Linda Morris – Lesbian Jailer Ch. 02

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We were competing for girls.

Yes, I know that sounds terrible, but it is what it is. I apologize in advance for being so politically incorrect & sexist.

Hi, it’s me, Linda Morris, female jailer at the San Mateo County women’s correctional facility, with yet another behind-the-scenes account of what occasionally happens to pretty young women who end up spending the night here behind bars.

Earlier in the evening we’d booked two very attractive young cuties… one was a drunken college coed with red-hair who should never have been behind the wheel… while the other was this gorgeous young blonde female stripper from Max’s, who had also had too much to drink and was picked up before she’d even gotten out of the parking lot! I mean, how stupid is that?

Both of these comely young hotties needed to be taught a sharp lesson. That’s where I come in.

But before I reveal any further salacious details, let me first point out that this information ISN’T for the enjoyment of male readers wanting to get their rocks off. Lesbianism is NOT a religion, dudes – it’s our way of life, and we DON’T appreciate your enjoyment of those activities we engage in when we’re alone together with other women!

Anyway, getting back to my story… both Abby Nolan and myself wanted these two girls! Abby is another female guard who works here. She’s 38-years old, with a husband and two kids, and like myself she occasionally enjoys playing with the lovely bodies of pretty young incarcerated women!

When desk-sergeant Martha Owens at the front desk suggested we share, we both instead opted to COMPETE for the two young beauties whom we both knew would be spending the night as the guests of San Mateo County. Yes, it would seem that neither one of us was in a very sharing mood!

I’d just like to point out that normally I really am very sharing person, but like I said, Abby is a married woman, and maybe I’m just old-fashioned but I don’t believe that married women should be fucking pretty girls in jail while they’ve got a family waiting for them back at home! Okay, I’ll now get off of my moral high-horse and back to my story…

After booking our two attractive & young new inmates in for the night, we handcuffed their wrists behind their backs, and escorted them to our secret upstairs ‘playroom’ on the second floor. The blonde stripper-girl had on this really slutty white tube-dress that clung tightly to her curvy body, showing off her delicious cleavage, delightfully slender torso, and those luscious long legs! Meanwhile, red-haired college girl wore a very stylish little black mini-skirt-party-dress that also did an outstanding job of calling attention to her gorgeous legs and perfect little butt!

I held the arm of the pretty red-head, while I could hear the attractive blonde stripper-girl objecting as Abby squeezed her ass as we all climbed the stairs together. Her complaint only earned her a sharp slap on her sexy little rump, as once the girls have been booked they’re our property and we can do with them whatever we desire!

Still, fondling a girl’s ass is a foolish thing to do in open areas as there are cameras everywhere in a facility such as this one. I always say wait until you arrive at your destination before giving into your baser instincts!

Glancing down at the clipboard in my hands I read their names aloud while Abby unlocked the door to the special cell.

“Marci Dobson… 19-years old… driving under the influence… and Jennelle Lucas… 22-years old… also DUI…”

“What is this place?” Jennelle asked, as we all entered our special ‘playroom,’ where they’d be spending the night.

Perhaps I should explain the ‘playroom’ before going any further. It used to be an ordinary holding cell that was later converted into a storage room. As time went by, a few of us spruced it up a bit, adding a comfortable queen-sized bed along with a stand-alone bathtub… and together with the sink & toilet converted it into a pleasant retreat that a handful of us regularly use whenever we want to take a nap or perhaps play games with one or more of our pretty female inmates!

The first thing that Abby & I did upon escorting our two beautiful young guests into the ‘playroom’ was getting them both out of their clothing and into the bathtub, where we could then bathe them. Of course, they both complained about this, but a couple of slaps to their curvy behinds and they quickly understood that we were the one’s calling the shots and that they had no choice in the matter but to obey.

“If you don’t get out of those clothes,” Abby needlessly added, “we can always escort you both back downstairs where I know a couple of dykey biker-chicks who will happily undress you for us!”

This, of course, got them to sullenly strip. Both girls had amazing bodies. The red-haired college girl had this gorgeous face and amazingly flawless pale skin from head to toe, while the attractive blonde stripper-girl was tanned & toned, and I was delighted to see a tattoo on her perfect little butt showing bursa sınırsız escort a woman’s red lips! I love that kind of thing!

Once we had them both nude and soaking together in the tub, Abby & I proceeded to begin bathing them.

“Excuse me,” the blonde girl complained. “But is this really necessary?”

Abby & I both responded by whipping out our handcuffs and manacling the wrists of both girls to the plumbing fixtures.

“Does this answer your question?” Abby asked.

We then each grabbed a bar of soap and proceeded to begin the highly enjoyable process of bathing the two nude pretty women, running our hands all over their wet, soapy bodies! Abby concentrated primarily on their front – breasts and pussies – while I focused my efforts mostly on their behinds – legs, thighs, & those delicious, curvy round rumps.

After we had them both squeaky clean, we unlocked the cuffs and handed each girl a towel, ordering them to dry each-other off, which they proceeded to do, looking nervously at Abby & myself while we ogled them with smiles on our faces. OK, make that leers.

Once they were done, Abby handed each girl a tiny white tee-shirt and an even tinier pair of white panties, which they were ordered into, and then told to sit together, side-by-side, on the bed.

At this point my partner & I sat down at the small table in the room, with me then producing a deck of regular playing cards so that we could get started with our competition, which was straight-up poker, nothing wild – the prize being the two pretty young girls watching us.

“Blondie first,” Abby announced. “I intend to spank that girl’s sexy ass until she begs me to stop.”

Of course, ‘blondie’ (also know as Janelle) looked on in surprise & fear as she heard what was intended for her (and her behind), and appeared almost relieved when she heard Abby cuss, indicating that she’d lost the first hand.

“It’s best-of-three, Princess,” Abby informed her. “Don’t get too comfortable just yet!”

I laughed as I dealt out the second hand. Once again I emerged the winner.

“Come here, Janelle,” I ordered. “You’re mine tonight, baby-girl.”

The blonde girl got up off of the bed and tentatively approached me, standing alongside me as I then began gently stroking her leg, watching Abby deal the cards for possession of the pretty red-head.

“Fuck, yeah,” Abby yelled, revealing three queens. “You’re mine, bitch!”

Now it was the red-haired girl’s (Marci’s) turn to look apprehensive.

“It’s two out of three,” I reminded Abby. I then squeezed Janelle’s cute butt for luck before dealing out the cards, and it must have worked because I won the next hand, evening the score at one-apiece.

While Abby dealt out the third & deciding hand I ordered the blonde girl to bend over slightly so that I could smooch her gorgeous behind for good luck, and again it appeared to work as my three-sixes defeated Abby’s two-pair.

“I hate you, Linda,” my fellow jailer whined. “Why do you need two?”

“Two girls is always better than one,” I smiled back!

“C’mon, just let me spank the blonde before I leave!”

“Maybe next time, Abby, my love,” I commiserated. “Please be a dear and lock the door behind you on your way out?”

She flipped me off, but also did as I requested, leaving me alone with the two lovely young hotties, both of whom turned their soulful, uncertain eyes upon me.

“Cheer up, girls,” I told them. “It’s party time… just you two and myself… you can call me ‘Auntie Linda!'”

“Auntie Linda?” Marci dared speak.

“Okay, that sounds stupid… forget it… just call me ‘Daddy’ instead?”


Now, whether or not you’ve ever experienced a threesome, they can actually be a lot of fun, especially when you’re the one in complete charge, as I was.

The first thing I did was to order both girls to begin making out with each-other on the comfortable queen-sized bed while I watched.

“I don’t even know her,” the blonde girl immediately objected.

“And I’m not a lesbian,” the pretty red-head pleaded.

“Listen, you two…” I began. “You’re in a comfortable room right now with just me… and I’m a really nice person who is ESPECIALLY nice to pretty young girls like yourselves… but piss me off, and I’ll take you both downstairs and put you into a cell with a couple of dykey-biker-chicks… I’m positive that I’d dearly enjoy watching what would happen next… but is that what you want?”

“No, ma’am,” they both replied in unison.

“Then start kissing… now!”

They both then obediently-but-halfheartedly locked lips for what to me looked like some really half-assed making-out.

“Okay, let me show you how,” I said, disgusted. I then quickly sat down alongside the blonde-stripper girl, Janelle, leaning in and slowly began deep-kissing her while Marci watched in fascination. I’m pretty good at this kind of thing, and in no time at all I had the gorgeous blonde girl fairly melting bursa escort bayan in my arms while my hands slowly reached around her back, eventually coming to rest upon her curvy derriere, possessively squeezing it.

“Mmmmmmm… your butt feels amazing,” I told the pretty stripper. “Why don’t you stand up, Janelle… so that Marci and I can both get a better look at this gorgeous body of yours… you’d like that, wouldn’t you, Marci?”

The pretty red-head nodded cautiously in reply.

Janelle obediently rose up and stood before us, allowing me to run my fingertips up her long bare legs while she shyly posed for us.

“Why don’t you dance, Janelle?” I requested. “Nothing fancy… just wiggle that cute butt of yours… yeah, give Marci and myself a sexy little lap-dance!”

I could tell that the pretty stripper was embarrassed to be asked to do this for other women, but seductively moving her beautiful body came naturally to her, and so that’s what she did, swaying back and forth while her hands rubbed & squeezed her own breasts while we both watched.

“Turn around,” I ordered, smiling as I did so, “and show us your sexy ass.”

The blonde girl smiled back before then executing a slow turn. Her butt looked amazing, as she then bent over slightly, arching her back… her beautiful ass cheeks visible through the diaphanous fabric of her panties… I could even see the red women’s-lips-tattoo-mark showing through on her shapely rear.

“Strip, Janelle,” I almost whispered. “I want you completely nude!”

Again she obeyed without hesitation, first pulling off the tiny tee-shirt she wore, revealing her two shapely breasts… and then bending down as she slowly pulled off those skimpy white panties!

“Slap her beautiful butt,” I ordered Marci, but when the pretty red-head acted as though she hadn’t heard me, I slapped it instead. Janelle coyly smiled at me over her shoulder and wiggled her lovely rump right up close to my face. This time I rewarded her with a loving squeeze of both of her curvy ass cheeks.

“I think that somebody deserves a kiss,” I murmured, leaning down and then planting a wet smooch on the blonde girl’s luscious derriere. She blushed and giggled.

“If you’re not going to obey me when I ask you to do something, Marci,” I said, turning to the red-haired girl, “then I’m afraid I’m going to have to punish you.”

I then grabbed my handcuffs and quickly manacled the pretty red-haired girl’s wrists to the bedpost. She didn’t resist, not even when I then positioned her onto her stomach and pulled off her panties, exposing her own luscious pale butt.

She yelped as the palm of my hand came down sharply on her curvy buns, and then tried to pull away, but I was prepared for her efforts and continued to hold her firmly in place.

“Grab her shoulders,” I ordered Janelle, “and keep her from turning over!”

The blonde stripper girl obeyed while I then proceeded to sensually & methodically spank the beautiful red-head, who cried out piteously for me to stop. It didn’t take all that many slaps to turn the pale white skin of her gorgeous ass into a shade of bright pink.

“Mmmmm… doesn’t her curvy butt look just wonderful?” I asked Janelle. “Why don’t you kiss it and make it better?”

The pretty blonde stripper-girl didn’t need to be asked twice. Immediately her lips were all over Marci’s reddened rump, along with her tongue and soon her entire face as she rubbed it up against the red-haired girl’s gorgeous derriere. Here was a woman who obviously shared my ass-fetish for beautiful female tushies!

“Nicely done, Janelle,” I said, sincerely meaning it. “I can see that some reward is definitely called for here!”

I smiled at her as I ran my fingers lovingly through her thick blonde hair. She blushed and smiled back at me seductively.

“Why don’t you get up onto the bed and kneel down with your face up against Marci’s ass… you can keep kissing it… meanwhile, I want your own butt up in the air… please do that while I get my strap-on!”

The pretty blonde looked really hot once in that position while I quickly removed my uniform and donned my strap-on dildo around my lower-abdomen. Janelle’s gorgeous ass was raised up & wiggling as if begging for me… while the blonde girl’s face continued planting wet kisses all over Marci’s beautiful behind… the red-haired girl moaning quietly while all of this was happening!

I then knelt down immediately behind the hot stripper girl, mounting her and then sliding my strap-on-dildo into her wet-pussy so that I could begin fucking her doggy-style. Now it was her turn to begin moaning softly as I slowly-but-firmly rocked her back & forth.

“Yes, fuck me,” she bleated, as my fingernails dug into the soft flesh of the sides of her ass.

“Call me Daddy,” I laughingly reminded her, sharply slapping her shapely butt!

“Yes, daddy… fuck me… spank me!”

I could see Marci trying to look back over her shoulder at me fucking nilüfer escort Janelle doggy-style while the blonde’s face remained planted right up against her ass. Marci’s eyes widened in equal measurements of fascination and longing.

“You’re such a good girl, Janelle,” I whispered, continuing to fuck her gorgeous body, alternately squeezing her ass before then slapping it while my dildo went in & out of her pussy, our bodies rocking together, back & forth, my hips grinding her lovely ass. “You’re daddy’s good girl!”

I seriously didn’t want it to stop, nor do I think that Janelle wanted it to end anytime soon, but eventually our movements slowed down to a halt, and I concentrated my hands on kneading the soft firm flesh of her gorgeous ass cheeks as we remained pressed up against one another.

“I love this ass,” I announced, easing my dildo out of the girl and then leaning down to lovingly kiss the blonde girl’s gorgeous curvy derriere, licking and nibbling all over her silky smooth skin.

I then turned her around to face me so that I could lovingly kiss her pretty mouth. I could see Marci, still handcuffed to the bedpost, straining to watch us make-out.

“Your turn is coming,” I smiled, turning my attention to the pretty red-head.

As I then began crawling past Janelle towards Marci, she immediately pulled back in alarm – big mistake… she didn’t realize that beautiful, mostly nude & helpless young women in handcuffs, trying to escape my clutches is an enormous turn-on for me! I grabbed at her ankles and quickly put my arms around her knees to hold her tight, my face pressed up against her bare thighs.

“Please, no,” she whimpered. “I… I can’t… I’m not like that…”

“I know you’re not… but you’re here, in jail, behind bars,” I explained, laughing. “And this is what happens to pretty young captive women.”

“No… please… you don’t understand!” Her struggles increased as her eyes began welling up in tears. “Please don’t!”

At this point, I got some unexpected assistance from the pretty blonde stripper-girl, Janelle, who got up and sat close to Marci and began hugging & comforting her.

“It’s going to be alright,” she calmly explained, stroking the pretty red-head’s curly hair before then kissing her on the lips. “We can get through this together, OK?”

Janelle then quickly positioned herself onto her elbows and knees, offering herself to me, and urging Marci to do that same.

I leaned over to tenderly kiss the blonde girl’s pretty butt. I could hear her purring contentedly while she continued to softly stroke Marci’s face with her hands.

Eventually, I rose up and quietly positioned myself directly behind Marci, allowing the dildo part of my strap-on to come to rest on her behind. My hands then gently began massaging and kneading the pretty red-haired girl’s upturned butt. I could feel her begin to relax beneath the firm touch of my fingers as they pressed into her firm flesh.

“Are you ready?” I asked, and was rewarded by a slight nod of her head along with just a little bit of a slight whimper.

I smiled and then inserted the shaft up into her awaiting pussy. She moaned, while Janelle continued to gently stroke her hair and kiss her.

“Doesn’t that feel good?” I heard the stripper-girl ask her, as I began to grind the pretty red-head from behind, my fingernails firmly embedding themselves in the sides of her ass.

Marci’s moaning became louder now, as we increased the tempo… I laughed and slapped her gorgeous ass, leaving a noticeable hand-print, while continuing to joyously fuck her doggy-style! Her body began to buck as I increased my speed, but her wrists, still cuffed to the bedpost, kept her from moving very far.

Meanwhile, the pretty blonde girl had positioned her head beneath Marci’s chest so that she could begin kissing and sucking on the pretty red-head’s breasts while I was fucking her.

From my vantage point I could see the flawless pale skin of Marci’s back, with my strap-on sliding in & out of her pussy as my hands tightly gripped her ass… and there beneath her chest was Janelle’s head, with the red-head’s tits now in her mouth. It was a beautiful sight!

Marci’s moaning quieted down as we eventually slowed to a halt. I then eased the strap-on out of her and began focusing my attention on kissing her luscious butt. As her back was arched, as if begging for more, I then suddenly slid my tongue straight up her butt crack, causing her entire body to shudder with delight. I then ate her out from behind, my mouth pressed up against the base of her pussy.

I can’t say for certain, but I’m pretty sure that Janelle and I may have converted Marci to full-blown lesbianism that night. The girl was clearly in heaven, with me devouring her from behind while the pretty blonde kept her mouth sucking non-stop on the red-haired girl’s lovely breasts.

The action continued for another half-hour before the three of us eventually all dozed off, me tangled together with two beautiful nude young women. I awoke near dawn, my face pressed up against Janelle’s silky-soft thigh while Marci’s head rested on my stomach with my hand cupping her breast. I gently woke up my two groggy beauties and got them both cleaned-up and into a regular empty holding cell where the day shift would find them. I warmly kissed both girls good-bye.

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