. Her robe was partially open and the swells of her breasts were so beautiful. I remember thinking that I wanted to look that good when I turned forty.

Taking a bite of the bagel, I said, “Honestly…I thought you’d be with my mom and dad last night.”

She smiled, “Well…we were going to be together, but when we got to the hotel your mom wasn’t feeling all that well, so we just ended up watching a movie and having a few drinks. But I have a question for you too, Nancy!”

“What might that be?”

“How Eskort Kız in God’s name, could you watch that whole thing and not go crazy?”

We both laughed again! It was becoming a very comfortable conversation, Nicole. My thoughts kept flashing back to the whole scene, and knowing that Teri was in the hall watching and touching herself made it even juicier. “I know, sometimes even holding the camera was hard, I was shaking so much!”

“Why didn’t you join in, too?”

“Oh, my God, they were having such a good time! Like, it was just too perfect; I’d have just gotten in the way!”

“I doubt it, but maybe you had some more fun with my Jessi later last night?” Teri seemed fine with the whole thing, Nicole, and I thought I heard her voice quaver just a bit when she asked me about Jessi.

“You know about Jessi and us?”

“Oh, yes…I think it’s perfectly exciting. We got the pill for her several months ago… remember when she was dating Chad? It didn’t last too long but she and I felt it would be a good time to start being careful.”

“Didn’t you feel a little strange watching her have sex last night?”

“Not at all! We have always had a very open relationship. From what Lauren has been telling me, your relationship is opening up as well.”

I giggled at that and replied, “God yes! My mom told me a couple stories about you both!”

“Yes, I know. What did you think about them?”

“Like you all are so hot! I never realized how sexual my parents were! It’s a real eye-opener for me. I understand her so much more now.”

“Well…I had no problem watching Jessi get fucked! In fact, I wish she and Nikki had gotten into it a little more!”

“Oh, me too!” I replied excitedly, “although…Nikki shocked me by kissing Jessi; I didn’t think she would ever do that!”

Teri smiled wryly, “Oh, you’d be surprised at what people do when they’re so aroused. All their inhibitions break down!”

“Ya’ know, I’m starting to realize that. Felecia and I seduced another of our girlfriends once. I didn’t think she’d give in but Felecia said she was too turned on not to!”

We were both quiet for another minute; Teri picked up her coffee cup and put it in the sink and I finished my bagel and sat there thinking about the sex last night and our conversation. On the one hand everything had been so erotic, such an awesome turn-on; yet…on the other hand I was exceptionally horny and frustrated! The sex talk with Teri wasn’t helping either.

As if she were reading my mind, Teri said, “Well…I’m still feeling a bit frustrated, though!”

“You are? What do you mean?”

“God! How would you feel?” said Teri, pushing stray tresses of hair behind her ear. “Last night I was so excited, we always have a good time fucking together, and then your mom feels sick and so that falls through; then I come home and see that incredibly hot threesome and there’s nothing I can do about that except masturbate. And, well, it’s just not the same thing! I’m feeling frustrated and horny.”

This last comment was too much, Nicole! I looked at Teri closely and her naughty brown eyes were flashing at me! She couldn’t have been more obvious, unless she came right out and said, “Let’s fuck, Nancy!” I knew that if I gave her even an ounce of encouragement we would be fucking in no time. Her last three comments were too suggestive; they couldn’t have meant anything else. I turned and stared at the table, thinking hard. God…like I really wanted to do it, but…

So without looking I said, “Who do you think is more horny, you….” and I turned and smiled at her, “…or me?”

Teri looked at me and blinked, “Do you think we should?”

“I don’t know. Do you want me?”

Teri stepped up behind me and leaned in over my shoulder. I tipped my head back and she dragged her soft kiss over my cheek and across my mouth. The tip of her hot tongue left a faint trail of saliva as she kissed around toward my ear. “I think I do…How bad do you want me?”

I moaned and reached up to caress her cheek, drawing her lips back to mine. This was just too naughty for words! Teri was my mom’s lover and here we were getting ready to do something that would have to be kept secret. When we started kissing, I thought the whole thing might intimidate me…but being that I was quite a bit bigger than Teri, the intimidation faded quickly.

And oh…what a wonderful kisser she was! I was moaning already and as I pushed my tongue into her mouth, she sucked it in greedily. Her right hand, which had been resting on my shoulder, slid down my chest and curled around my right breast. I could feel my nipple, already hard against the material of the t-shirt, get even harder as her fingertips tickled the bottom of my boob.

We kissed like that for several minutes. With every second that ticked by the heat got more and more intense, the need more and more urgent! Both of us were soon trembling, whimpering and moaning and fighting for possession of the other’s mouth. Teri’s hands were all over my tits now. She was trying to be gentle, but feelings were exploding! She yanked at my T and cupped my bare tits hard, pulling them up my chest a bit and thumbing the rock hard teats.

Finally she tore her lips off mine because the need to breathe overcame the passion. She kept on nuzzling me but we were both were gasping; it was so difficult to draw a breath. Teri managed to whisper, “I must be out of my mind!”

My body was completely on fire now; I pulled her lips back to mine again and viciously sucked her tongue down my throat. Her right hand slid over my tummy and made its way down the front of my shorts. She groaned loudly when I opened my legs wider and I groaned louder when she touched my pussy for the first time!

Breaking off the kiss, she moaned, “Oh, my God…you’re so fucking wet, Baby!”

“I know,” I replied, “Are you gonna play with my pussy now?”

“Oh, yesss…” she breathed, working her fingers into my gash and making me tremble, “you want me to, don’t you…you dirty, little girl!”

With that, her middle finger plunged into my hole. My pussy did a flip-flop and I groaned as the heat tore into me again. Teri giggled when she heard me begin to say, “I… Ohhh…. Fuuuck, Mmm…FUUCK!” Oh, my God, Nicole…did her fingers ever feel good!

She pinched my left nipple harder then and she leaned down and began licking and sucking at my lower lip, finger-fucking me hard and fast. I was so blinded with desire… God! Her face was right above me but the heat was so intense that I couldn’t focus and her image swam before my eyes.

Teri drew her her finger out and started spreading my liquid over my crotch. The tip of my clit must have been poking out between my labia because each time she rubbed past the top of my slit, she grazed it, causing me to gasp repeatedly.

“You nasty, little slut! You love being my fuck-toy…don’t you!” She started frigging my clit and I screamed, “Ohh, yess! I love it, Teri…Fuck my little pussy…Mmm…Fuck it!”

She didn’t answer; she just leaned further down and wrapped her lips around my right nipple, tonguing it fiercely! My hips rose higher and higher off the chair and I held on to the back of her head with one hand while I wrenched my left left nipple hard with the other. “Oh Shit!” I cried out. “Shit…Oh, GOD! Here I go…it’s cumming!”

That initial orgasm rushed up my legs and exploded in my center. My head snapped back as the first strong spasm hit me and on the second contraction, Teri pushed two fingers into my pussy again, fucking me hard!

Just as the climax was subsiding, Teri looked at me and whispered, “That’s just the beginning, fuck-toy! I want it all this morning!” My hair had flipped across my face and she swept it away, her lips closing over mine again in another searingly hot kiss. In a frenzy, I once more sucked her tongue deep inside my mouth as Teri stepped over my legs and straddled me as I sat in the chair.

The kiss continued like that for who knows how many minutes. Both of us were whimpering non-stop. After a bit, my hands reached for the lapels of her robe. I pulled it open and she shrugged it off her shoulders, exposing her tits. I didn’t want to stop kissing…but I had to look at them! “Oh, my God…they’re so beautiful!” I managed to say.

We were both breathing so hard that her gorgeous breasts were heaving with the effort. They were a little bigger than mine and the aureoles were large and very dark brown. Her nips were fat and they had popped fully erect. Cupping the left tit in her palm, she held it up to me. “You like?”

“Ohh…yesss,” I hissed, touching the hard point with the tip of my finger. “God, Teri, I think I need to suck them…really bad!”

“Go ahead, Baby…suck one…suck my tit!” She leaned forward and let her breast swing free toward my face. I took it in both hands and began to lick along the soft under curve. Teri held on to the chair-back and watched as my tongue and lips worked their way toward her nipple. When I swirled my tongue around it, she melted, “Oh, God…ohh Godd…OH GODD!”

She was having trouble maintaining her balance then, and when I sucked the fat teat into my mouth, she groaned loudly, “Oh, Fuck yesss! Goddd…you little bitch! You love sucking tits too…don’t you…Oh, my Goddd!”

I giggled and bit her nipple fairly hard, pulling the tit away from her chest. Teri yelped with pleasure and scooted closer so she could sit up straighter. Grabbing the sides of her boobs, she pushed them together so that the nipples were almost touching. “Okay, tit-lover, suck them both together then…c’mon…suck ’em!”

I pulled her closer yet by the shoulder blades and she guided the nipples into my mouth. I watched her eyes as I sucked them hard and aggressively. Teri’s face contorted and her eyes closed as the sexual electricity raced from the tips of her tits straight to her cunt. The more she trembled and shook with passion, the harder I sucked; her groans were filling the kitchen! My hands slowly dropped to her ass and I impatiently pushed the robe off of us to the floor. She was nude now and I felt the heat radiating from her pussy onto my thighs.

Oh God, Nicole, Teri was so loud…moaning and whimpering and talking to me. You should have heard her, “Oh God, Nancy! Ohhh…shit! GOD! Ohhh…keep sucking…just like that…Mmm…yesss…keep doing that!”

My fingertips glided down her ribs and over her smooth thighs. From the way she was acting, I knew that when I reached her clit she would cum quickly. Inching my middle finger down her abdomen, it finally slid into the top of her slit and swirled around her swollen bud. Teri gasped and shuddered and let go of her breasts so she could brace herself on the arms of the chair. Her nipples popped out of my mouth but I immediately pinched at the right one, wrenching and twisting it between my fingers.

I couldn’t believe how wet she was, and I only had to frig her little marble for a minute before she came with a guttural “Ohhh…fuuuckk!” grinding her cunt down hard on my hand and thigh. When she finished shaking, she looked at me and tried to speak, but couldn’t. Clearing her throat she said, “God…that was sooo good!”

I giggled and teased her, “We’re not finished are we?”

Teri laughed as she answered, “Hell no! I haven’t even tasted you yet! Let’s get you out of those clothes.”

She stood up and pulled me to my feet. I quickly whipped off my shirt and she stooped and pulled down the shorts to my ankles so I could kick them away.

“Come, Nancy…get up on the counter-top so I can get a good look at your pussy!”

I hopped up and sat back on the counter, bracing myself behind me with my hands. I pulled my knees up with my heels on the edge and Teri took my legs and spread them wide.

“Oh…it really is so pretty,” she cooed, running a finger down the center all the way to my asshole. I was already shaking again, Nicole, and when she rimmed my asshole, I gasped with pleasure.

“Mmm…you like your cute ass played with, don’t you…my sweet little slut?” Teri licked her finger wet and then spit on my anus, smearing the saliva around the taut little hole before pushing the finger into it just a bit. She used her other thumb to push inside my wet cunt and rub my clit.

“Oh Teri…Mmm…God! Does that feel good! Mmm…” I cried! Maybe it was just because I was so horny, or maybe it was because Teri knew just how to touch me; either way she had my pussy gushing again. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was; I just watched her…and let her do me!

“I want this one to be slower,” she said; but I didn’t believe her. Her one finger was fucking my ass with quick, short strokes…and when she replaced her thumb with her tongue on my clit, I right away felt another cum gather itself for release. I mashed my tits against my chest with one hand. Teri’s tongue brought me right to the edge…and she stopped!

“Oh shit!” I said, “what happened?”

“Nothing,” she said, her eyes burning at me from between my knees, “did that feel good?”

“Oh yeah…but why did you stop? I was sooo close to…”

I couldn’t get the words out, Nicole. Before I could, her tongue went to work on my clit again. Only this time, her finger pushed into my vagina and she finger-fucked that instead of my ass! It didn’t matter though, because I was on my way again. My toes began curling and I could feel a tremendous cum building in my legs.

“Oh Goddd!” I groaned, “That’s it you bitch…lick my fuckin’ pussy…Ohhh…don’t stop! That’s it!”

Teri pushed her finger deeper in me and felt for what I later learned was my g-spot. I never had that touched before, but I knew something was different when my arousal level jumped twice as high. “Ohhh Fuck…what are you doing to me,” I cried again, “Shit! I’m gonna cum…uhhh…uhhh…UHHH!”

Guess what happened, Nicole? Yep…she stopped again! I slammed my palms against the counter-top and yelled, “God damn it! Why’d you do that again?”

“What?” She was so teasing me, “Didn’t that feel good?”

“Yes but…”

The words never got out again. Teri sucked my whole pussy into her mouth and tongue-fucked me super hard for about thirty seconds. Then she concentrated on my clit and reached inside for my g-spot again. Rockets went off almost immediately and my body lurched toward an orgasm once more.

“Oh my God…Oh My God…OH MY GOD!” Girlfriend, I could feel this one was gonna destroy me! I’d never wanted a release so bad in my life! “Oh yesss…” I squealed, “Yesss…almost there! Shit…uhhh!” But…..

“DAMMIT!” I hissed at her when she stopped again. “What are you doing to me?”

“What?” she said, leering at me. “Do you want to cum?”

Now I sat up even straighter and was just about to say something really nasty to that bitch when her tongue attacked me…again! I was gonna say that nasty something anyway, but her finger found my g-spot…again! I never felt anything so good in my whole life! It seemed like every fiber of my being was channeling itself into this orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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