Life as a Tennis Coach

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Renee had just graduated college with a teacher certificate. She’s 24, 5 ft 7 inches tall with a very slim body under the long black hair. Sexually, Renee is very conservative with most of her experience coming from her long-time boyfriend. Renee’s first job out of college is to teach earth science at a local high school. Along with her job as a science teacher, she also became the coach of the varsity female tennis team. This is the first time Renee had ever done any sort of coaching work. She was very nervous about it, but she accepted the challenge hoping that it would improve her tennis skills. Also at the same time, she hoped to see girls playing as they found them very attractive in their little tennis skirt.

At the first practice meeting, Renee met the group that she was going to coach for the year. This year’s varsity team consists of juniors and seniors. Unlike years before, the ten girls that are on the team are very attractive looking. Most of them have a body to die for. The first day of practice was rather easy, people practice for two hours and they were all let loose by Renee afterward. As part of her job as a coach, Renee received the office inside the girl’s locker room. She has a huge window right in front of her desk that can see half the locker room. She can basically see all the girls that are changing in the locker room through the window. Renee is not bisexual by any means. Although she does have fantasies about woman, but she thought she would never enjoy one in real life. So she thought at least…………

Practice went on like normal for a month. Renee enjoyed her job very much as she can play and teaches others how to play the game. Also the sight of the girls wearing their little skirt running around excite her sometimes. Many times she find herself getting wet while watching them. There were many nights where Renee would go home and masturbate thinking about what she saw in practice.

Her life changed as a coach on one hot summer day when she started to notice some girls had been going panty less under their short tennis skirt. She found out when she saw the girl’s skirt flapping in the air as they run across the court. It was a nice sight to see the two girls running around bare naked under their skirt, but with her job on the line. She had no choice but to react to it.

After practice that day, Renee called in the two students that didn’t wear panties to come into her office. There were two girls that were involved in this. They both stood in front of Renee while Renee thinks about Bayan Escort what to say to them.

“I see you ladies didn’t wear any panties when you were practicing? Can I ask you why you did not? School practice is not an appropriate time to be dressed like that. Can you tell me why you guys are doing it?” Renee asked. At the same time, Renee could feel herself getting wet thinking about their naked pussy.

“Coach, we took our panties off today because we felt more comfortable running around without it. I feel I play so much better with them off.” One of the girl named Dina responded.

“Dina, as much as I would like to respect your decision. I would still have to tell you to stop doing that since we are playing for school. If you want to play without panties, do it elsewhere” Renee said

After the talk with Renee, Dina and Jennifer left Renee’s office disappointed since they now cant do the thing they like the most about tennis. Dina and Jennifer play without panties because they found it to be a turn on for others to watch their pussy like that, especially for girls to look at it. The thought of having others masturbate to them or think about them excite them. They loved doing it so much that they took the risk of doing it again. So even with Renee’s warning, Dina and Jennifer went without panties once again a week later at practice. When Renee first caught them, Renee didn’t even change into her coaching uniform before she dragged Jennifer and Dina into her office.

Renee sat down in her chair at the office and started addressing the issue with Dina and Jennifer again. “Didn’t I warn you guys?” Renee said. Dina and Jennifer cried out that they could do whatever they want in the team. Renee got so angry with them that she suspended both of them for misconduct. That really got Dina and Jennifer angry. Just as Renee was about to get up and change for practice, Dina pushed her back into the office as Renee was about to walk by them.

“What are you doing” Renee asked while she is trying to retain her balance. “Coach, I did this partly because of you. I know how much you enjoy watching us playing without the panties. Don’t say that you don’t enjoy watching us running around with our ass pointing at your face. We saw how much you checked us out.” Dina said.

“Bullshit, you two are in very big trouble” Renee said. Renee tries to walk out again. This time Jennifer and Dina just grabbed her by the arm and pushed her onto the chair. She tries to struggle, but it was useless as the two girls were just much stronger compare to her. Jennifer and Dina tied her up to this huge chair that she got in her office. The way that Jennifer and Dina pinned her down excited her because she is a rather submissive woman. The way that they dominated her got her a little wet under her panties.

“What are you doing to me? ” Renee asked. “Anything we want” Jennifer and Dina responded. As Renee is sitting there in the chair hopelessly, Jennifer and Dina studied the body of their coach carefully. Renee, being just 24, has very young and soft body that can make girls jealous. Although her breasts are not huge, but her 34B is a perfect fit for someone skinny like her. She was still dressed in the outfit that she wore to her class. She was in a long black skirt with a white shirt. Jennifer made the first move by putting her hand on her coach’s body. She started touching the stomach area of her coach through her shirt. Renee tries to struggle, but it was no used since she was tied up real good.

“Let me go, please.” Renee said as she felt Jennifer’s hand is starting to run up and down her body.

“No way. You know you like how we are touching you right now.” Dina responded as she walks closer to Renee. All of a sudden, she lifted her skirt and revealed her shave pussy to Renee. Renee had never been near a pussy that’s not hers in her whole life. The sight of seeing Dina’s pussy within 10 inches of her face just got her excited despite she is in a situation where she is being tied down by two girls. Dina pushed her pussy closer and closer to Renee until she knows Renee could smell her sweet juices coming from her cunt. She then pulled back suddenly

“Did you like that coach? The smell of my young wet pussy. You know you want to lick it.” Dina asked while Jennifer placed her hand on Renee’s breasts.

“Let me go. Get off me, you guys are nasty!!!!” Renee cried out as she saw Dina lifting her skirt up and started to run her hands along the legs of Renee. The touch of Dina’s soft hand on her thighs and Jennifer’s hand on her body and breasts just made her whole body twitch. Dina’s hands went up higher and higher until she gets near Renee’s pussy. Dina then stopped and started to run her fingers along the outline of Renee’s panties. Dina lifted the skirt even higher and saw the panties that Renee wore. “I like your little red string low cut bikini. They are very sexy”. Dina said.

“Get off me. Please stop.” Renee demanded.

Dina ignored Renee’s plea and kept going with her hand. She placed her fingers on top of Renee’s panties. Even before Dina placed her hand on the panties, it was already wet from all the action that Renee had been getting. Renee had been so turned on by this situation that her body is just making juices like crazy. With each rub on Renee’s panties, Renee could feel that she is closer and closer to a huge orgasm. On top of Dina’s hand, Jennifer had been rubbing on Renee’s tits. Jennifer then unbuttoned the shirt and pulled the bra up. Jennifer took each of Renee’s breasts and sucked it nice and slow. She put her tongue around Renee’s nipples to make it even harder. Renee tried her best to hold it, but there was no use. She was so turned-on that she can’t hold her moan anymore. She started moaning really loud despite being in the girl’s locker room. Luckily there were no one in the locker at the time to hear what was going on in her office.

Dina continued to play with Renee’s pussy through her panties until they were absolutely soaked. Dina finally took it off slowly. She could feel Renee’s itching real bad down there as she keeps rubbing her legs against each other. Dina pulled her skirt up to Renee’s stomach and pushed her head onto Renee’s pussy. Dina first lapped her tongue on her clit first. She encircled the whole clit until it was real sensitive. Then she started placing fingers in her pussy. Dina started with one finger, then two and then all three fingers. Dina pushed the three fingers more and more in until she felt they were buried all the way inside Renee’s pussy. At the same time she is doing this, Dina’s tongue was on Renee’s clit. With Jennifer still sucking her breasts, Renee was in heaven. She had never had a woman touch her like this before until now. She didn’t know how good it feels until she has Dina licking her pussy while Jennifer sucking on her boobs. Renee screamed as hard as she could. She didn’t care if she gets caught, she just wanted to cum, cum really bad. She is so wet that her skirt had gotten wet from the cum dripping down to her ass and onto the skirt.

“You ready to cum coach” Dina mumbled that out loud while she is eating her coach out. Renee screamed out “Yes, please lick me. Lick me hard”. Dina speeded up her pace until she heard Renee screamed out in joy as orgasm hit her. Dina kept licking despite the orgasm. Before Renee knows it, another orgasm came through to hit her body again. She had never cum so hard in her life. She could feel there are fluids dripping out of her cunt onto her ass and onto the skirt and chair. It felt so good that she doesn’t care anymore. She just had her legs up on the side of the chair while trying to recover. Jennifer and Dina got up and looked at their coach lying on that chair being tied up. The view was so incredible that it got them really wet, but Jennifer and Dina waited because they know people could come in anytime. Jennifer and Dina untied Renee and both leaned over to give Renee a kiss.

“Will you come back for practice tomorrow?” Renee said

“Yes, we will be back” Jennifer and Dina smiled as they answer their coach back, who was still on the chair resting trying to recover from the two giant orgasms that she received. Renee still had her skirt up to her stomach with the blouse and bra on the ground.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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