Life Isn’t All Singing Ch. 02

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(Dedicated to my loving husband who continues to encourage and push me into writing)

Jade was visibly upset even though she didn’t consider Dannie as a friend. She was even worried that, somehow, Michael might have this her murder charged to him. They just sat in silence holding each other. The thread of fear had woven itself all through their hearts.

“Let’s have something to eat,” Michael said finally.

“I don’t know if I can eat anything. I just feel so numb. I had warned her to be careful with you because she could get into trouble and then you could lose your job. I had no idea that anyone was planning something like this.”

“Ok, let’s just sit here in front of the fire and hold each other for a while.”

Soon, with the roaring of the fire and the quiet in the room, both Jade and Michael slipped off to sleep. Their sleep was interrupted with nightmares of Dannie and they both jumped and woke themselves up.

“Whew! I’m even afraid to go to sleep now. I was dreaming about Dannie and her floating in the lake,” Jade said.

“So was I……….wow! I wonder if the school will ever weather this storm.”

Michael looked down at Jade and kissed her lips. She couldn’t help but respond to those soft lips and soon, she was feeling that warmth of love starting to spread from her toes up. “Mmmmmmm, I could use a lot of that,” Jade said.

“Oh, yes, me, too. Would you like to go where it’s more comfortable?”

“Yes, more than anything………… but……….. I better go and see what my roommate is up to. I don’t want anything, especially right now, to link us together. If you (were to) lost your job, I just couldn’t handle it.”

“I appreciate the thought but I’d sure like you to stay.”

“Me, too, but I’d better not.”

Jade gathered up her things and made her way back to her dorm. The police were still swarming around looking for anything or anyone who might have a clue as to what happened to Dannie. Jade picked her way past them and went to her room and lay across her bed and dozed off. It was good to be where it was quiet and not close to the spotlight.


They weren’t through with Michael just yet and called him back in several times for more questions. His stress level was now at the highest and he wished that he had some tranquilizers to take the edge off his nerves. He and Jade decided to cool their relationship until all of the trouble had blown over. When they looked at each other, you could see the love and lust in their eyes. Since Michael had made love to her for the first time, it had only whetted her appetite for more. It was killing her to be apart from him for very long.


After weeks of investigation the police found a nude picture of Dannie on the internet. Further investigation revealed who had put it up for display – Eddie Johnson. This was a really smart – but “not so popular” – guy who was considered a loner. He spent most of his time in front of the computer. He made straight A’s but made no friends. He was not very attractive and his personality left much to be desired. He was very cynical in his attitude and most of his classmates just left him alone because that was the way he seemed to like it.

The police confiscated his computer and when they searched his room, they found pictures and pictures of Dannie – some dressed and some nude – some covering the wall and as well as those in the computer. It appeared that he was very good with his camera and had taken many pictures that she was unaware of. When they questioned him about them, he would only say that he was practicing with his new camera.

After more investigation, they found that he had been stalking Dannie for months – watching her and taking pictures. Some of the guys who had been out at night actually saw him sitting in a tree with his camera. When they started to tease him about it, he became belligerent and told them that he’d “show them” because Dannie had a date with him on Saturday night. That statement only made them more curious so they planned to “tail” him and see if he were telling the truth.

Saturday night came and the guys were all dressed in black and went to Eddie’s dorm and waited. Sure enough, he left his room that night but didn’t go to meet Dannie. He was stalking her once again. When Dannie came out with her date, Eddie was hiding in the bushes like a snake. The guys decided that they had better not approach him because of how mad he got the other day. They would just keep this information for future reference. It just so happened that this was exactly the kind of information that the police needed.

Eddie was picked up, fingerprinted and photographed. He was detained for a day and a half being questioned. After the grueling time “under the spotlight” of the officers grim faces, he broke down and cried. He sobbed and through his tears, he admitted that he had killed Dannie. He had tried and tried to date her but he was the one boy that she rejected. His statement was taken and he signed it still sobbing making the paper wet with Sinop Escort his tears.

The officers booked him and placed him in a cell all alone under constant watch – for his own protection. They were afraid that he might commit suicide because he was so distraught.

How right they were! When the guard turned his back to get his lunch, Eddie strung up his sheet that he had prepared and hanged himself from the ceiling. When the guard returned, he rushed to take him down and give him CPR – but it was too late. Eddie was gone in a most gruesome way – similar to what he had done to Dannie.


The school slowly got back to its normal routine – well, as normal as possible. The students were still feeling the effects of the fear that had taken hold of them. Classes resumed and there were psychologists on hand to talk to anyone who wanted to vent their fears and frustrations.

Little by little, regular routines were reestablished including Jade’s sessions with Michael. The school year was drawing to a close and the seniors were getting prepared for their graduations – Jade, too.

Their tests were completed and everyone was waiting for their final grades. Of course, Jade was in the top 10% of her class and she and Michael couldn’t be prouder. Now, she had to start deciding what to do with the rest of her life. She knew that she wanted to spend it with Michael but what about work? If she took a job out of state, what would he do? Questions, questions, questions.

Once the graduation was over, Michael swept her away to a lovely chalet in the mountains. It was on the top and the view was spectacular. Up there, the air was so cool and crisp they could have a fire every night in the fireplace. It was the most romantic place she had ever been – second only to the first night she made love with Michael.

He found a small restaurant (the “mom and pop” type) and took her there for dinner on the first night. It was packed with people because the food was so good. After they had ordered their meals, Michael pulled out a small box, went down on one knee and handed it to Jade. Her eyes were large and tears were beginning to form. Everyone in the restaurant stopped eating and talking to see what was happening.

“Jade, I have loved you from the first moment I met you. I have never found anyone who I would consider my soul mate until you came along. I cannot think of living the rest of my life without the “other half of me” because you make me whole. I would be most honored if you’ll be my wife.” She held out her hand and he put the ring on her finger.

Jade had begun to cry when he showed her the box but after that, tears were streaming down her face.

“Oh, yes, My Love,” she was finally able to reply through her sniffing and fell into his arms.

Everyone in the whole restaurant stood and applauded as the couple lost themselves in their kiss. Sheepishly, they looked around with red faces and laughed and the owner brought them a bottle of champagne. One by one, as patrons left, they stopped by their table to wish them the best.

Jade was so excited that she could only sit and stare at the lovely ring on her finger. Eating was out of the question as she, now, had no appetite. Michael just sat watching her with the biggest smile on his face because he, too, was very excited and in love. Leaving the restaurant, they walked out arm in arm and the remaining people gave them another round of applause.


They didn’t drive back to the chalet, they floated. After they got out of the car, he swept her into his arms and carried her over the threshold and straight to the bedroom. They were still giddy from the champagne and the atmosphere of the evening. They were laughing and Michael started tickling Jade – so they ended up wrestling around on the bed.

Finally, Michael stopped and just looked at his fiancée. He brushed her hair back from her eyes and just tried to memorize her face. He gently traced her face with his fingers and then cupped her chin and tenderly kissed her. Jade wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer and he fell off to the side. She lifted one leg over him as they tried to get as close as possible. They separated and slowly took their clothes off – watching each other’s movements – and taking in the sight of their bodies.

Michael wanted to kiss her entire body so he started with her face, her neck and down between her breasts. He wanted to bury his face between those soft, globes of Heaven and die there. He loved her skin and hers was just the softest and smoothest he had ever felt. Michael kissed each breast and easily took a nipple in his mouth. Jade felt like a lightning bolt had gone straight to her clit.

Because of their earlier antics, she was already wired and when he nibbled on her breast, she was burning with sexual fever. He teased both her nipples until they were rock hard and even though she lifted her hips for his attention a little lower down, he continued to tantalize her. Jade was whimpering Sinop Escort Bayan because she was in distress and needed him.

Kissing lower down, he played in her hair with his fingers before sliding one down to the bottom of her pussy. Michael ran his finger back up the entire length and it was covered in her juices that were now flowing. He put his finger in his mouth so that he could taste her. Just seeing him do that made her moan for wanting him. He kissed her pussy, then licked the lips open and curled his tongue so that he could get more of her juices. He felt as if he could crawl up inside of her and die.

“Please……… please make love to me. I need you inside of me………,” Jade said through shallow breaths.

“My Love, we have all night and then the rest of our lives………. we don’t need to hurry.”

“Yes,………. yes, we do………. please……. make…… me……. cum…..”

“All in good time, my Dear…………..”


Michael inserted his finger inside just as far as he could at the same time that he sucked on her clit and she was lost. She felt as if the top of her head was going to explode with the power of her climax. Jade was moving around so much, he had to hold her legs while he sucked. She begged him to stop because she was getting sensitive but he held her tightly and sucked and another climax rolled over her. Jade collapsed on the bed and Michael released her. His face was covered in her juices.

Sliding up next to her, Michael kissed her deeply and she again she tasted the sweetness of herself just adding to the sensuality of the moment. Jade reached out to touch him and he lay back so that she could have full access. She really didn’t know how to do this – but she was going to give it one heck of a try.

She examined his precious parts one at a time and put her face in his balls to smell his manly aroma. Jade tried to remember what she had read and lifted his balls and kissed right underneath and then traced with her tongue up through the middle. She took one in her mouth and hummed and then the other one. He had not had that done before and it was causing some great titillations. Michael was having a difficult time himself as she continued to torture him.

Licking up underneath his cock, she found that little sensitive “V” and lapped it making him jump. Jade licked around the head and then sucked it in and out of her mouth while holding the shaft with her hand. Now, was the difficult part – she let his cock slide into her mouth. Concentrating on not gagging, she let it slip down her throat and he couldn’t hold back any longer. His hips lifted off the bed and he exploded in her mouth over and over again. Jade tightened her lips around his cock so that she would not lose even one drop. He couldn’t believe how powerful his orgasm was and collapsed on the bed. For someone who didn’t know what she was doing, she had learned awfully fast and she thought he tasted divinely.

Together, they fell into a deep sleep – the excitement of the evening and now, the excitement of their lovemaking had taken their strength for the time being.


In the dark of the bedroom the next morning, Jade woke to a large hand rubbing her body. “Mmmmmmmmmmmm,” is all she could say. It felt wonderful and she turned over so that he could rub her entire back. The exercises of the night had made her feel kind of stiff so this was like getting a massage. She was so relaxed and Michael moved closer to her. When she felt his hard cock pressing against her butt, she lifted her leg over his and he found that he could slide right in. He held her hip and started a perfect rhythm.

“Mmmmmmmm , what a way to wake up!” Jade managed to say feeling her body answering Michael’s. His thrusting was in the right place to hit her “G” spot so she was hardly able to speak. He wasn’t wasting any time this morning, so his strokes became deeper and faster and Jade’s body responded first and she came all over his cock. Feeling her pussy milking his cock, he came with a mighty orgasm and filled her body not once but several times with his hot cum.

Jade loved the feeling of her body being filled to overflowing with Michael’s cum and then leaking out. She reached down and dipped her fingers into their combined juices and licked them clean. Seeing her do this, brought his cock to full attention. He had never seen a woman do that before.

He pulled her to him tightly, kissed her and held her as they slipped off to sleep again.


When Michael returned to the university, he told the Dean that he had asked Jade to marry him and asked if he would be the best man.

“Well, I’d be honored, Michael. When did all of this take place? I’m sure that you have not fallen in love with that beautiful girl just now.”

“I have to admit that we have had an affair for some time but we were trying to be discreet.”

“You certainly were discreet since I have not even heard a rumor. You sneaky dog, you!”

“We Escort Sinop haven’t decided on a date yet because she hasn’t made up her mind what she wants to do now that she’s graduated.”

“I hope that you’ll stay here because I sure would hate to lose you.”

“That’s my hope, too. We’ll just have to see. Now, I need to go and get her for dinner.”

“Let me know your decision so that I can start interviewing if you decide to leave.”

“Absolutely. You’ll be the first to know anything.”

Michael drove to Jade’s dorm and she was waiting for him outside. When he stopped, she ran to get into the car. They felt free to kiss in public now so he pulled her to him and gave her a gentle kiss that made her pussy tingle.

“O.K., now, where are we going tonight?” Jade asked.

“Well, what do you feel like – Italian or Chinese?”

“I’d like to cook for you since you cooked for me the first time.”

“Wow! A home-cooked meal. I cannot think of anything better – except you!”

They went to the grocery store and purchased the things that she needed for their dinner and headed back to his house. While she was preparing the meal, Michael thought he better start asking some questions about their future.

“Uh, Jade, have you made any decisions about what you want to do now that you have graduated – except marry me, of course?”

“I have given this a lot of thought and I would like for us to settle down here and see if maybe the next time we make love, we could make a baby. After the baby is a little older, I’d like to think about a part-time job so that I could still have time to pick him/her up from school and make a little money on my own, too. What do you think?”

“Do you really mean it? I was wondering if I’d have to quit my job.”

“I know that you have tenure here so it would not be very smart to pick up and leave when we could have a life here – and you would not lose any of your benefits.”

“What a relief! I always hated interviewing for a job and I do have benefits here that are only going to get better.”

“Of course, you cannot get ‘too close’ to your pretty teenage students like you did me, you know.”

“Now, that’s going to be the difficult part!” Michael said as Jade hit him with the dishcloth.

“Just kidding! You know that no one could take your place in my heart, my lovely Jade,” he added as he pulled her into his arms and tenderly kissed her.

“Are you sure that you want to eat – food?” Jade asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“Oh, yes, I am famished!”

“Oh, well, I guess we better eat so that we can keep our strength up.”

Dinner was quiet with them communicating only with their eyes. Michael was surprised that anyone as lovely as she was even knew her way around the kitchen much less could cook so well. The food was great but the company was even better.

After dinner, they snuggled up in the den in front of the fireplace and the conversation turned to their wedding.

Jade started, “I’d like for us to have the ceremony in the university’s chapel. What do you think?”

“I think that’s just about perfect. I have asked John White to be my best man. What do you think about that?”

“Wow! The Dean of the university in our wedding – it sounds great!” Jade sounded like a giddy teenager in her excitement.

“Well, we have been friends for a while and the ‘Dannie thing’ simply brought us closer.”

“I’d like my best friend to be my maid of honor and I really don’t need 9 or 10 attendants. I’d like it to be a small wedding – not a circus.”

“My kind of girl!” Michael said with a smile.

Jade’s parents had long since passed away so she didn’t have much family to speak of and Michael’s parents were also gone. The only family that they felt they had were their friends at the university. They were both well liked even though Jade wasn’t in the ‘in crowd’ as she put it. They set to writing the names of the ones that they’d like to invite and the list just became longer and longer.

When they were through and compared their lists, they were laughing because they wanted a small wedding and now, the list had blossomed to approximately 400 people. They decided on the wedding cake, flowers and candles and all the accessories and who they wanted to sing and play the organ. With these decisions made, they were feeling more confident but the cost was also beginning to ‘blossom’. They even talked about running off and eloping to save their money. They poo poo’d that idea since they had so many friends with whom they wanted to share their special day.

The chapel was booked for Valentine’s day and Jade had bought her gown so everything was set and the excitement was rising and rising. Sometimes Jade would sit quietly alone and look at her beautiful engagement ring and the realization that she was getting married would overwhelm her. To say that she was excited was a huge understatement. She could hardly speak when the wedding was discussed.

Jade had moved in with Michael so they were setting up their home. He had allowed her to decorate with her things to make sure that she felt that it was her home as well as his. Michael loved the way that she was “girlying” up the house and thought that it never looked better. That’s what it needed all the time – a feminine touch.

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