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‘And don’t expect any favours Lisa, look how he’s treated me these years. Go on then, go with him… get out!

These were the last words you heard from your mother. There has been nothing since.

That was three years ago now. You had just turned 19, your mother and father Steve were separating and in the process of divorce. You wanted to live with him. Little did your mother know that you harbored such intense sexual feelings for Steve and couldn’t wait to be alone and free with him. There had always been that special attraction and closeness (not to mention the night after you got back from the pub celebrating your 18th birthday with friends, you masturbated him enjoying the sticky creamy cum in your fingers and the wonderful salty sweet taste as you slowly licked it, scooping it up with your tongue.) From that time on, you and he were a special secretive couple. He your father and you slowly becoming his little fuck toy. He said he would teach you all sorts of things, and being the obedient learner, you literally gave your body and soul to the pursuit of pleasure, taking and giving. Now that’s all you want to be: Daddy’s little whore.

You smiled seductively, running your tongue around your lips as you remembered the day you saw him softly rubbing your underwear when he collected it from the line. That was something you set up: specifically putting your sexy lingerie; sheer lacey bras, g strings and the crotch-less panties in the laundry basket. You knew he would get an instant hard on and it was your job to relieve that pressure. You loved it anywhere: on your body, between your 36c tits, in your hair, face, mouth, pussy and especially deep in your arse. He was insatiable and so were you.

Three years of learning and sharing and it only gets better. You graduated from the red brick university in Bristol and were now working as a contract forensic financial auditor. Little did your work colleagues know that you lived a double-life. They thought you so prim and proper.

He said that eroticism was mainly a function of the brain which was the most erogenous of organs. You were stimulated now, feeling the growing dampness in your cunt and sensing the stain spreading across the sheer material of your red thong, sticking to your lips and creeping along the thin strand of material which was trapped between your cheeks and tight against your asshole. You had done as he asked of you: the black spaghetti strap dress against which your nipples were protruding as if asking to be pinched and squeezed right now.

The text had said ‘I’ll be there at 6.30pm.’ You knew he was horny too and it wouldn’t be long before he would arrive.

You had spent a long time in the bathroom preparing yourself as you knew Mersin Escort he liked. Well showered and shampooed. You douched and made sure that you were clean inside and out including in and around your puckered asshole, oiled your labia and perineum taking a small bit of pleasure as you touched yourself. You were ready and wanted to be touched and probed everywhere now!

You couldn’t help but cast your mind back to last night when he closed the bathroom door quietly and then rubbed his body hard against you making sure you felt his cock against your ass. Silently his hand moved to your front and into your sleep shorts. He smiled that smile again and wasted no time running his fingers against your cunt before suddenly pushing 2 into you. There was no warning, just the sudden thrust and they were fully in, stretching your opening and pushing against your inner wall as you began to moisten up. Your hands grabbed the bathroom sink as you moaned in pleasure at the roaming digits and bending over you pushed your ass harder against his cock which was now pushing the material of your sleep shorts into it eagerly awaiting the opening that was soon to come. His other hand grabbed hold of your left tit, squeezing it and pinching the nipple, before moving to the right and doing the same thing.

Your hands grabbed hold of the sink tighter turning your knuckles white as he finger fucked you, and dry fucked your ass. You heard him whisper “such a dirty whore for her daddy,” as he withdrew both his hands and literally ripped the shorts straight down your thighs and off your ankles. Pushing you harder against the sink, he lifted one leg so your pussy was more exposed. Spitting into his other hand he fully cupped your cunt rubbing his saliva in with your slickness and then brought it around your front and rubbed your mouth with it. He did this three times before taking more and rubbing his cock, which was now out of his pants. Bending down slightly he guided his cock along your lips and upwards to rub against your clit. Your labia were rubbing the base of his shaft as he pushed back and forth against your cunt. Without any warning he guided towards your opening and thrust hard. It slipped in, his cock head stretching you more as he pushed straight up, going in to the hilt. You gasped at the suddenness of the penetration and felt the tip of his cock against your cervix. He withdrew and you heard, as he did, a squelchy sound as your moisture in your cunt gave way to a slightly thicker, creamier secretion, coating his cock and as he pushed hard in again, some of it ran down your inner thigh.

He began to thrust harder, back and forth and pushing up as far as he could go. Your lower stomach was squashed tight against the sink and Mersin Escort Bayan you opened your eyes to see your breasts, slightly flushed and nipples fully extended. You could see his face over your shoulder, eyes shut, teeth gritted together as he fucked you. Harder and harder he pushed as if he was punishing you in some way, but you knew he wasn’t… you loved and wanted it just as much as he.

You heard, before you felt, the smack of his palm against your right ass cheek. Again and again he did this and between smacks would gently rub each cheek, apply his finger to your asshole, but not penetrate, just push insistently, teasing you, knowing that very soon his finger would be in unison with his cock. You were dripping as he slowed his motion down. “Daddy does get a little tired darling,” he whispered. “I will cum very soon,” he added and with that, rubbed his finger in a circular motion around your asshole, before slowly pushing in, stretching your sphincter and gaining a warmth gripping feeling past his second knuckle. You sensed and he could feel the thin internal membrane rub against his cock and his finger both inside you and only separated by such a tiny width.

You moaned and almost yelled “Please, please… harder and deeper, fuck me, oh fuck me I’m coming.” He could feel the internal gripping and letting go simultaneously on finger and cock, pulsating as you started shaking and moving your ass in orgasm. He grabbed your nipple with his free hand and pinched it hard, grabbed the flesh of your tit and pulled and pushed it, harder and harder. Moving from one to the other as he roughly now finger fucked your ass and thrust his cock backwards and forwards. You were cumming and the wetness from your cunt was like a small torrent: not the squirt which he was able to get you to do, not at this angle anyway. “Oh daddy,” you cried as the shakes took a hold of your body. He pulled on your hair, exposing your neck and lowering his lips and teeth to that soft flesh, gave you little bites, between the tugs on your hair which stretched the surface of your scalp. Suddenly he pulled out, pulled you back from the sink, turned you around and with hands now on your shoulders pushed you down to your knees and guiding his cock towards your lips you opened your mouth. He brought himself closer to you and pulling on his cock let go the first spurt of his cum onto your tongue and then pushed himself into your mouth and fucked it, as he continued to empty the next three spurts down the back of throat. You sucked him dry. “Good little girl, daddy’s girl, daddy’s whore,” he said.

That was less than 24 hours ago and now he’s ready, as you are, for the next session.

The door opened and there he was. He leant forward Escort Mersin and you responded giving a gentle but seductive kiss on the lips in greeting. Both tongues protruded slightly and you could smell his aftershave, woody and enticing enter your nostrils. It was like a pheromone and you weakened slightly at the knees, clasping your thighs together feeling more wetness escape your cunt. It did not help matters when he slowly licked your lips and sucked in the bottom one ever so slightly and you felt his hand gently graze across your ass, cupping each cheek insistently. He moved his face back a little and stared straight into your eyes. It was intrusive and you and he both gave a moan in unison. He leant back in towards your ear and said “Good girl, black dress,” and lifting it up to your hips “and red thong.”

“I love your willingness, and my darling Lisa, you look absolutely ravishing!”

As they moved to the lounge-room couch you placed your hand on his upper thigh and then mirrored every action that he was applying to you. First clockwise, then counter clockwise, a gentle squeeze and a pushing apart of the legs, higher and higher both hands went, teasing and enticing but never making contact with the spot that was now so demanding for ministration. You sensed, rather than felt his growing erection as he too involuntarily parted his legs wider, inviting you in and up. You did the same, shuffling slightly, knowing that you were so wet and desperately wanting that touch on your cunt and the stimulation of your clit. The teasing was uniform. You whispered “I’m so wet daddy,” and he replied “I’m so hard, and your tits, my god!” As if by remote control at his mention of the word tits, you felt your nipples harden more and strain against the black fabric. There was no denying their excitable state. Somehow he had become intertwined with your body and the mere mention of a key word elicited a sexual arousal within you.

Suddenly, as you weren’t expecting it, he pushed you forward into the back of the couch. You moaned in pleasure and let him guide your hand down to your legs where you realized that he wanted you to place it between your thighs. He slowly guided it up, you parted your thighs, and as if by a sixth sense and knowing intimately the shape and feel of your body, he gripped your hand just millimetres from your cunt and slowly drew it back up. He took your fingers and brought them up to his lips and gently sucked on them giving the tip a bit of a nibble. “I will suck your juices from your finger tips my darling,” he whispered. You stuttered a response of “Yes and I will suck your juices too daddy, yes, I will…anything!”

You felt yourself secreting and knew that it was now more than just a little moisture, but you had advanced to the next level where it was quite thick and sticky. You were well lubricated and shuffled slightly, again bringing your legs together and apart, up and down, spreading the slickness all around your pussy as much as you could. Oh… how you wanted to cum so much!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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