Lindsey: A Texan’s Fantasy

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I’m on my way to a conference in Orlando and I’m a nervous wreck. Flying doesn’t bother me but I’m finally going to meet in person the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and I pray she’s not disappointed by me. Doubts fill my mind. “Will she be there or will she get cold feet? Will she like what she sees or will she just visit for awhile and make some excuse and leave?” No promises had been made in our last e-mail just that she would try to meet me at the airport. Finally, the plane lands and taxis up to the gate – I will soon have the answers to my questions.

As I walk into the airport my eyes seek her out – searching for her long, blonde hair, those hypnotic green eyes, that million-dollar smile, and her Barbie-like figure to no avail – she’s nowhere to be seen. I sigh in resignation, adjust my shoulder-bag with my laptop, and head to the luggage pick-up. As I walk, I catch glimpses of a woman down the corridor, she’s bending over with her rear facing me – apparently adjusting a strap on one of her high heels. I admiringly notice that part of her cheeks and thong are exposed since her short, short, black skirt couldn’t possibly cover all of her in that position when WHAM – it hits me. I recognize that perfect ass!!! It’s her! She actually showed up! I will finally get to meet Lindsey – the girl I’ve dreamt about for months!

I slowly approach her, admiring the view (which is even better in person) and hoping I don’t say something incredibly stupid. She slowly stands up, flips her hair back, and turns to go towards the gate I just came out of. I step in front of her and say, “Uh, Lindsey? Hi, I’m Hoss.” She steps back, somewhat surprised, then as recognition hits I’m rewarded with her million-dollar smile and a “Hi Hoss, it’s so good to finally meet you in person!” With that, she gives me a big hug, smashing her perfect breasts into my chest. My tool instantly responds to her touch, straining against my jeans. I hope she doesn’t notice but as she breaks the embrace, she gives me a wicked grin and tells me, “I see you’re glad to see me too. If you’re a good boy, maybe we can do something about that later.” As my face turns beet red, she laughs and says, “Come on, let’s get your luggage and find someplace where we can talk.”

As we walk, I can see her looking me over out of the corner of her eye. She’s seeing a guy in his mid-thirties, 6’2″ tall, brown hair, one blue eye, one green eye, and a goatee. I’m called Hoss by my friends because I used to be about the same size as Hoss Cartwright from that old western, Bonanza, and I wear cowboy boots whenever I can. Over the last several months I have Pendik Escort lost 60 pounds through diet and exercise and I now weigh 220 pounds with good muscle definition. While I could still stand to lose another 5 pounds or so, I was in pretty good shape. I’m wearing a black, fitted shirt which shows off my biceps and hints at my well-defined chest and hint of a six-pack (I need to do more sit-ups). My tight wranglers and cowboy boots finish off my attire. Lindsey must have liked what she saw because I noticed her checking out my ass when I bent over to pick up my suitcase.

As we walk to her car, making small-talk, I take the opportunity to admire her a little more. I’ve already mentioned her black mini-skirt and high heels. She topped it off with a tight, black top that showed off her cleavage and all of her magnificent curves to perfection. Her voice is sexier than I had imagined but I have trouble listening to what she’s saying because all I want to do is throw her on the hood of the nearest car and sample her goods right then and there. I ache to feel her magnificent breasts in my hands, to tweak her nipples as I explore her mouth with my tongue. To slowly kiss my way down her neck, stopping to spend several minutes sucking on each nipple while my hands explore the rest of her body – to feel the heat emanating from her beautiful pussy. To finally taste her love juices as I alternately tease her labia and clit with my tongue. To hear her beg me for more, “Oh Hoss, I’m cumming! Oh Hoss….”

As I break out of my daydream, I realize Lindsey is asking me a question, “What would you like to do tonight?” My face turns bright red again and I stammer, “Oh, it doesn’t matter to me. You know the area better than I do, surprise me.” She gives me another wicked grin – damn, that’s sexy – and asks, “You were thinking about me naked, weren’t you? You are so cute when you’re embarrassed. I’m going to have so much fun with you tonight. Get in and let’s get this evening started!”

She takes me to a seafood restaurant – I’m so enamored with her I don’t even notice the name of it. I felt so proud when she took my arm as we walked to our table. Every head in the place turned to watch her and I laughed when I saw a couple of guys get hit by their wife or girlfriend. Our table was in the middle of the room at Lindsey’s request. I was disappointed by this at first, I wanted her all to myself. But then I realized Lindsey is an exhibitionist at heart and it could be a lot of fun watching her work her stuff. It didn’t take long. The waiters who always seemed to be in a hurry, slowed down when they had Kurtköy Escort to walk by our table and Lindsey didn’t disappoint them – taking every opportunity to show a little more cleavage and more of those sculptured legs. Sometimes she would simply lick her lips with her tongue and guys would trip all over themselves. It was a riot, not to mention a big turn-on for me! After two bottles of wine, some good food – I barely remember eating – great conversation, and a damn good show she suggested we go to a club she knows. So I pay the tab while she goes to “freshen up”. She comes out with a big grin on her face and laughs at my inquisitive look and says, “I’ll tell you later”, and we were off to the club.

I prodded her about it on the drive over but she would just laugh that infectious laugh and avoid answering my questions. To my surprise, the club we were going to was in the very same hotel I was staying at…this looked promising! I quickly check-in while Lindsey goes to the club and orders us a couple of drinks. When I walked into the club, I was greeted with a beautiful sight…Lindsey was leaning against the bar with her right foot on the foot-rail and her breasts resting on her crossed arms on the bar. This caused her skirt to ride up even more, showing just a hint of those luscious cheeks. Needless to say, every eye was focused on her and she was working it for all it was worth. When she saw me, she threw her arms around me like I was a long-lost friend she hadn’t seen in years and gave me a big kiss on the lips. Now I was the one with the big, goofy grin and I felt invincible.

She dragged me out to the dance floor despite my protestations – I’m not much of a dancer – she told me not to worry, “I’ll do most of the work, just move enough to let me know you’re enjoying yourself.” Well, that wasn’t difficult at all. We started doing some very close, dirty dancing. When her leg wasn’t pressed against my tool, she was grinding her tight ass into it. I was so hard it was all I could do not to cum in my jeans right there. After awhile I begged for release which really got her going. She laughed and told me to go sit where I had a good view of the dance floor. As I sat down, she went over to this cute brunette and talked her into dancing with her. Before long, their hands were all over each other – it was the most erotic sight I had ever witnessed! Their dancing caused Lindsey’s skirt to rise even higher and I was anticipating the sight of her thong. I was completely surprised when I saw she had taken it off!!! Everybody could see her nakedness and the look of lust on her face had my heart Tuzla escort beating at a dangerous rate and my tool throbbing in my jeans.

Finally, after several dances with her new friend, Lindsey comes over and says, “Let’s go someplace a little more private.” I jump out of my seat, put my arm around her waist – which she promptly moves to her butt – and she places her hand on my rear and gives it a squeeze. We get in the elevator to go to my room, unfortunately an older couple gets on as well. This didn’t faze Lindsey as she moves my hand to her breast and I start massaging it and pinching her nipple through her top. Meanwhile, her hand is busy rubbing my tool and cupping my balls through my jeans. We both give out slight moans which causes the other couple to give us a look and they both give us a knowing smile while he pinches her butt. We get off on my floor, leaving the older couple to carry on. I pick Lindsey up with her legs straddling my waist and her face buried in my neck while we continue to my room.

Once inside the room, there was no more talking. I set her on the bed, lifted her skirt up and got my first taste of her love juices…damn, she tastes sweet! My tongue is all over the place, licking one side, then probing as deep as it can go, then licking her clit – the whole time Lindsey has her hands in my hair, grinding my face deep into her, screaming, “Oh my…eat me…hoss…more…more….ahhhhhh….i’m cummmmiiinnnng.” After she catches her breath, she gets up and removes the rest of her clothes – DAMN! She is beautiful! As good as her pictures are, they don’t do her justice – then she undresses me. With my rock-hard tool aching to be touched, she has me lay down on the edge of the bed and proceeds to give me the best blow-job I have ever had. Her mouth and tongue seemed to be everywhere at once…before long, I was writhing on the bed and announced, “I’m going to explode!” She then took all of me in her mouth and swallowed load after load until she had milked me dry.

Lindsey crawled up on the bed next to me and we exchanged a slow, passionate kiss. As I held her in my arms – enjoying the touch of her skin and heat of her body next to mine – she rubs her hand through my chest hair and whispers, “Now that we have the appetizers out of the way, let’s take our time and thoroughly enjoy each other.” We spent the next couple of hours making love to each other, changing positions several times. My favorite position was doggie-style where I could grab her perfect hips and pull her perfect ass back onto my tool.

I woke up the next morning to a note that smelled like her. The note said, “Sweetie, I will always remember last night – it was very special to me. But please remember that this encounter can only be a one-time thing. I look forward to talking to you on the net. XXOXXO Lindsey.” Needless to say, I will always remember this night as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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