Lingerie For Rod

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The following is true. Some of the chronology might be off, since so much happened, and I did not keep a diary. Everything is true except the names. Maybe.


After the night on the leather couch, Rod and I knew much more about each other. I was very pleased with myself, and had the confidence that I could get Rod to do whatever I wished, and he, as well, must have known I would gladly indulge his fantasies. That was a long time coming. He had flirted with me for quite some time, and it took days and days of nasty conversation on the phone for us to build up to the point where we were each happy to tell the other exactly what we considered deeply sensual and erotic.

Before the night on the couch, we had talked about what kind of lingerie he liked on a woman. He was quite at ease telling me what he thought were the sexiest things for me to wear. He talked about sexy women in general, but always came back to describing me wearing what he had lusted after. Rod easily told me about how he would stroke his dick while staring at a centerfold woman. How he would build up in his mind how he would play with the lingerie she wore, how he stroked harder and harder as his cum built up on the tip of his cock.

It was really something that would get me extremely hot lying in my bed miles away. I would be fingering my wet pussy while talking to him, but I did not admit that, (at first, anyway). He had a way of telling me how he would undress me in his bedroom, sort of if he were having a phone sex call with a slut. I was hot to be the slut. I was a whore for him on the phone, knowing that he liked it and guessing he was stroking his cock with one hand while holding the phone with the other.

I could tell in his halting breaths that he was doing more than talking about fucking me. He was thoroughly enjoying his erotic thoughts, using me as a fantasy while he jerked off. I knew it, and loved it. I was often trying to keep my fingers away from my wet pussy, but that it would only be a matter of time until I was working two fingers in and out as he described how he would fuck me in various ways. I noticed that lingerie was a big part of his erotic description. Some of my men had only wanted to rip it off and get to the sex. Not Rod. He would go on at length about the material and color of the bra I was wearing (in his fantasy), and how my garter belt had to be undone before he could pull down my tiny panties. He would tell me how there was a blue satin tie that had to be undone before the opening in front of my panties would allow his cock to glide in while I wore the panties.

Several times, Rod would tell me things like how he would slip his stiff cock into my panties and how he would enjoy “wearing them” around his cock while I wore them as well.. This told me something I knew I had to exploit at some time or another. Rod, simply put, enjoyed lingerie on me, and on his dick, too.. Maybe more.

As it turned out, Rod was to completely abandon himself to his lusts, and you will see what I mean. It was something that absolutely turned me on to a point where I just wanted to fuck, and would have fucked anyone. I did. In fact, much later, we both did, but that is getting ahead of myself.

These phone calls would get me breathing hard, and hotter than I could stand. I would inevitably find my hand in my panties playing with my wet pussy. He could tell by my breathing I was playing with my cunt, and after a few times of saying “no”, I overcame my shyness about it and told him exactly what I was doing. He wanted to know if I had my finger or fingers up my snatch at that point, or if I was just working my clit. He always encouraged me to tell him what I was doing, and even though I was somewhat shy about touching myself, soon I was describing exactly what I was doing, between breaths. Rod would also be reluctant to say when his fist first wrapped itself around his cock during the call, but I could tell. The sentences were more staccato.

I remember one call when he began to talk about more than one person in the bedroom. He was quite interested in this kind of talk. It really turned him on. I told him about some of my past, when I was having an affair with a married man, and the wife wanted to join us in the bed. I was turned on by relating this story. The truth is, I never did take her up on it, (she did not meet my expectations as who I would fuck), but I was intrigued. More of my receding shyness, I guess.

Rod and I talked about another woman in the bed. He told me to ask someone I knew who might be interested. There were a few, and one in particular. She was a woman I knew to be bisexual, and the more I told him, in a way that was totally agreeing with the scenario, Rod was really hot to get this woman over to his house with me. Nature would take its course, he said.

“I don’t know”, I said.

I think I was mainly jealous of another woman having any of my man. I wanted his dick all to myself, I guess. But Rod kept talking about it, and late at night, talking on the Sinop Escort phone, miles apart, playing with my pussy, it began to sound feasible. Then I mentioned my friend who was a gay man. I turned the question to him, thinking this would show him why I hesitated about another woman…

“What would you think if I suggested a bi man in the bedroom with us? I think I might like THAT better. I would love to fuck two MEN!”

Rod really surprised me with his answer. He did not even think about it. He was horny at the moment, obviously, but what he said was,

“Well, I can tell you one thing, If I was fucking you and you were working me up, you know, like by sucking my nipples and pinching them hard as hell, and I was really, really just into fucking, I don’t know….if there was a stiff cock there I am sure I would want to reach out for it and grab it and suck it too….I have thought about having a hot cock in my mouth..”

“Really!”, I said. “What else would you do?” I asked……

Now I was getting more turned on just thinking about this scene. I wanted Rod to describe a sex scene we could experience together. I was thinking, “Two cocks around me….both in use…One in my boyfriend’s mouth….”

“What else would feel good to you, baby? Do you want him to fuck you? or do you want to just suck him off? Or can he suck your cock? Let me know…I’ll call him tomorrow, and see what he says.”

Rod said, “I am pretty sure I would love it going into my ass as I fucked you, baby…..Yea…I would love to take it up my ass as long as it was not rough and did not hurt.. You know, just to feel a dick…To suck a man’s cock…I know what I would do would feel great…it would feel good to suck off a guy, as long as I didn’t feel like I had to be gay to do it…I guess I am bisexual..That’s ok, I guess….Like I said, if there was a stiff cock there, I would want it, too.”

I was sweating now. This man was ready for anything I might suggest, I thought. This is one hot guy; he will really give me things to think about doing.. He was wilder than me, and that surprised me. He did not want to just fuck as many women as possible, he wanted to have all kinds of sex.

We went back to discussing my finding a woman to “pick up”, and that seemed wicked enough, but I kept thinking about my gay friend. I told Rod how nice he was, and how he would be the right guy for a first time episode like this. He was my good friend, but I had no sexual interest in him….We had been to Hawaii together, and I tolerated him fucking guys in the hotel room while I watched TV at night. After all, he was gay. I knew him, and I knew he would be up for it. I think he would love to be the first for a bi man to suck off. I described him to Rod, how he had a great “boyish” body, and was not too “swishy”. He was kind of like a gay on the verge of becoming a woman, physically. Sort of like a tomboy girl, “You know, Rod, sexy, someone you want to fuck.”

Rod was into this discussion. He kept going on about how it would be fine with him, and that he did not consider himself gay if he just wanted to have another person to fuck with me. He talked about having two dicks in me at the same time, but I told him I did not think that would happen, since my friend was not interested in women. Rod said, “Really? Do you think he would not want to take you in the ass while I was sucking him off? Why not? He could pretend your ass was that of a little boy”. I thought about it. It seemed really decadent, and nasty. I liked the idea of it.

I realized Rod was a different kind of guy. He is very erotic and open to many new things having to do with lust. He wanted to do everything he had jacked off about over the years..

The mention he made about his nipples intrigued me. I had read a book about how to please a man, and the part about how some men had really sensitive nipples was something I had not realized. But it said only a few men liked it. I asked him how, if something hurt, like me pinching his nipples, that could feel good?

He said, “I don’t know, I just think it might feel good.”

He said he never had a woman play with him that way. He also said I was the nastiest, most openly sexual woman he had ever dated, and that he loved that in me. We were well paired.

Well, anyway, I never did get to see my girlfriend in the coming week, and my gay friend was in Hawaii at the time, so I could not arrange that, either. That did not end the discussion, however. Several times during phone calls, Rod would bring up the subject again, and it was something he really wanted to explore. He was obviously bisexual, possibly recently so, but had no experience with a boy or man. He said he did not see men as sexual objects; in fact he was a bit confused by his interest in a stiff cock. But he was definitely open to the idea of having one to suck off, if the time was right..

If there were a stiff cock around while he was fucking me, he would not let it go untouched. He really was ready for a good ass fucking, Sinop Escort Bayan too, it seemed. He told me he had stopped in at “Good Vibrations”, a sex store in town, and looked around. Women run the place, and they have a huge assortment of dildoes and such. He ended up buying a sweet little dong just right for a virgin ass. But he did not quite say that. He, in fact, did not say anything over the phone about it. He just started using it on me one night, gently. It was the size of a young boy’s hard dick. Don’t ask me how I know that.

Rod started buying lots of sexy lingerie for me. To make it short, he bought quite a bit of it for me. Shelf bras, ‘come fuck me’ stiletto shoes..(I told him I wanted them), various garter belts, stockings, crotch less panties, open front bras, tiny thongs, corsets, just about anything that he saw online at the lingerie shops, he had to have one of each. He got me some slutty tight one piece spandex dresses, some delicious open crotch panties with satiny laces that held them on, and many different varieties of bras and lacy things.

It turns out that Rod liked lingerie as much as any man could.

He used the collection quite well, I’ll say that for him. He kept everything at his house, and I would not see any lingerie until he wanted me to.

Here is how the evenings would go when I arrived;

He would greet me at the door with a long passionate kiss, and lead me into the living room. He would stay away from me while I had a glass of wine and maybe some chocolates….No tv, radio, or other distractions. He just talked about his week, and asked about mine. Soon we were both relaxed. Then he told me to take a shower and come to the bedroom…He provided a robe in the bathroom, and slippers for me. Nothing else.

After a long, (too long, if you asked him), hot shower when I would indulge myself in the hot running water and shampoos, I would go into the bedroom, where he had something different each visit. Typically, he had a bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice, cosmetics, grooming items, and various oils and such. He had changed into a robe drawn closed with a single sash, and when he moved I could see he was wearing a pair of black briefs. Kind of satin material. Kind of gay, I might even say. His cock was bulging. His chest hair was showing fully through the loosely opened top. He was not wearing slippers, and had a scent of exotic aroma he had obtained somewhere. I don’t even know what it was. Kind of musky, I guess.

Actually, Rod had taken a long bath earlier, and upon finishing up, oiled himself up a bit, dabbed on some cologne, but very little. In the bath, he later told me, he would usually finger his asshole and clean it thoroughly. Out of the tub, he would oil up the inside of he asshole up to the first knuckle of his pinky. He wanted to be clean everywhere. Anyway,

He had me lay on the bed with my back propped up a bit on pillows, and hand me a glass of excellent cold champagne while, somewhat demanding and very matter of factly, ordered me to open the robe and slightly spread my legs. He lathered up my pussy using a mug of hot shaving cream and a soft man’s shaving brush, and proceeded to shave my pussy, leaving just a thin line of hair, the way he wanted it. He was very much a makeup artist or hairdresser in his demeanor at this point. He seemed to have a cosmetologist’s approach to my body at this point. He asked me exactly what I preferred, and we agreed. He gently shaved me all around my sweet little pussy. He had me put the glass down, and moved my legs this way and that, accessing every area of me he needed to play with. He enjoyed every bit of it. When he was done, a hot wet towel felt so good. He cleaned off the lather, massaged the area, asked if it was ok, and put the implements away. He then turned back and lowered his head to my pussy and breathed in a breath of my now wet pussy juices, which had begun to flow soon after the first glass of champagne. I just moaned softly during the process, indulging myself in the passion and submission of it all. Then he would dab just a slight amount of oils and scents to the area, some into my asshole just deep enough for me to start getting worked up, but just before he would actually be fingering my asshole, he would stop. It was not time for real deep sex, it was time for grooming, and preparing. Just before finishing he would kiss me several times gently around the area, as if appreciating his work, but he would not spend much time there. Just a series of quick sweet kisses, as if to acknowledge the importance of the area. A dart of his tongue into my crevices became a treat during future similar grooming. I longed for it. God, I wanted his cock in me now.. But he would always stop there, for there was more to do.

My legs would be shaved quickly, just a touch up, usually, because I shaved in the shower. He wanted to be sure they were as soft as possible. Oil went on my legs, and some found it’s way to other areas. Sometimes my nipples got special attention, Escort Sinop like tweaking and sucking and then makeup. He liked the flavored lipstick on my nipples on occasion.

By now I was into the fourth glass of champagne, feeling like a high priced hooker, to be sure. One with needs that had to be met, or the man would not get any rewards that night. All in all, it was quite different than everyday existence. This was something I would share with my girlfriends, and they would get horny about it. They looked at Rod with different eyes after I told them about this.

This was definitely a time to be decadent and erotic. I felt controlled by him, but at the same time, I had the feeling he was my slave, doing my bidding. He was in control, of course, but he was subservient at the same time. It was a strange balance, and he pulled it off. Occasionally he would stroke his cock alongside the bed between tending to me, as if to acknowledge what the preparation was all for and it was unbelievable how I felt sipping champagne watching him do this. He had no problem exhibiting his sexuality to me. Just during these times, my mind would go back to how he wanted to suck a cock eventually. I wanted to suck one right then, but it was not time.

He finished this up with a brushing of my soft downy cunt hair with a soft blue baby’s hair brush, and might tease me a bit before he was finished with the smooth end of the brush. He sometimes would tease open my labia and softly stroke me up and down and comment on the moistness of my pussy. Then a long soft kiss right there and he would end.

Then he would have me sit up, slightly dizzy from it all, and he would turn away to his dresser and produce a bit of mascara, lip gloss, nail polish, and perhaps some body powder and other items he bought for the occasion. Now he was the cosmetologist. He would have me sit up and apply the eye makeup and lipstick gently, and then he would apply different colored nail polish, assuming I had no polish on my nails at the time. Usually I did not. The whole effect was just stunning to me. I felt like a made up sexual object, and loved the whole idea of it. Occasionally, while applying the lipstick to my lips, he would also place a bit more on each nipple, tracing unnecessary circles around and around until they stiffened up. He liked that. It was the most decadent thing. Then, surprisingly, but not unreasonable for him, it seemed, he would put some flavored lip gloss on his own lips, just for flavor, I guess, and more than once, on his own nipples while I could do nothing but watch approvingly. He seemed to really enjoy putting deep red lipstick on his nipples, especially while I watched. He would sometimes take the flavored lipstick and apply it to the tip of his cock, which, at this time, was reaching upwards in front of him poking through the waistband of his black, gay, briefs. I got the feeling, if he could, he would have loved to suck it off another cock and get his lips covered with the red of the lipstick in that way. I wondered about what he would like to do to Bill if he ever arrived on one of these evenings.

I kind of planned to have Bill show up unannounced during one of these sessions, and I would take charge when the doorbell rang. But that was just my fantasy.

Anyway, Rod would finally tell me to stand up, and I would get off the bed with heavy eyelids, filled with lust. He would then bring out the selection of lingerie he had selected for the night. One item by one, he would dress me up like a whore. He would sometimes comment as he did it, saying how nice my pussy looked behind the sheer lingerie, or how the small bow he tied to close the crotch less panties was so pretty. Often, during this dressing, he would suck my nipples, bite them a bit, or finger my pussy briefly, as he slipped the panties on with the other hand. He was quite good at dressing a woman, I must say. Then the stockings would go on. This usually required me to help, as they were usually in fresh wrappers, and it was easier for me to pull them up myself. Then the shoes. He was very pleased with them, and the fact that I would wear them during sex. Long spiked stiletto heels, very difficult to walk in, but Rod insisted I wear them in the bed. He said they were for ONLY the bed. I loved them.

Now, I had on the high heels, black or some patterned colored nylons, often attached to a garter belt. Sometimes not. Sometimes they would just go up to the thighs and above them would be the panties. I think Rod really preferred a garter belt, and he particularly loved to clasp the ties onto the stockings. He would sometimes run his fingers between the tops of the stockings and my leg, and appreciate the look of it all. He would tie the panties on, if they needed their laces tied, and also the bra would need some attention. He would arrange the bra just so, slipping it around until my breasts were just perfectly nested inside. I remember one shelf bra, which held them up, but the nipples were available on top.. He could not help himself on that one. He started sucking them deeply before I was fully dressed, but he stopped himself after a few fondlings of his own cock during the sucking. He was so good at controlling himself so as to work me up. I would be a bit past passionate by now.

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