Lindsay’s Turn Ch. 02

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Chapter 02: The Beginning

Lisa Vasquez lay sprawled face down across the big desk, sobbing softly, her firm teenage tits mashed against the cold hard oak, as her professor’s fat dick hammered into her from behind with long smooth strokes. Her jeans and panties lay in a tangle around her ankles, the professor too urgent to even remove her sneakers before taking her from behind.

Lisa was filled with revulsion, this was too much, even to save her brother. She had only had sex once before, when her cousin Manuel had gotten her drunk and raped her last break. She wanted nothing to do with men. She tried to struggle, but she was a little girl, and the professor was a powerful man.

The girl’s refusal to respond to the fucking she was getting annoyed the professor. Most girls, even the most reluctant, usually responded by now, their bodies betraying them under his relentless and skilled assault on their erogenous zones, but Lisa just lay there sobbing and took it. There was something erotic about her fear, earlier, but this was just sad.

She was a beauty though, the professor mused philosophically, tracing a finger down the middle of her tanned back, from her raven hair right down to her teeny tiny asshole. He touched her back door with his thumb, just a little bit of pressure, but it brought out fresh moans and muttering in Spanish. Annoyed now, he grabbed her hair and forced her down, and slammed into her even harder, causing Lisa to cry out. The professor clamped a hand over the schoolgirl’s mouth and whispered threats into her ear.

Outside the office, Julie Collins sat quietly, listening at the door, fingering herself gently through her panties as she listened to her beloved master pummeling another undeserving little tramp.

She laughed at her self a little bit, remembering a time years ago when she had been just a scared high school kid, caught red handed with her friend Stephanie spraying graffiti inside the school gym.

Since Steph had done the actual spraying, he let Julie off with a warning, but Steph wasn’t so lucky, or was, depending on your perspective. The professor did this whole big speech about jail that Julie now understood as bullshit, and then “reluctantly” cut a deal to let Steph off if she just stripped down to her bra and panties for him. Of course, that was bullshit also, Stephanie was a smoking hot blonde, and once the professor saw her in her panties, it was all over.

He kept escalating his demands, and before long he was “reluctantly” fucking her up the ass right there on the hardwood, her panties still around her thighs and her tits mashed against the floor, her eyes wide open with shock. He looked right at Julie as she edged towards the door.

“Come here.” he said.

Julie did as she was told, mesmerized, he never broke rhythm as he fucked her friends ass steadily. He reached out his hand and she took it, he pulled her to him, against his side, his hand cupping her ass through her shorts.He gestured towards Stephanie, now barely conscious under the relentless pounding she was getting.

“Your turn will come.” he said, smiling.

Julie shivered. No ” unless you change your ways?” just a simple statement of fact. Her pussy did a little flip.

The professor suddenly picked up his pace, then stiffened, holding her tighter to him and staring into her eyes as he pulled out and came over and over onto her best friend’s ass and back. Later that night she lay in bed, thinking about those eyes. She fingered herself to orgasm that night thinking of her professor, and again the next morning.

Over the next few weeks, she became more and more obsessed with the professor, her panties drenched by the end of the every day.

Stephanie went straight after the ordeal, ended up going to an all girl school, probably became a nun. Julie went the other way, daring trouble till she eventually got busted again, stealing from the school store. The professor brought her into his office after catching her red handed, closed the door and began his routine…telling her how disappointed he was and how he had to call the cops…Julie wasn’t even listening, as soon as the door was locked, she was on her knees in a flash, feverishly fumbling for his zipper.

She let out a sound that was half cry, half moan as his big dick came into view. Julie was a novice cocksucker, but she made up in enthusiasm what she lacked in experience, and soon the professor was shooting his load down her throat.

The professor took her to a hotel later that day and spent hours putting her through her paces, delighted to learn he was the first man to penetrate her virgin holes, exploring her considerable capacity for orgasm in the process. By the time he dropped her off near her house, she was completely his, body and soul, and told him so.

She became the professor’s favorite, then, after she decided his method of waiting for girls to screw up was too slow and unreliable, his assistant, helping him snare her classmates in situations he could kağıthane escort take advantage of.

Towards the end of her senior year, she managed to convince 4 members of the Volleyball team to steal a test, of course making sure they got caught by the professor as well. All four girls had scholarships at risk, so were easy prey for blackmail, and the professor took full advantage. He got the four girls plus Julie in his office and went through his routine, wondering out loud how he could not call in the school district or tell their parents, permanent record, blah blah blah. He had called the girls in straight from practice, and they were all dressed identically in shorts and tank tops, sneakers and knee socks, hair in ponytails.

Julie tried not to smile as she watched the faces of the other girls turn from fear to horror as they slowly came to the realization of what he was after. Mindy, a tall leggy brunette, was the first to figure it out and cave, blurting

“I’ll do whatever you want, I’ll suck your dick, I just can’t lose my scholarship.”

The other girls looked on in horror. Katie Thomas, a really cute redhead and the youngest of the girls, having just turned 18 a week ago, looked about ready to die, her already rosy complexion now a deep shade of red. Leslie Chang, a gorgeous Asian girl with big almond eyes, looked nervous but determined, her parents weren’t the sort to let cheating go unpunished. They were already pissed at her for not being a boy.

Only Amanda Clark, the team captain, blond bombshell, and the definition of the all American girl looked defiant, her clear blue eyes narrowed as she stared down the professor.

“I don’t know about this,” she said. “It seems worse than just coming clean.”

Amanda was rich, or rather her parents were, and she found it hard to believe they would be that upset when they found out, wherever the hell in Europe they were at the moment. Her father was the sort to get really angry about losing scholarship money though. Her mom was typically too drunk on gin to care about much of anything, not even the parade of little paralegals and secretaries and waitresses her dad banged pretty much constantly.

“It’s all of you or forget it.” the professor said.

That got all 4 of the other girls all over Amanda’s case, until she reluctantly agreed and a consensus was reached.

The professor was delighted with Julie’s work. He had never imagined a bouquet of beauties like this would fall into his clutches. He knew things would get hairy, and he doubted his ability to control so many headstrong athletic young women when they found out what they were really in for. Luckily, thanks to his Julie, he was prepared.

He instructed all the girls to kneel facing the front of the class, hands behind their backs. A tumult rose quickly that he silenced harshly.

“If you are going to waste my time, I make the call now!” he bellowed, confident that his office’s location next to the school boiler system would prevent anyone hearing anything.

The girls settled down but he knew he had to act quickly.

He walked behind the girls, instructing them to keep their eyes forward no matter what. He grabbed a gym bag from a side closet and pulled out the cuffs he had borrower from his buddy mike, a local cop, and frequent partner in his escapades.

Julie’s pussy was already wet in anticipation, but she pretended to be scared as she obediently got to her knees alongside the other girls. The professor went to her first, cuffing her hands behind her back, not too tightly. The other young ladies heard the click and started to turn towards him.

“Eyes front!” he snapped “Last warning.”

He cuffed Leslie and Katie, both girls too petrified and shaking to protest. Mindy, eager to please and get out of the hot water she was in, offered up her wrists obediently. He cuffed her quickly and she smiled back at him.

Amanda was already shaking her head, ready to argue. The professor, knowing she was the likeliest source of resistance, was ready for her, though. He stood behind her, and when she opened her mouth to complain, he shoved a ball gag in it, pulling her head back hard as he quickly clamped the leather straps behind her head.

She freaked and tried to yell and struggle, but the gag prevented her from doing much more than mumbling, and the professor moved quickly, cuffing her wrists, and then, for good measure, her ankles too. Amanda was headstrong, though and refused to stop struggling. He had to get her compliant before all the girls panicked and started screaming.

He yanked her roughly to her feet by her ponytail, warned the girls again to keep facing the front, and dragged the teenager over to a desk in back of the room, and bent her over it. With her legs barely touching the ground and her hands and ankles cuffed, Amanda couldn’t do much without dumping herself face first onto the hard floor, so she just lay there mumbling threats though the gag, the professor yanked her shorts and panties down to her ankles in one swift movement, then smacked her hard on the ass as a warning.

Bent over as she was, her toes straining to touch the floor, showed off her athletic legs and butt to perfection, not an ounce of fat, just perfectly defined calves and thighs and oh that ass. He cupped an ass cheek in his right hand, his finger gently brushing her pussy from behind. He yanked Amanda’s head back by her pony tail so he could see her face. She was still angry, staring at him defiantly, even when he slipped a finger into her cunt, she struggled and cursed him under the gag. The professor almost laughed, obviously, she had to be broken before being of any use to him.

“You’re mine now, Amanda.” he whispered.” All of you”

He removed his finger from her pussy and stuck it straight up her asshole, without warning, slowly but firmly, all the way in. His cock jumped in his jeans watching her eyes as she turned from defiant to terrified in seconds.

The professor left her for a second, returned to the girls where they knelt, cuffed and frightened. He stood in front of each of Julie, who looked up at him with eyes shining. He slowly lifted her shirt and bra, exposing those little pink nipples he loved, now hard and puffy in her excitement. He touched them briefly, then moved on to the other girls

Mindy met his gaze proudly as he exposed her fantastic tits, pressing them against his hand and looking up at him and licking her lips. He almost laughed, the girl was trying to play him! Awesome. He stroked her hair to encourage her and was rewarded with another smile.

He moved to Katie, who was so scared and embarrassed she was trembling, when he exposed her small tits they were pink with embarrassment, some freckles between them making her look very young and adorable.

“You’re beautiful, Katie.” He told her, because she was.

She looked up at him suddenly, looking for mockery,(she considered herself ugly next to polished beauties like Mindy and Amanda) but the professor’s eyes were dead serious and kind. When she stroked her cheek she was shocked at her body’s response, letting out a slight gasp and dropping her head in shame.

He moved to Leslie, sliding up her top and revealing her small but firm tits and dark nipples. She seemed far away, obedient but not engaged.

“That will change.” the professor thought to himself.

He stood Julie up, leaned her forward over his desk, and slid her shorts and already soaking wet panties down her smooth legs and let them drop to the floor by her ankles. The other girls were stunned into silence at this new escalation of the situation.

The professor gave his favorite young pussy a lick from behind, then returned Julie to her knees. He quickly repeated the process with the other girls. He went to Mindy first, delighted when she arched her back and offered her ass to him. He dropped her drawers, exposing her firm athletic buns and enjoying her response to his mouth when he tasted her sweetness for the first time, as she pressed back against him and rewarded him with a moan of pleasure. Mindy was wholly on board with the program, it seemed.

He stood, gave her ass a playful slap, and forced her down to her knees again, moving over to Katie who’s heart was beating so fast she was nearing heart attack levels.

The professor slowly raised her to her feet, and bent the young beauty over his desk, and slowly removed her shorts and panties, leaving them above her knees and right below that gorgeous little ass, so tight her little pink butt hole wasn’t even visible until the professor placed two hands roughly on her ass and spread her cheeks wider.

Katie shivered with fear and anticipation as the professor dropped to his knees and lowered his mouth to her sweet box from behind. When his lips touched her, gently, she let out a little gasp which brought giggles from Mindy and Julie

The professor couldn’t help but notice that Leslie’s cool indifference had disappeared as she stared at Katie’s bare ass, her lips parted and her breathing a little raggedy.

“Ah HA!” thought the professor “That explains that.”

He stood abruptly, reached back with his left hand and grabbed a hold of Leslie’s ponytail, yanking her forward and shoving her face right between Katie’s quivering butt cheeks. He used his free hand to keep Katie held firmly face down against his desk and urged Leslie to get on with it. The slim bi sexual teenager wasted no time with false protests, her tongue going to work immediately and furiously on the helpless Katie, allowing the gorgeous oriental beauty to live out one of her fantasies, corrupting the lusciously innocent Katie Thomas.

Leslie felt herself getting turned on as Katie’s fear turned slowly and inexorably to lust under the relentless assault her little box was getting.

She was so excited she didn’t fight the professor at all when he slid her shorts and panties down to her ankles, and there was no hiding her wetness from the professor at that point anyway.

Leslie stiffened a little but relaxed and allowed the professor to explore her ass and tiny almost hairless pussy with his mouth, and had to admit he was pretty good at it, her body starting to respond despite her indifference to men. The professor stopped suddenly, allowing her to concentrate on bringing Katie off, the young redhead flushed and panting in desire and humiliation as she gave herself over to Leslie’s will. The professor looked about him, taking in Julie and Mindy on their knees, and, not for the last time, thought himself a very lucky man. He decided it was time for his now throbbing cock to make an appearance. He dropped his pants and trousers quickly and stepped out of them, walked back over to Amanda lying helplessly across the desk in the back of the class.

He laid his hardening dick alongside the terrified teenager’s cheek, holding her silky blond hair and flexing his cock so she could feel it bounce. With his free hand he reached back and again slid his “fuck you” finger deep up her tight ass, and being rewarded with a one solitary tear from the almost broken young girl.

“Soon.” The professor told her.

He walked quickly towards the front of the classroom, faced Julie and allowed his pet the honor of the first taste, grabbing her head and sliding his dick smoothly and deeply into her soft mouth and down her throat. Julie settled into rhythm on the professor’s fat cock so quickly and easily that Mindy smelled a rat.

“Bitch!” she thought.

Mindy then remembered Julie being the one to suggest the test theft. Oh well, she reasoned, it wasn’t turning out all that bad. Mindy had no sexual hang-ups, she liked guys, she liked fucking, and the professor was cute. This was a little kinky and her knees hurt on the hard floor, but still, what the hell. One thing for sure, she was damned if she was going to get out blow jobbed by little Julie Collins.

She hopped forward on her knees till she could get at the professor’s shaft, flipped her silky brown hair over her shoulder and went to work, first on the professors balls, then up the shaft and stealing the lead from Julie, who was miffed for a second but then rebounded, surprising Mindy with a French kiss across the professors cock head which caught all three of them by surprise and forced the professor to back off or risk losing a load before he had sampled the girls more thoroughly.

The professor leaned back against his desk, panting as both girls looked extremely pleased with themselves. He reached over and almost absentmindedly played with Katie’s nipples as she finally succumbed to Leslie’s attentions and gave in to a mind shattering orgasm.

Leslie sat back on her knees, her lips glistening with Katie’s juices and her pert nipples rock hard as she looked up at the professor, unable to hide how turned on she was.

The professor grabbed Katie’s hair as she lay across his desk, and roughly pulled the tiny girl’s mouth onto his cock. Normally the slim teen would have been appalled at the professor’s big dick sliding in between her soft lips, but her normal reserves had been broken down by the earth shattering orgasm she had just experienced.

Katie wasn’t a very experienced cocksucker, but at this point she was so eager to prove, (mostly to herself) that she wasn’t a lesbian that she made up in enthusiasm what she lacked in experience. Katie was so far gone she actually let out a sigh of disappointment when the professor pulled out of her now super hot mouth.

The professor turned to Leslie, still on her knees, grabbed her head in both hands and fucked her mouth deeply for several long strokes to make sure he had her under control, then quickly un cuffed her, hauled her to her feet, had her step out of her shorts and panties, gestured towards Katie as she lay face up and panting across his desk and said “I believe it’s your turn.” Leslie smiled and hopped up onto the desk, wasting no time in planting her shaved box right onto Katie’s face, the still cuffed young girl was powerless to prevent Leslie’s domination, her only protest was to turn a deep red in embarrassment as she slowly, hesitantly worked her mouth onto Leslie’s snatch as the little asian beauty settled into a 69 position atop her.

Leslie’s tight ass looked extremely tempting in front of him, but the professor had other plans.

He walked back to his two favorites, old and new, removed the cuffs from Julie, confirming Mindy’s suspicions, and then, after hesitating just a second, from Mindy herself. Both girls stayed on their knees, rubbing their wrists and awaiting further instructions.

The professor mused not for the last time with amazement on the ease with which young girls could be manipulated.

He dragged Julie to her feet, whispered in her ear, and she disappeared in a flash towards the large storage closet in the back of the room.

The professor then pulled Mindy to her feet as well, who responded by taking his face in both her finally unbound hands and kissing him deeply, her soft hands finding his cock and jacking him slowly to maximum hardness.

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