Life Drags On

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Maya moaned as Blake grabbed her hips, ramming his thick cock into her sopping wet pussy with almost frenzied abandon. His fingers dug into her soft, heated skin, chest gliding against her back as he leaned over her, whispering filthy yet almost sweet words of desire in her ear. Her fingers curled in the silken sheets under her as her orgasm ripped through her body, sweeping her along in the seemingly endless waves of pleasure.

She whimpered in pleasure, burying her face in the sheets as he exploded inside her, flooding her pulsing pussy with his hot cum. Blake planted his hands on the bed as he leaned over her, grazing her smooth back with his lips, reveling in the feel of her silken hair brushing against his face.

Maya leaned forward, resting her face on the bed as she tried to catch her breath, luxuriating in the feel of her lover’s body pressed against hers, his arms encasing her, making her feel safe, loved, wanted, desired.


“Mistress!” called Emily, a little alarmed as Maya ignored her and continued to stare out the window. Granted the view from the castle tower was a most spectacular one, but it was one that Maya had grown up with.

“Mistress!” called Emily again, a hint of desperation in her voice as she shook the large, green, rough, scaly body in front of her. This was not like Maya, the dragon was usually so alert, so aware of her surroundings, to see her so deep in thought that her handmaiden’s calls couldn’t rouse her was a bit alarming.


“I wish we could stay like this forever,” whispered Maya, entwining her fingers with Blake’s as they lay on the rumpled bedsheets, naked bodies entwined in an intimate embrace. A light sheen of sweat covering them both, making them appear to glow in the soft candlelight.

“I wish that too,” murmured Blake, pulling their entwined fingers to his lips so he could kiss the back of her hand.

Maya smiled at him, her head nestled in the crook of his arm, gently carressing his leg with her own, memorizing the slight bristle of his hair legs contrasting with her long, supple, bare ones. How she’d missed being with him like this. The years missing him had been torturous and she knew that the years to follow would be just as bad. Maybe even more so, since the memories would be fresher.

She took small comfort in the fact that she had until midnight before Blake would have to leave again for another 300 years. Tears threatened to spill as he kissed her hair and whispered to her that he loved her. She whispered the words back to him and smiled at him, hiding her looming tears as he caressed the side of her face.

Gentle fingertips trailed her soft, smooth skin, eyes following fingers, creating a sense of awe at how such a simple act could communicate such heartfelt emotions. His lips claimed hers in a passionate, searing kiss and she arched her back, moaning her pleasure as Blake slid inside her once again, lips claiming hers as he filled her waiting warmth.


“Mistress Maya, please, say something, you’re worrying me,” pleaded Emily, poking Maya with the handle of the brush that she used to polish the dragon’s scales every morning. The only thing keeping her from full on panicking was the fact that Maya was still breathing and had just sighed. .. .maybe a little wistfully?

This was not the day for the dragon to not be her usual self, last night Maya had informed her that they would be visited by Gladerona and Emily needed to know what preparations needed to be made. If she was honest with herself, Gladerona scared Emily a little bit.

Some said Gladerona was a witch, others said she was just misunderstood, but Emily knew for a fact that she was a witch. She was the one who’d cast a spell on the house to make everything fireproof for when Maya was in a rage. A firebreathing dragon on a rampage was a real firehazard and Emily had to admit, it was a relief not to have to keep replacing the wooden furniture.


Maya hugged Blake tight, their parting words barely audible as the wind whipped through her hair, ruffling her skirts and almost blowing her thin wrap away. His strong arms encased her, clinging to her almost as fiercely as she was clinging to him.

The air behind him began to shimmer, looking to the rest of the world like merely a trick of the moonlight, but both Maya and Blake knew what it was. It was ‘them’, reaching through the fabric of space and time to yank Blake out of his love’s embrace and back to the realm he belonged to. The realm he’d been banished too when the powers-that-be decided that their love was too volatile to be contained by one realm and had to be split between two.

They gazed at each other, each unwilling to say the final farewell, hearts heavy with the knowledge that it would be another 300 horribly long years before they saw each other again. Maya reached up and cupped his face, fingertips lingering over every single feature of his face, trying Maltepe Escort to memorize every last detail.

His lips met hers for a final kiss that was cut short all too soon as Blake was yanked backwards by an invisible force. The moment they were no longer touching, both reverted back to their true forms. Blake smiled at Maya as he was pulled through the wall between realms. A toothy smile that spread over his green, glistening face. It was a sad yet resolute smile that silently told her he would keep trying to find a way to overcome the seemingly endless hurdles that promised to keep them apart.

She held out an arm, talons extended, barely grazing his as he disappeared. The tears that had threatened to spill earlier tumbled down her face in full force. It was horribly unfair, just because it was unusual for more than one dragon to exist at a time, didn’t mean that the powers that be should be able to wreck such havoc with her love life. Her tears spilled to the ground with a loud plopping sound, hot steam rose from the grass where they fell.


“Mother fucking ass, shit, hell, bloody, fucking balls!” exclaimed Emily, grabbing her foot, face twisted in a painful grimace as she hopped up and down, letting loose a barrage of curses.

“Such language is not befitting such a pretty handmaiden,” came a strong, haughty voice from the doorway.

“Crazy ass dragon bitch burnt my fucking foot. Again!” Yelled Emily, without turning. She didn’t need to, she’d recognize that voice anywhere. It was Gladerona. The witch was here, her Mistress was zoned out, there was no tea in the pot and Maya’s scales were still unpolished. To the meticulous maid, it was the definition of a full scale catastrophe.

“What’s going on?” asked Maya, broken out of her reverie by all the yelling.

“Seems you accidentally burnt Missy Miss Sensitive over here,” said Gladerona, strolling into the room, her long, frayed skirts rustling about her legs as she walked over to Emily, rummaging through her bag.

“I’m sorry Emily, I didn’t mean it,” said Maya, quickly wiping away her tears, doing her best not to burst out laughing at the expression on her handmaid’s face.

“Don’t worry, I’ll fix it,” said Gladerona, dumping the contents of her bag on the floor.

“What are you looking for?” asked Maya, using a talon to help Gladerona spread out the contents of her bag.

“It’s a special type of cream. .. ” began Gladerona.

“Is this it?” asked Maya, grabbing a small transparent blue jar that seemed to be filled with some sort of cream.

“No, that’s giant semen, don’t drop it, that stuff’s hard to come by,” replied the witch.

“Okay, ew,” said Maya slowly as she gingerly put the jar down.

“It’s quite delicious, makes for an excellent frosting base,” said Gladerona, grinning as she spotted the small purple jar she was looking for.

“Please tell me that’s not some kind of semen,” asked Emily, even as she held out her foot for the witch to soothe it.

“Don’t worry,” said Gladerona, smoothing the thick, creamy substance all over Emily’s foot, “it’s not more giant semen.”

“What is it then?” asked Maya, picking up the jar to sniff at it as Gladerona briskly rubbed Emily’s foot, till the angry red skin calmed down.

“Dwarf semen,” replied the witch, bursting into a cackly laugh at the look that crossed Emily’s face. It was a mix of sheer disgust and relief from the pain.

“So what was the big news?” asked Maya, interrupting before Emily could simultaneously thank the witch and berate her for the grossness of her remedies.

“My source on the council tells me that something big is about to happen in Blake’s realm, something that may affect our realm too,” said Gladerona, stuffing her assorted jars and containers back into her bag.

“What is it?” asked Maya almost in a panic. “Is he alright? Are they going to separate us for even longer? What’s going to happen?”

“I don’t know what it is, my contact had to leave before he could tell me, it’s something big though, and it’s supposed to happen tonight,” explained Gladerona. “He said that you should try to get to the wall before the moon rises.”

“How do we know this isn’t another of their tricks? The last time they tipped us off about being somewhere, Blake got banished to that godforsaken realm,” mused Maya.

“This contact is different, I trust him with my life,” replied Gladerona, shouldering her bag and pushing on the dragon, trying to get her towards the door.

“Fine,” sighed Maya as she got up and turned towards the door, lowering her tail so that the witch could climb on her back.

“Mistress, are you sure about this?” asked Emily as Maya extended her tail towards her so that she could climb up as well. The determined look in the dragon’s eyes told her all she needed to know. If it involved Blake, Maya would definitely be going and nothing Emily could Kartal Escort say would stop her. She climbed up on the dragon’s back, sitting as far away from the witch as she could without risking a fall.


Blake groaned, head tipped back into a large pillow, fists clenched in the silken sheets under him as Maya’s hot mouth worked his cock. Long, dark hair covered his thighs, brushing and sliding over his skin, adding an extra layer to the pleasure coursing through his body.

She moaned as she heard his breathing quicken and felt the muscles in his thighs growing tighter. She knew he was on the verge of cumming and sucked harder and faster, gazing at his face, wanting to see that exquisite look of pleasure that she knew would cross it when he came.

“No,” gasped Blake, reaching down and grabbing her, slowly guiding her mouth off his cock.

“What’s wrong?” asked Maya, gazing at him in slight disappointment.

“I want to be inside you when it happens,” he explained, reaching up to caress the side of her face, smiling as her disappointment vanished. She slid up to straddle his lap, moaning with sheer joy as he guided his pulsating cock into her drenched pussy.

Blake slide his arms around her as he sat up, to kiss her, reveling in the hitch in her breath as the sudden angle change sent a jolt of new pleasure shooting through her. He slid his arms down her back, moving slowly to memorize the smooth, mesmerizing slope and how it undulated under his hand as she rode him.


“Tomorrow, Ajaw,” said the elderly Mayan Priest as he shook Blake out of his reverie.

“Huh?” asked Blake, shaken out of his reverie as the priest smeared green paste on the trees in front of him.

“I said tomorrow it will happen, Ajaw,” repeated the priest, rolling his eyes at the Dragon’s glazed expression. It happened all too often. He knew what it was; the dragon was lost in thoughts of her again. The woman for whom his tribe was named. The one who was of the same species as his oldest friend, cursed to be a winged beast for all eternity, except for the treasured moments when she was with her beloved.

“I’ve already told you that you don’t need to call me that,” protested Blake, he was never comfortable with the priest constantly addressing him by the Mayan word for ‘lord.’

“You saved me and my family more times than I can count, you helped my people when they needed it most, you protect us while asking nothing in return other than aid to reunite you with your love, you are by definition, the kindest Ajaw we have ever known,” said the priest in a matter-of-factly voice. His priestly garments from ancient times were draped over his jeans and plaid shirt. Green paste was smeared on his face and limbs, making the unusual ensemble look even more odd.

“You. .. I. .. I’m not all that great,” protested Blake, blushing as red as his green scales would allow, making him a dark, muddy shade of reddish-green.

“It’s one hour till moonrise and then it shall be midnight,” said the elderly Mayan, gazing up at the sky, ignoring the dragon’s protests. “Then the. .. ”

“Yes, yes, it will be midnight on the twenty-first day of the twelfth month in the year twenty twelve and the walls that separate our realms will crumble and I will finally be reunited with Maya and the powers that be will be ironically powerless to keep us apart,” finished Blake, reciting and paraphrasing the prophecy that he’d been hearing for the past 10 years.

“I would expect you to be more jovial considering it’s been one hundred and fifty years since you last saw her,” admonished the priest.

“I am beyond ecstatic, but I don’t want to get my hopes up, what if it doesn’t work?” asked Blake, a hint of insecurity tingeing his voice.

“It will work, just make sure you’re at the gateway at midnight,” instructed the priest in a reassuring voice before disappearing into the trees.


“What the hell is going on?” asked Emily as she clung to Maya’s back, watching the throngs of magical creatures crowding the small, seemingly insignificant space. The crowd was so big that they could barely get within 2 miles of the narrow space where the wall between realms existed.

“The wall is crumbling,” chirped an excited voice from overhead.

“What?” asked Maya, convinced that her ears were playing tricks on her.

“The wall is crumbling and we’ll be able to cross over to the forbidden realm,” explained the excited fairy hovering overhead. She was practically vibrating with excitement and zooming about in circles, covering the dragon’s head with her glittery fairy dust.


“John get the garbage, John get the dishes, John my head’s stuck up my ass and I can’t pull it out,” muttered John in an annoyed voice as he stomped out of his house and down the driveway to put out the trash. His wife drove him crazy with her incessant, never-ending nagging. It was Pendik Escort fucking midnight and he just HAD to put out the garbage otherwise she wouldn’t be able to sleep.

“Fucking do it yourself next time,” he mumbled under his breath, slamming the lid down on the can. Suddenly a large shadow passed overhead and he furrowed his brow in confusion as he looked up to see what it was. No way could that have been a bat.

“Holy fucking shit!” he exclaimed in terror as a large harpy circled the lamp post outside his house before settling on the lamp and trying to pluck out the bulb. Three tiny shimmering beings flew over to the winged creature and started trying to pry it off the lamp post.

“Get out of the way, momma’s got a honey pot with her name on it!” said a voice behind John. The scream that escaped John was one that would haunt him for the rest of his life, it was the most high-pitched, girliest sound that he’d ever made in his life. And that included the time he thought he was sliding off the roller coaster.

“What, you ain’t never seen a unicorn before?” demanded the horned creature, gazing at him with one fuzzy eyebrow raised questioningly. John backed away slowly before breaking into a full run towards his house.

“John what’s wrong?” asked his wife from the couch as he ran past her and straight to their bedroom where he proceeded to barricade the door and call animal control.

“Crazy old fool,” she muttered to herself.


Blake sat perched in a tree watching as a stampede of magical creatures poured through the opening where the wall had once been. They scattered in all directions, each with their own agenda. Some, like him, had lovers banished to this realm. Others had scores to settle with sworn enemies. Some simply wanted to explore the forbidden realm and find out why it was so forbidden.

Unicorns, gnomes, harpies, the odd giant or two, pixies, sprites, all trickled through, but he only had eyes for one being. He knew he wouldn’t miss her when she came through the newly demolished wall. Dragons were sort of hard to miss, yet he stood vigilant, not wanting to miss that magical moment when he finally got to lay eyes on her again.

A flash of green caught his eye and his would have sworn that his heart stopped for a second. His heart sank as he realized it was only a giant covered in some sort of green goop. Suddenly panic broke out near the wall and he heard sounds of pandemonium.

“What’s going on?” he asked a running gnome as it passed him.

“The powers-that-be have realized what’s happening, they’re conjuring another wall!” came the reply as another wave of creatures swarmed through the wall. To his dismay, Maya was not among them. It had taken the Mayans thousands of years to figure out how to dissolve the wall that separated them, if she didn’t come through now, it might be another several thousand before he managed to find another way.

Their tri-century visits might even be disallowed now that they’d made the higher-ups angry. Blake flew down to the wall, wishing with all his might that he could cross through, but the Mayans had only managed to make it one way, meaning Maya could cross through, but no one from his realm could cross over to hers.

Panic welled inside him, threatening to bubble over and consume him as the edges of the wall began to solidify. There were still all manner of creatures coming through, but there was no sign of Maya and the wall would be completely closed in a few seconds.

“Hurry Maya!” he thought to himself, despair gripping at him as he realized that he had no way of knowing if she was even trying to get through or if she knew that he was waiting for her. For all he knew, she might be in the castle completely unaware of what was happening tonight, after all, dragons weren’t known for being social butterflies.

The wall was starting to thicken, and only smaller creatures were coming through. There was no way Maya would be able to fit through the wall in her dragon form. Tears filled his eyes as he realized that despite his words to the Mayan priest, he’d allowed himself to believe that he would be able to see her sooner than planned. The bitter sting of disappointment flowed through him, making his heart heavy.

“Stick your claw out you green idiot!” called a voice that he never thought he would be so happy to hear. It was Gladerona, the kooky old witch that was sort of friends with Maya, there was no way she would be here without the dragon. The old witch was waving at him from a few feet away, pointing at the wall. Without a second thought, he stuck out his scaly arm, getting it as close to the rapidly closing wall as he could.

Suddenly, a large green hand grasped his and he felt himself revert to his human form, that could only mean one thing, the hand grasping his tightly was Maya’s. The hand in his grasp reverted to human form and his heart skipped a beat as he flashed back to that hand carressing his face, sliding through his hair, trailing down his back, grasping his shoulders. He pulled as hard as he could and yanked her lithe body through the wall right before it sealed up behind her, shutting the gateway to the other realm.

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