Life With Miss Ida Ch. 02

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When I woke the next day, Saturday – late as it was due to the long evening earlier – I started playing everything over in my mind again and kept coming up with the same result – there was nothing that suggested to me that Ida would not welcome Georgia into this relationship – she never once turned me off, nor seemed turned off by how I was dressed. She didn’t come up with excuses like, “how do we fit this in with friends?” Or, “there could be complications” etc., etc., it all felt rather positive I had to admit.

I started my day with a nice bath and made sure I was completely hair-free and that my skin was as smooth as it could be – lotion really is a ‘girl’s’ best friend you know. I took in some exercise and made sure that the day’s diet didn’t affect my figure in any negative way – it has become a daily routine to include exercise and a stable diet to keep my figure as lithe and trim as possible.

I knew Ida was going to want to see everything that made Georgia and who I was totally, so I made sure to get everything out of hiding and let her see as much of who I was as possible. I admit to being just a little excited thinking that she might just want to see me model a few things – little tingles emanated from within my panties and pantyhose as I got things ready. I had told my flatmate all that had happened the nite before and asked if she would mind being out for a good while as I really did want it to be just about Ida and I and she was more than accommodating, but added that she wanted to know all the naughty details the next day.

It was getting to be mid-afternoon and I’d already done the shopping for a nice meal, there was wine at home so that was sorted and I was beginning to wonder how Ida saw this night unfolding – should I greet her completely enfemme or wait until she arrived and let the night take us where it flowed. I decide to call her and talk about it to see what she expected. “Hi honey!” she said, “Glad you called, in fact I was just about to call you…I’ve been thinking about tonight. Why don’t we do a full-on dress-up, candlelight dinner thing? I have this new cocktail dress I’ve been dying to wear and the right occasion really hasn’t come up and, after last night’s revelations I thought, what better time to wear it than a night out with Georgia. What do you think?”

“You want me to go out with you dressed as Georgia?!!?” I asked rather taken aback.

“No silly,” she laughed, “As Georgia, at home at your place.” I really want to see how you do when presented with the opportunity. If I know you, I bet you can pull it off to a certain degree. It’ll be like two girl friends on a dinner date. What do you say? Are you up for it?” She added.

“Up for it?” I thought…who does she think she’s talking to?!? Of course I wanted to do this. So rather than appear too excited about it all, I said, “I won’t disappoint you – see you at 6, and don’t be late – you know how a ‘woman’ hates to be kept waiting.” I added.

Ida chuckled and then whispered, “See you tonight Georgia!”

The rest of the afternoon virtually flew by as I started going thru my things trying to decide what to wear. If I know Ida, her cocktail dress would be red – her Italian, olive skin looks so sexy against red and she knows it too. So I decided I would go for a basic black. I have a lovely black, jersey dress that is very demure in that the sleeves are to mid-forearm with little fold-back, white cuffs on them. The neckline is a v-line which has a shirt-style collar, also in white. It’s fitted to the waist and then hangs in a very loose, lightly pleated A-line to about mid-thigh. It is perfect for a classy, but not too ostentatious evening as this would be. Plus the feel of the material to the touch is very soft and very feminine.

To the dress I added a pair of black suede sling-backs, with a 3″ heel, the toe slightly rounded but still pointy. Normally I like to wear control-top pantyhose when I’m enfemme as I love the controlling sensation of being held in all that lycra and nylon, but tonight I chose a very sheer-to-waist pair of Kolotex Voodoos, in midnight black. After slipping them on and tucking everything away, I slipped into my black Spanx bodysuit with the snap-crotch, to which I added a pair of breast forms – these have to be the best product on the market for allowing a girl the figure she deserves – expensive, but boy, do they feel good on! I took my curling wand and made sure my hair had just the right amount of curl and wave (I have always kept my hair long, ever since I had these inklings that something was different about me than others and I’m so glad I made that decision –to date I enjoy shoulder length hair that has a lovely natural wave to it – no ugly wigs). Using a curling iron I usually manage to get a really nice amount of ‘bounce’ in my hair. After making sure my make-up was not too overstated, I slipped into my dress and slipped on my heels.

I Ataşehir Yabancı Escort took a moment to do a little twirl in front of the mirror and then stood there for a moment trying to come to grips with how the evening was going to pan out. I always believe I look passable – but unless someone actually tells you, especially a woman, no matter how long a CD has been dressing or attempting to pass as a female, they always think that someone would see right through them. Tonight would be that telling moment with Ida as to how believable I can actually be. I knew deep down that if she really does love me, I won’t have to do much convincing but one always looks for encouragement and acceptance – especially when it involves something removed from reality or normalcy as we expect it to be. My heart was pounding so hard and fast I thought I was going to pass out, but I steadied my nerves and headed to the kitchen – I needed a drink!

After a glass of champagne and some relaxation with my favourite jazz music, I was feeling a little better, until the knock on the door. Ida has a key and I just assumed she would let herself in – the fact that someone knocked had me thinking one of my family or a friend had dropped round.

I nearly panicked, but managed to tip-toe to the door and looking through the security peephole spotted Ida waiting patiently for me to open the door. I steeled my nerves and opening the door, offered, “Good evening my dear, please come in.”

Ida just stood there, staring…the moments ticked by and it felt like forever, plus I felt a little exposed standing in the doorway of my apartment, mere inches away from a rather busy corridor to other apartments. After what seemed like an eternity, she finally entered – at least she was smiling – but I couldn’t tell yet whether it was a smile of like or a smile of mirth at what I looked like. Ida is only short as I mentioned earlier – about five two – and in her heels tonite she added at least 4″ to that, which was nice however, my heels put me at over six foot and I must have looked like an amazon standing there, feeling as though I was towering over her. I closed the door and took her coat – I was right, she was in a lovely red dress – very fitted to her petite figure – it was sleeveless but with a halter-style that ended up as a choker-style of neckline which buttoned up at the back. Like mine, her dress was to mid-thigh and hung very softly around her thighs in a slight A-line. Her legs were encased in very sexy, slightly shiny, dark-tan pantyhose and her feet nestled snugly in cum-fuck-me red pumps. She had pulled her hair back up in a lovely bun and was complete in pearls – necklace and earrings.

But what was killing me was the simple fact that she had still not spoken however, her eyes never once left me or my outfit. She grabbed my hand and led me into the middle of the lounge-room.

She sat down and said, “Would you mind getting me a drink please?”

And, being slightly confused, I headed off to get her a glass of champagne. As I left the room, I could feel her eyes on me, taking it all in and wondering just what the hell she was thinking.

When I got back, I went to sit beside her and she said, “No. Stand there for a moment please.”

Which I did – then she said, “Turn around, on the spot, slowly.”

Once again, I did as asked making sure to be as slow as possible. All the time thinking, “Well she hasn’t screamed and made for the hills, or offered any derogatory comments, so it must be okay so far,” then Ida interrupted my thoughts and said, “That’s enough Georgia, thank you. Sit here beside me will you?”

I did as asked and demurely brushed my hem under my legs as I sat down waiting for her to speak next. The femme part of me wanted to shout out, “SO?? What do you think?!?” But I knew better than to interrupt her when she was like this – I’ve seen it before and you do not interrupt an Italian woman when they are making a decision that will have far-reaching effects, especially when it comes to relationships. They can be quite fiery.

Ida took another sip of champagne, put down her glass and positioned herself to face me. She took one of my hands in hers and said, “Georgia, I’ll be honest and say that I was expecting no more than a ‘guy in a dress’. I know you well enough to know that you like fashion and that you dress impeccably as a man. I also know that your attention to detail is very finite – that’s evident in your graphic artwork and sketches that you do – but I had no idea that you could pull of presenting yourself as a woman as amazingly as you have!”

I don’t think I really heard everything Ida was saying as clearly as I should have been, all I remember is feeling the tears well up in my eyes and my heart beating so loud and hard that I thought it was going to burst!

Ida went on to say, “I wasn’t really sure what Ataşehir Yeni Escort to expect because I just didn’t know how far into wanting to dress as woman, you really are. I’ll be honest,” she chuckled, “I was expecting some slutty, hooker style outfit – all tight-fitting and ridiculous heels and trashy make-up etc., but this…this dress is gorgeous! And, you wear it very, very well too.” She added.

I think I muttered a “thank you” of sorts as Ida kept on talking – really, at that point, I was kinda glad she was talking because I don’t think I could’ve found my voice if I’d wanted to! She went on to explain how, last nite after she had got home, she jumped on the net and started looking up as much information as she could about cross-dressing, which led her onto some TG and shemale sites – all of which she found a little too much – but she said she ended up shutting down the pc after about an hour or so of reading and finding out just how prevalent my predilection for women’s attire is. When she woke later this morning, she said, she went back online again this time looking specifically for pictures of cross-dressers. From what I could tell, she must have got quite the education because she mentioned a few things that I know I’ve seen – and quiet enjoy, although that’s for much later on should things go well – and she offered her thoughts on it all.

By this time, I had managed to calm down and we had a very intense discussion about the prevalence of just ‘guys in drag’ or guys who are just into hosiery or lingerie for example, and love posting their pics of unshaven, unfit bodies jammed into women’s attire – each to their own of course, but not what I go for. Nor, for that matter, did any of that turn Ida on – in fact, it turned her off because, as she stated, “they really didn’t appear as though they were in it for anything other than lust.”

On that I did agree, there seems to be a lot of people out there who use an item or items, or fetish or desire simply for pleasure and nothing else – nothing wrong with that at all – just not how I look at why I do what I do, or why I want to be Georgia. I want to be Georgia, and be Georgia with another woman, because it completes who I am; a servant to my partner for the simple joy and pleasure of pleasing another woman, or should the moment take me, women.

As we talked, we moved into the kitchen so I could get dinner under way and all the time that I worked in preparing the meal, Ida pulled herself up and sat on the kitchen bench and crossed her legs, her pantyhose shimmering in the light and her heels looking devishly sexy at the ends of her crossed legs. I stopped and turned to her saying, “in all the excitement and revelation, I haven’t commented on your dress and how stunning you look!” I offered.

Ida smiled and said, “Not wanting to inflate my own ego but, I know, it does look good doesn’t it. I knew the moment I saw it in the store that I just had to have it. I love how it fits so nicely up top and then just hangs so softly around my hips and legs.”

All the time she was saying this, she was flipping the hem of her dress up and letting it fall against her sheer legs – I was mesmerized by the glimpses of hosed thigh I was getting each time she did it, and I think she knew because she looked up at me with a sly grin and said, “You’re enjoying this aren’t you my dear?”

“Of course I am! Look at you,” I said, “You look absolutely stunning sitting there in a dress and heels I would so love to wear myself! How could I not enjoy it?” I added.

And then Ida took the dish cloth from my hand, opened her legs wide and pulled me to her. In my heels, my girliemound was almost the perfect height to rest nicely against her crotch. She wrapped her arms around me and planted a long, wet french-kiss on me that took my breath away, while her sheer legs wrapped around me, pulling me in tight against her.

Pulling back slightly Ida said, “Let’s not worry about dinner – I’m sure we can put it all in the fridge and have it sometime later – right now the only thing I’m hungry for is what’s hiding under that sexy dress of yours!” She said as she reached down under my dress and ran her hand up between my thighs. I was so hard already, and she could feel it too, although, it did feel a little strange to her.

Pushing me back she hopped off the bench and said, “Would you lift your dress please Georgia?”

I thought she might be a little upset or something, but I slowly did as asked and Ida crouched down to inspect what was going on. With me standing there like a naughty schoolgirl, Ida was intently feeling and pressing her fingers and hands all over my crotch and up between my legs. She could feel that I was hard, but my girliecock wasn’t straight up in front under my bodysuit and pantyhose.

She stood back up and asked, “Are you all tucked up between your legs?”

I Ataşehir Masaj Salonu nodded in reply and offered, “It doesn’t seem very feminine or lady-like to have a large bulge showing under women’s clothes. And besides, to be honest, I like how this feels, it feels kind of like being tied up in a way, of being……subservient?” I added.

Ida thought for a bit and then ordered, “Georgia, put everything away in the kitchen that might go bad. Clean up and then bring the bottle of champagne and two glasses into the bedroom please. I need to use the bathroom and then I’ll be waiting – and you don’t want to keep a woman waiting do you? Especially a real woman?” she added with a chuckle.

I busied myself in the kitchen putting everything away, getting the champagne and glasses, and after hearing her head into the bedroom, I walked in to see her lying on the bed, the hem of her dress having ridden up her sexy thighs just enough to see her lingerie underneath – what appeared to be either white lacy panties or the bottom part of a nice bodysuit – it looked like I might find out what it was sooner rather than later though! I poured us two more glasses and sat down beside her to see what would happen next. I didn’t want to make the first move as this was all about how Ida would react to Georgia and how Ida wanted it all to happen.

Ida’s hand moved to my thighs and she started running it along them, cheekily sliding them under the hem of my dress causing it to hitch up further and further each time. She had me sit as close as I could so she could reach up even further, sliding her hand in between my legs teasing me with every single stroke. I tried to appear as nonchalant as I possibly could but I knew it wasn’t working – Ida could see right through me.

She looked at me and said, “This is really turning you on isn’t it?”

I simply nodded and offered a very meek, “Yes, it is.”

“Well, if it makes you feel any better, it’s turning me on too. I’m so hot and wet for you right now, I want to fuck you more than anything, but!…I want to talk about what you said to me just before you left last nite. About last nite and remembering my little lesbian fling I had at school, and how it made me feel and what it felt like,” she added.

She went on to say…

“I had heard about lesbians and gays but never thought anything about it because frankly, it never entered my world. Until that one night with my girlfriend Jessie, we had dolled ourselves up for the end of camp dance because the Boy’s School was coming over from their camp to join the party. Well, we ended up dancing together most of the nite because the Boys were either all dicks, or too macho to attempt to ask us. Jessie and I headed back to our cabin after all the fun was over and then Jessie pulled a small bottle of Baileys from her bag! She had pinched it from her parent’s cabinet thinking she might get lucky and drink it with a guy. As that hadn’t happened we decided we might as well drink it ourselves.”

“Before we knew it, we were pretty buzzed and sitting on one bed telling stories about guys we liked and how other girls dressed and looked – you know, all the typical stuff girls talk about when they’re on their own.”

Actually I didn’t know, but would love to, I thought! Anyway, not wanting to stop Ida, I let her go on…

“So there we were, on the one bed, both still in our “Sunday best” – we had on skirts and blouses and our tan school pantyhose with black school shoes – you know, the Mary-Jane ones,” she said.

“Know them, I love them!” I told her.

“I bet you do, and I bet you have a pair, but anyway, you can show me later,” she said, “but first let me finish, because this is important. Where was I? Oh yeah, on the bed…”

I think the champagne was kicking in, Ida was starting to slur a little and she is always cute when she’s like this, so I let her go on…

“Jessie was saying something about one of the girls at school and how cute she looked on one of the ‘plain-clothes’ days we had. It was a new girl and she’d only been at the school for a few months but she always seemed a bit aloof and a little more ‘worldly’ than all of us. But for some reason she had made an impression on Jessie and she wanted to tell me all about it. She really liked the skirt and boots that this girl was wearing along with her rather tight sweater. And as she was telling me all this she had moved a little closer and I noticed her leg had started pressing against mine.”

“We were always close and had dressed in front of each other before and after gym on many occasions, so I thought nothing of it, until she told me she thought I looked cute that night too. I thanked her and continued on with the conversation, but Jessie stopped me and said, “No Ida, you don’t realise it, but you really are cute. You’re funny, smart and that body of yours is so petite! You should hear the other girls and their envy of how your figure is so trim.”

“I’m sure I started to blush with all that attention but Jessie didn’t notice because we only had our small bedside light on. And just then Jessie placed her hand on my thigh and asked me, “Have you ever kissed another girl before Ida?”

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