Lilly aka G4m3rGir1_69

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I’ve been playing Call of Duty for years now and have been in and out of clans the entire time. I finally got tired of having to do things like recruit, make sure I was active on the sites, forced to play to their demands instead of being able to just go out there and have fun. I guess you could say that I just wasn’t a clan type of guy.

Anyhow I’ve been playing lone wolf and meeting people that game similar to me and we do go out and pub stomp (destroy the public lobbies) together. The funny thing was I met this girl, yes a real girl because we talk via mics and found we really have similar playing styles as well as sense of humor while playing. While we don’t rage on people that suck we do like to harass the gamers that give other gamers a hard time. We like to make people rage quit that think their shit don’t stink.

Another Friday night at home locked up in my room with my headset on and hitting the lobbies hard. I see an invite to join G4m3rGir1_69 in a party and when I do we immediately get into the action killing people. We’re getting called campers, hackers, gay or they’re hitting on GG as if she’ll actually pop through the screen and fuck em…yeah right haha!

GG takes us out of the lobby to the main menu, “What’re you gonna do tonight?”

“You see it,” seriously, “why what are you thinking?”

“You live in Seattle by the university, right?”

“Yeah but you live in New York…so?

“I live in Kirkland,” her voice sounded like she wasn’t sure she wanted to continue.

“No way, I actually live in Redmond!” I was surprised she was telling me this and excited.

“You Facebook, what’s your name?”

“You’re messing with me, fuck you GG haha!” This can’t be true or she’s a sad sack of flesh like me.

“Lilly Thompson, I just graduated from Lake Washington High School and enrolled in UDub for summer classes, look me up,” her voice sounded like heaven. It always sounded like heaven but even I know that voices can be deceiving and with that she logged off.

I go to my laptop, brought up Facebook, looking up Lilly Thompson and see this amazing looking, fit, sexy cheerleader posing with here cheerleading team! She has blonde hair that falls past her shoulders, what looks like B cup breast size and an amazing hourglass figure. This has got to be bullshit for sure but I’m still going to look through her pictures and read her feed. I don’t see anything about gaming, Call of Duty or see any other sign that she’d be anything but one of the popular kids.

Hmmm, Add Friend…here goes nothing.

Notification, holy shit she accepted my friend request! There’s a message too, “You H4z3d_n_F4t?”

This can’t be GG but I reply, “yeah, G4m3rGir1_69?”

“Oh yeah baby!” No way, this is a prank, I’m being pranked, this can’t be real! “Call me!”

I grab my phone as quickly as I can get to it sitting next to my bed and dial the number listed on her Facebook which is a 206 area code. The phone only rang for a minute before, “hello?”

“Uh, hi Lilly it’s Allen, I…I mean Hazed?” I can barely get the words out of my mouth. I can’t believe this is really happening, an angel has fallen from the heavens and came to me!

“Duh, no shit haha!” Her voice matched that of the one I’m used to hearing. “You wanna get together?”

“Uh sure,” I think she can hear my disbelief in my voice.

“Come get me…you drive, right?”

“I have a real pile of a car, are you for real?” The words just spilled out as if the thought process of my brain was filtering straight to my mouth!

“I don’t care idiot *giggle* just come get me,” Lilly gave me her address and told me what her house looked like and I actually knew the area she lived in even if not the exact location. It’s a nice neighborhood, not really rich but very well off, and I really wish I drove a nicer car now.

Hanging up I run to my closet to get anything cleaner and not so nerdy to wear, I have to make a good first impression. Fuck, the only thing I have that’s clean is some button up shirts that really show how out of shape I am and a black t-shirt with some slutty looking anime chick on it. Man I need to look into some better clothes even though I doubt anything like this is going to happen again. Come on sexy you’ll have to do as I grab the anime black t-shirt…please be cool!

Running out the house, I don’t think my mom has ever seen me move so fast, “Allen, is everything alright?”

“Yeah mom I just got a meet a girl!” Yes, I can’t believe I can actually said that and it’s true. You see I’m not a stud, hunk or anything close to that because I’m a major gaming nerd that could easily lose some of the 230lbs I’m hauling around. I have shaggy dark brown hair that looks like I needed a hair cut a month ago, and look like the typical fat gaming loser.

I jump in my 89 Ford Escort GT which wouldn’t be so bad had I not got it from a junk yard that I had to rebuild. I’ve done most of the work needed using cheap tools and a Chiltons, I even read up on body work so I could do some work there too. So now I’m rolling a car that won’t Şirinevler escort die with a horrible patchwork of bondo making my car look like a grey and black Dalmatian. The interior is worn and the carpet was removed due to mold, I had to replace the seats from another car, next I’m going to work on carpet and paint next. I really wish next was now but I really hope that GG likes me more than the car.

I pull up to the address my GPS on my phone took me and see the house GG described to me. I call her but she doesn’t answer, it goes directly to voicemail, now I’m feeling like an idiot and getting ready to leave. As I put the car into reverse I see the front door open up and the image of Lilly from Facebook come into view. She wore a pink zipper hoodie that hugged her fit frame, a black pleated mini skirt and thigh high stockings with red bows on the back of her toned legs and those black school girl shoes with the buckles. She looked like a present from the heavens especially for me and as she got to the passenger side door it was locked…CRAP!

I reach over and unlock the door and Lilly gets in instantly giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Hey, it’s so cool to see you!”

“Yeah, I can’t believe all of this,” my voice must have given my amazement away because she looks at me with a smile that could melt the polar ice caps.

“Let’s get outta here,” she says as she reaches for the seatbelt, pulling it across her torso and buckling in.


“Let’s go to your place and play some games!”

“I only have a small 19″ tv and one controller,” she wants to go to my place?

“We can take turns and see who can get the highest kills, like a contest,” her voice fills my ears like musical heaven.

I pull out and we start heading back to my place and I wonder why she’s so cool? Let’s face facts, she’s a hot cheerleader that looks like she has tons of friends on Facebook and I’m just some gaming nerd! I think she could feel my tension because she reaches over and strokes my hair, which I wish I would’ve taken a shower, I get shivers down my spine as her hand moves through my mop. I pull over into a parking lot and pull into a stall.

“Can I ask you something?” I can’t take it anymore I have to know what’s really going on.

“Like why am I here with you,” It’s like she can read my mind, “we’ve been gaming together for over a year, gone through two series of Call of Duty, laughed, raged and overall gotten to know each other on a level most only wish…and you think why is she here, right?”

“Uh, yeah that’s pretty much it,” she spilled out everything I was thinking and I think I’m in trouble…love!

“To tell you the truth…I don’t know why I’m here,” her pause has gotten me worried, “probably because I’m tired of all the B.S. that comes with being popular and have really started enjoying gaming and hanging out with you in game. I guess I thought it would be cool to get together in real life, I wanted to meet you ever since you told me you lived in Redmond but I was also scared that the person you see on Facebook would make things hard but that’s only a portion of what I am *giggle* hell, none of my friends like gaming they’re too busy being cool and I just get tired of all the drama that comes with it unlike in gaming I can be me and act the way I want without worrying about what anyone says because they really don’t have any real affect on my life.”

“Wow, I can’t believe it’s that hard being popular,” I laugh at the thought, “You should try being me and then see if you really don’t like being one of the popular kids.”

“You may be right but right now I wanna hang out with you and not them,” her hand reaches for my cheek, pulling my gaze to hers, “I want to have fun.”

“My lady your wish is my command,” and with that I pull out and drive home.

I pull up thinking what my mom would think about seeing me come home with Lilly. Compared to her large house I was living in a low income trailer park off Avendale Rd. man how embarrassing this is the place I bring this beauty to. The lights are off so that means my mom is in bed but considering this is a trailer home the walls are thin and we can’t be loud. I get out and Lilly follows my lead as I walk up the steps to the door.

“It’s cool that I’m here, right?” She asks as her hand reaches out for mine and pulling me to face her.

“It’s cool,” I say as I say this I look down to my hand seeing her soft delicate hand holding mine. I turn to open the door and turn on the light but nothing, what the hell is going on?

“What’s up,” Lilly asks obviously seeing the confusion on my face.

“I don’t know but the lights aren’t working,” I respond as I continue inside to the kitchen counter were mom usually leaves me notes and there was one.

Sorry but shortly after you left the power got cut off. I needed the money so I took your Playstation, tv and games to get money for the bill. I’ll be at Tom’s house tonight and I think you should go over to your aunts house because it’s going to get cold tonight.

Love Şirinevler escort bayan Mom

“What’s wrong?”

“I guess the power’s been cut off,” how could she do this and take sell my stuff! “She sold my Playstation and everything I’ve saved for FUCK ME!”

Lilly pulls me out of my concentrated stare at the letter, I totally forgot about her, “don’t worry about it we can do something else.”

“You don’t understand, I paid for all of that myself, saved money for months and she would’ve sold my car had I left it here too fucking bitch!” I knew I should’ve moved with my dad and to think I used to think it was his fault that my parents divorced. He probably couldn’t deal with trying to keep up with mom.

“I’m sorry,” her words mean nothing but the feeling of her arms wrap around my chest and into her embrace, her body pressed against mine makes me feel like I’ve actually won more than I’ve lost.

“I’ll survive but I need to take you home,” I don’t move as I wanna cherish this moment for as long as she’ll allow me.

“It’s cold and only gonna get colder,” her hold on my gets a little tighter, “It’s supposed to get freezing cold tonight.”

“I’ll probably go to my aunt’s house…if she’s home that is,” I reply as I wrap my arms around her.

Lilly looks up to me with a look like she’s seen an helpless puppy locked outside in the freezing cold. I’ve been through losing power many times but never have I felt so happy than in this moment. “let’s get you in the car with the heater on while I pack a bag.”

“No that’s ok I’ll help,” her smile can warm the north pole.

I lead her to my room and open the door only to see the empty space on my dresser that used to hold my stuff. I can’t help but feel the hurt deep in my gut as all I can think about is my stuff gone. I’ve been working at McDonalds so I could afford what that bitch of a mother can’t and she can’t even keep the power on. I pay for the cable just so I can have internet so she benefits from that and I also bought my own car, auto insurance, games EVERYTHING and she can’t even keep a fucking job to keep the power!

“Come here,” I turn to see Lilly lying in my twin bed cuddled up in my comforter.

I’m lost, I’ve been blessed, I can’t move.

“Allen, please come here and lay with me,” her words break the spell and I make my way to her, “I’m cold.”

I lay down on my bed, our bodies are separated by only our clothes and my comforter, we’re face to face as I’m a mere inches from the most beautiful girl I’ve every seen. The lights from the streetlamps only shed a little light in my room and even in this light I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so stunning than Lilly.

“Come on get under the blanket and cuddle with me,” she turns her back to me as she say this.

I’m locked in some kind of trance like state as I move like some kind of hypnotized test subject. I pull the comforter from under me and slide in feet first and Lilly takes my arm to wrap it over her trim midsection, her skin feels so soft as my hand is placed on her belly…HER SKIN!

“Do you usually sleep in your clothes?”


“Allen, are you ok?”


“Let me help,” Lilly says turning to face me, I keep my hand still and feel her soft delicate skin slide beneath. Her hand travels down my chest to my pants, unbuttoning my jeans and pulling down my zipper, I feel her hand examining my manhood. She starts pushing them down as I raise my hips to allow my jeans to move at her discretion along with my boxers. Lilly then pulls the bottom of my shirt and sweatshirt up exposing my belly and pulling it over my head. As she throws my clothes to the floor her hands caress my shoulders, down my chest and belly to find their final destination on my engorged member. Her feet come up and find the top of my lowered jeans and pushes then to my ankles and hooking her foot between the material and my skin to get them off my feet. The feeling of her legs grazing mine as she works my jeans off and with her hands slowly massaging my loins have me on the edge of release.

“Lilly…I,” are the only words to find their way out of my mouth as I feel my shaft start to pulse.

“You’re a virgin?”

“Uh, yeahhh,” wasn’t the only thing I responded with as I can feel her hands still moving along my hose.

“It’s ok, I was a virgin once too you know,” she comforts me as her head moves towards mine and her lips connect to mine. I feel her tongue enter my mouth playing with mine like a gazelle as I attempt to mimic her motions. She releases from our kiss with a smile that makes me feel at ease. “Have you ever been with a girl in any way?”

“No…” the only women I’ve ever been with has been Rosie Palmer and her five friends meaning my own hand.

“It’s ok that wasn’t bad for kissing someone for the first time, really.” Her hands still working my head and shaft working my man made lotion back into my body. “You’re still hard.”

“Uh…yeah I guess,” I’m so nervous I can feel my heart in my throat, my mind has resorted escort şirinevler to idiotic simple communication and she’s still here!

Lilly pulls up one of her hands and takes a taste of my smeared seed then lowers her hand to mine. I feel my wetness on her and she guides my hand to her trimmed, wet folds of her lower lips. My hand, still guided by hers, touches the warmth of her love and the excitement within the moistness soaking my fingers.

My breathing is heavy as her hand leaves mine to explore her body and returns to my now refreshed manhood. She slowly sways her hips to help manipulate my fingers within her precious flower and returning for another kiss. My fingers stop moving as I get lost on our kiss but her body never stops caressing my member or fingers. I couldn’t concentrate on anything more than our kiss as I hear her lust through the moan that escapes her lips as she pulls away from me.

“Lay on your back,” was her wish as she pressed my shoulders flat on the bed and began kissing my neck, caressing my arms and placing her legs so she was now sitting just below my rigid shaft. “I want you Allen.”

“I’ve always wanted you GG,” her name’s Lilly and I’ve been calling her that but I’ve fantasized about GG being this beautiful girl but to find out she’s hotter than I ever imagined and really into me is something I could’ve never imagined.

“Shhh,” hushing me as she continues to kiss me down my chest as her fingers dance down my sides to my hips as she follows with her mouth to the point of my erection. Lilly caresses her way to my hairy boys and places her lips to the helmet of my head. Her lips feel remarkable as at first I feel the warmth of her breath just before the blissful wet heat of her mouth making contact. Her mouth only engulfs the tip of my head when she came up, “you’re cock is amazing!”

“Oh my god, “I’m in heaven, Lilly, the most beautiful girl I’ve never even dreamed of is giving me head and the work cock coming from her mouth is poetry!

Her mouth returns to my head and works the tip as her hands manage my balls. I just came in her hands and now she’s down there tasting my seed, my meat and I don’t want this to ever stop. Her mouth starts working down further and further down the shaft of my shaft with every stroke of her mouth. I don’t know how much longer I can last but I do know it won’t be long with the magic she’s working down there.

“I…I…I think I’m gonna cum, “I have to warn her but I hope she doesn’t stop. She didn’t stop but worked on me faster, bobbing her head up and down my goods like an addict looking for her fix. I like being her fix if that’s what this is but I’m, “GONNA BLOW!” I can’t believe that just came out my mouth but more so I can’t believe she just took my seed into her mouth as I burst stream after stream into her mouth. My dick started pulsing slower and slower until there wasn’t anything left to give and that’s when she sucked off my dick with a little pop.

Lilly gets on top of me with her wet pussy lips straddling still oozing penis. Being the first time I get a good look at Lilly since she’s been in my bed I see her B cup breast heaving from the workout she just performed on me and her tight stomach all the way down to her beautifully shaped hips. She is so perfect a dream couldn’t compare, I know I dream a lot.

“I’m glad you liked it,” she says as she grinds her pussy along my semi erect cock. “You do have a nice cock Allen.”

“You have a perfect everything Lilly,” I think she sucked all the nervous out of me because that’s the most intelligible sentence I’ve said since getting into bed.

“Mmm,” while grinding her pussy against my, amazingly, hardening cock Lilly leans down to kiss me again. Even though she just got done taking my load into this same mouth I couldn’t deny myself another taste of her lips on mine. We made out for what seemed like eternity before she asks, “you have a condom?”

“Fuck, no I don’t,” I never thought I would need a condom but now I know why they always say be prepared. Especially now as I feel her wet pussy lips stroking the length of my penis!

“I don’t wanna stop Allen,” she moans as she grabs my hands and places them onto her tits.

“I don’t either,” I admit as I feel her firm, perky breast in my hands, her nipples poking at my palms, my got I feel harder than I’ve ever been.

“I don’t want kids yet,” her thrusts on my cock get more fierce and her head leans back as she reacts to my playing with her tits and her gyrations on my crotch.

“We can stop,” be a man Allen don’t make her do anything she doesn’t want to even though you REALLY want it.

“FUCK ME ALLEN!” Her scream startled me at first but with her really grinding my cock I think she’s near an orgasm.

“Are you sure about this?” Please say yes, please say yes!

“Just pull out before you come,” she replies as she gets off of me walking over to the dresser and bending over looking back at me. “Take me Allen I want you to fuck me!”

Her ass pointing right at me looks astounding, even in this light, her wet lips glisten against the light drawing me to her like a fly to the light. Her hourglass figure in full view and her most cherished prize mine to have I take hold of my shaft and search her wet lips for her entrance. Lilly reaches back helping me to the promise land as her fingers guide my head to the heavens.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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