Like Father Like Son

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I had been chatting online for a few months when I had posted a chat request to meet new contacts. A man from South Carolina messaged me. We made the usual small talk, getting to know things about each other. I found him very interesting and over the next few months we grew quite fond of one another. We cybered once but felt uncomfortable doing it because of the strong friendship that had grown.

We continued to chat and flirt back and forth until one day out relationship took a sexual turn. We cybered and it was amazing. We continued to cyber over he next few months. After one cyber session Jack blurted out that he wanted to meet. I was shocked because we both were married and agreed that it would cause to many problems. Before I knew what was happening I responded, “Yes”.

We made the plans to meet at his time-share in Myrtle Beach in October. I was looking so forward to it as he was. We would have one glorious week together and then back to our own lives with the memories we shared.

But one day Jack messaged me. “Honey I have some bad news. My son wants to come to the timeshare to spend some time with me. He doesn’t know that I am going to be with you.” I was upset because I had wanted to meet Jack so badly. What happened next surprised both Jack and myself, as we had never even thought about involving another person in our relationship. We had talked about a threesome before but neither of us had experienced it.

“Why not ask escort şişli him if he cares to participate?” I asked Jack. We thought about it and talked about it over the next few weeks. The day was fast approaching for our meeting and I hadn’t heard anything back from Jack if his son would be joining us so I had assumed that he had turned down our offer.

The day was here. I arrived in Myrtle Beach and Jack met me at the airport. He was as handsome as his pictures. He had a little bit more grey at the temples but it made him look more distinguished, more handsome. We held each other for what seemed to be an eternity until someone pushed past us bringing us back to reality. The drive back to the beach was a little tense because we both knew what would happen when we got there. Jack carried my luggage into the beach house and into one of the bedrooms. When he came back to me he took me into his arms and we kissed. The kiss was tender and filled with passion. We broke away from one another and he said, “I have a surprise for you.” I looked at him a little confused but he took my hand and walked me towards the bedroom. Sitting in an armchair was a gentlemen that resembled Jack but younger. He smiled and stood, walking towards me. He introduced himself as Jeff. He bent down to kiss me. His lips were tender and soft, just like Jacks.

Jack was standing behind me with his hands around my waist. I leaned back against him as he started to kiss my neck. Jeff kağıthane escort slowly began to undo my blouse as his father moved to unzip my skirt. Jeff began caressing my breasts, small circular motions, teasing the nipple. Jack had removed my skirt and his hand slid inside my panties. He began to tease my clit. Jeff’s mouth began its decent down my chest , licking and sucking each breast, then moving down my tummy. Taking my panties in his mouth and pulling them off of me. Jack had stopped teasing my clit and Jeff’s mouth moved to suck in my clit, licking. Jack was removing his clothes as Jeff continued his assault on my pussy. His tongue licking, teasing my inner walls. My hands moved behind me and found Jacks hard cock. I could feel the precum on the tip as I began to stroke him. He had an amazing cock for an older man. Jeff began to lick faster as my hips began to move. I was nearing an orgasm and I knew it was going to be a long, hard one. He took his finger and began to massage my clit and with that touch I came hard and he licked, sucking my juices into his mouth.

My orgasm subsided and I turned to face Jack. Kissing him, my hands travelling down his body to his hard cock again. I moved him to the bed and laid him down. Kissing down n his body to his hard cock, getting between his legs and taking his hard cock in my mouth. Jeff came up behind me and his hand went to my wet pussy. I could feel him take his hard cock in his hands and tease escort ataköy my clit with it. I sucked Jack’s cock, moving my tongue around the head and licking down his length. My tongue reaching his balls and licking his sensitive spot. Taking on of his balls into my mouth and sucking, then the other. His moans growing louder. Jeff was slowly moving his hard cock into my wet pussy. I could feel him go in and out then back in again. I moved my mouth around the head of Jack’s cock, licking the tip then sucking the head.

His hips beginning to move, his cock going in and out of my mouth as Jeff moved deeper and deeper into my pussy. My moans vibrating against Jack’s cock as I sucked, my mouth moving up and down on him harder and faster. Jack’s hands went to my head, holding me firm as his cock pumped in and out of my mouth. Jeff watching me suck his father’s cock made him ram harder in and out of me. I was close to an orgasm. I sucked Jack harder, moving my hand to caress his firm balls, feeling him about to explode in my mouth. I clenched Jeff’s cock deep inside of me as I came hard. As I came so did Jeff, shooting his hot seed into my pussy. As he continued to slowly move in and out of me I sucked Jack’s cock until I moaned loudly and came deep into my throat. Swallowing all of his hot cum, licking the head of his cock, wanting every drop. Jeff collapses to the side of the bed and I move Up beside Jack. Wrapping my arms around him, my head resting on his shoulder, my leg intertwined with his. Jeff moved up beside me and wrapped his arm around my waist. We lay contented until we drifted off to sleep. Waking a few hours later to enjoy the passion of Jack all to my self as Jeff lay sleeping.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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