Life Changes

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Author’s note: the following story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author wishes to express his gratitude to Copperbutterfly for her editing to make this a better story.

I was in my 48th year when my 44 year old wife of 23 years was informed that she had lung cancer. With the prospect of a long battle for her health ahead of us, I made arrangements with my long time business partner to sell my half of our very successful business and devoted my time to being with my wife and helping her get through this problem.

The battle proved to be long and painful. My wife went through chemotherapy, each treatment causing her so much pain she could barely sit up for a day. Eating was iffy for her at best; no matter what I tried to fix for her or how good it smelled and looked, it turned her stomach upside down. About the best thing I could do was hold her until she could go to sleep.

After the course of chemo was finished, there was a period of waiting to see the results. It was discouraging when they proved to have virtually no impact. The doctors put her on radiation. In some ways it was less invasive than the chemo but not much. Wanda suffered terribly, and I suffered for her, unable to do much of anything to ease her pain.

In a little over three years, it was over. Wanda finally told the doctors that she would take no more treatments except for pain killers. For her last days, she lived on morphine and intravenous drips.

The days turned into weeks and finally years after Wanda’s funeral. I didn’t feel like getting up in the morning, let alone doing anything worthwhile. It took a long time before the pain of losing Wanda began to slowly heal. I began taking long walks, both for exercise and to help clear my mind. I spent hours working in the yard, designing and installing a flower garden with walking paths and benches for enjoying the flowers.

By the time the flowers were maturing in late summer, I was beginning to enjoy my evenings sitting in the garden, smelling and looking at the flowers. I was sitting in my garden one evening when I heard a voice.


“Hello,” I responded, guiding the disembodied voice toward the back of the garden.

A few seconds later, a young woman came striding down the walkway toward me, peeking around the flowering bushes to spot me on the bench.

‘Hi. Are you the owner of this house?”

“Yes, I am. What can I do for you?”

The young woman came over and sat on the end of my concrete bench. “I’m Kaley Forst. I wanted to ask you about your house.”

“Yes? I’m Kyle Goodwin. What about my house?”

“Well … I understand that you are now the only one who lives here and I’m desperately in need of a room to rent by the time the college term begins. I was wondering if you had considered renting any of your vacant space.”

“No, I haven’t,” I replied. “Why my house?”

“Well … I don’t know if you are aware but the college enrollment has grown by leaps and bounds the last three years and this year is expected to set a record. Housing, both at the school and in town, has not kept pace. A lot of kids are out walking the streets looking for anyone willing to rent rooms. If I don’t find something, I won’t be able to go to school because my parents live too far away.”

“Ah, yes, I see,” I responded.

“So … is there any chance you’d be willing to rent me a room?”

“Well … I guess maybe I could do that. Why don’t we walk up to the house and talk about it?”

“Okay! I’d love to.”

We walked side by side back toward the house with Kaley oohing and aahing about the brilliant colors of my flowers. I stopped a couple of times to explain what certain ones were and she seemed very interested. I felt my own interest beginning to stir, having a sweet-smelling young lady standing so close that we brushed arms several times. I suppose it didn’t hurt that she was dressed in typical uniform of the young these days – beige tank top, bare midriff, tight black shorts, spotlessly white tennis shoes, and short white socks. Her figure, composed of jutting breasts, modest waist, nicely rounded bottom, and shapely legs, contributed to my growing interest.

I offered my hand to help her up the steps onto the back deck and then led her through the sliding glass doors into the passage between the family room and kitchen. A quick tour led us to the dining room and formal living room and a quick look at the downstairs bathroom. Then I followed her up the stairway, watching her young bottom swirling from side to side with each step. It had been a long time since such emotions had stirred within me but it seemed like I hadn’t forgotten how to get hard looking at a curvy female body.

At the top landing, I quickly stepped in front of Kaley, so she wouldn’t see my erection, and guided her around the four bedrooms. I had made few changes in the master bedroom from the way Wanda had left it and neither had I gaziantep escort bayan numaraları changed the bedroom that she had made into a sewing room. However I knew that I had to change both of those rooms if I was really going to move on. Although the other two rooms were set up with a bedroom suite each, the only use they have ever had was when an occasional relative visited for a few days.

Kaley was very appreciative of the way the rooms were decorated and the cleanliness of the entire house. I explained that I owed much of that to the maid service that came in weekly to clean, ever since Wanda had gotten sick. I just was too lazy to stop their service and I liked the way they kept the house. It didn’t hurt my feelings that she turned to me several times during the tour and put a hand on my arm or shoulder to exclaim about something that caught her fancy.

We went back downstairs where Kaley asked what I would charge to rent her one of the bedrooms. I said I really didn’t know what room rent should be and inquired if she would expect any of her meals to be included. She said she could provide her own groceries if I could let her use the kitchen facilities, which would not be a problem.

The way I figured it, I was paying the mortgage without any problems so any incoming money from rent would be found money, so I quoted a figure as a monthly rate. I thought Kaley was going to have a heart attack. She turned and stared at me with open mouth, her right hand over her heart.

“Mr. Goodwin! You can’t be serious! Rooms like this in houses not nearly this nice are going for three times that much here in town. Don’t you want to raise that somewhat?”

“Hm … no, I don’t think so. I’m not looking to make a lot of money on the deal. You can take it or leave it, I guess.”

She nearly jumped into my arms. As it was, she put her arms around my neck and covered my face with kisses. I felt her big round breasts pressing into my chest and couldn’t help the reaction down below. I even let my hands wander a little to the beginning of the curve of her butt, but at least I refrained from squeezing, even though that’s what I really wanted to do.

When she stepped back and breathlessly thanked me, she asked how much deposit I wanted. Having the good sense to think ahead, I asked if one-third of a month’s rent would be okay and again she looked at me like I was out of my mind. When I confirmed that was my real price, it earned me another tight hug … and more rubbing of those beautiful tits. By then I had a full-blown hard-on and she crushed it against my stomach, so she had to be aware of it but she simply ignored it.

I asked when she would be moving in and she said she’d like to get that done by the middle of the next week so she could be settled in by the time she had to register. I informed her that it would not be a problem. She wrote me a check for the deposit and first month’s rent and I gave her a spare key to the front door. I watched as she walked down the sidewalk, waved at me, and headed up to the thoroughfare to catch a bus.

When I went back into the house and sat for a while, I wondered if I had done the right thing. I really didn’t know very much about Kaley and now I had opened my home to her. She was so much younger than me that I’m sure we wouldn’t have very much in common and people would probably wonder what an old man like me was doing harboring a sweet young thing like her. Oh, well, what th’ hell did I care about what people thought anyway! I went back to working in my garden.

Wednesday afternoon of the following week, I heard a vehicle stop in front of my house and went to take a look. It was a pick-up truck towing a small covered U-Haul trailer so I figured Kaley had arrived. Kaley got out of the right side of the truck while an older version of her climbed out of the driver’s position. I went out to meet them.

Kaley said, “Mr. Goodwin, this is my mother, Mary Ann Forst.” She nudged me and laughed. “You can tell she’s southern because she goes by a double name.”

I extended my hand and took the warm, soft hand of her mom. Mary Ann explained that her husband could not get away from work so she decided to drive Kaley to school.

“Mr. Goodwin?” Kaley asked. “I just found out this morning that two girls from my high school had hoped to come to school here but have been unable to find housing. I was wondering if you would consider renting them the other bedroom.”

I thought about it for a couple of minutes, mostly wondering if I could survive in a house with three energetic … and sexy … teenage girls. I knew I could but I’d probably have to do a lot of thinking about vile smells and stomach-turning sights to keep from embarrassing myself. Then I told Kaley that I’d be willing to try it under the same arrangement I had with her. She produced a cell phone and called someone, I assume one of the girls, and they had a twenty minute talk. From Kaley’s gaziantep escort pornoları expression, it was apparent that the girl was exuberant about the possibilities.

When Kaley hung up, she said that Jackie was ecstatic about the idea and would call Hope, then let us know. If they both accepted, they would try to be there before the end of the week.

We spent the next couple of hours carrying Kaley’s things upstairs to the room she selected. Mary Ann expressed her approval of Kaley’s room in particular and the house in general, but when we finished in early evening and I took her for a walk in my garden, she really loved it.

I offered to fix a meal for the three of us but Mary Ann said that she had to get her husband’s pick-up back to him that night so he would have it for work the following day – it must have been an essential tool in his work. Just before climbing into the cab, she gave me a big hug and asked me to take care of her daughter.

As we were walking back inside, Kaley’s phone rang. It was Jackie reporting that she and Hope would be arriving Friday afternoon sometime and asked that I not rent the room to anyone else. I assured Kaley that I wouldn’t.

Since we were both tired, we fixed sandwiches for dinner and then sat in the family room to watch some TV and relax. However Kaley was anxious to get her room into livable shape so she went upstairs after just a few minutes. I waited until the late news went off and then climbed the stairs to my room. I cleaned up and then retired, feeling a little strange in my own house.

I couldn’t get to sleep right away or I wouldn’t have heard the soft squeak of the door opening nor the whispered, “Mr. Goodwin? Are you still awake?”

“Yes, Kaley. What can I do for you?”

“I guess I was feeling a little lonely, being away from home. Can I snuggle with you for a while?”

Now that was an offer I couldn’t refuse. I held the sheet up and said, “Sure, come on in.”

Just before she climbed into bed, I got a quick glimpse of her form. She was wearing a white T-shirt, cutoff to just barely cover her breasts, and a white pair of bikini panties. Her body was perfectly silhouetted in the soft moonlight from the window. Then the bed was shifting as she climbed in under the covering sheet and didn’t stop until she was laying on my outstretched arm facing me, her body pressed against mine.

Kaley tucked her head under my chin and snaked her top arm over my side until she was pulling us firmly together. Of course my penis began to grow hard from the moment I saw her curvy body and by this time it was standing tall and proud, pushing against her stomach as we hugged.


“Um, hum?”

“You know what you’re doing to me, don’t you?”

She giggled. “Uh, huh.”

“And that’s all right with you?”

“Uh, huh.”

“Okay. Just so you know. I can’t apologize for feeling that way.”

“Good. I would hate for you to feel bad about … liking me.”

“No, I don’t feel bad. I’d just like to … “

“Yes? What would you like to do?”

“Well … maybe I’d better not say.”

“Please! Tell me!” And she squirmed her bottom into my crotch, making it even harder.

“Kaley, I don’t … I don’t know if it is appropriate for an old man like me to talk about what he’d like to do to a young lady like you.”

“Why not, Mr. Goodwin? Aren’t they honest feelings?”

“Well, yes, they are honest feelings. But a sweet young thing like you needs a younger man to … “

“Stop, Mr. Goodwin. If I want a younger man, I’m sure I can find a younger man, don’t you think? Right now I don’t want a younger man, Mr. Goodwin. I want you.”

“You do?” I groaned from the implications. I wondered if I could even do justice to such a pretty, sexy woman after not being with anyone for so long.

“Yes, I do,” she replied softly, as her hand moved around my side, into the waistband of my shorts and found the tip of my throbbing erection.

“Mmm, that feels good,” I said.

“I like the way it’s nice and hard for me,” Kaley whispered.

Without warning, Kaley straddled me and eased herself down until my shaft was engulfed in her hot slick pussy; I didn’t even know when she took off her panties. Holding herself above me, she taunted me with her swinging tits, moving up and down and side to side, causing them to gently smack the side of my face while I tried in vain to capture one in my mouth. Maybe I could have done it if I could have wrested one of my hands from her butt but I was having too much fun squeezing her bottom and stroking a finger over her anus.

When I was finally successful in closing my lips around one of her nipples, she seemed content to let me suck. In fact the way she pressed her globe into me let me think she liked having it vacuumed out.

Not long after that, Kaley began talking non-stop. “Yes, that’s it, honey, suck me. I like to have my titties sucked. gaziantep escort portalı It makes me feel good. I like the feel of your big cock in my pussy too. Fuck me, baby, let me feel your cock in my pussy. Oh, yes, finger my ass, sugar, oh, yesssss, I LIKE that.”

At that point, I slipped the first joint of my middle finger into her anus and, whether it was my cock in her pussy, my finger in her ass, or a combination of the two, she shook with pleasure and began to fuck herself with short strokes.

“Yes, honey, finger my ass, I love your cock in my pussy, fingerfuck my bottom, baby, suck my tits, pleaseeee!” And then she came.

Kaley lay along my torso for a while, occasionally grasping my still erect cock with her pussy, until her hips began to rotate. It was just the hint of movement at first but as her lust grew again, so did the range of her motion, until she was humping me hard and fast. Again she started talking non-stop, talking about everything that felt good to her, which seemed to be everything. She talked right up to the time she tensed up and climaxed again.

This time when she collapsed along my form, I wrapped my arms and legs around her and lurched to the side, turning us over. I lifted her legs to my shoulders and plunged my cock back into her slick depths. For the next few minutes, I drove into her unmercifully until I felt that unique precursor in the pit of my being that signals the arrival of my orgasm. Kaley’s mouth was talking even faster than I could fuck her, telling me how much she loved each and every feeling. With two more hard thrusts, I pulled her hips to me and held us crushed together as my balls began to empty hot sticky cum into her womb. Just as the last of my load was oozing into Kaley, her hips jerked off the mattress, her legs clamped harshly about my ass, and she came again.

Kaley didn’t bother to go back to her room that night – it would have been too much trouble. And neither of us minded. I thought it was magnificent to wake up with a warm, soft, curvy female body cuddled up to me the next morning. She was famished, though, and pulled me to the kitchen to make breakfast, not even bothering to put on clothes.

I didn’t see much of Kaley the rest of that day. After breakfast, she showered, dressed, and went to the university to take care of some business. I spent a good part of my day back in the garden, pulling weeds or sitting on one of the benches enjoying the fragrant air.

Friday afternoon, I was very pleased when an old car pulled into the driveway loaded to the top, including a large rooftop carrier, with the belongings of two girls. Hope and Jackie jumped out of the car and hugged Kaley, who introduced them to me. We took them inside for a tour of the house and they seemed delighted with their arrangements. We all pitched in and helped carry their stuff inside.

I have to say I was impressed with both of the girls. They were both very pretty, Hope a brunette, Jackie a blonde with brown roots. Both of them were dressed in tube tops and short shorts, sneakers and bobby socks. Both of them were built like Kaley, with large breasts, round butts, and shapely legs. Both of them had a tan that showed no lines that I could see. None of the three girls seemed inhibited in the slightest to be around me, or to show a lot of skin, or even to making occasional contact as we worked.

After everything was in, I invited the girls to take a break and offered each a soft drink while we sat in the den and got to know each other. All three of the girls were very outgoing, where I tended to be a little on the quiet side. It was invigorating to be near so much energy and youth.

The girls all went up to bed before me and I followed after watching the news and weather. I took a shower to help me cool off and sleep better and then climbed between the cool sheets of my bed.

I thought Kaley might come back to my bed so I was delighted when I heard the door squeak slightly as it was being opened. However it was Jackie who whispered, “Mr. Goodwin? Are you still awake?”

“Yes,” I replied. “What can I do for you?”

She came striding over to my bed and the glimpse I got of her made it look like she was naked! And she was followed by Hope … and Kaley. Suddenly I was surrounded by naked nubile young women, as they pulled my cover sheet down and climbed into bed with me.

“We just wanted to tell you how grateful we are that you let us stay in your home,” Jackie said.

I almost didn’t catch all of that statement because I was distracted when Hope’s hand captured my flaccid penis and began fondling it. Jackie crawled over me and lowered her sweet mouth to mine, her tongue darting into my mouth to duel with my own. I felt her hefty tits rubbing my shoulders as she squirmed, putting her arms around my neck for leverage.

Someone – I couldn’t see because Hope was blocking my vision – engulfed my cock in a warm mouth and began bobbing slowly up and down my now-erect shaft. I raised an arm to hold Hope, not realizing that she had straddled it; my hand stopped moving at her wet pussy. She sighed into my mouth, then renewed her efforts to touch my tonsils.

Gasping for air, I finally got enough separation from Hope to speak. “Girls, I really appreciate this … but you don’t have to do this. I’m happy to have you living here and it is nice to be able to help you out. You don’t …”

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